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Why would smoking weed noticeably raise my heart rate ?

Why would smoking weed noticeably raise my heart rate after a while and I was only 16? I smoked weed at 15 pretty consistantly, would stop a few months, occasionally, and i felt you know high, but then at some point i felt like passing out one time and my heart was beating super hard in my chest, and ever since then if i ever smoke week i feel my heart go crazy, unless i m already drunk and then i smoke i don t really notice it, i feel like i ll have a heart attack why did that happen all of a sudden only smoking a period of a year? (increased heart rate)
Tue, 15 Jun 2010
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  Anonymous's Response
's  Response
I know this is an old post, but I thought I may be able to help someone out.

It may be an anxiety attack. Although I quit a few times, I smoked almost daily for 5 years and never had a problem, when I was 19 I started having symptoms: racing heart, tight chest, light-headed, and a general "odd" feeling every time I smoked, so I quit. A while later, I had the symptoms again while I was straight/sober. I went to the hospital a few times because I thought I was having a heart attack (doctors couldn't find anything wrong), but after some research I found out that they were Anxiety attacks.

I don't do it that often anymore, but I can also smoke now while I'm drunk/drinking. Alcohol shuts off the part of your brain that deals with fear (along with a lot of other parts), that is one reason people become alcoholics, it's called self medicating/worst reason ever to drink.

I learned to "see" the symptoms of anxiety building in me before I have an attack (twitching eyelids, hair on my body standing on end, tense muscles, etc...), and have been learning to keep myself calm and relaxed.

This is just my experience, and my problems are getting worse (pre-hypertension with an extremely low pulse), plus I still get anxiety attacks. I'm sure that if someone would have figured it out back then, I would be better off now.

Don't mess around when it comes to your health bro, go see a good doctor (or 10).
  User's Response
Bhanu's  Response
Some body's been putting fertilizer on your grass, LOL! or some other foreign substance that makes the buzz better, but might not be better for you
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doctor1 MD

Hello. I ll get right to it. When I stand up, my heart pounds and the rate jumps up significantly. I have the same thing happen when I walk up my stairs in my house, about 13 steps only. It s to where I feel as though I ll collapse if I don t quickly sit/lay down. I ve also been having chest pains that come and go. They are usually on the right hand side, mainly under my armpit, but are sometimes on the left, and sometimes in the middle, near the solarplexis . I ve recently quit marijuana after being a regular smoker for over 10 years. I used to smoke the marijuana in a particularly harmful way, which would be hard to describe, but basically instead of a slow inhalation like with a cigarette, I would take in a large amount of smoke all at once. I don t know if this is relevant information, but I thought I d mention that. It s been about 4 weeks now since I ve quit. I ve had absolutely no marijuana since then. I ve been diagnosed with anxiety which is fairly severe, and am currently taking lorazepam to help. I do notice that my symptoms are lesser when I am calm, and have taken my medicine recently, but I still get the symptoms even when I m not anxious, just not as severe. I ve had ECGs(3) done recently(I went to the ER because my heart was pounding uncontrollably) those came back normal, and I wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks that also came back normal. I haven t had any other tests. I m scheduled for a stress test in about 2 weeks, so I m hoping that will give me some answers, I just thought it d be nice to have some input asap. I also recently changed my diet completely, when I started getting these symptoms, in particular when I first realized how high my BP was, I was having readings of around 165/95 and even higher. I had some readings where my systolic was over 100, I think the reading was 164/114, this is from one of those machines in the pharmacies. When I had that last reading, I was in the midst of a panic attack, so I imagine that s why it was so high, but even normally I would get readings like I mentioned above. I also had more reasonable readings when in the hospital of about 132/78. Anyhow, I gave up fast food and junk food completely, gave up pop completely, I now eat mainly fruit and vegetables, the only meat I consume is lean chicken. I watch my sodium, and added sugar, so my diet is pretty healthy now, but my heart still bothers me. I m a 26 year old male, who was very active even just 6 or so months ago, but I had an injury that kept me frome excercising, so I was doing a lot of sitting around and smoking weed(embarrassing to admit), and this is when I first noticed the symptoms. When I walk uphill or exert myself, I feel out of breath and my heart pounds. I m really worried that I have heart disease/failure or blocked arteries, and as I ve mentioned have only had ECG and halter monitor tests done. I also have bloodwork that I am trying to get to but my anxiety has kept me pretty well house ridden. Ok I ll leave it there, thank you very much in advance for your time.

doctor1 MD

Ok a few years ago I was smoking weed wit my friends and my heart started beating fast and I was getting paronoid like I was havinf a heart attack and I have anxiety attacks and acid reflux and I haven t smoked since can you tell me why cuz I wanna smoke but I get worried

doctor1 MD

hi doc, my age is 26 even for a small bad situation, my heart beat is going very high.. im getting afraid of very small things.. heart beat is raising high.. i know that the issue is very small and it dont harm me but i dont why this is going like this.. im feeling very uncomfortable at that time. i smoke but not a chain smoker (will have around 20 cigerettes per week) i drink once or twice in a week.. pls suggest me what to do

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doctor1 MD

I am a 23 year old female, studying medicine. For past 8 months, i have been having some episodes of heart 'dysfunctions' that now have turned constant. I need help in knowing what is the condition.
It started last may when one day i started feeling so weak that i just could not get up and was having a splitting headache, when i measured my BP was 90/55mmHg ( before it was always 120/80mmHg). I was having palpitations, bradycardia at times, tachycardia at times, extreme weakness, sweating ( especially on scalp) after sleeping after headache. I was also having light sleep.
Slowly, these episodes became constant. Now I am feeling weak all times, light headed if sitting or standing for long, headache (thumping with constant heaviness), inability to sleep, tightness in chest, chest pain sometimes, tachycardia at any normal activity (walking, doing some tidy up), BP is still low. I also get dry cough on breathing sometimes.
So i got a holter done for 24 hours, got following:
- sinus tachycardia( 110- 120) almost all day with some normal rate in between, my heart rate dropped to 50 in middle of night ( reason causing me to wake up from sleep and not to sleep again) and it remained like that for 3 hours
- average pulse -81
- my heart rate jumped to 179 per min when i climbed stairs ( 9 floors, easily climbed by others), breathing became laboured, headache with blacking out sensations ( i did not faint though)
- I have some abnormalities in lead I, II and III ( looks like left axis deviation as lead I is showing highest peaks and is moving away from III ) even the avL and avF looks weird, QTc>450ms is 47%, no ST deviation, no T wave abnormalities
I also have tachypnea (26-28 per min) and accentuation of Pulmonary part of second heart sound. I also have slight edema on my feet ( bluish tinge)
I also did a blood work up, I do not have thyroid problems or anemia
I need some advice on what i might be having, so as to proceed further on treatment.

doctor1 MD

About four years ago, I was diagnosed with ventricular tachicardia. I was given a catheter ablation to treat it, and it corrected an irregular heart beat that I've had since I can remember, but I still experience the rapid heart beats every now and again when Im out running or doing some other strenuous activity. Another thing that I've had since I can remember is excessive sweating, and I mean very excessive. What it takes for a normal person to sweat, it would take A LOT LESS for me. My question is, is the excessive sweating linked to the tachycardia? Of course, tachycardia causes the fast heart beat which in turn causes the sweating, but even when Im not experiencing the rapid irregular heart beats, I still manage to completely soak a t shirt when the guy next to me whose done the same amount of work is completely dry, aside from a few sweat beads on the forehead.

doctor1 MD

i am a 19 year old female weighing 130, with a height of 5'3. i have tachycardia and its been 13 months since i have done ecstasy. since it has been so long i want to know what precautions i can take as to how many "tabs", how much should i drink and of what. And if my heart happens to speed up too much what i can do to slow it down while on ecstasy.

doctor1 MD

hi, i am still having heart papiltations since last Thurday. I was diagnosed with tachycardia in March. What can i do? i tried drinking some baking soda and water a few minutes ago, but I read that baking soda can be dangerous, so I didn't drink all of it. This (heart palp.) is a bit scary for me. I am only 21. I have been drinking a lot of water though. I also took some apple cider approx 3 times today and yesterday. I had alot of dirrhea yesterday (mainly last night). I have been having a bunch of gas trapped inside of me too. I think it's a digestion (indigestion) and dehydration problem. Please help me.

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Hello doctor, I had few conversation with you during last two months.I am in the UK and currently at 35 weeks pregnant. History: two miscarriages, one ectopic and this successful pregnancy is with IVF. I had asked you about B12 deficiency, BPD/AC...

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My husband has had these symptoms for over a year: extreme fatigue , dizziness & slight headache. These symptoms have come and go all this time. he was sent to a neurologist and his meds checked. Since Oct. the symptoms have become worse and now...

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Hi Dr. XXXXXXX yes this is a followup. I started weaning from the bystolic 2.5mg on Nov 20. 12.5 for 4 days, then 6.25 for 4 days, then 3.125 for 3 days. Last dose on Thursday, Nov 30. On 12-6 I suddenly experienced bounceback blood pressure of...