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What steps can I follow to do away with depression and crying when things don't go my way ?

Hi, I am a 22 years old female. These few days i m losing my temper very easily. If i can t find my things, i feel fed up and cries. or when things doesn t go my way, i cry too. It s like.. just a small matter can make me feel so frustrated, angry. Then i will hide in my bathroom and cry. sometimes i feel so pitiful of myself. no one understands how i think and feel. Why am i like that?
Sat, 31 Mar 2012
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Dentist, Periodontics 's  Response
Hello friend
Thanks for the query
The solution for the problem is in your hands.
Have/develop confidence on yourself.
Dont expect too much from other people,It may be help or sympathy. when things doesnt go according to you ,no matter next time surely it will be according to you.
Why pity for your self? you are a young ,and active girl who can lead a very good life and capable of taking quite good decisions of your life. So never ever under estimate yourself.
Get involved all the time.This is the time to enjoy and smile with your friends and family. so dont cry and make it a habit.,as crying and anger will never be a solution to any problem.Instead sit quite and think cooly.
Spend some time for meditation daily.
Go for fresh air walk this refreshes you and keeps you energetic
always think positive.surely you will be different you within few days.
Take care.

I find this answer helpful
Psychiatrist Dr. Dushad Ram's  Response
Dear Madam

It appears that symptoms you described is emotional or mood symptoms.If you are suffering of persisting pervasive sadness or irritability with loss of interest or pleasure accompanied with weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or more sleep, slowness in activity,fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, diminished concentrate, ideation of self harm then most likely it is depression.

If symptoms you described is related with menstrual period then it may be a different problem. Many time it may be symptoms of burnout, adjustment problem or due to substance use.
Some tips that may be helpful are- Cultivate supportive relationships(Turn to trusted friends and family members,Try to keep up with social activities even if you don’t feel like it), Challenge negative thinking (Think outside yourself,Allow yourself to be less than perfect,Socialize with positive people,Keep a “negative thought log"), Take care of yourself (Aim for 8 hours of sleep,Expose yourself to a little sunlight every day,Keep stress in check,Practice relaxation techniques),Get regular exercise, Eat a healthy, mood-boosting diet.

If symptoms interfering with your activity then it require active treatment.
Hope you will recover soon.
I find this answer helpful
  User's Response
Dr. sayed irfan's  Response
welcome to the health care magic forum,since you are getting frustrated easily and loosing your temper its part of your normal psychological behaviour 0r mood swings and very normal to any girl of your age ,there are no midications to control this but yes voluntarily you can practice to make yourself calm and havedrastic changes in your mood swings,have good nutritious food,daily morning walk and avoid such kind of unpleasant situations till you become wll trained to handle it or control it.

Remember you are not suffering with any kind of illness,its preety normal.

Take care and get well soon
  User's Response
Dr. Alisha,
welcome to health care magic
your suffering from mood swings- happy one moment, sad the next
Do you suddenly cry without reason.
Mood swings involve a fast shifting of emotions that can be caused by a chemical imbalance, or produced by changes in your hormone levels which do happen at your age
Homeopathy has helped many people even out and get over this changeable .
so i suggest you to go near homeopath.


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Ok I need to come clean with myself and you the person reason reading. I feel like a failure I feel depressed I feel small and unimportant. I have never admitted this but I talk to someone who does not exist. I am so weird I don’t know why I am but I am. I’ve always had a problem with my gender I am a boy but I act like a girl. I do girly things I like girly clothes; I look at girls and think I could pull the look off better than you. But I am a boy. A skinny lonely weird self talking freak that people think is gay I hide behind my new clothes and trainers I think I am cool but deep down I am sad. Ever since my dad died when I really feel depressed or anxious I talk to captain jack who talks to me but never helps I always wonder why his eyes are red why he only turns up when I am down in a deep dark hole someday he is with me everywhere in town, at the pub, at the doctors, sitting on my bed. 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I love my mum and even my brother I love Sam Ronnie and Chris my friends But I love the thought of no more

doctor1 MD

This is a long story so please bear with me...Last month at the beginning of April I decided to goto the doctor because I hadnt been in a long time and my fiance urged me to go talk to them on acct of me getting upset over little things and being irritable i talked to this new doctor and he suggested i might have mild anxiety/depression and put me on zoloft which my pharmacy filled with the generic. I had taken zoloft several years ago when i was married previously and had no problem with other than not being able to complete sex and a few hand tremors. Anyways I took it for 5 days and was driving home from the movies with my fiance when I got this feeling that something wasnt right and it felt like my vision got cloudy on the edges then I got this extreme heat running throughout my body then it was followed by numbness and tingling in various parts of my body and then cold...mostly in hands and feet. My hands started shaking uncontrollably and I thought i was having a stroke or a heart attack. We were only a few miles from her house so my fiance drove me there and for the first time in my life i had an ambulance ride to the ER. I was at the ER for approx 8-9 hours and i was given blood tests, cardiac enzyme tests, and ekgs which were all normal. They marked it off as a reaction to the meds and told me to follow up with my doctor. The next day I felt fine and made an appt with my doc which I didnt get to see because he wasnt there but I saw his colleague who told me it sounded like I either had a bad side effect or I was allergic. Anyways I was fine and didnt have anymore episodes. So last thrusday (apr 2 I had another appt with my doctor and he said he wanted me to try wellbutrin xl 150mg so I thought okay ill give it a try. The phramacy filled it with Teva budeprion xl generic (which is another story) and I took it last friday and then last saturday mornings...saturday night I was out with my fiance again and BAM the same feelings hit me again only not as bad and I told her to take me over to medxpress where a PA told me i could be experiencing panic attacks, to go home and take a xanax which my doctor had originally prescribed me because i was having sleeping problems. Anyways i came home and I didnt take the xanax on acct of I didnt know what might happen. I felt that way off and on sunday, then monday and Id had enough tuesday so i called my doc and made an appt for weds morning, but tuesday night I couldnt stand it any longer so I went to the ER again, I drove myself this time...two doctors took blood work and said everything was normal and to come home and drink plenty of fluids to flush meds out so i did. I went back to my doctor wednesday evening and he said no more antidepressants and he was 90% sure it was the meds causing me to feel this way and he was gonna make me an appt with psycare to see if they might help me and to come back and see him in 3 months. So I asked if it was okay if i took a xanax when this happend and he said sure it might help. So I stayed with my fiance weds night and started feeling that way and took one and started to feel better, I woke up thursday morning and felt okay but was kind shaky n week and my hand was trembling slightly so i took another and that feeling went away. After that I felt okay enough to go get my little boy thrusday morning and was doing pretty good until about 330 that afternoon so I took another xanax and felt a bit better. We went to bed around 11 thursday night and we got up about 9 friday morning..i felt fair and tried to fight off those feelings most of the day but had to take another xanax around 300 pm. I felt okay after that and me and my little boy and my fiance and her litte girl all went to the movies and around 9 right before the movie started I was starting to get that shaky feeling and getting anxious, so I took another xanax and was actually able to enjoy the movie. This morning I woke up around 9 and took my little boy home around 11 am and was actually having a pretty good day and was actually getting to think about other things besides dwelling on feeling this way. But around 4pm it hit me again although its not been really bad, I had fought it off most of the day but I did take a xanax and other than a cold sensation that was in my forearm and right shoulder for a bit I do feel better although my legs are trotting a mile a minute. I had that same cold sensation the other night too. Anyways another thing is that ive not felt like eating much, not really nausea but more like I only eat when my stomach growls and then I dont really want much. Is this part of the xanax. Am I having panic attacks? Ive had 3 different blood tests and ekgs and everything is normal, I check my blood sugar at home and its normal, i take my BP and its normal cept for the top number is a little high, the rest and my pulse are all normal. It seems as the week has went on the symptoms get less. when i feel an attack coming on, I just feel kinda shaky n slightly weak, sometimes my right hand will shake and it feels as if my teeth want to chatter but they dont, if that makes sense. Please guys if you got any insight let me know!

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