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What medicine should I take for acute spermato card pain in right side testicular region ?

i have accut spermato card maild pain in right side testicular regien, i went to MD medicine doctor he said that, you should meet surgical doctor he may prescibe your medicine, nearby area there is no surgens pls give me primary priescription.
Sat, 28 Jan 2012
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Hi welcome to HCM.
As you have already consulted a physician, and he thinks that you should consult a surgeon, I think you should certainly consult a surgeon immediately. One of the causes of pain in the testis is twisting ( torsion) of the testis, which is an emergency situation which requires immediate surgery to rectify it otherwise the testis may be damaged. You will need an ultrasound examination to find out the exact cause of pain in the scrotal region and accordingly it has to treated. Just prescribing a few pain killers will not solve the problem, which your MD physician could have done.
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I have attched the conversation i had with a doctor below...can you please go through it and give your opinion.

senthil.psgct: Hi, I'm 27 and not able to ejaculate whenever i masturbate, but i'm having wet sleep
Doctor: Hi
Doctor: I am Dr. Jagdish
senthil.psgct: Hi Doctor
Doctor: Are yo married?
senthil.psgct: no
Doctor: Do you used to ejaculate normally before?
senthil.psgct: i never tried to masturbate
Doctor: Are you masturbating now/
senthil.psgct: yeah, when i try now im not able to ejaculate
Doctor: How many times you masturabated ?
senthil.psgct: probably 9 or 10 different times over last 2 years
Doctor: so any time did u have ejaculation
senthil.psgct: never
senthil.psgct: i was having a very small drop sometimes
Doctor: usually the normal quantity of ejaculated fluid ismax 1 teas sponn 5ml
senthil.psgct: no not that much
Doctor: but u r wetting the cloths in sleep
senthil.psgct: i might be getting that quantity in sleep
Doctor: is that right?
senthil.psgct: yeah
Doctor: plz hold
senthil.psgct: ok
Doctor: The first thing you should due if you are concerned is to have a semen analysis performed.
Doctor: f at that time the volume is determined to be low, than you must first determined that the specimen was obtained properly(48-72hrs abstinence) and retrograde ejaculation has been ruled out.
Doctor: *if
senthil.psgct: what is and where to do that?
Doctor: I will tell u
Doctor: Low volume may represent a rare decreased in androgen levels.
Doctor: If you go to lab ask for semen analysis
Doctor: they will give a kit and ask you to collect semen in th bottle ok
Doctor: Do u follow me?
senthil.psgct: do i get the semen?
Doctor: Any amount is ok
Doctor: one drop is also fine
senthil.psgct: see im not able to ejaculate when i masturbate and thats my problem
Doctor: ok
Doctor: Low volume may represent a rare decreased in androgen levels.
Doctor: So please get the serum testosterone levels
senthil.psgct: through semen analysis?
Doctor: No
Doctor: it is a blood test
senthil.psgct: ok
Doctor: If the harmone is low , the semen is not prodcueed
senthil.psgct: if thats the case, then it shud not be produced in sleep also rite?
Doctor: There are other causes no ejaculation
Doctor: ok
senthil.psgct: u there?
Doctor: obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts, Vas Deferens, or epididymus cause no ejaculate
Doctor: For that u need ultrasound of prostate,Vasography
senthil.psgct: but doctor im ejaculating in sleep so obstuction of duct is ruled ou
senthil.psgct: u there?
Doctor: Plz be patient
Doctor: if the chat is not complete Iwill call u
senthil.psgct: ok..hope u have my number
Doctor: 0000&
senthil.psgct: no...its 0000..last digit has typo err
Doctor: the point is u r ejaculating in sleep and not ejaculating in masturbation
Doctor: ok
senthil.psgct: yes
Doctor: So but the investigations are same
Doctor: Why are you not ejaculating
Doctor: Defintely u r prodicuing semen
senthil.psgct: yes
Doctor: The semen is produced in prostate and mixed with sperms from testicles
Doctor: It comes from deep in prostate thru urethra
senthil.psgct: i see
Doctor: in between uyerthra and testiclea there are tubes which carry semen'
senthil.psgct: oh..
Doctor: When there is an obstruction of the ducts it will go back to bladder
Doctor: or it may n ot come forward]
senthil.psgct: i see
senthil.psgct: why is this obstruction not happening in sleep
Doctor: So u need Ultrasound of the proistate to see whether there is obstrctuion of the ducts going thru the prostate and to see if there is swelling of the prostate which might be blocking'
Doctor: I dont know
Doctor: There is no explanation for all
Doctor: Vasography is they inject dye thru the penis and look whether the floe is normal or obstructed
senthil.psgct: i see...
senthil.psgct: may i know whats ur qualification?
Doctor: MBBS with 2 yr family medicine in USA
Doctor: I recommend you consult the urologist . He will do the ultrasound of the Prostate and assist in vasography
senthil.psgct: ok..
Doctor: May I ask u few Q
Doctor: Do you have any medical problems ?
senthil.psgct: yes
senthil.psgct: no
Doctor: Do you take any medicines ?
senthil.psgct: im perfectly fit...don take any medicines
Doctor: ok
Doctor: DO you have any stress ?
senthil.psgct: no
Doctor: Ok
Doctor: So I do not see any other causes of no ejaculation from history
Doctor: Do you have any diifuclty urination
senthil.psgct: nope
Doctor: So probably there is back flow of semen or might be obstruction

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I have been suffering from the same problem now for 10 months and the symptoms are slowly getting worse. Every day I bloat (massively so that I have to undo my trousers, cant sit down at work etc) and it isn t food related as I tried not eating anything at all and it still happened. I have a constant niggling pain in the left hand side of my belly button that gets worse when I m bloated. I seem to have a mixture of constipation and diarrhea because I go to the toilet once a day but the only way I can describe it is that lots of feces is being held back and only a small bit of what s in there is being released! When I bloat up, I have bad wind too which also makes me think this. After I have been to the toilet the first time (usually always in the morning) I can t go again for the rest of the day no matter how much it feels like I need to to relieve my stomach pains and bloating. When I do go, the stools are very thin and come out easily in lots of little stools rather than one regular sized stool! I keep hearing funny noises coming from my stomach like a clicking sucking type noise and when I have been to the toilet or eaten, the noises are louder and more frequent. The only way to describe the constant feeling is that my stomach is too cramped inside and there isn t enough room for everything! It seems to be getting worse as I am now waking up bloated and in pain - feel very sluggish all the time and have no energy to do anything at all. Even though I have at least 8 hours sleep per night and don t drink alcohol etc before bed, I wake up feeling very hungover and that I just need to go back to sleep. The pain in my left hand side is worsening too - when I touch that now when I m bloated, it feels like a big bruise. Also I have noticed that the less I eat or the more I go to the toilet, the bloating seems to stay the same but the pain in my side is a lot worse. I have had blood tests, stool tests and I have no food allergies of any kind or intolerances. I have had tablets for IBS, which didn t help at all and if anything the pain in my stomach was a bit worse on them. I recently went for an ultrasound scan which they said was clear. For about 4 years, I have also been suffering from bleeding and brown discharge in between my periods but it happens every month. I had a smear and swab for this which was normal so I dont know if that could be related or not. Any advice would be appreciated as I feel that my life is turning so miserable I m always in a bad mood over this and feel angry with everyone all the time! The doctor doesn t know what to make of me but I m worried it will be something serious that is going unfound and that it is only getting worse. Thanks for your help and please ask if you need to know any further info.