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Swelling, slight pain in my gums, need help

i noticed in the mirror that my gums were swollen and they were sore. I brush every day. There is slight pain in the gums also. I donot have any tooth pain, but still why iam having this swelling of gums. I recently changed my brush also
Tue, 6 Aug 2013
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Orthopaedic Surgeon, Joint Replacement 's  Response
Also when you brush your teeth gentfly brush your gums in a massaging motion, they may bleed a little at first but your gums will get used to it.
swollen and painful gums are warning signs that you are under attack gum disease.
Be able to keep and pay attention to a good program of oral habits. if gum disease is left without any treatment, tooth loss will eventually happen.
brush your teeth twice daily using toothbrush.
rinse your mouth after every meals.
chlorhexidine mouthrinses can prevent plaque accumulation
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Dentist Dr. Anshumala Singh's  Response
Dear friend.

Thanks for sharing your concern.

Gum swelling and associated bleeding could be due to gingivitis.That is locally occurring gingival or gum inflammation.

This can aggravate if neglected.
Local factor like plaque ,calculus and poor oral hygiene leads to increased swelling and bleeding.

Its better, if you see your dentist soon and upon evaluation, if required get your teeth cleaned once.

This is called professional cleaning or scaling.
Regular brushing cannot remove the tartar or calculus deposited on the gum line.

Therefore, it is advised to see dentist once in six months for every individual.

Hope i have answered your query.For further help please write to us.


Take care.
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Dentist Dr. Yogesh Tripathi's  Response
sweeling in gums may be due to various reason viz gingiviti/periodontitis (due to poor oral hygiene ),systemic disorder like diabetes , vitamin c deficiency etc etc

since you have not provided enough specifications so its preety difficult to diagnose
anyways what i would suggest is that you visit your dentist to rule out poor oral hygiene and if its the cause than get scaling and currettage done
also i would suggest that you get a complete clinical examination done by your family physician to rule out other possibilties
in the mean while i would suggest
1.luke warm saline rinses 4-6 times daily
2.dont forget to brush your teeth before going to bed after dinner
3.hexidine mouthwash after breakfast
hope this helps
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Dentist Dr. Qazi Ammara's  Response

Thanks for asking the query,

According to your clinical symptoms i suppose that you are suffering with Gingivitis, this occurs due to poor oral hygiene, plague and calculus deposition, improper brushing and flossing.

I would suggest you to visit the Dentist and get complete mouth scaling and polishing done.
Develop a habit of brushing teeth twice daily.
Use antiseptic mouthwash rinses twice daily.
Maintain a good oral hygiene.
Use interdental cleaners, dental floss.

Hope this helps out,

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Dentist Dr. Gunjan Gupta's  Response
Hello there,

Thanks for your query.

Swollen gums and soreness are the result of poor oral hygiene,nutritional deficiencies,vitamin-c deficiency,gingivitis,systemic disease,prolonged medication etc.........

The detail provided by you is insufficient to rule out the cause.

So i would suggest you visit a dentist in your area at the earliest and get the check up done to rule out the cause.

Nothing to get worried.

Take Care.
Dr. Gunjan Gupta
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Dentist Dr. Neha Sumra's  Response
Thanks for writing in.
You are having gingivitis means inflammation of gums due to improper oral hygUse soft bristled toothbrush and brush involving all aspects of teeth in back-forth and up-down motion.

Use chlorhexidine mouthrinses to gargle.
Get a full mouth scaling done by a dentist to remove the plaque and calculus.
Include vitamin rich food and fluids into diet.
Take vitamin becosules,c iron tablets.

Take Care
Dr.Neha Sumra
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Dentist Dr. Farah Hussain's  Response

Hello there ,

Thanks for writing your query,

Swelling in the gums is the sign of iflammation of the gums and the condition is known as GINGIVITIS .

It is caused due poor oral hygiene ,improper brushing and flossing that leads to accumulation of bacterial plaque and calculus deep in the gum pockets and root surfaces of the teeth.

Gingivitis presents with symptoms of redness , bleeding gums , swelling , pain ,recession and sensitivity.

It needs to be treated by thorough professional deep scaling of gums and root planing of the teeth to remove all the irritants ,this will help in resolving the symptoms followed by a course of antibiotic and analgesics.

i would suggest you to go for symptomatic treatment at home like gargling with lukewarm saline water or antiseptic mouthwash like chlorhexidine or betadine.

i hope this helps ,

take care.
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Dentist Dr. Yogesh Tripathi's  Response
swelling in gums is due to two reasons
infection in tooth i.e. dental carries which exposes pulp
infection in gums i.e. gingivitis or periodontitis
now that you have ruled out that you dont hava any pain in the tooth than what i suppose is that you must be having gingivitis or periodontitis
in any case i would suggest that you pay a visit to your dentist and get an examination done and if its pulp exposure than get a root canal done and if its gingivitis than get scaling and currettage done
in the meanwhile i will advise you to do the following things which wil relieve your symptoms
1.lukewarm saline rinses 6-8 times daily
2.use some gum astringent like fitgum or hiora after every rinse .you need to take a drop of astringent on your clean index finger tip and gentally massage it on the gums
also you can take following medication to relieve the swelling
1.levoflox 500 mg twice daily for 3 days
2.combiflame twice daily for 3 days
hope that helps
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Dentist, Orthodontics Dr. Mrunal Meshram's  Response
than you for sharing your concern in HCM
swollen and sore gums , you have to noticed are due to the condition called gingivitis.
redness , swelling , bleeding on brushing are the symptoms.
causes are improper brushing technique, poor oral hygiene or even systemic diseases etc
you need to get scaling and polishing (cleaning of teeth )done.
use extra soft brush , warm water rinses after every meal
use antibacterial mouth wash 3 times a day .
start with vitamin c supplements.
maintain a good oral hygiene
learn proper brushing technique from your dentist
hope this will help
for further query you can write us back

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Dentist, Endodontics Dr. Manisha Rao's  Response
Hi, the most common cause of gum swelling is gingivitis that is the inflammation of gums. It may result from calculus deposition on the teeth. Please consult a good dentist for examination and treatment. You can use Stolin gum astringent for temporary relief.
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Dentist Dr. Juhi Soni's  Response
Welcome to HCM forum,
It seems you have gingivitis/periodontitis,so maintain oral hygiene.
Consult dentist for scaling and polishing.
Brush your teeth twice daily and use Betakind mouthwash.
Take more of vitamin C (lemon juice/oranges).
Do warm saline rinses after meals.
Take care

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Dentist, Periodontics Dr. Palvi 's  Response
thanks for the query...
brushing properly is as important as brushing everyday..
swelling of gums is usually due to presence of plaque and calculus and due to vitamin deficiencies also...
you visit your dentist for scaling and root planing... maintain good oral hygiene afterwards... brush twice daily after meals... you can also use hexi gel to massage your gums... take multivitamins also...
hope it will help you...
take care...
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  User's Response
The swelling of gums may be caused by many reasons:
But as u have given the history of generalized swelling,,,,, The most common cause is PLAQUE accumulation in the areas which are not in reach of tooth brush... GO AND VISIT A SPECIALIST (pref. PERIODONTIST).....
Oral prophylaxis (scaling and general cleaning) is must...U should get it immediately done. After that u can use some good mouthwash (preferably Chlorhexidine based-commercially available as- HEXIDINE, ORASEP etc)....
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  User's Response
vito's  Response
i had swelling in the gums. but i had no dental issues. then visited the doctor. he said its due to the tablet i take for fits. i take eptioin 100 mg tablets for fits, i am taking it for almost 2 yrs. doctor said me stop it later and check the blood counts. it showed anemia. later i stopped and started a new treatment.
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helmut's  Response
it is gingivitis. bad hygene is the cause for this. byush properly with proper tooth paste
  User's Response
vito's  Response
i had swelling in the gums. but i had no dental issues. then visited the doctor. he said its due to the tablet i take for fits. i take eptioin 100 mg tablets for fits, i am taking it for almost 2 yrs. doctor said me stop it later and check the blood counts. it showed anemia. later i stopped and started a new treatment.
  Anonymous's Response
Anonymous's  Response

Gums are sore and gums are swollen and it bleeds while brushing it is all symptoms of mild infection of gums. you need to do warm salt water gargle every day two times. this will clear the infection and gums will becoome normal

  Anonymous's Response
Anonymous's  Response

Yes it is due to infection or injury of gums only. If it is infected and not settling for a long time, you will need to visit a dentist and take some antiobiotics if necessary.

  User's Response
helmut's  Response
it is gingivitis. bad hygene is the cause for this. byush properly with proper tooth paste
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