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My patient suffered from epilepsy after stroke and her blood pressure rose during the epileptic attack. What treatment should be given ?

my patient got stroke 3 yrs back after stroke she developed epilepsy what can we do for that she take losartan pottassium 50mg ramipril 5mg for hypertension and also take anti platelet her blood pressure is normal now but during epilepsy her blood pressure rise upto 220 after stroke she developed left hemiparesis . her age is 51year. and epilepsy appear 1year after stroke. please give me a perfect solution......
Mon, 9 Jan 2012
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Hi Udit, Welcome to HealthcareMagic Forum.
You haven't mentioned whether it was a Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke? Because the chances of Epilepsy are more than 34% after Hemorrhagic stroke and more than 10% after ischemic stroke. Kindly do not worry as stroke related epilepsy can be successfully controlled with antiseizure medicines. The oldest and most commonly used medicines for this purpose are phenytoin and carbamazepine. The newer ones which have been added to this treatment include levetiracetam and lamotrigine .
See to it that she comes to you for regular follow up and she does not miss any dose even if seizure episodes are under good control. She needs to take her stroke medications regularly. She needs to get a adequate sleep for a minimum of 8 Hours daily if she has any abusing habits, she needs to stop it completely. Let her visit Physiotherapy sessions regularly and go for brisk walks. Counsel her attenders as well regarding her condition, that she needs to be taken good care of. Limiting salt intake with brisk walks will keep her blood pressure under control. If these measures are not helping, let her get examined by a Neurologist for further evaluation and get a CT scan of head done to rule out any Pathology. She should be eating soft bland diet with fresh fruits and green leafy veggies.

Good Luck.
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this is Hina ,from Punjab...Actually my father had brain injury due to accident,i want to seek your suggestions regarding this case..hope it would be fine with you.....

My father met from an accident on 22nd aug,2007..he had brain injury..bone from right side of brain was taken it was fully was very serious as per doctors..according to doctors he

had no chances of survival...he was in icu for 5 months.brain was operated..the bone taken out was central portion of controls intelligence,memory etc as doctors said..he spoke by end of november..

memory was nt fine that time..but now it is fully fine..he remebers almost everything...during first year of accident he was not able to eat himself,but now it is fine..also had urine and stool problem..he

couldnt know ...physiotherapy is almost continuous from then...his right leg is affected,which doesnt hold body weight...he cannot stand on his own,cannot sit without back support..using two persons

support,we make him to sit on a chair having side and back support...for 1 year he had memory problem,irritation from family,short tempered..used to say many things to us ,if we do for pap's benefit..

but til two years stool and urine problem remained...but by some manual efforts(not exactly physiotherapy) he was able to sit without back support holding sides of bed..we used to make him walk,in which right feet was moved by us..means some activity was seen. he had some fit (not exactly fit,doctors said that brain injured patients have it because of weak nerves) in dec -ve impact was seen as such..because of no +ve results for another 1 year we consulted doctors.

doctors told that their is fluid in brain,for that shunt(dnt knw exactly:shunt,but some pipe to drain the fluid) was put in brain ,so another operation in may 2009..after that some positive results were seen

like,he came to know before passing stool..but not urine..irritation was reduced(one medicine was given by doctor)..but the activity shown in two years that i have mentioned was no more...but we found brain more irritation.. sometimes he used to say 'i will die nd al,u r not caring for me etc'..from then we have seen no much +ve results.physiotherapy is continuous..but he is still not on his own.cannot stand,sit without back support,walk etc..voice is also not much clear..

I think he prefers sleeping..he has become so efforts from his side.physiotherapy is not working...we say all day to try to get up,try to move ur right feet..but he thinks that we are doing wrong to him.

and doctors have said :in this case u can only wait..there is no other option,had checkup in pgi.said the solution to this case..such patients can be well all of a sudden,u never this really happens??

can we hope for this magic??sir,we couldnot understand what to do..3 years have passed..and we have no positive results...

now the status is like this:he can only eat himself,memory is fine..but sometimes he talk strange as'where are we sitting'(becoz he hasnt gone anywhere from three years,this question shouldnot arise,and in his own home he asks where are we?i want to go home etc..but he talks so intelligently,that listening to it u can not say that he has brain injury...

but he cannot sit without back support,cannot sit on bed cross leg..cannot stand on his own (2 persons to support) which he used to before 2nd operation atleast for 5 mins..can speak..but sometimes not properly..

physiotherapy is continuous...but no improvements as i said u before..sometimes when we ask 'why havnt u gone to office?'he says 'i will go tomorrow'..he shouldnot say this as he must know that he had accident..

i think his will has died..he never make efforts to get up..want to lay on the bed whole time...we say him everytime to get up,try to do something..but he never listens...there is no cooperation from his side during is done physiotherapist said'if u gather all world doctors then also he cannot improve,until and unless he has will to get up'....he asks for our help for even a small work which he can do himself...

sir,wat to do???is there any option??till now we have heard,just to wait in these this really??can nothing be done??how can we make him try,make efforts as his brain is not fine..everyone has tried to make him understand that he has to do proper exercise for standing,walking..but he prefers sleeping...

i really need help,need has been 3 years..and we want papa to get well soon..atleast to be on his own...what are the chances in such cases??sir,be frank to reply,eventhough it is negative ..but please do reply on this mail( YYYY@YYYY this is only till 20th july) and( hina.watts@ WWW.WWWW.WW also.i really want help..please reply whenever u get time


hina watts


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