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I would like to know what foods are best to

I would like to know what foods are best to help alkanize my urine ph. Am having problems with burning and irritation. Not sure if bladder. Doesn't always burn after urination. Only sometimes. Uti neg. And also yeast infection neg. Any suggestion? I also have Lyme disease which intensifies any health problem and makes symptoms worse.

Fri, 28 Sep 2018
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doctor1 MD

My daughter often gets a red itchy rash around her mouth after eating certain foods. We have tried to find the link between these foods but the ingredients are different in all of them. How can we find out what she is sensitive to? She also has a peanut allergy and gets eczema.

doctor1 MD

This has been happening for 5 days, i would like to know if these are symptoms of Anxiety. I have been feeling nervous the type of nervous when you have to take a test something like that and i have felt like my heart is beating faster than normal, but not all the time. Yet when my girlfriend felt my heart she said it feels normal. So i guess its all inside. Im 19, dont know if that has anything to do with it but i figured id let you know. Please let me know what this is if you can, thank you.

doctor1 MD

Hello Doctor, Kindly advise on the case attached i had a sexual contact several times in 2003 without protection and there was lots of viginal fluid tranmission also there was lot of saliva exchnage. that girl sprayed blood on the fresh wounds that i had during on the contact. i have attached the case history. please let me know what could be the disease. my blood pressure is always above 170/100 since 2003 many doctors have been consulted and many medicine has been taken. i am physically very active since last 6 years. i do vigorous exercise and no smoking and alcohol in my life with a well balanced diet a pure vegetarian. my age now is 31 only and there is no history of BP in my entire family. can there be any uncommon organism passed during this act. please investigate. i have attached the complete history. please let me know which test to be done to know the disease can there be any test n pthoogy lupus is ruled out. my gender male age 30 suffering since 2003 Current sympotoms Intermittent redness all over the body Red spots on and off relief with applying powder BP 170/100-150/100 range pirking sensation all over Redness on the palms watery eyes tears comes on and off itching all over more in the genital area i need to know what could be the disease associated i have done several blood test . there is no final reason known Read more at Stress history : I am in the most relaxing professio. There is no stress. Summary of the treatment taken from Specialists the detail history is also included down Symptoms pr always above 120 and bp 160-180/100-110. no job stress and very relaxed. Comments Also visited Several Doctors locally for Fever , cough and Cold , Body pain, muscle pain but there is only Temporary Relief as long as medicine taken Detailed Treatment History Treatment date     Symptoms Description     Medicines      After treatment May 2003 to September 2003     Complaints Redness on the palms and shoulder . Cough and fever. Dr P Taken Allopathic medicine for Skin Allergy(as Diagnosed) and cough and throat pain for 5 months from Family Physician MBBS and BAMS. There was no relief for Cough and Skin. He refered to a specialist.      Cough Syrup     No relief in Skin allergy and Cough OCT 2003 to Dec 2004      Chief Complain Redness on the palms and shoulder. Cough and fever. Refered to a Deramtologist MS N MD .Given Allegra and cetzine for 1.5 months 3 times a day as directed. Got temporary relief, symptoms got aggravated after medicine stopped. She Diagnosed as utricaria gave some tablets      Allegra, Cadiderma cream given by doctor Cetzine for 1.5 months, 3 times a day, Atharax     But no relief. Palms dry.Itching on the body with redness. Jan 2004 to June 2005     Taken treatment for Dr Batra MD for 1 full year, got relief after 1 year again the symptoms started. Palms became red and redness on the skin any where in the body. There was not peeling on the skin, only redness anywhere in the body. It was Diagnosed as Utricaria      Homeptathic Medicine given by Dr Batra’s Clinic     Redness on hands, palms dry and itching on the whole body July 2005 to July 2006     Refered to Dr C, taken Homeopathic treatment for 1 full years He refered to a Dermatlogist     Homeopathic medicines     No Solution August 2006 to Jan 2007     Mr S Consulted a MD Sr dermatologist with 15 years of Exp. He diagnosed as scabies , given tablet and 2 cream to be mixed and applied all over the body and told to take Hot water bath and wash all the clothes in hot water. There is no relief after the treatment as all the symptoms is the same. He Diagnosed as Scabies.      Lorfast for 3 months and cream to apply      Temporary relief as long as medicine taken, again the symptoms came back with more intensity. So stopped completely. Noticed that Lorfast makes the heart rate faster so stopped March 2007 to Septermber 2008     Ms A Taken Ayurvedic treatment for 5 months with a Sr physician, Ms Ashwini in Mumbai. She claims that she has 30 years of Exp in treating such disorders      She gave liquid medicine from Arya Vidya shala and Oil to be applied.     No relief 14 june 2009 to 06 july 2009      1)     Gudoochyadi Kashyam 7.5 ml = 1 ½ cap 2)     Gandharvahasthadi Kashyam 7.5 ml = 1 ½ cap 1 and 2 above mixed with 45ml warm water to be taken twice at 06 am and 12 noon Empty Stomach for 15 days 3)     Patola Katurohinyadi Kashyam 15 ml Mixed with water and to be taken on Empty stomach at 06 pm for 15 Days 4)     Amruthanishtam 7.5 ml 5)     Vasarishtam 7.5 ml 4 and 5 to be mixed and taken after lunch and dinner for 7 days 6)     Khadirarishtam 15 ml mixed with warm water to be taken after lunch and dinner for 15 days       Itching is slightly reduced, before the treatment the redness was in the palms and color bone area, after 15 days it is on the thighs. There is no peeling on the skin. I am following the treatment strictly as given by Dr era. No permanent relief     Cough and cold is gone completely. If exposed to hot skin becomes more red and is reduced after a cold bath. Sometimes there is redness or some times spots some times cross red lines or some times straight red lines any where is the body after the treatment. 5% relief 09 july 2009 to sept 2009     Kokilakshakam Kashayam for 1 month 7.5 ml Manjisthadi kasham 7.5 ml Boiled warm water 60 ml And koisoragalu 1 tablet Mix all Twice before food at 06 am and 07 pm 2nd medicine Aragadharishtam 15 ml Punarnavasavam 15 ml Boiled water 60 ml And Kaisoragulgulu vatika Mix all taken after food i.e after breakfast and dinner Dimesaelaadi coconut oil to be applied and taken bath after 30 to 1 hr No soap to be applied      No relief     No Solution Nov 2009 till date     Consulted a Cornea surgean in Mumbai Dr Nikhil Goklahe. He diagnosed as Blepharitis in the Eye     Some Relief as long as the Eye drops used     He gave eye drops Nov 2009 –July 2010     Dr Santosh gave Mustharishtam and Parpatadyaristam twice after food He also gave Drakshadi Kashyam and Vasaguloochyadi to be taken twice on Empty stomach LIV 52 60 capsules to be taken twice a day all taken     No Relief     No Solution( Though stomach gets clear easily as long as the medicines taken) Dec 2009 to Jan 2010     Consulted a Cardiologist. He checked the ECG it was Normal PR was 106 Tachicardia     No relief     Gave Star press XL 50 to reduce the BP as it was 170/90. No Solution as reducing the BP with medicines as long as the medicines taken is not he final Solution, he also prescrined m Coravadil 50. 09 june 2010 till date case no 10835     Treatment with homeopathic doc     Under investigation     Taking Homeopathic medicnes, got some relief but the redness and itching aggravates and BP increases. Under investigation . got relief in redness but the bp at 5 am most of the time is 160 90. it is on and off around 130 70 The Current Doctors are Highlighted above Appetite Normal Bowels Clear Sleep Normal Mituration Normal Diet Pure Vegeterain(sattvic diet) Eat a variety of Fruits and Vegetables, Badam, Well Balanced Diet. I do not eat junk food Eat a balanced Diet with Mix of all Vegetables and fruits as per the season. A well balanced diet as per the Dietition and it also includes carrots, Milk, All types of Dal. I am a Pure Vegetarian and prefer to eat fresh and Home made food only. Never Tried Smoking and Alcohol Food avoided in last 6 years Brinjal, Besan, Sour fruit like Mango and Pineapple Curd, urad dal( As Told by Ayurvedic Doctor as a Prevention towards Skin rash, but it has not reduced the itching) Coffee, onions, Garlic Other details No Dandruff as all doctors have checked and Avoiding pollution and going out in Sun. also last week i am diagnosed with gerd the ent specilait says it is related to immunological weakness.also i have a general weakness and fatigue tiredness since 2003 Test done Test name     Date      Result      HIV 1 2 Elisa     2004     Negative      Hep B     2004     Negative      Hep C     2004     Negative      Herpes 1     2005     Negative      Herpes 2     2005     Negative      VDRL      2007     Negative      Diabetes      2004     In range      T3 T4 TSH     2004     In range      CBC     2006 AND 2007     In range      Lipid profile     2004     In range      Liver Function Test     2004     In range           2007           Totl immohoglobin in 2010 is in ragne Ana nuclear is negative manythings are ruled out so please reply allergy ruled out autuimmune disease ruled out

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