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I think I'm having a drug reaction/side affect. I started

I think I'm having a drug reaction/side affect. I started a New one - Nortriptyline - and first I lost my taste buds, then my tongue and mouth went numb, and today I have a metallic taste in my mouth. This has all occurred over the course of a week.
Thu, 11 Oct 2018
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doctor1 MD

Believe this is genetically passed on disorder. Would go to get professional assistance if a confident suggestion was brought up. I am not trying to self diagnose but the closest I could find online was Anhedonia. For the longest time I have dealing with issues pertaining to lack of interest in things, lack of finding any sort of pleasure, and generally getting no excitement from anything. This issue is getting worse and worse as I get older and with medicine advances nowadays I feel as though there is someone out there that can diagnose the problem and help me find some resolve. Until recently I thought it was just a problem of depression or anxiety and have been on different medications throughout the years which never ended up resolving the core issue. I believe anxiety and depression are a byproduct of the true issue. I recently had a real open conversation with my mother and found she has lived with this same issue her entire life (a couple other relatives on the same side have signs of this also). Both my mother and I are not lazy people, she got a degree from Ohio State University and after raising 3 kids she went back to school and got another degree in nursing but she told me it was hard to get going on it. I got an Electrical Engineering degree from a reputable university. I believe there is a solution out there and not only would I like to resolve the problem for myself but I would love it to be resolved for my mother, though she says she doesn t have many years left anyhow I would love her to live those happily without this issue. The only medication that seems to have a good affect on me is adderall. I hear all kinds of excuses about why of course I feel better and concentrate more when I am on it but Adderall seems to really work on whatever area the true chemical imbalance or affected areas are. Maybe not 100% better but I feel almost normal and functional. Every time she would try to explain to someone the issue she ended up with the same response I got when I tried to explain so we both just gave up. We both get you worry too much , do not be so negative , just relax . Its not a state of mind, it would seem to me to be a chemical imbalance of sorts. Here I go trying to explain it:      * In the evening or early morning I am almost in a vegetative state (since the adderall is only working from about 9am - 2pm). I do not feel like doing anything, could genuinely care less too do anything, and stress out about the day passing me by.      * Nothing seems to interest me, nothing brings me enjoyment, or bring me pleasure. It s not like I do not try, I live in a big city for christ sake and I cannot find anything to grab my attention.      *           * I recently went to a hockey game (playoff) and could not get into it, NBA game, comedy shows, movies, sky diving, etc.; nothing           * I go out to nice restaurants, local clubs, and been watching the world cup at bars; nothing           * I do not have a extreme problem at making friends but keeping them and getting close friends is impossible. I stress about the next time everyone wants to go out and will I have time. (and I know; relax, take it easy. Much easier said than done)      * One other thing I loved to do was travel internationally and now the older I get the less enthusiastic I get. I start thinking about all the things that have to be done to get there and back instead of getting excited about the trip.      * Nothing wows me any more which makes me look unsociable and grouchy      * I am uncomfortable around people, but am a very friendly person and most everyone seems to like me but I feel pressure from this. I am an elevator talker (short conversations and goodbye). I actually like being around groups of people and have fun but constantly feel pressure to converse instead of just enjoying the time. I get depressed and cannot concentrate on anything because I am thinking about other things in the future I need to get done but I understand those things fo not need to get done immediately.      * I think about all the negative things but am not a negative person.      * I also get anxiety and panic attacks because I cannot live in the moment I am always thinking about each and every step that has to be done for example:      *           * Going to a restaurant I think about having to get there, getting a table, ordering, getting the food, paying for it, leaving, getting back home. I would rather just stay home.      * I am so quiet in group situations people think I am a grouch, unsociable, or even lazy.      * I am told I worry too much but I really cannot control it      * Even this entire statement it sounds like a big whine fest but it is sincerely not *** I could answer or give more examples if asked. I have had this problem for years and have yet to be properly diagnosed. Others have attempted treatment such as bipolar (wrong in 1987), depression/anxiety (maybe but have been on multiple different medicine), even told when in High School I may have a learning disability but, come on, I got an Electrical Engineering degree from a ranked Engineering university. It s getting worse and I do not want to live a life of not enjoying things, not able to have friends, not getting excited like others when something great is happening. I have other feelings such as empathy, love, fear, nervousness, caring, etc. I force myself to exercise 3 to 5 days a week (weights and cardio), I eat healthy (vegetarian and sometimes just raw food diets), I make sure I get the protein and vitamins I need daily. I am 6 1 ; 165 lbs. No one in my family has a weight problem. There is no drug or alcohol abuse. I do not smoke. I was never a lazy person, I have tried and participated in almost every sport you can name (Jack of all trades, master of none). I have lived in different countries around the world (including Iraq in 2003 - 2004 as a civilian contractor). I have a very good job and am seen as the expert in my field but it too is starting to take a hit from this. When I was very little I had no problems making friends and having really close friends. I did find enjoyment in even the simplest things. I anticipated things like going to an amusement park and getting excited. I used to have passions for fishing, skiing, tennis, rocks, weather, learning, etc. I know what it is supposed to feel like but now the world, people, and everything is bland. I am NOT even close to any suicidal thoughts. I am very sane and rational. It is just driving me crazy because I remember and would love to enjoy things again, have close friends, volunteer and do things on the weekends for others. Would love to show what I believe to be my true self and not come off as whiny, negative or lazy. This is a serious issue and if others are being mis diagnosed and feeling this way I feel for them because it is not a fun way to live. There are so many lost opportunities. Any incite anyone could have about this would be so much appreciated.

doctor1 MD

i smoked marijuana until i think dec 23rd 2010 which would make me around 15 weeks pregnant at that date but havent smoked since that day. could my baby when born or the placenta possibly test postitive for the drug because i know it takes longer for them to clean out. i had smoked at least once almost everyday at least once prior to stopping. age 23 about 170 lbs when i stopped and im 5 8

doctor1 MD

In 2000 I had a very bad reaction to taking all the drugs I had listed when adding Topamax to it. I literally floated out of my body and could see people behind me. This happened to me as I was driving as well and taking my daughter who was 14 to a friends house and sometimes I could see myself doing things but had no control over what I was doing. Needless to say I am no longer on these Meds cause I thought I was dying or was dead. Has anyone else had these kind of symptoms or side affects?

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