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I have throat discomfort, something like crawling. Is it related to Anxiety symptom?

It feels like something is crawling up my throat , and I try to swallow so it can go away but it keeps coming back. I drink water, but still the same. I do not know what it is,and its been bothering me. What could this be? I am 24 years old, Female. Weight 193 lbs. Height 5 0. No medical history . I currently suffer of anxiety attacks. I get the racing heart, the tight chest feeling, sometimes my mouth would get dry, I often feel weak, and emotional. My anxiety attacks started this month, so I am new to the symptoms and it scares me a lot. I get scared that I would stop breathing completely. So far, the breathing is connected with this crawling sensation up my throat, it feels like it crawls to the roof of my mouth, and until I swallow it comes back again. I would like to know what this is, to ease my worrying. Second Question: Does my high blood pressure effect the heart race when I get into anxiety attacks?
Sun, 1 May 2011
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ENT Specialist 's  Response
well its just a anxiet prop\blem nothing more than that u should need a proper concelling so kindly conasult some psychiatrist
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ENT Specialist Dr. Naveen Kumar's  Response
Hi Cynthia,

Welcome to HealthcareMagic Forum
The throat discomfort can be as a result of dryness of the throat due to your anxiety. I would advice you to drink plenty of normal or warm water to reduce the symptoms. There can be alteration in the heart rate when the blood pressure varies during anxiety episodes. At present there does not seem to be any throat problem with you. Your anxiety can actually make you feel all these things. Relax and enjoy the life.

Dr. Naveen Kumar
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For a long time I have had symptoms of anxiety & panic attacks, they were diagnosed after a few ER visits random with paranoia of stroke or heart attack symptoms which were dismissed as my being told I was low on magnesium had PTSD, paranoia, & my nervous system was stressed from internalizing. However coinciding thru time... -What I always thought was completely unrelated was many other simultaneous symptoms such as an ongoing ear infection that has been there for years even with prescription never went away. -Spacey empty headed feeling & kinda a jump in brain or eyes sometimes -Poor circulation or fuzzy -Feeling of knots in veins or tighteness -Chest pain -Seizure like feeling with many fast flashes like in a movie or chest pain -Recent I lactated without having been pregnant -I often wake not being able to open like a jar or something till later in the day & my hands are tightly wound balls curled -The biggest is my difficulty swallowing which has increased from moderate the last few years to complete discomfort in the last week (coinsiding with being head butted by my ex) -And my tongue is inflammed (which I showed the gyno to ask if it was std related & she said she didn t think so) -I have chronic back pain but I attribute that to my job which is a caregiver & strains back -I can be moody & extremely tempermental pre-menstrual more then the average person (which I have stressed to my doctor but he just says it has to do with my anxiety) -I have extremely extremely bloody periods that are very heavy (which my doctor just says is normal in some women) I have considered the throat & bumps could be related to the fact that I have the HPV virus & spread thru oral but nothing seems to have spread in patches their just bumps in the back of my tongue that have coinciding gotten bigger with my swallowing problem. I don t usually get headaches but after the head butt I have felt head pain coinciding with my ears which tho usually infected have been mild but are felt now in correlation with each swallow. I have had melanoma skin cancer stage 2.5 when I was 23 & 27 I am now 29. It was surgically removed in the effected spots & some lymph nodes. And a mild less then 1 case of cervical cancer at 26. I just feel my whole body is telling me something but as I said other then my cancer diagnosis anytime I have had brief checks ups I get told I am having panic attacks, not heart problems or & it stresses my nervous system. They simply just tell me to take prozac & relax. I have avoided medical care consistent because with all my previous health problems I don t have insurance based on affordability. Insight & thoughts. Please tell me speculations I have been told by random family I am simply a hypochodriac & I don t think I have fibromyalgia I think its more, Maybe one thing maybe 5 but please insight?

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think that I suffer from panic and anxiety-related incidents but I wanted to have your opinion and advice. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting air into my lungs and I cannot get a full breath in. Eventually, my lungs and throat get really sore. My body will become completely numb and I ll have a light-headed feeling. Other times I will not be able to hear at all and I ll feel like I m slowly being submerged in water (Sharp pains going up and down my body might occur as well). I will feel completely overwhelmed and the stress and fear that have been around me hit me completely and rather hard. Other than physical symptoms, I believe I emotionally become very vulnerable and extra sensitive. I wanted to know if I m right in thinking that this is all from stress and anxiety and if so what you would suggest in solving this problem. Thank you very much

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I think i may have anxiety. My friend saw that i was acted different and she suffers with depression and she thinks i have anxiety. Heres some of the things i suffer with that i have read can be possible symptoms. -I often feel really dizzy and like i will faint. and bad head aches and tummy aches - I am tired even if i get quite a but of sleep -I find it hard to relax and fall asleep. If i do i often wake up in the night. - I often find it hard to concentrate - WHen i do sleep i often have nightmares. -I focus a lot on the bad points in my life. - I have a lot of fear and feel fearful for reasons i can not name. - I had diarrhoea for a short while but don t anymore and i sweat a lot - I have suffered with a dry mouth for a while now. - WHen something bad happens i will spend ages thinking about it. - I have short breaths and i feel like choking or like i have a bubble in my throat. - My muscles are often tense or aching. - My heart will sometimes speed up for no reason Does it sound like a possibility or do in have someyhing else or am i fine? because i don t want anything to change between my mum and i and things are often awkward between us so i thought i could ask anonymously first.

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I am 74 years old and have experienced hot flushes since menopause (at age 54). I experience moderate to high blood pressure and most medications for this make my symptoms worse. I have heart palpitations during these uncomfortable symptoms, experience fatigue and have night sweats which wake me up. I have Sjoegren's Syndrome with Sicca, and Peripehral neuropathy and most other aging symptoms. I don't have dementia, thankfully, but I am curious as to whether hot flushes are impacting on my blood pressure and contributing to my anxieties or could it be caused by my thyroid? My tests show a normal reading for my thyroid. I also had cancer of the uterus, grade 1, and had everything removed nine years ago and have remained cancer free to date. I hope you can help me find a way to improve the situation as I don't have any blocked arteries or heart problems so it is a mystery to me. I am worried about the impact it may eventually have on my heart. Sincerely yours,

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Analyses of plasma renin revealed that is high.

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