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High BP , I experience those attacks, can you help me please ?

I am 49 years old woman. my doctor gave me amlodipine so I use once a day. I ve been using this drug for about 2 years now.from about 6 months ago, I started to experience high blood pressure attacks (160~170) once a week almost, even if that I never missed one pill. Without no reason, my pressure goes high and I can not control it and I feel so bad, with a very deep headache and my head spins so bad like I can not move my neck even. I do not know what to do. I use my drug everyday regularly, but I do not know what is the reason that I experience those attacks. can you help me please? Thank you in advance
Thu, 16 Jun 2011
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You can contact me at: with all your details including medicines .your test reports, your other illnesses ,how regular with treatment.
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pete's  Response
If the figures of 160-170 are your systolic (the top one) then these are NOT high. - they're not even unusual, -they're absolutely typical of what standard figure for a female of your age, world-wide.. It was thus 30 years ago, and remains the same now, despite the fact that Americans have fallen behind the curve... A 49-yrs old healthy female will usually have readings varying between about 135/85 minimum, to about 175/95 maximum. They vary all day, every day, minute to minute. You shouldn't be taking Amlodipine or anything else... Do stop. This is exactly what happens. First you take the drug and then after some time the side-effects kick in and then you get more drugs for the side effects (like Nursey says!) and then you start to need more drugs for the side effect drugs and so it goes... There's nothing wrong with you. You're normal and quite average., Just stop and nothing will happen. Honestly! Age-related hypertension is all in the minds of the medical industry. It's a myth. EDIT: Far be it from me as a humble Senior Lecturer to dare to argue with Nurse (below.. ) I realize now that I had a deprived education, -wasting all that time on cardiovascular Physiology and not concentrating on bed-pansĀ and tonsils.. tut tut. If only I'd concentrated on getting a degree in "Bed-panology" , how to push a gurney properly, ... and cleaning up puke... AND I missed out on the funny hat and silver buckle . LIFE"s NOT FAIR! EDIT: Just one simple question to Dr. Frank, - It's such a good tale the Trade has been telling for so long, that it seems almost a shame to spoil it with the facts.. but your "normal" or "ideal" 120/80 gives a mean arterial pressure of 93.... and TPR is roughly constant at 0.02 (your industry's figure, not mine,... I don't actually believe it!) 93 mms/Hg simply can't drive 5 litres of blood round the loop........... can it. ? Not if Pm = CO x TPR ... ? And it's your industry that says it does... Answers on a postcard, please. I'll take it that a "no reply" indicates you have no answer to the question. I wonder if (with the very greatest respect of course) you've been too long (longer in fact than in your own words, "you care to remember") in the Trade to be able to discern fact from fairy tales? Time to move over, perhaps?
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doctor1 MD

Hi there! I am 18 years old, I weigh around 82kg/180lbs at a height of 184cm/76 inches For about two years now I ve been having problems with hypertension. Not only that, I also experience that weird chest pain very often, don t know if palpitations or angina is the right word, either way it s not that painful but it makes me feel very uncomfortable, followed by fear or even panic attacks (for obvious reasons, I guess). About a month ago I had a blood pressure of 198/144 (it was late in the evening and I was about to go to bed), whereupon we called an ambulance that brought me to the hospital. I spent the next two weeks there and they conducted a wide array of different tests including blood tests, urinalysis, fecal occult blood test, trans-esophageal echo, loads of ECG s (had a long-term ECG done about a year prior to that), long-term blood pressure recordings, an eye test and two magnetic resonances. All these tests were negative, meaning they did not find what was causing my problems. They did, however, notice that there was an unusually high amount of some hormone in my blood. Ever since I ve been monitoring my blood pressure on a daily basis. (about once or twice a day). I have to take an ACE inhibitor and a 5mg Beta blocker every day in the morning (again, I m only 18!). It has always been in the green area or slightly above the normal. However, sometimes the sign for irregular heartbeat comes up. And I still experience these unpleasant sensations in the area where my heart is. Today around noon it was at 117/78. But when I measured it later that day, at around 8 p.m., I had 143/128! Now, I know that s way above the average but what was I supposed to do? Call 911 and go through all of this again?? I decided not to do that and keep an eye on that myself. I re-measured it about 20 minutes later and noticed that the diastolic number decreased to 95 while to systolic one went up to over 150. Probably because I got very nervous. Even though doctors ensured me that there was no life-threatening danger, I always fear the possibility of a stroke or a heart attack when stuff like this happens. What I could extrapolate from this is that apparently my blood pressure greatly fluctuate throughout the day. Some additional data: *My mom also has hypertension and takes meds since she is 40 or something *Her father, my grandfather, died at the age of 50 because of a heart-related disease *I sweat a lot *I often find it hard to fall asleep because I am worried about my health and because I have this uncomfortable feeling in my chest, which most of the time is gone completely or very weak when I wake up again *Sometimes it feels as though my heart skips a beat, I can clearly feel it and it makes me become very aware of my heartbeat. This also comes with lightheadedness from time to time. *Often, shortly before falling asleep, some of my limbs move without me wanting them to move *I often have a headache, however I doubt it s related to my blood pressure *Sometimes I experience what I believe is tachycardia, a very fast heartbeat *It would be a lie to say I m sporty but I m not obese either *I don t do drugs, I don t smoke and I only drink alcohol occasionally So, I would like to know if it is possible for someone like me to have a high blood pressure without anything to fear. Is my life-expectancy significantly shortened by this? Do I need to take more meds?Could it be that it s my mind causing all of this? As impolite as this may sound, I do not need any calming words unless they are backed up by medical facts. I greatly appreciate any help I can get and I wanna thank you in advance for taking the time to read all this! If you need any additional information from my clinical record I will gladly provide it to you. Also, I am very sorry for the broken English! (I am not a native speaker)

doctor1 MD

I just took my blood pressure twice and it was 139 over 104... Should I be concerned? I m 32 and suffer from severe panic attacks.. I am female 210lbs and a smoker... :( please help Also i was told last week that I have an irregular heartbeat .. The doctor said he herd no murmurs but it was irregular.. He said he wasn t concerned.. Once in a while I get these stabbing pains in my heart but they go away, I always assumed it was just my anxiety.. Now I m really worried

doctor1 MD

Have high blood pressure, barretts esophagus, gerd, chronic back pain; since I don t have insurance, my doctor has had me on vicodan for back pain and gastro pain as well. Have been on it for seven months, taking 1 tab daily until a few weeks ago when i was working in the yard; went on 1 and a half, maybe two and ran out before i was due for renewal. Felt symtoms of withdrawal, ie, tremors, aching everywhere, all of he weak areas in my body were intensified; made my blood pressure go up again as well; ibuprophen i can t take because it creates more pain in my intestines. Finally resorted to drinking two shots of brandy a few times a day....brings my blood pressure down, don t experience the pain, but I knew i had to stop doing that as well bcuz of alcoholism. Just recently, I ended up in the emergency room with blood pressure 157/112 and alcohol in my system. I am currently taking 10mg Lodipine, 25mg hydrochlorothiazide, 20 mg Citalopram, baby aspirin and 40mg of Protonix. Since the hospital visit, I m still on all of the meds I just mentioned, plus 1 mg Klonopin tapering down to 1/2 once a day. I had so much pain in my back, I didn t realize I had 2 kidney infections, so I m on 750mg/three times a day for 10 days and 7.5mg of Meloxicam for inflammation; have only used that twice because it hurts my stomach; Is the klonopin to help my blood pressure stay down? This morning my blood pressure was up again 148/110. Took my blood pressure meds and waited and it was still high; finally took a half dose of Klonopin and it s now 140/98. How long does it take for my body to adjust to the lack of alcohol as well as vicodan. What do you suggest, if anything?

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doctor1 MD

Hi, I am taking Bystolic and amlodipine for hight blood pressure and synthroid for Hyshimotos Throiditus and my skin has become so thin that my arms are so brused that it looks like someone is mistreating me. (No one is). I bruse at the slightest touch and if just slightly scraped I bleed like a stuck pig. Could some of this be caused by one of my medications?

doctor1 MD

i m on 10mg amlodipine, 5mg bisoprolol and 10mg ramipril. Since last friday (13th) I woke up with a painful right foot. The only thing to change recently was the addition of ramipril, I havent taken it since thursday, should I continue or stop? Any idea what this is and will it pass?

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I have problem with staying hard while having sex. I take the following meds. Is there any medication that i would be able to take for this problem.

thAMLODIPINE BESYLATE-BENAZEPRIL 10MG-20MG Hypertension (morning 1x)

TEVETEN HCT 600-12.5MG Hypertension (night 1x)

Lexapro Tabs 10MG (morning half)

Lunesta Tabs 3MG Sleep (night 1x)

LANSOPRAZOLE 30 MG Stomach (morning 1x)

ere any medication that i would be able to take for this problem.

doctor1 MD

DEAR :I am a man 39 old - smoking 1 pocket daily - non alkohol -

I have hypertension since 6 year 17/11 . from Two years ago I started using drugs amlodipine 5mg but it side effect gynecomastia so I had to stop it and then used candesartan 16 mg, but in a recent study it is possible to cause cancer so i stoped it.then i take ramipril but it make me very weakness and it does not low my pressure . now i use coreg 6.25 but i have acid uric stones and it arise acid uric and formed new stone . my question is what proper drug can i take for hypertension with this story


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i have high blood pressure and have been taking Edarbyclor for a number of years. Recently my blood pressure has elevated from 130's over 80 to 175 over 70. I have changed doctors because of moving to a new location and he has changed my...

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I am taking Amlodipine 5 MG, Clonidine 0.1 MG, Lisinop/HCTZ 20-25 M, and Bystolic 10 MG. I have ran out of my Bystolic and will get them tomorrow. My question is can I take the rest of of high blood pressure meds today with my Bystolic? Thank You!...

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i feel un easyness and my B P doesn't come in control but when i start walking it start going down .two week before i was using only 2.5 stamilo one time now 5 mg stamilo two times not working. my doctor increase this dose but i am not feeling...