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Sorry, this is long, but I could use some help and advice if anyone has it. I am a 24 year old female. I've never really had any health concerns in my life, other than anemia, but it was never a really serious problem. About 5 months ago I got a couple small bumps on one of my legs that were probably 7 inches or so away from each other and they itched. I assumed they were bug bites and tried to ignore them and not scratch. Within a month I had patches of the bumps that itched intensely and I couldn't seem to find anything to make the itching stop. Well, because I have no health insurance I never had it looked at and I've just dealt with it. About a month ago, when the "rash" pretty much covered my entire legs, from ankle to hips, some of my abdomen, and was now also on my arms, my neck and my head, I started having issues with it burning. I once again, because of the no health insurance thing, decided to try to ignore it and hoped it would go away soon. Last Sunday, I got in the shower, and as was pretty usual, as soon as the water hit the "rash" it started burning, but this time it wasn't stopping. 2 hours later it was still burning, so I broke down and went to the emergency room. I was in a lot of pain and it was still intensely itchy, even through the burning. I got to the ER, they did the initial check up and put me right in to see the doctor. I didn't wait at all, so I thought, it must be something more than I've been thinking about. The doctor say it's a very peculiar rash. The nurse says she's never seen anything like it before (and this was an older nurse). My blood pressure is 150/90 - pretty unusual for me. I usually run 110/70ish. I have an increased pulse and a fever that I hadn't noticed. They say I have no flu, H1N1, cold, etc. I knew that. The doctor asks if my family has a history of lupus. I don't know. That's pretty much it. He gives me a few prescriptions - Medrol, Keflex Vistaril - tells me to see a family doctor as soon as possible, and sends me home. The next morning I see a doctor that they recommend me to. He says start taking the prescriptions the ER doctor gave me and change my laundry detergent, it could be contact dermatitis. Honestly, I had used 3 different laundry detergents during the 5 months I had this rash, because I thought of that, and it started and spread for a long time over the least likely place for me to rash as contact dermatitis - my lower legs. I wear flare bottom and wide leg pants. Why would it start there and then never spread to somewhere like my feet where I always have socks on if it were a contact dermatitis from my laundry detergent?
Fri, 26 Feb 2010
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's  Response

It wouldn't take my entire story - so here's some more...

Day 1 of medicine - feeling a little queasy and dizzy but that could always happen when using new medicine.

Day 2 - Sitting pulse rate of 128, shaking, fever, stomach pain and cramping - I call the doctor and leave a message, the nurse calls me back and says if you are having an allergic reaction to the medicine stop taking it and go to the ER. I say I don't think that's what it is and ask her opinion. She says she can't give me any advice in the matter, I would have to come see (and pay) the doctor. I say no, because I already have a big ER bill and paid the fees to see the other doctor yesterday and have no information on what could be going on with me. She says she can help me no further. I didn't feel well that entire day.

For the next few days I don't feel well on this medication, but I'm not having severe side effects like I was on day 2, so I decide to continue the regimen, hoping it will help the symptoms. The pills seem to take the rash away, however I still feel a little itchy but I figure maybe it's not all the way gone yet.

The first day off the steroid I felt a little better and the rash seemed to be gone with only very minor itchy feelings, so I concluded it had worked and got excited. That was Friday. Yesterday I woke up with a high pulse again and extreme soreness on my back and the back of my arms. It feels as if I am covered in a bruise. I was extremely fatigued all day.

This morning I woke up with a heightened pulse, a fever, the soreness which has now even spread to my frontside and the tops of my legs. It seems worse on the right hand side. And, already, the extreme itch is back, with some burning. The visible signs are not there, but the feelings are. I have been extremely tired and dizzy all day. Also, I have been very sore and somewhat short of breath.

Any thoughts? Should I be more concerned over these issues?

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Kelsey's  Response

yes you should be way more concerned. did the doctors do any blood work or anything? 

you shouldn't be worrying about money when your life could be at risk. go try to get on medical or something. they pay for everything. 

get this checked out.

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