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Why do I get rapid heart beat while walking, running or climbing?

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Dr. Anil Grover


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Posted on Wed, 12 Dec 2012 in Heart Rate and Rhythm Disorders
Question: hi,
I'm worried about my heart. Physical activity such as walking running and climbing a lot of stairs gets my heart racing but its always fine.when i have sex i sometimes get these strange heart beats, it feels like my heart is beating normally but then it feels like my heart just beat twice in the same time as one normal beat so.....
beat beat beat beat ( normal ) ...... (then when it changes) beat, b,b beat b,b beat,.

that usually happens just before orgasm and during but it stops a couple of seconds after. This doesn't happen every time just sometimes. I very very rarely get any disturbances during normal everyday life.

what is wrong with me? regards XXXXXXX
Answered by Dr. Anil Grover 1 hour later
Thanks for writing in.
I am a qualified and certified cardiologist. I read your question with diligence.What you have described is the symptoms of "missing, rapid occassional missed heart beats" during certain activity that means heart beating out of rhythm that is arrhythmia.
Normally, heart beats for about 100,000 times a day (72 x 60 x 24); one percent of these beats can be normally present out of rhythm. to a sensitive and more perceptive person, these may be perceived as missed beats/rapid heart rate. Personally, if you have never been told to have heart disease during any time the doctor had chance to examine you in your childhood or adolescence, I will suggest to ignore these.

You will be satisified when you consult a cardiologist or an internist who after thorough examination would advice one or two tests like: Holter may be needed if your ECG suggests or Internist feel, wherein 24 recording of ECGs is done by a portable I-pod like device to be analysed by a computer, In normal persons Holter has revealed that at times heart can beat faster rate it can be due to rhythm disorder which can be:
1. Proxysmal Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (PSVT), comes like a bolt from blue and after few minutes to hours stops as abruptly as it came. Manifests as Palpitation. This is not the symptom you are having.
2. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia: Similar to above but gradual set in and set off also manifests as palpitation that is not the situation with you.
3. Irregular beats inappropriately timed ventricular or supra ventricular ectopics (Proxysmal Atrial Ectopics or PAC's) which may manifest as missed beats (as you had efficiently described) or at times as palpitation.
If ventricular (lower chambers of a normal 4 chambered human heart are called ventricles) function is normal (as determined by clinical examination, echocardiography)or when there is normal ability to perform adequate exercise in form of stress test it is normal) then these ectopics are of not much significance except a little apprehension for the person who perceives them.
All of us are exposed to stress, how we react to that is what counts. Once investigated and declared to have a normal heart then I assume your worry will also be alleviated.Personally, I feel a cardiology consult, where a cardiologist will thorougly examine you and may plan ultrasound of heart that is echocardiography which would confirm normal structure and function of heart. These are needed to find whether remotedly, you need any medication or not. There is nothing to worry, the whole thing could be an aberration and you have become more perceptive.
If there is further query which you might have I will be most happy to answer. Good Luck.
With Best Wishes:
Dr Anil Grover
MBBS, MD (Medicine) DM(Cardiology)
Cardiologist and Internist
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Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Anil Grover 20 minutes later

Thank you for you're reply, I very much appreciate it.

Just wanted to make clear that the strange beats only really happen during sexual activity and not in normal physical activity.

The strange beat can happen when I'm nervous sometimes.

So is it your personal opinion that these heart beats should do me no harm?

Is there any warning signs I should look out for in the future?

regards XXXXXXX
Answered by Dr. Anil Grover 19 minutes later
Thanks for getting back.
Well, during sexual activity some amount of anxiety and stress is usually there which is absent in other activities that is the simple reason. With a regular partner in stress free environment and no pressure of time or performance, I am sure remove or take away the anxiety (and perhaps thrill too) and you will not get missed beats or rapid heart beats.
The personal opinion is based on a rider that you had got your heart checked whether in very young age when you were taken up for immunisation or school health check up or check up when you were to doctor for some other illness and it was normal. If not. then it is best time to get your heart examined now. If it is otherwise normal then I assure you that these irregular beats have a very little meaning and these are not going to do you any harm whatsoever. As far as warning signs are concerned, in this situation when irregular beats or rapids beats are concerned if you have any other associated symptoms like giddiness, blackout, tendency to fall, sweating or they are otherwise trouble you in your performing daily activities like driving or swimming. In that event you ought to see a doctor.
Good Luck.

Dr Anil Grover
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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