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What is the cause of pain in groin?

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Dear sir,

I already have had deferent consults but I still have some questions,

It all started about 6-7 weeks ago. I got pain on the right scrotum. It was even hurting by walking and this continued 3-4 days. I did not look to the scrotum that time and ignored the pain.

After some weeks I saw I had a swollen scrotum at the right side. When I tried to inspect myself I could feel that there was nothing wrong with testicle but there was fluid inside... I got worried and got discomfort after the touch.

I visited 2 gp s and they told me that it was epididymitis . I got a course of antibiotics (amoxcilline / calvunate 500/125) for 8 days and 3 times a day.

After a week I had a follow up and the doctor told me that it was getting better but I still had pain (slightly) on the right groin area and sometimes also my right leg.

The gp sent me to the urologist where I have got urine test and ultrasound and the urologist told me that there was nothing wrong with the testicle and the epididymis. Looked ok except couple of spermatocele or hydrocele, but she told me it was most likely a spermatocele. She could not tell me if I had got epididymitis or not. The urine test came out negative.

But now after she also made a physical examination, I am having light discomfort in the right groin area.

1- What do you think this pain is coming from?
2- do I have to worry about something serious?
3- if had no epididymitis , could that pain has come from the create of spermatocele? And why would that be happened?
4- does the spermatocele or hydrocele that I have go away by itself?
5- if I had epididymitis , how long is the recovery time? As I am still little descomforted after 7 weeks.

By the way, I have no STD as I have no risk for STD.
In the time that it happened I worked in my garden hard and it was very hot.
During the pain I had no pain by urinating.
I lost 2 kilos maybe because I was soooooooo worried?

I hope I am clear.

Thanks in advance
Posted Sun, 15 Apr 2012 in Men's Health
Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 23 minutes later
Is written here specialty cancer , but I am not a cancer patient but this my worry
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 19 hours later

Thanks for the query.

We have been discussing your concerns often and do feel that you are still anxious regarding the symptoms. Let me explain it to you again.

Your clinical description are associated with Epididymitis but as your urologist has concluded that it is a spermatocele; then well it could be one as both these conditions present with similar symptoms.

Spermatoceles can be painful and have no specific reason for its occurence. Both hydrocele and spermatocele are a constant finding once they are formed.

If it is a spermatocele then the discomfort may be a persistent symptom. However, if it was Epididymitis then the discomfort is expected to last for 3 months.

Anyhow, there is no need to worry. But still as earlier, I am still keen for you to get a Ultrasound scan of KUB region.

Hope this answers your query. In case of any doubts, I am available for the follow ups.

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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 2 days later

Dear Dr. Rajev,

Thank you very much for your patient with me.

The reason why I asked this, is because the pain went away for 3 days and came back. It's not really a pain, but it is more that I feel there is something. It is a kind of cramp? I dont know how to describe it. And it is not on the testicle itself but it is on the right side down under aboven the scrotum.

I made another appointment with my urologist which is on 17th of august.

So if it was not epididymits, the sharp pain has been devalopped during creating the spermatocele or hyrdrocele because of a possible blockage?

What is the deference of spermatocele and hydrocele? The doctor was telling me or hydrocele or spermatocele..

this kind of pain or strane feeling is irritating me alot. I always have it in my head and feel it...

If it was a testicular cancer, the doctor would see it on the ultrasound? Even if it was inside the testis and not on the surphase?

Thanks in advance.

Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 2 hours later

The foremost and important thing is that "Had it been cancer it would have been picked on ultrasound";
So stay reassured.

Spermatocele is collection of seminal fluid and develops as outpouching from epididymis or vas, while hydrocele is collection of body fluid and is secreted by tunica; the covering of testis.

The symptoms that you are have now, I can appreciate them; Nothing needs to be done now.

Both hydrocele or spermatocele can develop with pain and you are probably having hydrocele at this point of time.

Hope this answer has assured you.

Wish you good health.

Thanks again and Regards
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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 28 days later

Dear doctor.

It has been à time ago now. THE pain was in fact gone for 2 weeks and THE discomfort returned again. As you already can feel, it is very irritable.

I am starting to worry about my right testicle.

Again I would like to get knoldige from you doctor about the testicular cancer, sorry if I am bothering you.

Can this not be a sign of or a start of testicular tumor?

If I would have it and it would be very small inside the testicle, would the ultrasound catch it? I mean if it was not outside on surphase of testicle?

I know I have asked this before, your answer to me was if it was cancer it would be visible on ultrasound. But even of it was a small mass inside the testis and not on the testis itself? As you said ( testicular cancer starts from inside the testicle?)

By the way, I am not that worry any more. And its going great as I sleep well.

By the way, at night I do not wake up from discomfort or pain. I only feel it when I wake up.
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 5 hours later
Hi again,

Thanks for writing back,

Good to hear that the symptoms are coming down.

I will still stick to the same , that the Ultrasound scan will pick up cancer as most of times there will be a mild difference in the density of the normal tissue and the cancerous tissue which will be picked up by the scan.

Although if the tumor was small enough to be missed out by a scan I would not consider that it could give rise to symptoms like ones you had.

The Ultrasound , CT ,MRI and many more scans do take a section of any part of the body scanned either it could be a transverse or a horizontal section hence any mass XXXXXXX inside a structure could not be missed.

If you are anxious and want to rule out cancer , then do go for a PET scan which will rule out cancer well.

Wish you good health.

Take care.
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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 8 hours later
Thanks doctor.

I don't think my doctor will write me a pet scan as the costs will be very high for the insurance.

But as I can feel from your words and all the messages is that I have to be sure there is nothing wrong with my testicle. The discomfort and mild pain can be due the tenderness which will go by time. Or it is caused by the hydrocele or spermatocele which can stay with me all life...
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 6 hours later
Hi again,

There is no real indication or need for any scan. "You don't have testicular cancer".

But still to reconfirm things you can get yourself a repeat ultrasound after 3 months.

The pain shall go away with time, but slight heaviness or abnormal sensation can stay forever. However, if the pain worsens then the treatment has to be surgery.

Hope this answer is informative, adequate and assuring.

Thanks for following up with me.

Best wishes.
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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 1 hour later
Thanks doctor

You wrote
But still to reconfirm things you can get yourself a repeat ultrasound after 3 months.

My urologist did not mention this. Why is this recommended? I am a little confused. You wrote I don't have testicular cancer, so why a scan after 3 months?
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 13 hours later

I believe that you don't have testicular cancer and your urologist also believes the same.

However, to rest your mind at peace I have advised you to have a repeat ultrasound.

Wishing you good health.

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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 1 hour later

Ok doctor. I am just having testicular cancer fobia by trying to diagnose myself on Internet. I became like this since I had the pain and because it did take so long without full recovery. I also know that I am disturbing you a lot with my silly questions.

All my concerns were totally gone because my discomfort just gone for 2 weeks, once it turned back again, my concerns were back and starting to think like

1 what if it is the start of cancer?
2 what if the cancer was inside and now is growing.
3 what if the urologist did not have her day and made the ultrasound just to rest my mind.
4 what if my 2 little ladies become without father ?

At the end I am mentally better than a month ago and feel much stronger. I am trying to make my believe in god stronger to be able to face these things.

I have a followup appointment with my urologist after 2 weeks to see how it look, I will also discuss the worries again with her and she maybe will make another ultrasound. I will keep you informed if you wish.

Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 3 hours later

Thanks for writing back.

I am very sure that you don't have cancer but still rather than getting mentally disturbed it is better to get repeat ultrasound and stay reassured.

Best of luck with repeat ultrasound and do get back to me after meeting with your urologist.

Please do not worry about the life when nothing is going to be wrong with you.

Hope you are satisfied with my answers and do write back after consulting your Urologist.

Till then please do not worry and stay happy.


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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 43 hours later
Thanks. Sure I will let you know.

But you know why all these concerns again? All because a case on Internet

Where is written
I was wondering if anyone had been in a similiar situation and how it turned out. My husband went to the dr for a swollen and painful testicle about a year ago. He was given an antibiotic (after an ultrasound was good). The swelling went down and the pain went away, but the swelling never went completely down. Recently, the swelling increased again. All blood work was good. The ultrasound was inconclusive. He has surgery scheduled for next week. The dr says that they may or may not remove the testicle, that he might be able to tell if it's an infection just going in. (They're going in through the abdomen and looking at the lymph nodes and may take out the testicle). The dr did say that if it is testicular cancer, that he's prettty sure it's the "better" type. I know you can't tell me if he has cancer or not. But I have yet to find a statistic or even any info on when the ultrasound is inconclusive and all blood work is good.

It appeared to be cancer at the end..

Strange but really happened

Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 17 hours later

As an experience surgeon I would like to say that no cases are alike. Not always the testicular cancer presents the same as it did in others.So need not worry .Also there is considerable overlapping in the symptoms of inflammation in the testis or a testicular cancer which is making you think of the cancer.

Do stop doing research on the net it will help you no where instead get a ultrasound scan done or arrange for a PET scan done which is a sensitive test which will not miss the cancer by any chance.

Wish you good health.
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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 35 hours later

Hello doctor,

Just an update here.

Just back from the same urologist the very friendly lady. She made a physical examination to my right testicle and told me that I have a little bigger epididymis than the left one and it was little painful to touch. but the testis felt very ok she said.

Also told me that the fluid in my right scrotum is not a hydrocele but a spermatocele... These were the results of her ultrasound to me on 4th of July this year.

I asked her to make another ultrasound but she refused as it wad not necessary because of the clear one last month...

Any way. She wanted to be sure of the pain was not because of kidney stones. I am sent for x XXXXXXX and echographie for kidney...2 nd of septemebr I have the echographie and xray and 12 th of September I have the the results from the urologist.

What I will do, I will wait these tests also. If I have kidney stones then ok , if not I will ask her again for an ultrasound on the 12 th of septemeber. If she again refuse I will make an appointment in Germany for a second opinion.

Am I sayi g right things doctor?

Thank you o much

Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 27 hours later

I am in complete aggreement to your urologist's assessment and feel that you have just spermatocele with epididymitis. you dont need any further work up and forget about this phase of your life and stay reassured.

Wish you good health.
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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 14 hours later

Thanks dr. XXXXXXX

I will write you the results of xray and ultrasound once I have them
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 5 hours later

Sure I will be available to comment on them.

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Follow-up: What is the cause of pain in groin? 21 days later

Dear Doctor,

It has been long time ago.
Last week I had my ultrasound for kidney, bladder and urine urthera? I dont know if I am saying it good.

I will have the results next monday which I will also let you know.

I still have some discomfort and because now I got some urination problems (Frequently) . For example, yesterday all day was ok, but at the evening in 2 minutes I went twice and the first time I had 300 ml urine and the second I had 270 ml urine.

For this reason my doctor (GP) adviced a PSA to be sure it is not prostatitis as it was not bladder infection (Urine test was done).

Now I have my PSA value.. I am 34 Years old and I have a PSA of 1.8
My GP says is normal, but somewhere on internet I found that 20-40 years must have a PSA 0-1.8

So what do you think about this PSA value?

Thanks in advance
Answered by Dr. Rajiv goel 6 hours later

Your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) appears to be in place.

Do not worry about it and get back to me with ultrasound report.

Waiting for your reply with reports.

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