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What does a oreign object in the skull indicate?

Answered by
Dr. Dariush Saghafi


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Posted on Tue, 5 Aug 2014 in X-ray, Lab tests and Scans
Question: I would like another doctor to take a look at a different mri photo that I have for 2012. My sons wife a off duty radiologist looked at this mri photo and told me she could see a foreign object in the leftside of my skull.
Answered by Dr. Dariush Saghafi 6 hours later
Brief Answer:
Your MRI images show no foreign bodies

Detailed Answer:
Good evening Ms. XXXXXXX I am a neurologist and have spent nearly 20 years reading MRI's of my patients' brains and skulls. I read your question with great interest. I also read a previous question you wrote which was answered by Dr. XXXXXXX You provided him 1 slice of the MRI of your brain. The image I looked at shows the reconstructed bony vault surrounding the brain.

I would like to ask you about the statement in the question answered by Dr. XXXXXXX where you say that you have a brain injury "caused from a microchip in my brain." Could you explain to me what you mean by saying "microchip"....have you had something surgically implanted into your brain for some reason? I see no evidence from your bone windows in the current study to suggest a surgical breach of your cranium. In other words, I see no evidence that your skull has ever been opened surgically in order to place something inside or on top of your brain.

Second, you mention in your first note that your son's wife is a "radiology tech" while in the 2nd question you forward which is the one I am presently answering you state that your son's wife is an "off duty radiologist." Can you be more precise on your daughter-in-law's position. One is a doctor of medicine (radiologist) and one is a non-physician (radiology technician). Could you clarify the profession of your son's wife so I can understand what the actual background and likely credentials of the person saying something abnormal is present in your scan?

First of all, MRI images should not be interpreted using only 1 slice level which is what we are essentially doing when we look at the picture that you present. The way MRI images are obtained by the machine and in order for one to fully understand what is present or not in a specific location one needs to look at at least 1 slice above and 1 slice below the area of interest.

MRI's are not like x-rays that are taken as a photograph is done. One snap and it's done so to speak! MRI's are obtained in layers or "slices" so it is imperative that interpretation of these studies be done with all slices and levels being present but at the very least, one level above and one level below.

Secondly, the arrow points to the RIGHT side of your brain, not the left. MRI images by convention are printed in a reverse fashion whereas X-rays are in the same orientation as handedness of an individual. In other words, the RIGHT side of an MRI film which is on the right side of your body as you hold the image or look at it in front of you is actually showing the LEFT side of the brain. Therefore, your arrow is pointing to the RIGHT side of the brain.

Third, when looking at an MRI scan (or any radiograph for that matter) one must be sure that the subject or patient (YOU in this case) is not ROTATED within the scanner. If that's true then, there will be slices of the study which appear grossly asymmetric and then, the appearance of one part of the brain will LOOK different from the same area on the opposite side. This may present an ILLUSION that something "looks" wrong when in fact it is not.

In your case, it turns out that YOU ARE ROTATED in the scanner and this is easily seen in the bony reconstruction picture you provided to me in the present question. I suspect that you are looking at a fuzzy area on the LEFT SIDE of the picture (right side of the head) which actually is in the region of the internal auditory canal. The reason that area is fuzzy and seemingly different from the exact area on the other side is because of your head rotation in the scanner.

This rotation can also be seen in the image you provided Dr. XXXXXXX Look carefully at the 2 halves of the brain. Note how they clearly have different swirling patterns which we refer to as CONVOLUTIONS or GYRI of the brain. The SULCI, or fissures, which separate each gyrus from another, between the 2 hemispheres also do not match up very well. I suspect the area which is at the point of your arrow is what you are referring to as the "microchip" or damaged portion of the brain. However, this is not the case. If you would have the other images to provide then, you will see that looking at other levels at the opposite side of the brain eventually will show the same pattern you are misinterpreting at your arrow as abnormal on the RIGHT BRAIN.

In conclusion, please consider the following information in order to understand your MRI of the brain:

1. By only providing 1 level to look at we are severely limited in being able to see the most areas of interest which we need to look at in 3 dimensions as opposed to an X-ray which is the same as a camera picture or photograph.

2. You are rotated in the scanner in such a way that slice images that are being cut are not giving us a completely symmetric view of the brain and its structures from top to bottom. This is undoubtedly what is causing your confusion in interpreting a mass lesion of some sort.

3. MRI images are printed in a reverse fashion so that YOUR right hand is on the side of the image which shows the LEFT brain while your left hand is on the side of the image which shows the RIGHT brain.


There is no evidence from either the bony reconstruction or BONE WINDOWS (as radiologists might say) image nor the image of the uppermost portions of the brain of any foreign object, microchip, or damage to the brain. The convolutions and sulci appear of normal size, shape, and architecture. It is possible that Dr. XXXXXXX is correct to say there is some increase in CSF fluid spaces within the brain but I don't know that is absolutely true. I would need to see more slices to make that final determination.

In conclusion, your brain MRI show no evidence of bony or other deformities within the skull proper. There is no tumor, mass lesion, or aneurysm as well as no evidence of obstructive CSF flow though there may be some mild cortical atrophy.

All the best to you. I would be very appreciative if you would take a few moments to rate this discussion and submit feedback. If there are any further questions on this case won't you please submit them in the usual way. If not, I would be most appreciative of your CLOSING THIS QUERY from your end so as to notify HEALTHCAREMAGIC's management team that we have satisfactorily addressed your concerns and that all is GOOD out in RENO NEVADA! It must be HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST! And then, at night it probably gets, COLD, COLDER, and COLDEST!

Haha! Cheers!

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Yogesh D
Follow up: Dr. Dariush Saghafi 1 hour later
My sons wife is a non-physician radiologist tech who was off work and visiting my apt when I showed her the mri photos from Renown Hospital the sameone that you was looking at. She told me that it looked like a foreign object on the right side of my skull. I am changing the fact that it is on the leftside because I did not realize when you are looking at mri photos of the skull and brain that it is on the opposite side until you told me. I also taken medical terminology classes and I know that the frontal atrophy of the brain is much worse then you care to say. The other thing I would like to say is I feel a high amount of electricity hitting the top of my skull. And I have bought a RF detector to verify the fact that there is a microchip in me. So I have taken the RF detector to a park and when I had taken it to the park the lights would light up on the RF detector when I was sitting close to it and when I would move away from the RF detector the lights would go off on the RF detector this only happens to people who are microchipped. So regardless of what you tell me I know that I was drugged by my ex-boyfriend in 2009 when I lived with him and a microchip was implanted in my skull or possible cochlear ear implanted microchip without my consent. Because I remember waking up from a deep sleep and feeling my head hurt so bad that it had felt like someone had taken a hammer to it. My ex-boyfriend XXXXXXX M was standing by me when I woke up and when I told him that my head hurt should I go to the hospital he said no you probably just bumped you head you'll be ok.
Answered by Dr. Dariush Saghafi 11 hours later
Brief Answer:
MRI abnormality

Detailed Answer:
Good morning Ms. XXXXXXX I'm sorry for those problems you described. I do have a question also about the RF detector turning on and off. I must admit I don't know much of either the detectors or transmitters or how they operate. However, when you were in the park and the RF detector went on and off is it possible something else aside from a microchip in your brain could've set the machine off? For example, if you had a cell phone on your person (in your pocket or your purse) would that be enough to set it off? I know cell phones and other electronic devices many people carry have microchips in them.

As far as MRI images you've provided are concerned. I did go back and review them one more time and they do not demonstrate the presence of any foreign objects in the area of the auditory canal or the brain itself.

Without more image slices to look at it is not possible to accurately diagnose anything such as frontal lobe atrophy unless it is severe and yours certainly doesn't qualify to reach that standard. Can you provide at least 1-2 additional slices of the brain for me to look at above and below the level you demonstrate in your question which Dr. XXXXXXX answered? In that way I could comment more accurately on volume of the frontal lobe region and on the presence or not of atrophy which would be unusual in a woman your age.

I hope this information helps clarify your questions on imaging abnormalities and I would be happy to look at more images for you if you'd like.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vaishalee Punj
Follow up: Dr. Dariush Saghafi 4 hours later
My cell phone was turned off and left in my car and I had no electronic devices on me that would have set off the rf detector when I went to the park with my RF detector. Several weird things happened after this my wireless netgear router and modem password was stolen from me when I had not given my password to anyone. I made that password up myself and these people nextstore to me used my internet for almost two years without me knowing about it until I checked my wireless netgear login now don't you find that a little strange since I did not give anyone my passwords and had made them up myself. The other thing that happened to me that was strange was my credit card number that I had not given to anyone was ran on someones elses computer ouside my apt for 99.99 for a security program that I did not purchase. I know that there is a microchip in my body my oxygen level has almost been totally cut off on more then one occasion with no prior breathing problems except very mild sleep apnea which would not have caused me to almost stop breathing completely on more then one occasion. Which I know caused the frontal atrophy of my brain because of the lack of oxygen to my brain because 4 years prior to that I had another mri done in 2008 that showed no frontal atrophy of the brain and that was before my oxygen levels was being cut almost completely on and off in 2012. My heart beat has been raised well over a 100 beats per minute on more then one occasion with no prior heart problems the reason why I say this is that my angiogram of the heart came back normal and I had followed up with a cardiologist that told me that I had a good strong heartbeat and there is no need for another angiogram to be done. Back in 2012 I also had very very dark urine samples with no stomach problems such as liver , kidney or pancreas problems or any other problems with the stomach that would have cause that. I know this because I also had a upper endoscopy done prior to that and I also had a ultrasound done on my stomach.
Answered by Dr. Dariush Saghafi 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
Hope all turns out well for you

Detailed Answer:
I can see that you've had a number of difficult things going on and I very much hope that things can work out for you.

As I had said in my previous response I'm not expert or even knowledgeable on things having to do with RF detectors or microchips and how they interact with the detector.

Wishing you the best. I was hoping that you'd enclose a few more slides of your MRI study to look at but I didn't see anything except the bone windows that I'd already seen. If you do have any further questions that I can answer I'd be glad at taking a look at them. In the mean time may I ask that you let me know how our interaction was and if I was able to provide useful information related to your question. I would also appreciate it very much if you'd be so kind as to CLOSE THE QUERY on your end so we can show the case has been completed.

Have a comfortable weekend and please do not hesitate to send me more questions on either this topic or any other within my parameters of expertise.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj

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