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What do yellow-colored stools indicate?

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What would yellow/chalky looking stools indicate ?
A doctor on TV said this was his most worrisome Bowel movement symptom,but didn't explain why.....Recent liver function blood tests were reported to be normal.
I had several movements like this just weeks prior to having serious gastro/gall bladder issues 4 months ago, but none since. My gall bladder issues have improved since I began taking bovine bile salts, but these pills seem to make me constipated. I am also taking Clarithromyacin for Lyme disease relapse, and valium for anxiety, and muscle spasms.
Now my stools are black "pebbles". This makes me think I may have a bleeding ulcer,
but I don't have heartburn or acid reflux. I'm thinking this may be due to the bovine bile salts, but I can not eat anything fatty (cheese, peanut butter, avocados, walnuts, even 2% milk) without taking this pill.
My HIDA scan said 79% function, but gall bladder was contracting - causing bile to backup and cause symptoms of gastritis. I am not sensitive to citric or tomatoes, nor do I have heartburn, so am confused by this diagnosis. I began the bile salts about a month before they did an abdominal MRI, and it showed normal function (bile ducts etc.) The Dr. that prescribed the bile salts said it will cure my gall bladder problems, and won't have to take it forever (but maybe up to 18 months). She has also been doing acupuncture to help with this.
I was previously advised to have an endoscopy. Do you think this is necessary ?

I have lost 15 lbs, bmi 17. Am not able to put on any weight even though I am eating.
Have been on the "Biaxin" for 40 days, and 20 more to go. Normally with a Lyme relapse I would have gained some weight back by now.

Dr. also prescribed two doses of turpentine (10 days apart) recently, and told to repeat in a month - due to a parasite (that looked like a regular earth worm about 4" long).
This came out in my stools two years ago, and my G.P. didn't send it to the lab. He told me to "just hold on to it". I had it in a test tube with alcohol, so my current Dr. couldn't send it to the lab - but said it was definitely a parasite. A second Dr. agreed, and both recommended the turpentine. Maybe this is causing the current black stools????, and weight loss. (I used to live in the Philippines and went barefoot all the time, and played in the mud......) This was many years ago, (1968) but have really felt very bad, with fatigue, and have had problems gaining weight ever since then. Maybe my decreased immunity, due to the Lyme Disease has caused these parasites to take over, and are causing my current problems, at least in part. I don't see how they would cause fat intolerance, palpitations (rapid - hard chest pounding), rapid pulse and high blood pressure though. What do you think?
Suspected parasites back in 1970's, but Dr. would not test me for them.
One of my Dr.'s actually said I was just depressed, and prescribed Zoloft.
I am not depressed. I'm not imagining my symptoms, and don't want sympathy.
I also don't want to take any kinds of medication to hide my symptoms, I don't even take aspirin. I take the valium because I have PTSD and numerous muscle/tendon injuries from heavy lifting for 20 years at the Post Office, and it lowers my blood pressure (3 heart attacks). I think the PTSD/anxiety comes from my frustration with Dr.s not being able to diagnose me. (I had Lyme Disease for 5 years before I finally forced them to test me for it. My titer was it from a blood to blood contact with a decapitated dog's head going to the Health Dept. for rabies analysis. It was leaking, three days old, rancid, and enter through a deep fresh cut on my hand. P.O. did not report an exposure, so they did not analyse it, saying it was too decomposed.
I got sick within the next couple of days, but was told I would be fired if I missed work.
Two weeks later, 15 lbs. lighter, and jaundiced, (fever, diahrrea, vomiting, fatigue), I finally had to go to ER. Prescribed rabies vaccine (too late to be effective) and the nurse did not follow the correct inoculation schedule, and shorted me out of a shot to cover for her error. This was in 1985. Was still sick - went to NUMEROUS doctors trying to find out what I contracted. After 5 years, I researched my symptoms and their diagnosis' at the State Capitol Medical library, and ruled out everything except Lyme Disease. Don't think the dog could have had rabies, and Lyme disease both, so think I don't have to worry about having rabies (it would have killed me by now I think, although they don't actually know the incubation period for humans.)
I am 61 years old, and have been sick since returning from the P.I. 1n 1968.
Not that all my problems stem from that - just that things are compounding, making diagnosis difficult. If a Dr. here can't figure out what is wrong, or is too complicated, they just tell you it's all in your head--- high school friend who became a Doctor actually told me that in cases like mine he, and his colleges "feed them a line of bull-s**t, to get them out of their office","we only want the easy cases". THIS is what I am up against, this is their mentality. The more visits I make, the more money they make.
99% of the time I have to diagnose myself, and force them to test me for it - or try to anyway. I am frustrated - not depressed, and wish I didn't have to take the valium - or anything else. I have tried to ween myself off of it, but it seemed to help with the gall bladder attacks, ay lowering by BP, so went back to taking it (5mg) 2x's daily - was down to once daily for several months. I don't think valium withdrawal would cause my gall bladder symptoms - and sensitivity to fats.

Would appreciate your opinion,(regarding the very light colored stools) and advice and maybe consulting with an appropriate specialist for the additional problems (parasite, treatment given, and the Lyme disease/dog blood brain fluid exposure....)
I have also been diagnosed with COPD - but I have been exposed to asbestos, micro-dermabrasion particles, and 20 year of putting diamaceous (sp) earth on my dogs, and accidentally breathing in the particles. I also have black mold under my kitchen cabinets from a plumbing leak, and have 48 white tipped doves that I have been feeding in my yard for 35 years. I only recently discovered they carry trichomoniasis and can cause infection in humans if their feces dust is inhaled. (I usually sweep the feces, then use a leaf blower to clean the deck and driveway -I also go bare footed a lot. (not any more though).
Sorry if I am over-whelming, and complicated, and that my narrative/question is so long.. But I swear I'm not making this stuff up - and I just wish somebody in this town/State cared more about getting people well - than making money. Many of my friends, including my father and mother were mis-diagnosed - and died as a result.

I feel that this web-site is a God send, and that you actually do care about helping me.
God Bless you all, and thank you so very much.

Sincerely, XXXXXXX
Posted Thu, 30 Nov 2017 in Digestion and Bowels
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 7 hours later
Brief Answer:
Please go through detailed answer.

Detailed Answer:
Hello my dear patient,
Thanks for choosing HealthcareMagic for your query .
Have gone through your details and i appreciate your concerns.

As per your query answers are-
Now my stools are black "pebbles". This makes me think I may have a bleeding ulcer-The first thing is if it is really blood. There are some food chemicals that might be in stool and give the impression it is blood and in fact, it is not.
So initially go for a test named stool for occult blood to be sure if its blood or not.I would suggest you to go for an endoscopy and colonoscopy if stool is positive for occult blood.
See use of endoscopy is to see if there is inflammation in gastric mucosa(gastritis).If this inflammation is caused due to H.pylori bacteria and if peptic ulcers are there with gastritis.
So its not a bad idea to go for endoscopy especially if you are occult blood positive.A planned endoscopy can be done.

Can you please attach reports of your HIDA scan and ultrasound of abdomen.
Are there gall stones? or just atrophic bladder?Please attach it i want to go through it.Bile salt pills have no role in atrophic bladder therefore i want to go through your reports.

Weight gain depends not only on eating but it depends on what you are eating and how is your overall digestion.By digestion i mean eating digesting and absorbing of food.If body is not digesting and absorbing food properly just taking large meals won't help.

However to gain weight increase lean protein intake in your food.
Chicken breast,Beef streaks cottage cheese,chicken peas are good source of lean protein and would help you in clean bulking.

Dr. also prescribed two doses of turpentine (10 days apart) recently, and told to 4" long)- Worm infestation can be a cause of inability to gain weight.Better take albendazole 400mg once daily for 5 days(deworming agent much better then turpentine).
Trichomonas etc are all parasites and albendazole course should be taken once for deworming you.

Now lets move to colors of your stools.Most of the time when there is blockage in hepato-biliary system or there is a problem with secretion or excretion of bile;stools are pale.
Bile has a pigment called stercobilinogen which gives yellow color to stools.As stools are pale there can be a problem with proper drainage of bile.

Please attach the reports with follow up.

As far as OCD,PTSD etc are concerned its an easy way out for every doctor these days.When they can't make any diagnosis they label you as having psychiatric problem even without properly evaluating and understanding the problem of patient.So don't worry too much about it.

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Follow-up: What do yellow-colored stools indicate? 5 days later
I cannot attach copies of my MRI, and other reports, because I don't know how to do it. Maybe I can get a friend to help me, but you need to see the actual CD's, not just the reports. I will try to relay them here in short form.
ER visits XXXXXXX 2, 5th and 15th, 2917 :
It was determined that the CT scan done on XXXXXXX 15th, was mixed up with another patient, but I cannot get them to delete it from their computer system, so the radiologists keep comparing my recent MRI's to that scan.
The CT scan was supposed to check for a tear in my aorta, according to the ER doctor, instead of checking my gallbladder and pancreas as the Gastro. Dr. requested. My cardiologist is using that CT scan to determine that I have no problem related to my heart. I have been to three Gastro.'s that all yelled at me telling me that I don't have a Gall Bladder, because of that CT scan. The office manager of the third Gastro., actually viewed my CT scan, and told me that it was an abdominal scan, and she could see the plastic clips, where "somebody's" gall bladder had been removed - that the scan definitely was not of me, and she wished to remain anonymous. The also stated I didn't had an appendix, when I indeed have both. They also did not note my hernia mesh, and missing right ovary, which I also asked the ER Dr. to check, because of lower right quadrant pain, where the hernia mesh is. I think during a previous laproscopy for adhesions, the Dr. cut on the mesh and caused ragged edges, which keep poking me inside. The most recent MRI made no mention of the hernia mesh as requested. As previously stated "they" all know each other here, and work together to cover for each others mistakes. In the laproscopy procedure, the Dr. video taped it - He was really bearing down, trying to cut through some adhesions, which was really the scar tissue surrounding the mesh - a silver ring appeared into view that he was also trying to cut through.
I realized that it was the finger hold to a small set of hemostats. I was gushing blood. The tape was stopped and started back up with the Dr. closing me up. He would never discuss this with me, and transfered me to another physician, refusing to take my requests for a follow-up appointment. I had been his patient for many years. ER dr. told me to see a GYN about the hernia mesh. I made an appointment.

One month later- after XXXXXXX visit to ER :
An ultra sound was done - gall bladder there ---no stones noted. I think since it had been 6 weeks since the onset of my symptoms, that I had already passed the stone, with the help of Bovine bile salts, from Oriental medicine Dr. with Masters Degree, along with accupuncture treatments..
Two weeks later:
A HIDA scan was done - showed lots of "sludge" and that my gallbladder was contracting and causing symptoms of gastritis (but I have no problem with tomato's or orange juice). I suspect it was inflamed from passing the stone. After the radiologist asst. "flushed out the sludge" I felt great. For about 36 hours, then symptoms returned.

Two months went by : (after the appointment with the GYN)
An MRI of abdominal region, and pelvic area was done:
Report stated, normal gallbladder, ducts, and pancreas, but they saw cysts on my left ovary, lumbar spine, kidney duct, and inside hip area. (also have a previously diagnosed cyst in my right rotator cuff). Still no comment on the report regarding the condition of the hernia mesh, even after I requested a second opinion, without comparing it to the (other persons) CT scan. They just said they could see it. I want to know if these cysts could be Lymes bacteria cysts, or cysts formed by tape worms. My GP said the surgery would be worse than having the cysts. I wonder if he would say that if he had been sick for forty years ! The also said the radiologist would know the difference between a cyst and a tumor, because cysts are round and tumors are not. I think the need to at least take out one and send it to the lab - what do you think ? It is so hard for me to trust anything they say, because I have been mis-diagnosed so many times, ignored, and mis-lead.

The GYN did an intra-vaginal ultra sound, (with a trainee practicing on me also) and caused bleeding from my bladder. Documented by no blood in urine at ER, and no blood in urine at URO/GYN appointment two weeks later.
I think the "tool" caused my bladder to hit the mesh, and scraped it. Verified by the URO/GYN - who saw an area where there were ruptured veins inside my bladder.
Two weeks later:
Another appt. with the general GYN. He did a second ultrasound, there was no endomitriosis, but said he wanted a second look at a "white" area, that the previous culture said was not cancerous. PAP was also normal. He also saw a polyp, and has me scheduled for a D&C on November 9th.

They keep finding (or causing) other things to distract me, rather than to address my original complaints. I have not been able to gain back any weight, now 94 lbs a.m. - 97 lbs. p.m., in spite of being on the clarithromyacin for 6 weeks. The generic is not as good as the Biaxin. Still fatigued, but thanks to the bile salts, am able to finally eat a wider variety of foods (milk, mayo, hamburger meat - 97% fat free though). Always the Lyme causes weight loss, no matter how much I eat - even before gallbladder issue. When I first got treated for it- I had been stuck at 99 pounds for 5 years- I gained 40 pounds in one month, because I was still eating the same amounts. I feel like I am eating healthy, and regular - but the Lyme is consuming it all.

I would love to send you the MRI's so you can tell me your opinion. Thank you for the parasite medicine recommendation - but none of my Dr.s will listen to what I have been advised by your service, even though my Cardiologist consults you frequently, according to his nurse. She says I am probably mis-interpreting what you are telling me. What an insult! If I have to sign-up for another month to receive a response, I will do that. I canceled it last night because after I typed all this info to you, and pushed submit - my info. disappeared, and it asked me to sign-in again - and re-type all this info. I was really frustrated, and I'll admit- angry, because this has happened to me several times before, and using the computer causes me a lot of neck pain, due to two herniated disks.
Will check my email for advice on how to proceed. If they will forward my phone number to you - it is 1- (512) 707-7332, U.S.A..,

God Bless, and Thank you for your sincere concern.
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 27 hours later
Brief Answer:
Follow up answer.

Detailed Answer:
Hello again my dear patient,
Firstly i am very sorry for the extreme frustration you must be having from so many years because of not getting diagnosed properly.

As per the initial query regarding gall bladder,If your MRI is normal it means that your gall bladder is normal.MRI is much more sensitive then HIDA scan so if MRI is clear i don't feel that there is any thing wrong with your gallbladder.

I wish i could see your CT and MRI films as giving a professional opinion.

Right now all i would suggest you is to take a anti parasite medication.

Thanks and may god bless you.
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Follow-up: What do yellow-colored stools indicate? 16 hours later
Thank you for your reply, and excellent advice.

I may have figured out how to send you the radiologist report, but feel you need to see the actual CD's, and don't know how to do that, other than to mail them to you.

My subscription has expired, so I will have to rejoin, if you can help me.
Hopefully you will be able to respond through my email - and let me know if I can mail them to you - and I will re-subscribe to the HealthCare Magic..

Many thanks, and once again - God Bless you.
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 4 hours later
Brief Answer:
Follow up.

Detailed Answer:
Yes off couse i would help you my dear.
Please mail all details to me at YYYY@YYYY

Above answer was peer-reviewed by
Follow-up: What do yellow-colored stools indicate? 19 hours later
I really appreciate your help.

It may take me a couple of days to make sure I understand how to attach the reports, and to do so successfully.
Will ask a friend if possible to forward the actual CD's.

I know I have a lot going on healthwise, and you are a blessing for taking on my
complicated issues.

Thank you so much for your caring and understanding. (Especially with the Dr.s' dismissing my problems and their prescribing of antidepressants.) You truly understand what I'm going through.

My best to you. You are in my prayers.

Thanks again,
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 7 hours later
Brief Answer:
Follow up answer.

Detailed Answer:
Hello again XXXXXXX
Thank you so much for appreciation.
It was a pleasure helping you.
Please feel free to contact when you get your reports.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Wish you a very early recovery.

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