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What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment?

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Hi I have been on three lots of antibiotics for a uti they found protein white blood cells in my urine it finally cleared up I have felt generally unwell for 2 weeks tired and shaky u had blood tests they came up fine just my white blood cells were high I constantly worry something isn't righy I'm on anti depressants and have been for 3 weeks I feel like crying all the time
Posted Thu, 20 Feb 2014 in Urinary and Bladder Problems
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Elevated white blood cells due to UTI. Detailed Answer: Dear XXXXXXX I have gone through your query and understand what you are going through. I am Dr. Yogesh, and I will try and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. As I understand from your query, you have had urinary tract infection which finally cleared up after a third course of antibiotics. You have been feeling unwell and shaky since two weeks. You had a repeat test which showed increased white blood cells, and you are worried about it and you have been prescribed anti-depressants since three weeks but you still feel like crying. First of all, let me reassure you, increased white blood cells is a common finding during the recovery period of any infection. I suspect you are talking about the increased white blood cell counts in the blood and not urine, please correct me if I am wrong. At times, treating urinary tract infections becomes a little difficult because the bacteria evolve and become resistant to the antibiotic that you are put on, I guess that is what has happen in your case, and urinary tract infections have a tendency to reoccur frequently, particularly in females who are sexually active. I would like to know why you feel like crying, if you don't mind, you can tell me about the recent events in your life that are making you feel like crying, that would help me understand your predicament better and I can help you further. Even though your query is short, it clearly shows you are both anxious as well as depressed, this can happen simultaneously, and you are on medicines already for that, this medicine takes a while to show effects, so please be patient, you will start feeling better soon. Cheer up. Please do write back to me with your brief medical history along with the reports of the tests done (You can attach documents on your dashboard), so that I can give you best information. Awaiting your response. Wishing you great health and happiness. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 8 minutes later
Hi dr thsnks for getting bsck to me i recently moved and lost my job do been a stressfull period in my life. Im hsving a lot of aches especially in my shins and feet but i did go for a run on saturday. I am convinced something is seriously wrong i feel every ache and pain im constantly tired. My head hurts i even keep waking early hours with panic its awful. I have spots on my face and top of my arms my blood results were normal just raised wbc. I have dark circles under my eyes and blood shot eyes im very emotional i will send a pic of my arms
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 1 hour later
Brief Answer: You need to accept that life is hard. Detailed Answer: Hi Ms. XXXXXXX I am grateful for your response and elaborate answers. As I see it, you been through a lot recently and I can understand the pain and anguish, my heart goes out for you. First things first, feeling aches all over is due to your weekly exercise, the remedy for this, more frequent exercise. I will explain this to you, when we exercise once in while, like once a week, our body (Particularly muscles) builds up lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration in the muscles, and this lactic acid causes sore muscles which are very tender to touch and it is quite a pain, but if you continue to exercise on a regular basis, like say every day, then the increase in blood supply every day makes sure that this lactic acid is cleared off from the muscles. Important thing to remember during workouts or running is to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before you actually do the running, this warm up will improve the lactic acid and will ready your muscles for further exercise without building up lactic acid. Exercise on a daily basis and see how you will feel. The best part comes here, if you exercise on a daily basis, your brain produces certain hormones called endorphins, these are very powerful mood altering hormones, the main purpose of these hormones is to make a person happy. You can take my word for it, if you continue to exercise daily, you will be a much happier person. I do understand that you are going through tough time, please do this and see the change for yourself. Constant tiredness hurting head and waking up in the early hours is due to depression and anxiety, I know losing job is extremely scary and depressing, but that is not the end of world my dear, you will get a new job soon, you just need to look for the right job which is secure, I am positive that you will find a job that suits your requirements soon, you just need to start looking for it in the right place. As for raised WBCs in the blood, I mentioned in my previous response that you will have the WBCs raised during recovery phase of an illness, if you could tell me the exact numbers it will be helpful. It would be even better if you can upload the reports, both the earlier ones as well as the recent one. Please stop worrying, it is a normal thing that every one goes through while recovering from a recent infection of any sort. I am sure you don't have any physical problem. Dark circles and blood shot again are due to anxiety, depression and lack of sleep, you need to get good sleep, I know you are worried, you need to accept the reality, and move on, you will not be able to achieve anything by worrying over the past. Once you accept the reality your next step will be to look for how to correct that, you need to focus on what you can do next, as I see it, you need to get a job now, so focus on giving interviews, prepare yourself, be presentable and confident at the interviews, if you are confident, then you will get the job you want, all it takes is willingness to work and confidence in yourself. You know what you want and you know what you are best at, pick the job that interests you most and apply for that job with multiple companies, if you are confident during your interview, I can assure you, you will get the call back from all the companies you applied for. I will tell you again, there is nothing wrong with you, you are fine, everyone goes through such phases in life, the looser is not the one who falls, but the one who refuses to get up, get up and get going. I look forward to hearing positive resolve from you, don't worry about the results, give your best and definitely good things will happen. Wishing you all the very best for your bright future. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 11 minutes later
Thanks so much my wbc was 11 i think she said dont have the reports. I had my first lot of blood results from thr doctors which showed my sodium and potassium was high but retook the blood tests and they were fine liver kidney fuctions perfect just wbc x
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 17 minutes later
Brief Answer: 11 thousand is normal. Detailed Answer: Dear XXXXXXX Thanks for writing back. We consider 11 thousand WBC count as normal for even people who are healthy, stop worrying. The values vary slightly from lab to lab and from region to region. And considering that you are recovering from a recent infection, I would worry about WBC counts only if they were persistently elevated above 15 thousand, and if I am not wrong, if you compare this report with your earlier report which was done during the peak of your infection, I am sure the value will be much higher than this, even if it is not, it does not mean anything significant because your WBC count at present is still within normal limits as far as I am concerned. Get over it my dear, you are fine, don't add to your stress, you are fine. It is reassuring to know that rest of the reports are fine as well, so please stop worrying and be happy. Exercise daily, eat healthy, get good sleep and be proactive and get a job as soon as you can. All the best. Go ahead and enjoy your life. You may close the query if you have no further questions to ask me, however if you wish to keep the thread active you can do that as well. In future, you can write to me directly at this web address
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 2 days later
Hi quick question question i been quite dizzy my eyes feel heavy and my appetite is quite bad im 24 and feeling very down and upset
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 27 minutes later
Brief Answer: Sit down, drink plenty of water or juices. Detailed Answer: Hello Ms XXXXXXX Thank you for writing to me with your health concern. I can understand your agony and frustration. Please sit down, walking around may worsen the dizziness. Drink good amounts of fruit juices, add both salt and sugar to it. Feeling down and upset is due to your depression, I hope you are taking your medicines regularly, if not, then please do take your medicines. Right now, it would be ideal to consult your treating doctor to see if you need any increase in the antidepressant medication. First of all, lease sit down and relax, and eat something fresh and nutritious, and drink fruit juices with sugar and salt added, otherwise take one liter of water, add 5 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt, mix well and drink it as soon as possible. Lie down, and stop thinking about bad things, focus your mind on good things that have happened in your life, recall the time you spent with your school friends and try to call your closest friend and talk to them. Talking to your close friends will help you a great deal. Please do consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist as soon as possible and revise your medicines and also insist for cognitive behavioral therapy. It will help you tremendously. Don't lose hope, everyone goes through tough times in life, work hard, you will succeed. Hope you will pull yourself together soon, I believe, you will. All the best. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 5 hours later
My main problem at the moment is i was told i had a uti had 3 lots of antibiotics to clear it up. I now im having vaginal discharge especially after urinating its clear and goey my lower abdomen aches and im feeling a bit sick never been with a man
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 20 hours later
Brief Answer: Vaginal discharge could mean infection. Detailed Answer: Hello dear XXXXXXX Thank you for writing back. I completely understand your problem and your concern, I am sorry to know that you are going through so many troubles at the same time. From your query I gather that you have clear discharge from vagina. This could possibly due to some mild infection in the vagina. It is not very clear what you mean by goey, so if you don't mind me asking, could you please elaborate a little bit about what you mean by this, do you mean to say it is a bit thick, and mucus like? Mild to moderate, clear and watery to slightly thick vaginal discharge is almost normal, you don't need to be worried too much about it. That said, if you have been on a course of antibiotics for urinary tract infection, then it is reasonable to suspect a vaginal fungal infection, particularly if the vaginal discharge is a new occurrence, and is associated with either foul or sour smell, or if it associated with itching in the vagina. Lower abdominal aches could be because of the infection in the vagina travelling up into the uterus, or it could be because of inflammation of the bowels or bladder. Even though the urinary tract infection is cured now, the bladder can still contract forcefully, thus causing lower abdominal pain. Other reasons for pain in the lower abdomen include, kidney stones, and pelvic inflammatory disease, and if you are nearing your periods, then the uterine contractions can cause pain. You should also keep in mind the possibility of recurrence of urinary tract infection or antibiotic resistance of the bacteria that caused the infection, thus leading to flare up of the infection. I would like you to write back to me with specific answers to my questions, so that I can understand your condition better and guide you further. 1. Do you have itching in or around the vagina? 2. What is the color of the vaginal discharge? 3. Do you have fever at present? 4. Are your periods regular? 5. Do you get pain during your periods? 6. Was the urinary tract infection completely cured and was it confirmed by repeat culture and sensitivity? 7. What are the antibiotics that you were put on for the urinary tract infection? Please give the names of the three antibiotics you took. 8. What was the nature of your work? 9. When did the urinary tract infection start, and how long did this last? 10. What is the consistency of the vaginal discharge? Does it have any foul smell? 11. Do you have any pain or burning sensation while passing urine currently? 12. The pain in the lower abdomen you mentioned, at what time does it get worse? Is it associated with passing urine, or motion? 13. How severe is the pain? 14. Do you have nausea and vomiting? 15. Which part of your lower abdomen hurts the most? Is it the right lower abdomen, or left lower abdomen, or is it in the center? Please do answer all the questions in as much detail as possible so that I can help you better. Awaiting your response. Kind regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 4 hours later
Hi had all my blood tests resilts back notmal. I have done a swap of my vagina and gave a urine sample too and waiting on the results. My discharge is clear and mucos it does hsve a smell to it but not too foul. I have no pain when urinating but it does feel like my bkadder has to try hard when passing. I am feeling a bit dizzy and my eyes ache not a headache as such but my head feels bunged up and my right eye feels tired. I have had amoxicillin and trimethorp i think its called. My temp is 36.8 orally my appetite is coming back but with stress and worry i have not felt like eating i get aches in my back too but doctors did a examination also blood pressure is fine had 3 lots of blood tests too can they detect alot of things
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 18 hours later
Brief Answer: Probably bacterial vaginosis. Detailed Answer: Hello again XXXXXXX Thanks for writing back with the answers. I suspect you might be suffering from a bacterial infection of the vagina and possibly stones in the urinary tract, may be in the lower ureter(the tubes connecting kidneys to the bladder), it is just a hunch, because, impacted stones can become the focus of repeated urinary tract infections. To treat the vaginosis, you can use Gyneflor tablets(Contains lactobacillus) vaginally, two tablets a day for 6 days, this replace the disease causing bad bacteria. And remember not to use vaginal douches and pessaries. For preventing urinary tract infections, please drink at least 3 liters of water every day, and you can drink cranberry juice which has mild antibacterial properties. Amoxycillin and trimethoprime are not good choices as antibiotics for urinary tract infections because, generally urinary tract infections are caused by E-coli, which is not very sensitive to amoxycillin or trimethoprime. I would prescribe ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day for 5 days, this usually works, but if the antibiotic sensitivity test shows that the bacteria is resistant to ciprofloxacin, then the choice will be based on that sensitivity report. Since you don't have fever, I do not think you are having any urinary tract infection, the problem seems to be slightly overactive bladder due to recent infection. To support this, all your blood tests came back normal. Since you have given vaginal swab and urine again for testing, let us wait for the results to see what is actually is, I will advice further once you get the reports. Blood tests can detect a lot of things, but it depends on what blood tests were ordered in your case, if you can get your hands on your blood tests, please upload all the reports so that I can go through them and see if I can help you further. Feeling dizzy, aching in the eyes and feeling head bunged up is due to the stress you are going through. Please relax and you will be alright soon. Hope this answers your queries, please write back to me once you get the reports. All the very best. Kind regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 30 minutes later
I do suffer with my nerves my reflexes are fine and when i shine a light in my eyes they react normally. My right side of my head aches its not psinful at sll just feel bunged up like cold in my head i feel bit dizzy my right eye has floaters but i have poor vision since a young age my right eye feels tired im worrying its serious feel low in mood
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 14 hours later
Brief Answer: Most probably tension headache. Tylenol will help Detailed Answer: Dear XXXXXXX Thanks again for writing back. I can fully understand your condition. If your reflexes are fine, then I don't think you need to worry about your nerves, I don't think you have any nerve issue. It is quite common to feel your head bunged up and heavy when you have a tension headache, considering the amount of stress you been through recently, it is understandable that you have bunged up head. Floaters in the right if it is not getting any worse, then is nothing to worry about. Poor vision could be the reason why you feel tired in the right eye, please get your vision checked again to make sure your vision is okay and has not deteriorated. If the vision deteriorates, then you will feel tired in that eye. Once get the corrected lenses, that problem will be solved. Feeling low in mood is not unnatural considering your recent loss of job, please be positive and keep searching for the right job. I am sure you will get the job you want very soon. Remember, if you are willing to work, there are plenty of people who are more than willing to employ you, don't lose heart. Continue with your medication, you should start feeling better soon. These medicines take a while to show the positive effect, so just relax and concentrate on finding a new job. Hope this answers your query, please feel free to write back if you have any further concerns. Wishing you good health. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 5 hours later
I keep worrying its something serious im not in paid just a dull ache in right side of head when i move my eyes they hurt
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 10 minutes later
Brief Answer: If you don't have pain, then don't worry. Detailed Answer: Hello dear XXXXXXX You need to let go of that fear my dear, there is no point in worrying so much about non issues. You don't have pain, that means there is nothing wrong with you. I know you can't stop yourself from thinking about it, it's hard, but please engage in some fruitful activity. Do something that you love, keep yourself busy so that these non issues don't keep coming back to haunt your consciousness. You need to sleep too, getting good sleep will make that tiredness in the eyes to go away. Please let go of these thoughts, you don't deserve to suffer. Enjoy small things in life, take XXXXXXX in doing little things, read a good novel, play some game which you like the most, go out for a run, watch the sunset, there are so many beautiful things in the world for you to enjoy, you should not stop yourself from doing these things, don't deny the XXXXXXX of being alive to yourself. Go ahead and live a happy life, be positive. I am here to help you through your difficulties in the ways that permit me, keep in touch. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 10 minutes later
I have severe anxiety which has crept upon me very suddenly my blood tests were fine may i ask can a lot be found in a blood test i dont feel as tired as i did just my whole right side of my head aches snd behind the right eye not as dizzy just feel weird
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 28 hours later
Brief Answer: Anxiety seems to be the major problem in your case Detailed Answer: Dear Ms XXXXXXX Thank you again for writing back to me. I have analyzed your question again from the beginning and it appears to me that the most important cause for most of your symptoms is anxiety and depression. Now don't get me wrong, anxiety and depression are also major illnesses, and I am not discounting the fact that you have had severe urinary tract infections, what I am trying to say is, your anxiety is making all things worse. Now to answer your question, yes, a lot of things can be found by doing blood tests, but one needs specific blood tests done in order to find something specific. The good thing about your blood tests is that, all your blood tests have turned out to be pretty much normal. You had some urine tests and vaginal swab test results pending right, could you tell me the reports so that I can help you further. Don't worry too much about all this, the worry itself causes more problems, so please relax and engage yourself in something interesting or productive, so that you will feel good and satisfied. Right sided headache or uneasiness, head ache behind the eye could be because of the anxiety or it could be due to your vision in the right eye getting a bit worse, so please do get your eyes looked at. And for this tylenol will help, so you can take one tylenol every 6 hours for two or three days. Please let me know about your reports. Awaiting your response. Warm regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 4 minutes later
Hi doctor my swab was fine and my urine test was ok too. Im sick and tired of feeling this way i keep going hot and cold and keep checking my temp alot which reads 37.3 orally. If there was something serious would it show in a blood test x
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 11 minutes later
Brief Answer: Please relax, you are fine. Detailed Answer: Dear Ms XXXXXXX Thanks for writing back with the details. I am happy to know that both your vaginal swab and urine reports came back normal, that is very reassuring considering the amount of stress it put you in. So relax, sit back and take comfort in the fact that your reports came back fine. Feeling cold and hot is due to the weather, I presume you live in a cold country, feeling cold is because of that, and your body temperature is perfectly normal. 37.3 is absolutely fine. You should also remember that our body temperature varies with the time of the day, our bodies will be colder in the early mornings and will be hottest in the evenings, this is perfectly normal. The normal body temperature ranges from 36.5 degrees Celsius to 37.5 degrees Celsius, so please don't worry, you are fine physically, but I can't say the same about your psychological health, you need to focus on that more. If possible, please see a psychologist or a psychiatrist and talk to him/her, and trust me, that will make your fears go away. I sincerely hope you will let go of your fears and enjoy your life. Hope I have helped you understand yourself better. Please feel free to write back if you need my help further, however I would advice you to close this thread and stop worrying so much, you should be enjoying your life. Wishing you a beautiful life. Best regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 26 minutes later
Hi doctor yes i live in england so its cold. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression i had to quit my job as im very stressed. I have had all these tests but i cant get it out of my head like my head aching on the right side feels like sonething is in ir my eye aches all the time i feel dizzy and have constant worry. So its good when blood tests are fine had a full count i think x
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 14 minutes later
Brief Answer: I can understand your worry and stress. Detailed Answer: Dear Ms XXXXXXX I completely understand what you are going through, I know it is tough, to be XXXXXXX with you, you are doing a great job of picking yourself up, you are a determined person and I am sure you will be fine in no time, you just need to focus your energy on doing things that will make you happy and don't let your mind wander off. Yes, it is very reassuring that all your blood tests, urine tests have come back normal. I am indeed happy to know that your tests turned out to be fine. For your eye, you do need to see an ophthalmologist and see how the vision is, if the visual acuity has gotten worse then you will need to get new spectacles, that will solve your problem for sure. I will advice you one thing if you do not mind, please start reading some books, reading will make you forget all your worries, and if you forget your worries, that is if you forget to get stressed, your life will improve in no time at all. We all go through tough times, you just have to be determined to get back up and make something of yourself. And I am happy that you are doing it very well. So don't hold back on yourself, you have beautiful life ahead of you, work towards making your life beautiful. All the very best.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 3 minutes later
Thanks very much i have got poor vision i usually wear contact lenses which are stronger than my glasses which im wearing currently If i had something serious would it show in blood results
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 7 minutes later
Brief Answer: Start using your contact lenses. Detailed Answer: Hi, Now I understand the reason for your headache and your eye pain, it is your glasses. Please use your regular contact lenses my dear, if you have higher power and use less powerful glasses, that will definitely cause headache, so please use your contact lenses and your headache will disappear. And, yes, if you had something serious it would have shown up in the blood tests, so please stop worrying about it, you don't have anything serious. Hope this will put your mind to much needed rest. Regards.
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Follow-up: What causes tiredness,shaky feeling and depression after UTI treatment? 4 minutes later
Thankyou very much dr i am having an eye test tomorrow my right eye is worse when im on my phone i have to take my glasses off
Answered by Dr. Yogesh D 9 minutes later
Brief Answer: That is good idea. Detailed Answer: Dear XXXXXXX Yes, please go ahead with the ophthalmologist consultation and get your eye checked to make sure the power has not changed, and if it has then get new glasses made. I am happy to know that you are now thinking positively and have made arrangements to solve your problems. Keep it up. I am pleased to know that I could help you with your problems, it was my pleasure helping you. Be strong and be positive, hope your eye test turns out to be fine. Best of luck. Be happy and keep smiling. Take care.
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