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What causes lower back and abdominal pain along with tenderness in the breasts?

Answered by
Dr. Bonnie Berger-Durnbaugh

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Posted on Mon, 27 Mar 2017 in Women's Health
Question: I have symptoms of lower back pain, abdominal pain, tender breasts, random vomiting but light, diarrhea and sever to light cramping in waves I am on the nexapolon birth control implant and have been for over a year now, the emergency room told me I was not pregnant, I have only had lot sexual activity but not sex. My symptoms or the pain started on the 19th of February, I went to emergency room in the United Kingdom in the 27th of March and was told I possibly have an ovarian cyst but they were skimpy with details and didn't give me discharge papers, they don't have the best medical care there or training. On March 8th I went to the NHS clinic, which is the national health insurance clinic in my hometown, which is a council estate and a poorer area. The doctor there said I had blood in my urine after a urine tests, a lot of blood even though my urine looks fine. They gave me Bactrim 200mgs twice a day for 3 days, which is not a full treatment course to my knowledge. They told me I had a water infection which I'm pretty sure means a UTI, they also told me it might be a kidney infection which I thought would be related to a UTI that was left to develop. My period started today, a 19 day difference between the first onset of symptoms. they had given me a sedative at the hospital and something for pain but I did not take any medications home to my knowledge. I was alone when I went and sort of out of it. I went to the hospital by ambulance. Im scared and don't know what to tell my BF who is in the USA running his company. He was supposed to relocate her shortly and Buy a home. He is 15 years older than me. Btw I am 22 year old female with a light history of UTIs. I started birth control at 13 to help with my heavy and painful periods. I was not sexually active till i was 18 and did not have sex till I was 19. I have fooled around but not had sex recently to my knowledge, I know it is still possible to get pregnant from fooling around and a few times I was very drunk and with a trusted partner who is not my BF and can't remember the night well but he is a trusted BF does not know about him. A few quick questions to add on, is it possible for me to have PMS for that long? 19 days? I started my period about 36 hours after my first does of the trimethoprim 200mg (Bactrim 200mg). Could I have had a medical abortion or agreed to one in the hospital and been giving the abortion pill? If so I did not ask my gp or is was not mentioned when I had my appt. (in the UK the abortion laws are very loose and wild, the doctors are not as well trained in some cases as they should be on certain offense if you're from the uk haha) is it sill possible for me have had a medical abortion and the start my period 11 days after it? And a day and a half after taking my first Bactrim 200mg? Is there a way for me to get my medical records without actually going into the doctors office and waiting for hours to see the Test results myself? Does the nexapolon implant become affected by the Bactrim? Or did I just start my period? And TBH I, not even sure if the ovarian cysts was actually what the doctor told me. I talked to my BF immediately afterwards and he told me it sounded like an ovarian cyst or at least he msgd me that it could be, after I left to see if his diagnosis matched the doctors as a fun thing (he has a large amount of medical training, first as a special forces medic and has worked clinics all over the world. I think his training is actually equivalent to a physicians assistant or even higher and he was thinking about continuing his education and getting a bachelors of medicine here in the uk because it would only take him two more years of school. He has not seen the test results and was only going off of what I told him, my symptoms and what he knows of my medical history, which wasn't much and was hazy, so if after this he marries me at least I'm marrying a doctor), I also may have autism, but hi functioning, I was never officially diagnosed but my mother and BF thinks so too, I have had mood swings recently but I have some emotional problems and problems expressing myself, as a teenager I had a form of aneroxia. I didn't know I did till later on in life, i was obsessed with main ting a weight because the schools told me it was healthy weight, I barely ate, I worked out and walked constsntly, when I figured out what it was I stopped it and now eat healthy and have a healthy weight of about 160lbs. I'm also 5ft 3in. Last year and since a teenager I've thought I may have a light form of borderline personality disease, I've never been diagnosed with it and I am starting s counselor next month at my bfs urging. Can you help me at all with my questions and sorry they are so many. This is a very confusing time for me full of sickness. I only have my mother who is also Ill. Thank you.
Answered by Dr. Bonnie Berger-Durnbaugh 31 minutes later
Brief Answer:
Please make a list of your questions - thanks.

Detailed Answer:
Hello -

I read through your history here. It is hard for me to find all of your questions to answer them as they are embedded in your history. Could you please rewrite your questions in a numbered list form, and I will try to go through them as best I can. Thanks.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Bonnie Berger-Durnbaugh 16 minutes later
Sorry. I'm very nervous.

1.) is it possible for me to have pms that long while on the nexapolon implant?

2.) is it possible to have had a medical abortion, start my period 11 days afterwards, and 2 days after starting taking a half course of Bactrim? (I don't know if I actually had one. I was alone and they had given me pain meds and sedatives and no discharge papers, I also do not know if I have had sex. I woke up after a wild night with a trusted partner but we don't usually have sex. I have very little memory of the night and I can't ask him for a few weeks while he is gone. My BF does not know about him)

3.) could the Bactrim have started my period for me by effecting my nexapolon birth control implant?

4.) could I have had ovarian cysts or is that because my BF predicted it would be and when I came home I saw that and just assumed it's what I had? Keeping in mind the GP at the clinic told me it was a kidney or water infection, aka a UTI. They made this diagnosis off of the amount of blood in my urine, which they tested via dipstick. They told me there was a lot of blood but it does not look like my urine had a lot of blood to the naked eye.

5.) is there a way for me to get my medical history or the test results without going into the clinic or emergency room and waiting for hours or even days ahead of time to get them?

6.) is it possible to start your period 11 days after a medical abortion, if that's even what happened on the 27th of February, I was discharged about 5am the morning od the 27th and left via ambulance with severe cramping and diarrhea at about 130am

I think that is all of them unless I think of more. Thank you and sorry it was so confusing,
Answered by Dr. Bonnie Berger-Durnbaugh 1 hour later
Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:
Ok, here are my thoughts:

1. Nexplanon implant is a progestin (like progesterone). Progesterone is the predominant hormone during pregnancy and also in the period of time between ovulation and the period. For some women, Nexplanon can give symptoms of breast tenderness, bloating - in other words the physical symptoms of PMS, and that can last either until their body adjusts (a couple of months) or as long as the implant is in (some women do not do well with it, and either have it out, or need a supplementation with estrogen).

2. It would be against medical ethics for a hospital staff to induce you with a medical abortion without your consent. That is how it is in the US - it would require your consent, and I don't think the UK is different on this.

3. Bactrim is unlikely to effect hormonal contraception.

4. Ovarian cysts are common and usually small and get reabsorbed by the body over time. They are produced when a woman ovulates - the remaining follicle can turn into a cyst. They usually aren't concerning unless large and painful. They can be seen with an ultrasound if a woman is complaining of pain in one or the other ovary areas of the pelivis.

5. You can call the clinics/hospitals where you were seen, ask for medical records and tell them what you want. They will most likely either have you come in to sign a release for these records, or will mail you the form for a release (or fax you if you have a fax machine). Once they have your official written consent, they will send you the specific records you requested.

6. Uterine bleeding can happen at any time, regardless of abortion. But if you truly had an abortion, I would expect you would have had bleeding then, not over a week later.

I hope this information helps.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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