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What causes heart palpitations, headache, weakness, balance loss and heaviness in chest?

Answered by
Dr. Kulbir Singh

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Posted on Sat, 12 Jan 2013 in Heart Rate and Rhythm Disorders
Question: What causes heart palpations, headache, weakness,
Balance loss, chills, heavyness in chest, feeling shaky
For no reason, and recently i was told that i was tillting
My head to the right and i didnt even notice. also i have
Been gaining weight but dont have as much of an apettie
As usual. My headaches very quite a bit sometimes they
Last only a few seconds other times they can last hours.
A few weeks ago when i was showering i got really short
Of breath and dizzy no matter how hard XXXXXXX i breathed
It felt like i was holding my breath and i felt like i was going
To pass out. Since then iv been short of breath but not like
Its just that i need to breath heavier when walking. Before
Episode in the shower i could hold my breath around 30-45
Seconds now i can bearly make 15 seconds. The heaviness
In my chest in my chest feeling kinda like theres water in there
Making it tight. When im laying down sometimes it feeks like
What i ate is trying to come back up in my throte

Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 4 hours later
Hello and thanks for the query
I have read your query with diligence.
The causes heart palpitations, headache, weakness, Balance loss, chills, heaviness in chest, feeling shaky for a period of time as you explained are:
1. Paroxysmal Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (PSVT), comes like a bolt and after few seconds to hours it stops.
2. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia: Similar to above but gradual set in and set off also manifests as palpitation that is not the situation with you.
3. Atrial Fibrillation: It is also a problem related to heart conduction system in which the atria flutters and person feel like palpitations and other symptoms as explained by you.

You have some abnormal beats which you know as palpitations. A further test Holter may be needed if your ECG suggests or cardiologist feels wherein 24 hours recording of ECG is done. All of us are exposed to stress, how we react to that is what counts. Once investigated and declared normal heart I assume anxiety will also be alleviated.

In my personal opinion your symptoms like headaches and shortness of breath for such a short period are more related to the anxiety or stress than the heart related problems whatever the reasons may be. Consult your cardiologist first and if your heart is normal than you may need a counseling from your psychiatrist and if your doctor feels medications can be started.

The symptoms of regurgitation of the food you have eaten are due to GERD. Do not lie down immediately after taking meals wait for about 30-45 minutes before lying down. Take antacids to control these symptoms. Lack of exercise or physical activity may the one of the cause for GERD and weight gain. Make yourself busy in some hobbies and do a regular exercise for about 45 minutes daily. This will also help in relaxation of your mind.

Hope I have answered your query. Write back for any doubt.
Best Wishes and get well soon.
Dr. Kulbir Singh
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Kulbir Singh 11 hours later
Can it still be paroxysmal supra ventricular if its not all at once
Cuz i only have these symptoms one at a time. The weakness
And balance loss mostly occurs when i stand up then slowly
Gets better once i walk a little but sometimes it stays. As for
The anxiety im a pretty laid back person i dont have much
Stress when i had the episode of not being able to breath
I was in the shower washing my hair and i wasnt stressed
At all. During the episode i had pain in my chest not real bad
It was moderate but it felt like someone had there hand in my
Chest squzzing something and it only lasted about 30-40 seconds.
The GERD u discribed i had not just ate it had been at lest 3 hours
Also theres a few symptoms that i could not think of yesterday. I
Have had light nausea from time to time and confusion i cant
Keep track of the days and its hard to think also its hard to talk
Sometimes my words run to geather or are slurred. Last night
I had awoken up and had one sharp pain in my heart i dont
No if i had more while i was asleep and thats what woke me
Or if it was only one. My headaches are like sharp pains kinda
like someones stabbing my brain with a needle sometimes it
Only last 2-5 seconds other times it can last for hours and all times
In between. Now and then if i yawn or something ill get these bright
White spots before my eyes it takes about 20-30 seconds for them to
Go away my weight was relatively stable at around 175 but now
Its going up in the last 2weeks iv gained 5 pounds. I had checked
My weight 3 days ago and again last night and i gained another
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 1 hour later
Hello and thanks for writing in
I agree with you that you are not under stress while taking shower but this can be a episode of PSVT associated with chest pain and shortness of breath. Also weakness and slight headache can be associated with it but not always. But PSVT always gives you a feeling of palpitations or chest pain. Pricking pain in head if occurring alone cannot be due to PSVT but after the episode of PSVT? Yes. The reasons for headaches needs to be investigated.

As per weakness and balance loss is concerned that occur when you stand up can be due to cervical spondylosis and Anaemia. X-ray Cervical spine and Haemoglobin must be checked for that. Overweight can be one of the cause I do not know your height but 175 pounds is overweight in females at around 5.5 height.

The symptoms of GERD can cause even after 3 hours and also gives you the feeling of nausea from time to time. The Peptic ulcers or inflammation of the digestive track are other reasons for regurgitation and nausea. Firstly get checked for your heart conditions that will give you much of your answers. GERD can be controlled with life style changes only.

Try to reduce your weight by exercise and dieting. The gain in weight can be due to the inactive lifestyle if you had that try to change that.

Dr. Kulbir Singh
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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