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What causes generalized weakness and chronic sore throat?

Answered by
Dr. Roopa Hiremath

Infectious Diseases Specialist

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Posted on Mon, 4 Aug 2014 in Bones, Muscles and Joints
Question: Hi Doctors,


Please kindly help with a precised advice or solution. dont know which speciality to choose to get a relevant answer. I had indulged in one time protected physical activity with female csw on 12th of aug last year. on 13th of sept right after one month I started to face weird symptoms. symptoms started with strange pain in eyes/face then grew to head and diarrhea. after 3 days there when I woke up I had a strong and strange kind of dizziness which I have had never faced in life before. and thi strange dizziness (like I am drunk, no vigour to even move myself or walk, just feeling dizziness and weakness all the time).having this dizziness, sore throat as if lesions are grown in esophagus, diarrhea, and stiff neck from 13th of sept 2013 to 28 feb 2014, I also had loss of apetite for 2 months, severe pain in jaw that I wasnt able to open my mouth till 2 months, facial pain, severe headaches, greyish wrinkled rash on neck and trunk,2 episodes of night sweat, weight loss, nausea,uncontrollable diarrhea, retro pain with changing pattern like for some days in wrist, then in arms, and joints with reddish blue spot at the sight of that pain, burning and tingling pain on the either side of neck. ALL THIS I SUFFERED FROM 13TH SEPT 2013 TO 28 FEB 2014. By start of march few symptoms went away and others subsided, but till date I have malaise kind of feeling, sore throat( sometimes painful, tonsils, sometimes extremely reddish, with the feeling of some sticky thick white mucus at the back of throat), and recurring bouts of that strange dizziness I mentioned above. during all this while there have been moments when I suddenly felt a normal feeling also. but still I have chronic sore throat, Pain in joints, and in muscles, this pain changes its position after few days to another, have been severely lethargic with low quality of life, got married in 14th april, my wife is now complaining of sore throat, and persistent pain in fingers and joint. I am very dissapointed, please help me to make me feel normal and vigourous again. WHERE I GO WHO I MEET? please some one advice.

DIAGNOSIS- Have taken one HIV RNA PCR test (after one of risk of exp. ie 13th oct.) Hiv trispot antibody test at ictc and elisa at 5 months mark, 2 times hiv combo cmia test at 6 months mark, and the last being hiv combo EIA at 8 months mark. these tests were carried out by reputed labs. stool culture, health champion full body screening, cmv, vdrl, endoscopy of throat, all came normal and non reactive. THROAT SWAB CULTURE CAME BACK POSITIVE- organism was resistant STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS.

DOCTORS- Been to few ENT SPECIALIST/ INTERNAL MEDICINE DOCS at SIR XXXXXXX XXXXXXX FORTIS, MEDANTA. some say its ALLERGY, some say its all in my head, some say its laryngo pharyngitis with tonsils enlargement. Some say its tonsils.

MEDICATIONS- Augmentin 500, levofloxacin, azithromycin, aucee 500, telekast L, septillin and many others no benefit.
Answered by Dr. Roopa Hiremath 8 hours later
Brief Answer:
Chronic pharyngitis??? Lifestyle changes required

Detailed Answer:

Welcome to health care magic.

I have gone through your query and the uploaded reports and I understand your concern regarding generalized weakness and chronic sore throat, which has been hampering your lifestyle for quite sometime now.

Your medical reports suggest normal results and there is nothing to worry about.

Based on your symptoms and microbiology report, you seem to be suffering from chronic pharyngitis which is commonly caused by the following:

1. Persistent infection in the surrounding structures like sinus, tonsils, nose and teeth.
2. Nasal obstruction due to polyp, rhinitis, turbinate hypertrophy.
3. Habitual mouth breathing.
4. Persistent exposure to environmental pollution.
5. Over use of voice.

I would suggest a full course of antibiotics to which the isolated staphylococcus in your case is sensitive.

Most strains of staphylococcus are sensitive to Vancomycin and Linezolid.

I suggest you discuss the above mentioned choices of antibiotics with your treating doctor and get a prescription for the same.

I would also like to suggest few lifestyle tips to make you feel better:

1. Quit smoking if you have the habit.
2. Avoid intake of alcohol.
3. Avoid cold and irritant, spicy foods.
4. Salt water gargling will help reduce the pain to some extent.
5. Rest your voice as much as possible.
6. Avoid stressful conditions by practicing some meditation techniques.
7. Start a regular exercise regime which will help reduce your stress levels and also make you fit.

Your HIV test results are negative, there is no need of concern in that aspect also.

I hope I have cleared your doubts.

Please get back to me if there is any more clarifications.


Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Roopa Hiremath 5 hours later
Many thanks for your kind advice. Please let me tell you that I been practicing what all you prescribed me to follow. My ongoing and troubling symptoms are prolonged fatigue, prolonged frequent sticky bowel movement, recurrent stiff neck, and persistent sore throat (as you know), while going through an ENDOSCOPY, I could see white layer sort of thrush thing with the cold sores/lesions around at the back of throat towards epiglotis. Though my doc said its normal (dont know). Sometimes I feel abdominal cramps sideways, in the chest around heart inside while only laying down. Pain in the joint of thumb while bending, before it was on the right hand's wrist for 2 months, a week back it was near the elbow for 5 days. Is it possible to suffer with ACUTE RETROVIRAL SYNDROME this long (8 months)? Whatelse might it be causing if not that? Would you advice if its related to meningitis, lyme disease, ebv, cfs, mononucleosis, rheumatic arthritis, encephalitis? Please kindly do not be angry, I am very much paranoid. My life has been severely deteriorated and completely shattered. Have taken many different genres of anitbiotics, antiallergics, analgesics but have not found even a slight relief. I was very energetic and physically die hard sort of person till last year. Please advice me as to which specialist I go to get diagnosed and treated in relation to above mentioned symptoms precisely? Any hospital or a specialist in XXXXXXX XXXXXXX as tomorrow I am planned to move on if you advice me one.
My present regime is AUCEE 500, ZOCIN-OR, PRO ALNA, ALNACET-M, NAID-P, AND HISTOS- 120.
Awaiting your kind response ASAP.

Many thanks
Answered by Dr. Roopa Hiremath 8 hours later
Brief Answer:
Not ARS, Rule out Lymes and EBV

Detailed Answer:

Welcome back.

I understand your concern and worry about these persistent symptoms, but you must agree that there is no particular pattern and presentation to lead to a definitive diagnosis.

Many of the symptoms could be stress related as you were worried about exposure to HIV.

I have seen patients get very paranoid about HIV infection and they start imagining all symptoms and signs they read about HIV on the net.

Let me assure you that your symptoms are not of ARS.

Next you do not have meningitis, as there is associated projectile vomiting and headache with neck stiffness and it is one of the emergency conditions which should be treated within hours.

You do not have rheumatoid arthritis as this disease involves most commonly small joints and is more common in women over the age of 40 years.

Lymes disease is caused by spiral bacteria called borrelia which enter the body through tick bite and cause disease which is characterized by dermatitis, joint pain and cardiac problems.

EBV infection is Epstein Barr viral infection which causes a disease called infectious mononucleosis, which is usually self limiting but can cause chronic fatigue syndrome in young children.

However, you can rule out Lymes disease and EBV infection by undergoing testing for IgG levels for Lymes and Mononucleosis by ELISA.

Your present prescription of medications is sufficient to deal with the sore throat, I suggest you complete the full course of treatment for better results.

I hope I have cleared your doubts.

Let me know if any more clarifications.


Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Roopa Hiremath 1 hour later
ello doc
I am immensely thankful to you for your prompt and kind advices to ease up my nerves so far. And at the same time I beg your pardon for counter questioning you repeatedly. For your kind info, I have been on above mentioned regime for 6 cosecutive days but there is no relief I felt even a bit to my fatigue, sore throat, and frequent sticky bowel movements. Moreover, do you agree that the pain which was dominant in my right hands wrist, and now for 10 days in the joint of my left hands thumb, strange DIZZINESS (recurrent light and heavy headness a feel of being drunk, with slight nauseatic, why it was continuous for 4 months before? its very troubling) recurrent bouts of burning, tingling, and stiffness in neck either side, frequent sticky bowels a day, and chronic red sore throat are all due to chronic pharyngitis unlike any other cause? for your kind info the anxiety and fears of HIV have had already gone after getting my last negative report. Also the present regime which I discussed above with you is not setting me free. please kindly advise me any aggressive and fruitful regime to get this crap out of me please. even now I am texting you being bed ridden. wasnt it ever the condition of my mine before actually. will it ever be cured or may I ever find myself in normal terms? sorry for troubling you, but if you help me, shall be to greatly obliged to you. please answer me mam ill be most thankful to you.
Answered by Dr. Roopa Hiremath 6 hours later
Brief Answer:
Complete course of drugs, have positive attitude

Detailed Answer:

I understand that you have been suffering from these symptoms for 6 days.

I suggest you complete the course of antibiotics as it is not advisable to discontinue and start new medications.

You have been prescribed two antibiotics and anti allergy medications which will help reduce the sore throat but can cause sedation which could be one of the reasons for your fatigue.

After completion of course of antibiotics, I suggest you get another throat swab tested for culture sensitivity and then let your treating doctor decide if you need any more antibiotics or not.

If your report shows no growth of bacteria, then you do not need any antibiotics.

I also suggest you develop a positive attitude which will definitely help you to heal faster.

I had suggested a regular exercise regime, as this will cause release of endorphins which will make your mood better and also keep you fit.

Please follow the lifestyle tips I had suggested in my first reply and you will definitely feel better in few days.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj

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