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What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV?

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Dear Doctor, "Greetings". This forum is very informative and you are giving a useful information, thanks for that. I had vaginal sex for first time with an escort girl in malaysia 6 weeks back & she didnt allow me to kiss on her lips also. I had intercourse for 2 times with protection. I am fully confident on the second one. But i am little bit worrying about the first one. What happened was, she gave protected BJ for few seconds (not more than 5s), then she sat at the top of me and did the intercourse and it was not more than a minute. I continued for few sec after ejaculation also & my semons came out of the condom as she was at the top. She asked me that why i didnt tell that i am finished... she worried that semens touched her vagina. I didnt check for condom breakage also. After coming back here, i had acid secretion exactly after first week, severe acid formation happened in my stomach and had a full burning sensation and some times neck pain. I consulted the doctor and advised me some tablets and i got recovered after 2 weeks. I had my fourth generation duo test by ELFA vidas method at 30 day and the result came as Negative. My queries are, 1. Please assess my risk based on the above scenario 2. How safe the condom protected intercourse? 3. How reliable the fourth generation ELFA vidas test after 30 days? is it conclusive?shall i move on with the result? 4. I was taking antacid medicine and will it have any impact on my test result? 5. For the past three days i am feeling slight pain in my tooth, is it related to any infection? I am restless because of this incident. Please clarify my queries? Thanks in anticipation
Posted Sun, 9 Feb 2014 in HIV and AIDS
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 2 hours later
Brief Answer: 4thgeneration DUO test highly reliable and HIVfree Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Welcome to XXXXXXX Thanks for sending your query. I went thoroughly your presentation. 1. Your risk towards HIV is very negligible only as you had the oral and vaginal sex with protection. Don't worry about the first intercourse about which whether the condom was intact or not. 2. Just wearing condom will offer protection to an extent and with the intact condom the protection is nearly 100%. 3. 4th generation DUO test covers both Antigen and antibody detection in the body. ELFA test is more refined than ELISA. Especially the antigen detection after 30 days is a conclusive one. As your test was negative for HIV declares that you are HIV free. 4. Antacids in no way interferes the HIV test and its interpretation. 5.Tooth pain is not having any relation to HIV in early stage. You can relax completely and you are safe and HIV free. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 15 hours later
Thanks for your clarification doctor... I gone through many sites and information related to window period is confusing. Some people are telling that the result is accurate only after 3 or 6 months , is it true ? Also I am not sure abt the condom breakage , but I read that it will break wide open and no need to check for the breakage visually and we would have know and feel for sure , when it breaks .. is it true ?? i can believe this test result and no need to go for further testing doctor... based on your reply i will make my mind and move along doctor. Thanks in anticipation
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 8 hours later
Brief Answer: Negative Duo test after 30 days means HIV free Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Welcome back. You need not bother about window period which is in normal individuals not later than 3 months. Only with Antibody test we have to wait for the total window period to have a more reliable result. Antigen test will be sensitive as early as within a weeks time and becomes more conclusive after 4 weeks time. As you had DUO test (combination of Antigen and antibody test) and the same was negative 30 days after the risk activity, you need not bother about HIV. Antigen is a part of viral protein and it was negative means that there is no HIV in your body. As you said condom during action if it had a tear, it will give way and obviously noted. So relax and forget about the incident. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 18 hours later
Dear Doctor; Many thanks for your detailed clarification doctor. From your clarification ,i understood that ,the fourth generation result after 4 weeks is accurate and conclusive. It overrules how risky the exposure is. Also, p24 will be detectable for positive person after a week and it will be undetectable after the generation of antibodies . Hence for a affected person the fourth generation will identify either p24 or antibodies or both after 4 weeks from the exposure. Also, the fourth generation is a highly reliable testing and it will fail in safe side only i.e. will give only false positive and not a false negative after 4 weeks. I am little bit scared and even if I get a pain somewhere , my mind starts thinking about this... thats why I am asking these many questions. I realized my blunder and learnt a lesson from this incident. So finally your opinion is "this result is conclusive and no need to go for further testing." Thanks in advance doctor
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 5 hours later
Brief Answer: Duo test can detect both antigen and antibbodies Detailed Answer: Hi Snajay, Welcome once again. I can understand your feelings. P24 antigen will be present in a HIV infected person even after the sero-conversion. (ie. Appearance of antibodies against HIV). Antigen may likely to disappear after an undetected viral load attained following treatment or nearing death or otherwise after a total cure. 3 months after the infection DUO test or 4th generation test can detect both antigen and antibodies simultaneously. Absence of antigen,ie. viral particles in your body 4 weeks after the risk exposure ascertains that you are HIV free. It is conclusive and no more test is necessary for you as far as HIV is concerned. Relax and carry on your routine. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 22 hours later
Many thanks for your tolerance and detailed clarification doctor.... I try to forget this and start my routine activities... Thank you doctor Regards, XXXX
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Most welcome. Detailed Answer: You are most welcome Mr XXXXXXX You can forget and get into your routine as previously. Good luck to you. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 2 days later
Dear Doctor; I am back... because of anxiety, i am keep on searching the internet... :( 24/7 am using internet in searching the related sites.. am struggling a lot to overcome this... :( Suddenly, after seeing the test report, i got a doubt on that. In my report, it is mentioned as "HIV - DUO fourth generation test performed by the combination of P24 antigen and HIV - 1/2 antibodies by using ELFA vidas method". I done the test at SRL diagnostics Mumbai. The result interpretation is (>=25 - positive and < 25 - negative); my result index value is 0.04 and negative. 1. As it is performed with both P24 and antibodies, it should have two index value or only one index value it will have ? I got only one index value whether it missed any one of the parameter ? 2. Is there any chance, where both P24 antigen and antibodies will be in undetectable state? 3. Did any false negative documented in 4th generation test using ELFA method in your experience? 4. Again, sorry to ask this, read in internet and many people are telling that after 3 months only it will be conclusive. As you are having more than 30+ years of experience, did you come across any situation that a person got negative after 4 weeks turned positive later ? My sincere apologies for keep on asking many questions, those might be silly also, but it is putting me in a restless state. i am putting some many "what if" probabilities and getting many concerns. Thanks in advance. Regards, XXXX
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 6 hours later
Brief Answer: 4th Generation tests are highly reliable. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Once again welcome back. Your doubts are very genuine only. 1. As both ingredients are incorporated together and if any one part (Antigen or Antibody) or both are present there will be a reaction which can be obviously measured. So there need not be two index value to be mentioned. Negative means both Antigen and Antibodies were not detected. 2. Yes, Antibodies would be absent in very early stage as they had not been appeared up to 8 weeks in a possible infection and Antigen would not be able to be detected before a week after the infection. During these period the disease may remain undetectable by this test 3. I don't have my personal experience with 4th generation tests in my practice with my patients as I am going only for antibody tests and DNA, RNA PCR tests and rarely P24 Antigen test done separately. Online patients experience with these 4th generation tests are highly reliable and I don't come across such situation. 4. No, in my practice, I never had come across such situation that Antigen tests done after 4 weeks negative and then a patient became positive with Antibody tests. Don't worry you don't need further test and you are a clear cut case of HIV uninfected. Dr S XXXXXXX
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 13 hours later
Dear Doctor; Thanks for your clarification. Many things are running into my mind, that's why i came back. My mind started think about the whether the condom was fine or not. Because the semons came out and it was there at the base of my penis. i think it is because she was at the top, condom also loose and not tight and i continued after ejaculation also, so obviously it will come down, but my mind is not accepting that and thinking in other way that because of failure it came out. I looked that condom also, now i cant remember that, whether it was fine or not. The duration of the intercourse was very less, maximum 1 min. I read that, P24 will be peak at the earlier stage only and it will not be detectable after 4 weeks of time, hence p24 antigen test will not helpful after 4 weeks. is it true ? I hope the testing facilities in india are upto the mark, the lab where i tested is NABL accreditation, hence i can believe the result completely, rite. Once again please accept my apologies doctor, and dont think that I am not believing your words, my anxiety is at the peak and making me to think like this. Thanks in advance Regards, XXXX Doctor, one more question in follow up with the above one. 6 years back, i had severe nausea and i was hospitalized for 4 days and they diagnosed, that my spleens bulged and recovered that time itself. As spleen relates to immune system, will it have any significant impact in my result ? I am sure that, this is my last post and i wont disturb you again. Thanks in advance Regards, XXXX
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 16 hours later
Brief Answer: Tests highly reliable.Spleenic problemnot interfer Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Try to get rid of your negative thoughts. You will not have any problem with regards to HIV. 1. you yourself raised the question and answered the same. When the girl on the top, the semen was likely to be dribbled up to the base of penis, immaterial whether condom was tight or not. When you had condom in situ, semen was unlikely to be contaminated with vaginal secretion. So it is not harm to you anyway. 2. p24 Antigen would become low titre by 30 days and even if consider this aspect, these tests could detect P24 antigen at these titre. All the tests marketed in India also equal to international standards and got exported to many countries including developed countries and FDA approved. They can be reliable up to 99%. 3. Your past splenic problem would not interfere with your test result. I am sure that you are HIV free. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 30 hours later
Dear Doctor; Once again thanks a lot for your patience and detailed clarification. My profession is like that doctor, that's why my negative thinking is dominating my mind... Any way, i believe your words and try to come out of this situation Thank you once again Regards, XXXX
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 2 hours later
Brief Answer: Carry on your routine. you are HIV free. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX You can rely my words and the test report absolutely. You are HIV free. Wish you good luck in your future. Dr S.Murugan
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 2 days later
Dear Doctor; Thanks and once again sorry for asking a silly question. Here after i wont ask any question and if i am having any query means i will pay additionally and i will ask. Just read that, continuing after ejaculation in the condom will make the condom to break. All of my semens came out of my condom and it was there at the base of my penis. was it because of any failure in the condom or as said because of the position and also my penis erecion gone and condom was very loose. The fourth generation result after 30 days over rules any risky exposure and in case of any risky exposure, if the result of fourth generation after 30th day is negative means, no need to worry about that rite doctor. Now really i am feeling very bad and scared to go for testing also because of this. Usually You wont suggest for any additional testing for your patients in case of getting negative result in P24 antigen after 4 weeks doctor? Once again sorry and as said, if i am having any queries means, i will pay for that or else i will meet you in person by fixing an appointment. Thank in advance
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 6 hours later
Brief Answer: Semendribbled noextrarisk.negativeDUO nomore test Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Welcome back. Don't feel bad to clarify your doubts. It is my pleasure to clear your doubts. If condom put correctly it would not likely to break by continuing after ejaculation. If it is not worn correctly it would give way before ejaculation itself by thrusting forcibly. After ejaculation penis became flaccid and condom became loose and semen was likely to dribble down in the girl on top position and it had no extra risk for you. Fourth generation DUO test is more specific and highly sensitive and I never advise my patient to go for further test in case if it was negative after 28 days. So, you need not worry about HIV through your past high risk activity. If you still have mental disturbance there is nothing wrong in meeting a psychiatrist and have a counselling. Get your old spirit fast. Dr S.Murugan.
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 5 days later
Dear Doctor; I am back.... But this time came with a very relaxed mind set.. :) Out of anxiety, i went for one more fourth generation test ELFA test yesterday (58th Day). Today i got my result and it is 0.02 (negative). So no need to worry about the 3 months conclusive period na doctor. XXXXXXX think that, i didnt believe your words and went for testing, but to get rid of my anxiety, i did the test. Now I am feeling very much relaxed. Frankly speaking doctor, i went for the escort service out of my frustration and because of my work pressure, but i didnt expect that it will make me to worry like this. I was literally surfing the internet for 24/7 and keep on searching about the information. Really it was a very tough time for me, I cant concentrate on anything. i didnt take my food properly, didnt sleep well... :( Really learned a lesson from this.. I didnt expect such kind of support from you doctor, that too from online forum. I know that, I was asking very very silly questions, but you understand my situation and answered all my questions with full patience. So kind of you doctor. Once again many thanks from my deep heart doctor. In my family they started searching bridal for me doctor, so without any hesitation i can go ahead na doctor, this will be my final question. Thanks in advance
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Congratulations as you had confirmed HIV free Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX There is nothing wrong in getting information and proved that you are HIV free beyond any doubt as you are going to take responsibility of two lives including your would be and your future generation. I can understand your concern and my hearty wishes for your happy married life in future. You are most welcome to ask any more questions and feel free to ask. DR S XXXXXXX
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 43 hours later
Thank you doctor... I am sure that this will be my final post and question... 1. The HIV Duo is checking for P24 antigen which is a protein available in HIV -1 only na doctor. Then how come this test is conclusive even at 4 weeks also? 2. If some one is infected by HIV - 2 and he checks for the duo test and unfortunately if his antibody is not generated, based on the result, it is concluded that, he is not infected, then it will be catastrophic rite? 3. Do you have any idea about data related to HIV - 2 infection in malaysia? 4. What makes the body to delay antibody generation? How we can check our immune system, whether it is normal or not? is there any specific test available for checking our immune system? 5. I am having some skin allergic problem in my trunk area, i am having black spots in my arms and my back for more than 8 years. I used to get immediate sneezing if am exposed to dust. Is it not related to weak immune system doctor? Once again sorry for asking these many questions doctor.. Thanks in advance
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 4 hours later
Brief Answer: Remote possibility. You are safe with condom. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Welcome back. HIV 2 is very very rare throughout the world except in Africa. Its incidence is India is less than 0.29% in India and still lesser in Malaysia. So this is an odd possibility. Moreover its infectious nature is very much lesser than HIV1. I knew many HIV2 positive people's spouses were not infected in spite of regular contact till they were identified to be HIV positive. P24 antigen test may likely to miss HIV2 identification. But this is a remote possibility. Antibody test can detect the same. But yours is an protective exposure. Don't imagine this odd possibilities Dr S XXXXXXX
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Follow-up: What causes acid secretion in my stomach and how reliable is ELFA vidas method for HIV? 8 minutes later
Thank you doctor... Just came across this information, hence asked to clarify.... I have to stop looking into the internet :) Once again thanks for your reply doctor.. Regards, XXXX
Answered by Dr. S. Murugan 1 minute later
Brief Answer: You are welcome Detailed Answer: You are most welcome. Wish you a happy time. Dr S.M
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