What cause headache, dizziness and blurred vision while on Omeprazole?

Posted on Sat, 3 Jun 2017 in Digestion and Bowels
Question: Are acids produced in the oesophagus?
Have holes in oesophagus and stomach.
Is Omeprazole necessary to prep for endoscopy? on valerian, prone to rarsideeffects
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 2 hours later
acids are not produced in the oesophagus
Omeprazole if advised by Surgeon to be taken pre procedure of endoscopy then take otherwise not necessary.
hope this helps you
thanks for using Healthcaremagic.com & giving me an opportunity to assist you.
regards dear take care
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Follow up: Dr. Ramesh Kumar 2 hours later
Hi thanks- i asked for endoscopy, GP told me I dont need one, then said I should take it because she though I had acid in oesophagus after vomiting once 5 days ago.
I feel I should not take it as likely to disturb my mental health, give me headaches dizziness and blurred vision that I habe had before woth other medications, and valerian is like diazepam and the instruction say not to take if on diazepam. Also if I vomit now I risk rupturing the healung wounds and it causes vomiting.
GP was going to assess me for urgent referral, howevervI think she is fobbing me off trying to tell me I have acid stomach when I really dont feel that way at all. I vomitef blood onve when things tore on Wed. Since no problem no vomiting limited fluids. Tellimg me I have acod in myboesophagus is nonsense.

I have to care for myself alone at home and if I lose function due to a new drug that is no use.
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 43 minutes later
Brief Answer:
Wait for another episode of vomiting.

Detailed Answer:
Hello There,
Thank you for choosing HealthcareMagic for your query.
I am Dr Kumar A Gastroenterologist and would be addressing your query.
Have gone through all your details and i appreciate your concerns.
As per your queries answers are-
Most likely your GP wants to tell you about a condition called acid reflux or Dyspepsia associated with Gerd.These are condition where acid in stomach refluxes back into esophagus damaging the mucosa of esophagus and causing pain and inflamation.This constant iritation may also lead to nausea and vomiting.

As per your history you had one episode of vomiting(blood).In case there was just 10-15 ml of blood i don't think you nee to go for enoscopy urgently.However if amount of blood in vomit was massive around 100ml or more ;Endoscopy should be planned to localise the site of bleeding(peptic ulcer etc).

As per your initial query no acid is produce in stomach by parietal cells only.
Have holes in oesophagus and stomach- I think you are taking about ulcers.Bleeding can be possible from ulcers in stomach or mucosa.However to be sure an endoscopy has to be done.However just one episode of mild bleeding is not a inication of endoscopy.

Omperazole is given for preparing a patient for endoscopy however its not mandatory to take it.

For any further advice kindly mentionyour complete history like which healing wound are you talking about?


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Follow up: Dr. Ramesh Kumar 2 hours later
Hello- thanks for getting back to me.
Here's a chronological history of what is relevant- the stuff about now is at the end. I'm a voice coach and dancer so am rrally body and anatomy aware, and I feel my body in tiny ways in meditation.

I am chronically ill after various forms of domestic abuse. In 2012 My guts are prolapsed due to something that tore inside during being attacked with ghb and sexually assaulted. The GHB relaxed all muscles and ligaments, and many things disclocated; my spine is snapped at L4-5 and C4-5, and MRI's arent showing us much. I was not seen in emergency because I was trapped in the violence by my multiple personality disorder in a childlike state. I had much CSF leakage. I think it is my peritoneum that is torn but have never been scanned. For a couple of years after that incident my abdomen would persistently fill will large volumes of fluid which would then discharge painfully in a flood from my urethra, often if I had a leak at my lumbar. I feel this fluid is outside my bladder and somehow goes through it. More recently the problem had stopped and my bladder had felt normal again.

In 2014 I met a herbalist who poisoned me with aconitum, which is extremely caustic. I aquired a shunt/hole in the mid front of my stomach at the level of fluid in my stomach. I could feel fluids leaking into my abdomen and it swelled up repeatedly discharging from my urethra. I vomited repeatedly and profusely with blood. I decided not to attend hospital becayse they accuse me of being mentally ill (I have PTSD and they are wrong). I ate nothing and drank marshmallow and peppermint tea in frequent small amounts to help the mucosa heal and avoid fluids overflowing the hole. The hold closed partially and scarred to the tissues in front ot it. For a while it felt like it was burning but then it calmed down.

I am on Ashwaganda, a herbal muscle relaxant to stop spasms and panic attacks. I think it is chemically related to GHB as its effects are similar. These things can weaken the muscles so they are easy to tear.

In the last week I fell severely ill with a chlamydia infection. Sore swollen genitals, fever, stomach pain, swollen breasts with sorts, swollen up abdominally. I was given 1000mg Azithromycin.

On Wednesday evening :
An hour after I took the axithromycin I was in the shower and suddenly discharged about 2 litres of fluid from my abdomen via my urethra in about 5 seconds, and was immense pain. My guts fell down inside with a jerk after the fluid left. I was in so much stonach pain anyway that I didnt notice I had had my scarred stomach detached and pulled down from where it had scarred. I ate a large meal. The stomach pain was terrible. I frlt that maybe some food was outside my stomach The weight in my gits was pulling down- I felt a pulling and tearing sensation in the right side of my oesophagus behind my larynx. The pain was excruciating and sharp.
I decided to drink a glass of water to test whether I was leaking. I felt the water leave the old hole in the front of my stomach into my abdomen and it swelled up, and I felt water leave my oesophagus at the tear and trickle down outside it.
My abdomen swelled again and I rapidly discharged at least a litre of fluid with much pain.

Later that night I vomited profusely with some blood. I had diarrheoa also woth some blood.

I decided not to attend A&E due to a history of serious abuse by psychiatric and social services who alwats pounce on me there are try to take me away without physical treatmebt and chose to care for myself.

I couldnt sip water without it leaking so decided to go nil by mouth to see if the holes would seal and bathe for fluid exchange. I went Nil by mouth approx 12 hours.
During this time I had type of neurological crisis of much bubbling and popping in head and old neck scar on spinal cord leaking CSF and bubbling and head lympahtics clicking with goop and sense of infection clearing and loads of fluid exiting my brain into lymph which made me lose function for many hours.
Things started to feel like there was sonething starting to bridge the holes but it was fragile. I made a suck drip and drank marshmallow chamolile and peppermint tea drop by drop over many hours and bathed for fluids.
Burning up and nornal and clammy by turns.
After a while i started to feel braver and sipped water with sugar dissolved to coat throat and give stomach something to digest. I kept habing only XXXXXXX amounts. I ate a couple of morsels for collagen. It hurt. A lot.

I kept taking on flyids by sipping and it felt like the leaks had stopped. Very sore amd fragile both sites.
Picking anthing up with right had resulted in pain in r side of neck at site.
Burning up normal and clammy by turns.

Continued resting over the weekend. Each night nil by mouth approx 12 hours. Kept drinking tiny flyids of sugar water and medicinal tea, but increasing the amounts. Able to take my anti depressant 5HTP and anti anxiety herb tablets again. Ate timy amounts of banana and avocado- reasonably painful. Lots of pain in r side of neck especially if lifting or turning.
The weight of yhe food in my gut hurts my neck wound.
I had been feelimg both holes sealed over and feeling stronger and see them in my mind knitting.

Last night tried eating veg stock quarter of boiled carrot and a few chickpeas. Tremendous swelling of upper abdomen and pain.

Saw GP this morning- she was rushed and I dont think she could really take it all in what I was telling her.
She said I didnt need endoscopy and seemed to be going down the route of attempting to tell me about reflux.
I'm a singer. As teachers we study reflux becayse it can affect the voice if it is prologed and chronic. I sometimes get acid stomach and geartburn very rarely and if i do it is intoleranoe and I take rennies.
I have neither acid stomach nor reflux, my whole oesophagus isnt sore, i havd no heartburn, and I havent vomited in months apart from wednesday night. The likelihood that my oesphagus is damaged by acid is extremely unlikely. I have looked after myself thoroughly at any time of stonach acidity due to not wanting to danage my vocal tract.

On my way out of the GP surgery I liftend my bag with my right arm. I howled in pain as i felt something tear and detach from a small muscle in the side of my neck.
When i drank it yirned out yhevseal on the oesophageal wound was sound and it seems that it had scarred to the muscle and detached when I lifted the bag.

Then i stpudly ate part of a sanwuch and it hurt enormously as it felt like some part of the seal inside the oesophagus like acscab came off and i swallowed it. It felt raw and i could feel sonething trickling down inside the oesophagus. That has stopped now. I drank and the seal is still not letting any water throygh so I must have only partially damaged it.
Drinking more sugary medicinal tea has eased the pain. The pain is sharp aching and has not stopped for 4 hours.

I think it extremely unlikely that I have ulcers of any sort.

The stomach pain is much less now.

I am worried about not being able to eat normal size meals in future becayse of the weight pulling on the scars.
I am worried abott not being able to do neck stretches to sing without tearing the scar.
I am wirried about the pain of lifting things.
And I'm hungry :(

I seem to be healing these wounds with semi-stidied visualisation of how they should heal directing the flow of energy and matter to the sites.
Your consviousness of their healing might help they heal properly instead of scar

Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 11 hours later
Brief Answer:
Folow up.

Detailed Answer:
Hi again Dear,
Firstly i am really very sorry for all the problems you are facing.I can very well understand the amount of frustation you must be feeling.
Before comming to answers i would just like to say that-
"Experience life in all possible ways — good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.This pain is not to make you sad, remember. Thats where people go on missing. This pain is just to make you more alert–because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them." .
I know that words are not enough to console you but they can help you tackle things better.

Going through your complete history what i felt that you have very high levels of anxiety and this elevated anxiety levels is making you obbsessive about your gut problem.

In 2014 I met a herbalist who poisoned me with aconitum-Parnoid personality- Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself .See you feel that the herbalist poisoned you.However my question is why would a unknown doctor poison you.In paranoia person feels as if others are trying to herm him/her.

"I aquired a shunt/hole in the mid front of my stomach at the level of fluid in my stomach. I could feel fluids leaking into my abdomen and it swelled up repeatedly discharging from my urethra."-Fluid leaking out from stomach or esophagus will accumulate in peritoneum and have to be taken out by canula.Its not like that fluid will leak from stomach and will reach kidney directly.-These are delusion(an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality ).

An hour after I took the axithromycin I was in the shower and suddenly discharged about 2 litres of fluid from my abdomen via my urethra in about 5 seconds,-Its imposible to discharge two litre of fluid in 5 seconds this means that one is discharging 400ml in one second.

I couldnt sip water without it leaking so decided to go nil by mouth to see if the holes would seal and bathe for fluid exchange. I went Nil by mouth approx 12 hours.-Ulcers if there are any needs months to get healed and perforated ulcers are very painful.Its not like you will sip water and it will leak from perforation.

I strongly recommend you to consuklt a pyschiatrist and pyschotherapist.Due to sexual assaults you are in a post traumatic pyschosis state.Immediate treatment with drugs like Haloperidol should be started.
Once you are stabilised an endoscopy can be done to see if there are ulcers there or not however as of now treatment with pyschiatric medicines should be started as early as possible.

Thanks and wish you a great luck.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Kampana
Follow up: Dr. Ramesh Kumar 5 hours later
Look mate, expressing multiple litres of fluid and voniting and shitting blood are not a delusion.
You are extremely arrogant and patronising.
Arrogant beyond belief. You are making massive assumptions and you have obviously never had a trauma in your life that you have healed.
If is a statable fact that there are some people in this life who are physically abusive to others because they choose to be for a warped sense of power or enjoyment. There is a percentage of such people in every walk of life, greater in some walks of life than others. What's happened to me is just bad luck. I am a long time from being upset about it because it was years ago and fyi I've every kind of therapy physical emotional and spiritual that anyone could possibly have and I no longer have any emotional or body nervous attachment to ANY of the information I gave you. It is INFORMATION, not a stick to beat me with. You asked for a full case history, i gave you the facts. None of that is obsession: i'm giving you my nursing notes because I'm my own nurse, amd being professional about it. The reason why I have PTSD is none of your business, and the fact that it doesnt respond to medication and only the anxiety symptoms can be treated with herbs is just a fact.
I have an overactive adrenal system and I have no emotipnal attachment yo that at all it is just a fact. It is under control amd that is none of your business.

The herbalist I met was on aconitum himself for severe pain and had a high tolerance to it. He took some and kissed me, whether deliberately or not I cannot say. That he poisoned me is a fact. That i knew how to clear the toxins from my kidneys with herbs meant I survived a week of hellish pain nursing myself back to health. You can take a flying leap off a short pier if you think so wrongly that it never happened. You HAVE NO RIGHT to try to tell me that what has happened to me never happened. Your attitude is offensive! I'm PAYING YOU and you have the arrogance to br offensive!

Your business is to stop being so arrogant and making assumptions that you lnow everything and to actually scientifically enquire as to WHY I have been gushing fluid on every occasion that I get an infection since I was injured 5 years ago.

You obviously have concentrated on mentally artacking me instead of taking in the scientific facts of what I have told you. My body sensayions habe gone from normal for me to what I habr clearly stated and I want your opinion about holds in the stomach and iesophagus and whether I'm physicall healing and if not what to do about it not some absolute total rubbish about ulcers!
I told you something is torn inside me from 5 years ago and that is probably my peritoneum.

If you were swelling up like a fruit you would want a doctor who has a clue, not some fool
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
Follow up.

Detailed Answer:
Hello again dear patient.
I am sorry you felt hurted by my advice.
Any doctor in this world has no intention to harm his/her patient .I was just trying to help you. I can feel the level of frustration you are suffering from last 5 years(in search of a diagnosis). It's really frustrating when doctors can't give their patient a proper diagnosis.

So just calm down don't feel that i am answering you to show my offense etc.See i am a doctor and for me you are my patient and i would like to give everything i can to make my patient feel healthy and better again.

Before answering your question let me give you a briefing about what exactly is peritoneum and is it possible that a person can live with a breached or leaking peritoneum for five year.

The peritoneum is a membrane made up of two layers. One layer lines the cavity of abdominal organs and the other layer lines the organs. The peritoneum helps support the organs in the abdominal cavity and also allows nerves, blood vessels, and lymph vessels to pass through to the organs.Any breach of this layer or accumulation of body fluid in this layer will cause severe perotinitis(inflammation) which is a acute emergency condition. Please consider this as information i have no intentions to offend you.

Secondly in case you suspect that there is something torn inside you abdominal cavity then the best way out is to get a MRI done.
A complete abdominal MRI would be really helpful in finding out whether there is a leaking cavity inside your gastrointestinal tract or not.Because we can treat something only when we know its location.

Vomiting blood is called Hematemesis,The source is generally the upper gastrointestinal tract, typically above the suspensory muscle of duodenum.As per your history you are having massive hematemesis. Again one of the most important cause of massive hametemesis is upper g.i tract bleeding and most common source of bleeding is usually a ruptured ulcer. The only way to find out the cause of blood in vomit is to go for a endoscopy.

Please don't take it otherwise all this was for your information.

Now in regards to your query about healing.
Whenever there is a wound in body internal or external our body tries to heal it.The inevitable response to any wound is healing comprised of hemostasis, inflammation, repair, and remodeling however body may require natural mineral vitamins and supplements to potentiate healing.
You can take calcium vitamin c zinc selenium containing supplements and anti oxidants for natural healing.However as you are saying you are swelling up like a fruit.This is medically termed as anasarca can be be due to liver damage.

I would suggest you to go for complete abdominal detailed examination(Endoscopy(blood in vomit) MRI abdomen and colonoscopy(blood in stools)).

Thank you and get well soon.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vaishalee Punj
Follow up: Dr. Ramesh Kumar 25 hours later
Thanks. Very infornative.

I feel my acquired shunts are healing and the pain has stopped at those sites. I am managing mych more fluid and small amounts of food. I'm tsking rennies just in case.
The swelling in my stomach is most likely due to the chlamydia which is still on its way out.

I don't know what is torn inside- i believed that is was muscle and a physio told me no, but she was the woman whobdidnt believe the peritoneum existed and so may just been wrong. So perhaps it is muscle after all.

I've had no further vomiting or bleeding amd no reflux so I think I can give the endoscopy a miss, but an abdominal MRI sounds wise in due course but isnt urgent as it is an old injury that feels scarred ipen and has not bedn painful for a year or two.

If I had anarsaca then it must be due to chlamydia, as my liver bloods were fine.
My lower abdomen had stopped swelling and urinating feels more normal again.

Do you agree?
Answered by Dr. Ramesh Kumar 2 hours later
Brief Answer:
Follow up.

Detailed Answer:
Hello again.
Good to hear that you can feel your wounds healing now.
Chlamydia is a fungus and will take its time(usually months to clear out even when patient is on antifungals).

Yes going through a MRI is the best idea as it will make picture clear.Even scarred areas can easily be seen in MRI. So its definitely the best safest and easiest test available.
No idea about your therapist who believes that their is no peritoneum in body. In our science we were taught that their is a peritoneal layer,So won't comment on it.

As you don't want to go for endoscopy you should go for MRI.
Anasarca can be due to liver ,kidney cardiac or thyroid involvement.
Personally as per my experience i don't feel that chlamydia infection can cause anasarca.
But again as you are urinating normally and your swelling is reducing you can continue with your herbal treatment.

Hope i answered your query well.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Prasad
Answered by
Dr. Ramesh Kumar


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