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What are the findings from the skull CT scan?

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I just received results from a recent skull ct speaks of multiple high density areas of the soft tissue of the brain and left lateral neck in the course of carotid artery....what does that mean?
Posted Wed, 5 Feb 2014 in X-ray, Lab tests and Scans
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 2 hours later
Brief Answer: Could you pls send in the full ct-scan report? Detailed Answer: Hi, Could you please send in the entire ct-scan reports? That could be of help in assisting you further! The high density areas of the soft tissue of the brain showed in your head ct-scan means that those areas are suffering blood supply most probably to stroke/infarction. The changes noticed to the course of carotid artery could be indicative for possible occlusion. I'd like to know if you are having any problem (like muscle weakness, paralysis, difficulty in speaking, etc.). Usually, such changes are also associate with clinical manifestations. Looking forward to have the requested data! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 25 hours later
I sent you a copy of the ct scan (I realize now I should have blackened out the personal info). I have been feeling fine and did not expect anything to show up on the scan. I have always had muscle weakness in my right leg supposedly from a virus that affected my neurological system about 25 years ago. I do occasionally get sudden headaches, sometimes like a stabbing pain, but they only last a few seconds. I recently went to the eye doctor as my right eye had problems with its vision. Like a wave of gray was across my field of vision. I had that a lot after my kidney surgery and have had a few sessions with it since. The eye dr told me it appeared there where white spots on my retinae meaning those areas were not getting enough blood. My blood pressure has dropped a lot since the surgery to remove the cancer. And yes, I am concerned that these areas could be cancer but the report said no evidence of lesions. My sister died of ALS so you can understand my anxiety between that and my cancer. Thank you for any info. I do have an appointment to see my regular doctor (as well as the surgeon and the oncologist) next month. My doctor has the results of the scan but has not called so I assume it is nothing critical. Forgive me as I am new to this'aging' thing....thank you again, XXXX
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 58 minutes later
Brief Answer: Please refer to the following suggestions... Detailed Answer: Hi XXXX, Rest sure that the report you sent to me will remain confidential; no one will get use of it. This is our policy at WWW.WWWW.WW The reports you sent to me are far away from cancer. They do show possible calcifications of your blood vessels, especially of carotid (the largest vessel supplying the vein). Fortunately, there is not current blood vessels clot; but as the carotid is calcified, there is the concern of clotting and stroke. To add, blood vessels' calcifications are normal by aging. It is good that you are keeping followed up with your physician for further evaluation and proper treatment. All the best! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 3 hours later
Thank you for the response and the encouragement. I admit I am perhaps overreacting. I just don't like finding out things are 'abnormal' but I guess that is to be expected at my age. You have assured me on the cancer. I am hoping I can also rule out MS and all those diseases. I have an appointment with my doctor next month and if he does not ask for a carotid doplar I will. And I will want someone to answer questions about those dense areas. Thank you again for your response and reassurance. I have to admit everything scares me after having had cancer. XXXX
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 15 hours later
Brief Answer: Wish all the best!Happy to hear being reassuring.. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXX, I understand that the battle against cancer is hard. Please have faith to get the strength and determination to face your problems! At the moment, from the details you are giving, your actual problems are related to calcification of your blood vessels. It is great that you are going to follow up with your doctor (including Doppler testing). All the best to you my dear! Dr.Bardha p.s. if you are satisfied with my answer, please close this thread and kindly rate my answer.
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 17 days later
Thank you for following up with me. I see my general doctor next week and will talk to him about having my carotid artery tested. I also want to send the ct scan results to my surgeon and oncologist. I see both of them at the end of the month for a periodic check up. I am anxious to get their thoughts on the scan. I had 3a grade 2 clear cell renal cancer and had a radical nephrectomy last July. All margins were clear and the surgeon is sure he got it all and that it was all encapsulated. I just wish I could stop thinking about it and wondering if or when it will come back. I think my body continues to adjust. I seem to have a lot of hot flashes but then I also have a lot of spells of freezing. My blood pressure has dropped and every time I bend over and stand back up I have to wait a few seconds for the blood to get back to my head. Or at least that is what I am hoping it is and not the carotid artery thing. Thank you for listening
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 14 hours later
Brief Answer: Can forward the results of your scan to me... Detailed Answer: Hi my dear, Thank you for following up. Please relax and do not be anxious about the scan results. You can pray God to get helped! I hope your body will keep improving. Please avoid bending over and standing back quickly, but take it gradually to avoid oscillations in blood pressure. You can forward the results of your scan to me after receiving them. May God bless and help you always! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 2 days later
Thank you so much for your kind reply and, yes, I have been praying. I was doing pretty good mentally but this week have been having a new problem. My sister and my aunt had Uterine Cancer and my other sister had dyslplasia. I say uterine cancer runs in our family. I have had several biopsies myself. My original ct scan last XXXXXXX that first indicated the renal cancer did not show anything abnormal about my uterus. However, this week I have been having aches, some pains and a general feeling of discomfort in my midline lower abdomen. Now it feels like it is spreading out to the sides but stays mostly in the middle. I would have stomach aches at times for years due to IBS and to me it meant that I was too tense. But this is beyond that. I do not think it is my bladder or related to the renal cancer and would like to get the female part of me checked out first. My bowels have been great. Greater than they have been in years. I found the only way I could sleep last night was on my stomach, the same way I used to sleep when I had bad period cramps. Do you have any idea of what this might be? I have also had a lot of feminine itching but thought that was from me taking antibiotics for a tooth abscess. I know there is no simple solution.. I just want to feel good again...thanks for listening. Di
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 4 hours later
Brief Answer: Possible candida infection due to antibiotic use.. Detailed Answer: Hi, Thank you for following up. The general feeling of discomfort in your midline lower abdomen could be related to: - bowel problems (candida infection triggered by use of antibiotics) - urinary/genital problems. Vaginal itching you are experiencing is also related to antibiotic as might be related to possible thrush. I'd suggest to take an otc clotrimazole cream and apply it to vagina. I'd also advise to : - avoid hard soaps (use only hypoallergic feminine washing; I usually advise my patients to wash with chamomile tea) - keep good hygiene of your genitalia; wash and rinse thoroughly and keep them well dried - use cotton pants - drink lots of water - avoid sugary/fatty foods Once the test results are in, you should also start an oral anti-mycotic drug to get better relief. You can also take probiotics for abdominal discomfort. Hope it helped my dear! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 31 minutes later
Thank you for answering so quickly. My ct scan last XXXXXXX said my uterus was unremarkable. I am just wondering, if it was cancer, how fast does uterine cancer grow? I have had biopsies in the past and a few times had to take hormoes due to the thickening of the uterus. I have read that the ct scan would not show the cancer in its early stages. I prefer to think it is what you said, the yeast infection...but if it were much could it have grown since the ct scan? Yea, I worry a lot but I have never grown old before or dealt with cancer. I cant help but being somewhat concerned. The answers I look for are to reassure myself. Thank you again. I see the dr tomorrow and we will see what she sees, feels, and has to say. I had asked for a ct scan as I know they show the thickness and shape of the uterus. I am familiar with those and understand them. But they wont do that until they see me. Thank you again. I will let you know what the doc says...have a great day
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Relax and wait for the next appoitment with doctor Detailed Answer: Hi back my dear, Thank you for following up. If the scan and biopsy you did, had showed no sign of cancer, then, relax, do not put more pressure and stress into your life. Please bare in mind that stress itself is also a great contributor for having a negative impact in everything in our body (including the course of diseases such as cancer). With regards to the speed for the cancer to grow, it depends on the type of cancer and other contributing factors. However, only the Almighty would definitely determine the real speed and course. Please have a nice chamomile tea for tonight. Have your meals regularly, drink water (do not overload with foods) and enjoy the moments that are given to you. Everything will be cleared up at the next appointment you will have with your doctor. To my judgment, based on the medical data you are providing, it is yeast infection of your genitalia and bowels. However, the further examination by your physician and additional tests are needed to determine it definitely. All the best my dear! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 23 hours later
I went to the gynecologist and she says there is no yeast infection and did not think I had one in my bowels. She checked me over real good but could find nothing (good news) but I am scheduled for an ultrasound this Thursday. I don't know how much of the bladder that would show. I mean, if something was wrong. She thinks there might be an irritation of the bladder for some reason and is doing a culture on my urine. so I wait .......... thank you again, di
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 34 minutes later
Brief Answer: Thank you for following up... Detailed Answer: Hi my dear, Thank you for following up. Glad to come to know you got checked. However, I'd like to know if - the OG did get a vaginal swab testing/culture for candida? - the doctor took a sample of your stool and send for culture (for candida)? I am glad to come to know that she will culture your urine. However, if I was your caring doctor, I'd still insist in running those tests for fungal infection as you said you had a previous course of antibiotics for teeth infection. The antibiotics you used could also have affected your urine (if any bacterial infection) and got treated that as well. Meanwhile, candida infection could be still there if no proper treatment. Wish you all the best my dear! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 3 days later
I had my pelvic ultrasound yesterday and got the results today. Or at least part of them. The only thing the doc said was that my uterine wall is thick and they want to do a biopsy. This is like the 5th biopsy and I don't know how many ultrasounds I have had over the last 15 or so years. I will go for the biopsy but am going to talk to the doc about a hysterectomy. Some may think it is radical but I have gone through this for too long and it keeps coming back. My one sister was precancerous and another sister had uterine cancer. I had an aunt die from uterine cancer. Sorry, but I don't want to play the game anymore, go through this all the time and wait for my turn. I will see what the doc has to say and if she agrees with me. After the test yesterday, which was uncomfortable at times, I had a feeling something was wrong and was not too surprised when the doc called today. I was spotting after the ultrasound too. Thanks again for listening...Di
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 9 hours later
Brief Answer: Wait for the biopsy results to be in... Detailed Answer: Hi back my dear, It is great that you had an abdominal ultrasound and scheduled for biopsy. It is normal for the uterine walls to be thickened by passing of years, however, biopsy would determine whether endometriosis or pre-cancerous as you fear. You can discuss with your doctor if you can do hysterectomy; however, wait until biopsy results. Do not worry about the bleeding after trans-vaginal ultrasound as it could be temporary due to local trauma/injury during the examination. It will stop on its own for a couple of days. Wish you will get good news with the biopsy results. Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 41 hours later
Hello again....thank you for your well wishes. I have been thinking and wondering. I had a CT scan done last XXXXXXX That is how they found the tumors in my kidney. But the report also said that the uterus was unremarkable. Would uterine cancer show up on a ct scan? Can I get some reassurance that my uterus was ok last June? I have my biopsy on Wed and don't know if I am more afraid of that or the results. I do not read good things about having 10mm endometrium but the good news is no spotting. I have a dull ache at times. More annoying than anything else. Again, thanks for any info.....I asked a specialist on here, he gave me what he thought was his answer and then closed the discussion. Poof. I did not ask him this question though.
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 12 hours later
Brief Answer: Ct-scan is used to check cancer spread locally.. Detailed Answer: Hi again, Thank you for following up. If the Ct-scan you did in XXXXXXX has reported uterus as unremarkable; then, you should wait for the biopsy results. Usually, Ct-scan is not used to diagnose uterine cancer but to identify if local organs are having unusual changes if cancer is present. Biopsy remains the gold standard to determine cancer when uterine walls is thicker than normal. Wish you will have good news when received biopsy results! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 3 days later
Hello again I must say, I have dealt with several doctors here but you are the best. You seem to honestly care and you also seem to know the whole story with me. I had my biopsy yesterday. I had taken some pain pills first so it was not as bad as I was expecting. The nurse-practioner was an XXXXXXX (maybe why I prefer female doctors anymore). I will have the results sometime next week but she is very very sure there is nothing serious going on. I just uploaded the report of the ultrasound to you and it would explain the pain or discomfort I have from time to time. I knew it was close to the cervix and thankfully not in it. It says I have a fibroid or a cyst. I will let you read the report but I talked to the nurse-practitioner about a hysterectomy. This is my 5th of 6th biopsy and I don't know how many ultrasounds. I just want one last thing to have to worry about. What ever 'it' is keeps coming back and I just don't want to go through this anymore. I don't know if I have a strong enough case of a hysterectomy or not but will wait to see what the doctor says. I also have my check ups in a couple of weeks with the oncologist and urologist and will see what they have to say about me having another surgery and especially this one. Thanks again for listening. Let me know what you think after you have reviewed the report. Sincerely, XXXX
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 2 hours later
Brief Answer: Can you please re-upload the report,didn't get it. Detailed Answer: Hi dear XXXX, I am glad to come to know that you did not feel pain during the biopsy and nothing bad was found in your ultrasound. You are saying to have uploaded the ultrasound report. Unfortunately, my dear, I was not able to receive it. Could you please re-upload it again or attach to the following link: YYYY@YYYY , with the subject line: "Attention Dr.Fatbardha Sejdini". Thank you! Sorry for the inconvenience caused! Dr.Bardha
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Follow-up: What are the findings from the skull CT scan? 2 hours later
I sent the report via email a while ago.........hope yu got it ok
Answered by Dr. Rahul Tawde 37 minutes later
Brief Answer: No serious problem seen in ultrasound... Detailed Answer: Hi dear XXXX, Finally, I got your ultrasound report just now. Thank you for following up! To my opinion, there is nothing serious seen apart that lesion at the junction site between uterus and cervix. I am sure the biopsy material was taken from the site for further evaluation. For the time being, I did not notice anything worrisome. However, patience is needed until you get the result of biopsy (hoping for good news!). Looking forward to hearing from you again! Dr.Bardha
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