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Dr. Andrew Rynne
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Suggest treatment for severe joint pain in the shoulders and elbows

Answered by
Dr. BR Hudda

General & Family Physician

Practicing since :2009

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Posted on Wed, 25 Jan 2017 in Brain and Spine
Question: I have severe cervical spinal stenosis with bulging cervical discs osteopath formations spinal cord compression chronic headaches with extreme fatigue. I've had fibromyalgia for 25 years. I have a ruptured left breast implant and am having my 21 year old implants removed in February. I have also recently developed extremely painful joints especially in my shoulders and elbows, but it has spread to my hips and knees. I'm 48 and female. I had been receiving 15mg ms contin with 10/325 Norco 3 X a day and my neurologist increased my XXXXXXX to 3 to 4 X a day. My primary care Dr left the clinic, and no other dr will now take me. I went twice to a pain specialist at Loma XXXXXXX who refused to comply with the neurologists order for a facet block and sent me away with a letter that I was stable on all my meds and that they were transferring care back to my now departed primary and or the same clinic for my medication mgmt. I live in big bear ca. It is a small town. They have made it so only one Dr. Is allowed to prescribe opioid medications and he is refusing "new" patients; although he was my former Dr. a little over a year ago. The office Mgr said that I had to go elsewhere despite the letter from the pain clinic. When I explained to the pain clinic they called me a liar saying any other dr in the clinic could. I've called every Dr in town, and right away, before the know my name or problems, they ask what meds I take. When I tell them the say they are not taking new patients and that the only dr up here is my former Dr from over a year ago who won't see me. The Dr I was seeing in gone doing hospice and unreachable. I'm now out of meds, and I'm going to have surgery soon and know that I will need stronger pain mgmt for a couple weeks after. The plastic surgeon said that it is an out patient procedure and I'll receive meds in the hospital, but I needed to have pain mgmt prescribe me post op meds since I'm already taking meds. Loma XXXXXXX pain Dr said it's not their policy to prescribe my current meds, and they won't see me post op that the surgeon must do it.
I am so angry at how I've been treated. My neurologist will be back on the 5th. I was going to ask him to refill at least until I find a new primary...60 miles away, and or be able to get into Arrowhead regional pain clinic in XXXXXXX CA who will hopefully help me.
I'm so tired of being in so much pain and being so fatigued then being called a liar and treated with such disregard for my suffering and treated as if I had the plague. I have all my Dr records, my mri test results all my pharmacy records for the past 14 months the request of the neurologist for both a facet block and chronic pain mgmt then a letter from so called pain mgmt transferring me right back to the office that my Dr left in December. And now I'm scared of how much pain I'll be in after my old breast implants are removed with no aftercare given since everyone is passing the buck so to speak. I also may have breast implant illness but won't know until the implants are sent to pathology and tested.
What do I do? Where can I go as soon as possible to get my medications refilled...and reinstated? As it is I have been on them over a year and feel I need an increase.
Please help me!
XXXX. XXXX (0000) 0000
Answered by Dr. BR Hudda 6 hours later
Brief Answer:
You should try to reduce your dependence on narcotics for pain relief

Detailed Answer:
Hello Ma'am

Welcome to health care magic, I share your concern.

I am so sorry to know that you are in pain and not getting help in your area. I can only sympathise with you as far as prescription and availability of medicines is concerned.

I am also trained in alternative and complementary medicine also, so hereby I will suggest you certain non medicinal measures to reduce pain perception.

I would advise you for light stretching exercises, relaxation exercises, Yoga and meditation in routine.
Discard pillow, use soft cervical collar.
Apart from exercises, steam bath, hot fomentation with hot water bottle and muscle relaxant like tizanidine or chlorzoxazone with paracetamol/diclofenac is advisable which is over the counter available preparation and you can easily get it for instantaneous pain relief.

Long term use of narcotics is harmful for you and can lead to serious side effects like addiction, constipation and so on.

In my opinion you should reduce your dependence on narcotics and other pain killers for long term benefits.

If you can upload me your MRI report I will be able to tell you more accurately.
you shouldn't worry about breast implant surgery, I am sure your doctor will prescribe you adequate medicine for pain relief and speedy recovery.

Hope this answers your question please feel free to ask for follow up question I will gladly answer you.
Wishing you good health and happy new year.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Raju A.T
Follow up: Dr. BR Hudda 2 hours later
Reply in reply to your answer I have tried every alternative treatment I have tried trigger blocks I have had epidurals I have gone to physical therapy I have done everything this is a problem I have had for years just recently they told me no wonder why I was in so much pain as I have congenital stenosis I have done everything and the amount of pain medication that I do take is a low dose compared to what I hear a lot of other people do take and I do manage them well like I said I've had this for a long time and I know what works and what doesn't I am pursuing to have my implants removed and then I'm pursuing the facet block and if that is successful in any way then I'm probably going to have surgery on my neck I also need to go on harvoni however the liver specialist says that being on a pure opioid is actually better for me than any NSAID pain relief like Tylenol Motrin and the like that are fillers with a lot of the medications he'd rather have me on a pure opioid because it's synthesized better by my liver although I only have genotype 2B and I did try the Pegasus treatment I was not successful with that as I had a bad reaction everybody tells me why don't you try such and such, this is not the first time that I am trying to address this issue I have done everything all I want to know is if somebody can help me find a doctor in my area that would at least reinstate what I have and then I would go from there because right now I don't want to live if I have to live in this kind of pain everyday it is beyond the level of any kind of quality of life the medication makes it tolerable at which point I have an inversion table I do work I do exercise in fact I am the wife of a man who manages a sober living home so I am aware of all the addiction factors and my medications are monitored so I take them properly I'm tired of being told to try to do something else because I have! so if you can help me find a doctor in my area I would appreciate it I will send you the MRI if it makes a difference but at my C 4 & 5 I have bulging disc I also have some scoliosis I have severe stenosis with the beginnings or mild spinal cord compression at this point and it's only getting worse it won't get better so I am pursuing possible surgery but in the meantime I need to live day-to-day. Just so you know getting off the opioid is a plan for the future after I've actually treated the problem but in order to just live day to day and maintain any kind of life and get up and be able to walk and not be plagued with headaches I can't go off the medications because my pain is too great! so I'm tired of every doctor telling me to do something else when I've done it already!!!!!!
I also went to school 21 years ago for Diagnostic ultrasound however I do not work in that field it's a long story I was an abused wife at the time and now I'm disabled but aside from all that or can you not help me find a doctor in my area and I also asked other questions in regards to different types of opiate treatment so I am not ignorant I am college educated and I am really suffering I have been on pain medications and I do have plans to treat the problems but I would appreciate help in finding a doctor somewhere in an 80 mile radius where I live I live in Big Bear Lake California I can go to XXXXXXX I can go to Highland I can go to San XXXXXXX I can go to Redlands I can go to Apple Valley I can go to XXXXXXX to Arrowhead however that's probably a two or three month wait. I'd like to find a family physician who can take me in as soon as possible and has a little sympathy and concern and it's not trying to tell me to take all these different things and have I tried such and such, because don't you think that by now I'd have gone through all of that .? I would have thought by the extent of my letter that you would have at least understood my question but you're no different than what I'm hearing from every other doctor up here if you could pass my question on to someone else who perhaps is a little more sympathetic I am educated I'm not ignorant I have gone to school for ultrasound I do have some knowledge I am planning on fixing the underlying causes but they do invent pain medication for a reason to treat pain and it is well monitored and it is a fairly low dose so I don't think I'm asking a whole lot if somebody can help me find a doctor right away in my area who's willing to work with me knowing that I am trying to address all of my underlying causes and I'm being responsible and my medication and have already tried all alternative methods and medications and everything else so if you need to pass this question on to somebody else who can help me find a doctor that will hopefully see me this week I'd appreciate it because you apparently are like everybody else and are just passing the buck or are telling me blah blee blah blah blah in fact NSAID pain relief is worse for both your kidney and your liver than a well monitored and properly taken opioid and in my case after my surgery I'm hoping that I won't be in the pain that I'm in. I could possibly could have aspergillus and that could be causing a whole other system poster problems. So if you can't help me please find a doctor who can address my question with a little bit more sympathy and not just trying to start at the basics and telling me about it. About opiates I'm well aware of this I've been suffering with this problem off and on for years I have done everything you know instead of somebody just giving me a whole bunch of b******* I paid for this service and I would like some help finding a doctor who can see me this week if you can't do it please find one who can or past this question on to another position with WebMD who might be a little bit more sympathetic and not telling me the same old b******* that everybody is which is the reason why I can't get a doctor now I don't abuse my medication I don't have a history of losing my medications I am having my medications monitored in fact so and I am planning on having surgeries to address my issues but I am suffering a lot of pain and I asked a specific question please read it again or pass it on to someone who is not just feeding me a bunch of XXXX!

dependence either because I do work with people in recovery and I'm in recovery myself my husband manages a sober living home a few lights were not my drug of choice I have been clean for a number of years and I do know that you have to taper down off opioid medication and that's usually under the supervision of a doctor however being able to tolerate the pain I meant until I get the treatment that actually will fix the underlying cause and then to tape taper down after that is usually the best plan I have taper down off medication before and have had no problem in doing so yet without fixing the problem I need something to help me function day today instead of needlessly suffering because people are more worried about addiction than the actual pain addiction is not the worst possible scenario that a person can have especially if they're aware that opioid to cause a dependency in the patient yet for my doctors to irresponsibly quit seeing me since my doctor left the practice and refused to follow the advice of the pain specialist and to cut me off my pain medications is very irresponsible they think that I don't seem to have any problems with my problems are real you know I do plan on going off my pain medication responsibly when I treat my actual issues that are causing the problems in the first place so quit sending me information about opioid dependency I need a doctor who can help me to continue my treatment as I progressed through breast implant removal surgery through my neck surgery and treatment on harvoni and possible treatment for fungal infection of aspergillus and for my sistema quite joint swelling and extreme pain thank you
Answered by Dr. BR Hudda 10 hours later
Brief Answer:
Pain Specialist in your area.

Detailed Answer:
Hello Ma'am
Welcome again, I really appreciate your concern.

I found these following doctors with addresses who can help with your pain.

Dr. XXXXXXX D. Safman @ 22 Corporate Plaza Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 Ph: (949) 722-7038

Dr. Hilary J. Fausett, MD @ 39 Congress St Ste 303, XXXXXXX CA 91105 Ph: (626) 440-5900

Dr. Lido Chen MD @ 23521 Paseo De Valencia Ste 204, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Ph:      (949) 458-2026

Dr. XXXXXXX Mirhashemi MD @ 33 Creek Rd Ste 310, XXXXXXX CA 92604 Ph: (949) 632-5244

They are within 80 miles radius from Big Bear Lake apparently. You should take these names and check in your local maps to reach out to them. You can in fact call before you make a visit.

Just relax ma'am, don't be panic, a pill for every ill and knee jerk response is not a good medical practice.

I would still advise you not to take too much of painkillers whether it is NSAIDS or narcotics.

I would advise you to read a book " You are the Placebo written by Dr Zoe Dispenza"

Just relax and enjoy your life, stop running behind pills and doctors.

Hope you will give a insight to my answer, please feel free to ask for follow up question, I will gladly answer your question.
Best wishes

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. BR Hudda 16 hours later
For your XXXXXXX thank you for your response however I ask that you please pass on all of my questions to another doctor and I would like to hear what they have to say the doctors that you gave me are actually very far away they're not even in the county I live in I live in San XXXXXXX County could you pass this doctor this up this conversation we've had to another Doctor Who is a little more sympathetic I have I'm 48 years old and I've been on and off medication since I was 18 years old and they finally found out I've Had A congenital birth defect all these years and now it's I'm really you know I'm in a lot of pain and yes it's not you suggest I get off opiates and all pain medication I've done that and I'm bedridden and I end up in the hospital and all kinds of horrible things happen I can't function you know until I get my problem fixed please pass our conversation on to another doctor if you're able to do that because it shows me that there's like a hundred and eighty doctors that are available to answer my question right now I'm just tired of being told will you should try to not take them and you should try to do this that or the other the placebo effect I'm a born-again Christian I have faith like you would not believe however for whatever reason God is allowing this to happen in my life you know in the in the Bible it says that you know give strong drink to him who is perishing and to him who is basically you know broken hearted too so that they will remember their misery no more and usually preaches about not drinking but the meaning of that verse is to have compassion on those that are suffering so that eases their suffering there are times when back then it was strong drink but there are times when a stronger medication is acceptable even in the Bible it's one we're supposed to have mercy on those that are weary that are perishing that are suffering it's it's it's mercy and Grace
Answered by Dr. BR Hudda 6 hours later
Brief Answer:
Please contact customer support

Detailed Answer:
Hello Ma'am
welcome again, I really appreciate your concern.

I am completely agree with you but at this forum I can suggest you what is better treatment for you in long run, As a doctor I need to balance the risk benefit ratio while prescribing any treatment.

Since Narcotics painkillers are not available over the counter as all these medicines are well regulated drugs.

In my opinion you should either contact customer care or search a doctor in your close vicinity.

Hope this answers your question
wishing you good health and speedy recovery.
Best wishes
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Nagamani Ng

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