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    Suggest treatment for lightheadedness while having anxiety

Posted on Wed, 1 Jun 2016 in Headache and Migraines
Question: Hello!

I am a 25 Yr old White male, that resides in the UK. i want to report a problem I'VE NEVER HAD BEFORE. this has really concerned me, and would
like the best advice on this subject which is why i have chosen a SPECIALIST in Neurology. I've been LITERALLY AND CONSTANTLY light-headed FOR A WEEK.
it began last Tuesday.

Now some of the things i will say you might feel not important to the discussion, but all of it are key-parts of why i feel the way i do.
or at least play a role in it. i guess i need a second opinion of it, to see if you think it's stress related or something else, or even a combination

I Was Sitting at home, reading books. prior to that, i ordered some items from XXXXXXX a watch, a DVD, and a ebook. The DVD was for my mother
I ordered it for my mum as a late mother's day present, my mother doesn't think i bother with her so i was really concerned getting it.
there was 2 books i also forgot to order, which also plays it's role later. (you will see what i mean)
I ordered 4 books on ebay too. when i went to buy the last book, it said PAY NOW, as if i hadn't paid but thought nothing of it
it said bought the item and thought nothing of it.
i had a small fortune (about 3g) but was spending it prior. i got payed again (nowhere near 3g) but just under a Grand.
Now i was getting paranoid in my thoughts, thinking silly thoughts as you do, WHAT IF RUNS OUT? What about if all of a sudden the purchases got
declined? i really need that DVD for my mother? I should have purchased before? and all these Negative thoughts.
in my break-time from reading, i went to the computer to see if my purchases was ready for dispatch.

when i went to the computer, to my horror my negative probable thinking came to light, because the 3 purchases was declined.
I Received the ebook on my kindle, but sometimes it slips though and the purchase is still declined so as far as i was concerned
there was 3 unpaid items. 2 that wasn't coming because i never had enough money including the DVD.

i wouldn't say i was depressed but for me, it was truly a knock back. i still felt normal at this point.
at this point, i also had a brainwave. i remember purchasing the ebook inbetween the books on ebay, so if that
didn't go through, how could the Ebay books, so at this point there might be further unpaid items. this was also
aiding my troubles.

( a couple of days later, i found out my ebay books was safe, and the ebook too, so i can only put it down to a glitch on XXXXXXX and a glitch on ebay
which seems like a huge misconception, but the rest of the XXXXXXX items was still not paid for as i had insufficient funds)

i didn't get paid for another week, which might be soon enough but i just really needed that mother's day gift.
a week mean't to me a week further from the day.

anyway then some other things entered my mind, that seemed to stress me out. i realized there was 2 other books i forgot to order.
and couldn't already pay for what i got. addition to these problems of ordering i also had my own mind there is a software app called
Graboid. it lets you download and play movies. i have a dongle, it's my only way of connecting to the internet. i am on a £25 Data pack
per month, i wanted to download a movie. however i noticed on Graboid the MB'S are much higher, even on non HD MOVIES, yet if you go to youtube
you could download something 4 hours with less MB, IT's a way of charging your internet stick for downloading premium movies.
i knew because already of my heavy usage my internet stick would never make it, and i can't afford to risk it because then i would also
have no internet for a week till i get paid. so that was another problem added to the weight on my mind.

Then i realized there was yet another book i wanted, (i'm a book worm) and a couple of ebooks too, even though i was uncertain of my dedication to
some of them. then there was something else i wanted to download and all this had to weight so it was all on my brain.
if i asked you, do you think it's because of brain straining? at this point, you probably would say Yes, but there is lot more to tell, so just
hold your decision until you have heard the rest.

anyway getting back to the story at this point, i either went to bed and checked tomorrow morning the results of yesterday which of course stayed the same, and then it was on that night

let's just assume it was the same day, i was burning a DVD on the computer, when i went to watch it. i turned off the light, and just was watching it.
after some time, i started to feel LIGHT-HEADED. at this point, i thought it was the angle at which i'm sitting, but soon realized i felt light headed
i thought it was the computer at first, because i use the computer a lot, and have known to feel faint when using it too much. however it felt different
and seem to be stronger or lasted longer. i just had a weird feeling it wasn't as it just come on for no reason. i usually have a build up when it comes
to computers, but this just was there.

i still watched the DVD, afterwards i might have read. before i began the reading session, i seem to have strained my brain trying to think of something
the more i done this, the more lightheaded i became. i believe i get confused easily, i have got a lot of stress, and have been known to get
anxiety when i am feeling stressed. it increases the more i stress myself out thinking things. about a year ago, i started having a symptom
a light-headed feeling. BUT IT would never last no more than a day. now i don't know if it this or not, i do not want to force you to think one thing
just because it seems most likely, i want you to come to your conclusions. another symptom i also got was feeling like i wanted to vomit up mucus/phelgm
(more on this later)

Now when i explain the Lightheadeness, i am not talking about feeling DIZZY. the room is not spinning, it's not like i'm drunk, more like i'm tipsy.
you know when you drink a cider, and you not dizzy but you have a feeling of being under the limit to drive, or a tad drunk. it feels like that.
i feel like a pressure on my head, but would probably say it's light-headness. i feel it's possible i could faint. at times i was sure i was going
to faint, but have managed not to. you know when you light-headed and you look up or down, and you get this feeling. i had that, but also it was there
regardless of me doing that. sometimes it felt like i had 2 different feelings of light-headedness at once.

i felt it on the left side and the right side. but this could just be the effects of it. there was times when i felt i was going to pass out, that the pressure
seemed to more turn into a giddy, dizzy feeling what people experience when they go to pass out, but it wasn't like the room spinning. it's like a woooo
woozy feeling. a unstable feeling. over the days i just seem to have the pressure but the other effects currently are no longer there. however
if i do feel faint, (or when i felt faint) if i didn't feel woosy, (quick to pass out) i always got short of breath, and maybe irregular heartbeats
or heart arrhythmias and defects, i thought i was going to have a heart attack, but thought if that was possible wouldn't it already have happened?

i know fainting (syncope) is associated with seizure type effects, like face twitching, and eyes blinking fast etc so i thought it was more symptoms of fainting
than heart. i might have even had chest pains, here and there. do you feel there is any risk of heart attacks or fatal fainting? or even fainting per-say?

anyway, typing this long email, i do feel more woosy now than pressure (or a combination) but that's cause i am looking long at the computer.

So anyway, the next day i didn't seem to feel light-headed. however my negative thinking kicked in, and i had thoughts that i believe i had to solve in
a certain way, or think of thoughts in a certain order for me to have a relief, i would describe it as OCD of the brain, but OCD is of the brain already
and is different to this, so i just simply relate my symptoms to confused thinking.

since that happened, the light-headness has not gone away, even though i haven't been stressed this week. i'm doing my best to recover. i suffer from anxiety
but always try and prevent attacks from happening, so i would call it "manual anxiety" my own metaphoric colloquialism, that means i suffer from anxiety
only because i cause it, but from something i can't help.. (Confused, non-articulated thinking) i try and strive for the best sentences but it doing so
i become confused, but if i don't even though my sentences DO MAKE SENSE, i feel they aren't detailed enough or i feel they are poor.

On this day, i received a letter from my bank, the bank told me that i had an UNPLANNED OVERDRAFT, which was £39 and the reason for this is
because there was transactions they couldn't stop and i went over budget, and the bank has to forfeit the XXXXXXX and in doing so, they require the money
to cover these costs. i thought this was utter Bull because what you don't have, no money can leave you bank, so why the unplanned overdraft?
this has never has happened before, even when my bank has declined multiple purchases so it really knocked me for a sixer!

i also had another letter telling me for the first time ever, kindles need to be updated by the 22nd march 2016, if the kindle isn't updated,
all my kindle books would probably no longer be activated until you update, and connections to kindle store will not work.

(it's a good job later i found out this was a big misconception from amazon) but it didn't help my stress levels at the time!

my mother found out, and decided as a one off, she would pay the £39 but still wants the money back by the time i get paid. she also claims i owe her
altogether an £100 so that's another thing that doesn't help and his on my mind. she tells me i don't have to pay it all off at once but that's not
the point, the point is i still have to pay her when i get paid and to remember it. i don't bother making lists as it always seems another
10/20 things by the time the day is over or the task is complete. she also said she would give me £11 to help get 1 book,
that i didn't have to pay her back, which i felt bad because i was suppose to be buying her something for mothers day, and it wouldn't
be fair to use her own money to buy her mothers day present, even though it would be like she buyed it herself which is a lot better
than her buying me something without need to. however it was a kind thought and would help my stress levels a tad so i accepted the cash.

On the 3rd day, i thought i was going to pass out big time, so i saw a medical doctor who gave me a checkup. sadly he had the brain cells of an amoeba
and also to add insult to injury he was half-asleep. he was just a GP, who didn't have a clue what he was talking about. he told me eerie nonsense like
if i pass out i would die, unless an ambulance was called. he also said i could also go in a coma, providing i hit my head on something when i pass out.
he also told me to switch the internet off forever despite i need the internet since i have my own website and also buy self-help books from XXXXXXX
that you cannot get anywhere else that helps calm me down.

he is one of these doctors who uses "Occam's razor" without bothering to conduct research. he just said if my blood pressure is normal, it can't be serious
despite him telling me i could die. he had poor English too.

i am waiting my blood test results, but hopefully it should not be disease related like POTS syndrome. it most likely seems to be anxiety because i have
suffered from this a lot.

On Thursday i woke up very early, i didn't have the dizziness, or the sickness, (more on sickness later) but my eyes was totally affected.
it's like i had light adaptation, affecting my eyes, i suffer from amblyopia (Lazy eye) but i felt it wasn't just the lazy eye this time.
i had a bit of color mix up even colour blindness if you will. i saw all these different colours, which was most likely the effects of this thing.

that night i started feeling sick with phelgm/mucus my dizziness/headness was still there, but amazingly through the night, the light-headness was
replaced with this feeling of sickness. this got me thinking was the light head somehow connected to phelgm or is it simply the sickness too strong
which has overided the feeling of being dizzy.

i didn't throw up i stopped myself, but wish i never, because now i won't know if the dizziness is mucus related or not. the following day when
i was back Light-headed on the morning, i felt better, but when i got up, all my eyes felt affected too. i felt this had not anything to do with yesterday
but i do think it's related to the light-headed feeling.

the next day, my woozy feeling stopped, and the giddy feeling, but i had the pressure, the next days the pressure seem to have lessened, but it's
unbalanced so it might go a bit back up, then a bit back down. this could be the illusion it's actually going over time, or because my so called other symptoms
aren't there, or maybe it has lessened i don't know. the giddy-ness only would appear if it seemed i going to faint.

Now i'm going to explain a bit about my phelgm concerns.

i am going to share some personal things in this second half, but would still feel you could possibly give me an answer.
i would not usually share these concerns if i knew you or you could see my face, however because we will only meet once in life
i will share you some important things regarding my mucus concerns.
some things also might seem hard to believe, or even nonsense, but make of them what you will.
i write this so you can GIVE YOUR Scientific verdict on this

i have had what i call a constant build up of mucus for yrs, i nickname it "the constant cold" by constant, i don't mean i'm always vomiting up
mucus or feeling ill. i just mean strange things have happened to me for a few yrs regarding mucus.
as a male virgin, i am an excessive mastubator, i used to do it for about 3-4 times daily. it was not like a fixed routine, it varies
but it was quite a lot.

i know i done it a lot, because it got to the stage of no sperm at the point of climax and my testicles have decreased in size, and worried they will never
increase their size. being ill i haven't bothered for a week, yet they look still just as much as deflated. i am worried about PERMANTLEY weakening my
sperm count, which means less fertile. if they is any risks PLEASE TELL ME NOW.

due to excessive usage, i started feeling sick when doing it a lot. by sick soon after i done it, i started feeling i wanted to puke mucus.
there was times i did. i'm no scientist, but i knew when releasing sperm or even getting excited changes in my body was happening
and i know the fluid (sperm) was racing round my body at point of climax and rushing round my body converting into mucus and creating some
build up. even if that isn't happening, somehow it was creating mucus and making me feel sick..

i know lots of mucus can cause inflammation and cause acid in the body. there was times i even developed dental abscesses through it.
if you was to tell a DR you have a abscess through excessive sex, they probably would think you are incredibly stupid, but i knew it was
happening through an indirect way.

the acidity and inflammation was causing the abscesses, HOWEVER this activity was causing the acidity, THAT CAUSES THE ABSCESS.
i believe i have too much acidity in my body, due to poor nutrition and diet.

my teeth are mostly decayed, and chipped, and i believe the toxins and acidity in the teeth are unbelievable. my body has become a toxic wasteground
of high acid.

even Pink cocktail crisps taste like spicy as salt and vinegar.
i drink way too much Soda and Junk Food. the Caffeine, Aspartame crap and the acidity in Soda is unbelievable. i probably drunk nothing but soda for yrs
and i never drunk water or beer because they contain no sugar, and i was obsessed with sugar because sugar gives the food taste, sadly at a cost.

i think the mucus has converted to acid due to excessive one way sex, and soda and i think this has created what i call a cold that does not go away.

before i realized it was acid, i saw my problems as abnormal, i didn't understand why everytime i drink (especially soda) i always burp or nearly choke
     after the first mouthful, but i am sure it's down to high acid. if i drunk it fast especially, it's like i'd choke but i didn't choke, it just gives
     the impression to onlookers, it's like i made the noise, like a big gulp, but it felt like it went down the wrong way, but it never did.
     it's like an air bubble burst in my lungs (nothing serious) its more of a jolt. i put it down to high acid. it always made me jolt.
     also other weird things would happen.
     if i was too eat at night, i always felt tired, after eating. if it's crisps then no, but if it's a sandwich or a big chocolate egg, or
     maybe a pizza takeaway, i guess i would feel tired, which you might see as normal. but i never use to have this problem.
     if it's crisps or a bar of chocolate prolly not. i still feel acid plays it's role in this.
     there was one time i even had a build up of wax in my ears, which resulted in an ear infection due to high fluids.
     by the way, i can confirm i don't have any ear infections, even though i might have lots of wax.
     i did use to eat a lot of Dairy, but due try and limit myself now.
     it's hard to avoid cheese though.
      other times, i would have mucus in my throat, i sometimes felt heaving up excess phelgm, sometimes when i have read aloud, i have to stop
      cause i feel like heaving up phelgm. 2 yrs ago i attracted a Sinus Infection due to an added symptom of mild food poisoning
      i vomited up pure sick. it took 2 weeks of the sinus infection to go after receiving antibiotics.
      however i have had this problem way before the sinus infection.
      So with some of the things i've said, do you think it's possible the mucus could be apart of the light-headness in my head?
      it could have just started without being linked to this stress, since i didn't feel stressed at the time, or maybe it's a combination
      or maybe it's just the phlegm, i know it seems it might be a combination, but please read threw the information carefully
      and then come to your conclusion.
      I do know anxiety is like a fire in the brain, and it can disrupt or limit blood flow, but i'm not sure why. i have tried eating eggs
      despite it's dairy, to see if it can help restore blood flow and balance.
      i also do Grounding, which is basically walking barefoot in the garden or outside, which also helps if you are suffering from
      Electron deficiency of the body.
      I also low in Vitamin D, which doesn't help you face these crisis. i don't think it's because i'm low in VIT D, but i think
      i am more vulnerable in getting the things i've just listed BECAUSE I'M LOW IN VITAMIN D, which is a little difference.
      i just haven't found any good high quality D supplements, some are junk, however i might know where to get some.
      my personal GP does recommend i take a Multivitamin, which at least will help currently. beggars can't be choosers
      and just for now she recommends i just take any supplement that can restore VITAMIN D LEVELS.
      there is still some things i'd like to say. having this problem, i have noticed when i see stressful scenes on Emmerdale or
      Tv in General, i feel faint or my light head increases. so this could be saying that Stress is the main factor, or it could be saying
      stress doesn't help my situation, so either way i'm not too sure if it's the mucus or the stress. maybe it could be both?
      or could it be something else?
      Some people on Bulletin boards claim they have had constant light headed anxiety for yrs, but i try not to listen to this fear mongering
      and other people's situations when they might have diseases that go with theirs and different circumstances. mine only started last week
      and i don't plan on suffering yrs.
      Now before i Finish, i just want to say a couple more weird things that happen to me during masturbation.
      i can be super horny, but my penis doesn't get hard, do you think this is just because i do it excessive?
      i know it can't be erectile dysfunction because it can get hard, but probably not hard enough to put in a woman
      also if i hold in wee, if i orgasm, it's more powerful, is this because holding yourself is a pressure, and climaxing is also pressure
      so the 2 combine?
      or is it just a personal thing that i have? i mean there is no scientific reason how electrocuting the nipples can receive pleasure
          but if the shock or danger can excite someone, and they are kinky, they can have sexual pleasure from this action. in the same way
          would this be the answer to my problem?
          Thanks for taking the time to read through this email.
Answered by Dr. Olsi Taka 3 hours later
Brief Answer:
Read below.

Detailed Answer:

Sorry for taking some time to answer but this was really by far the longest query I have ever encountered in my two years on this site and some time was needed to read an process it all.

Regarding the first part of your question about the lightheadedness issue, after reading your post more than once I do not find any symptom to indicate that this could be related to a brain lesion of any kind. At times lightheadedness may be related to metabolic abnormalities (blood glucose alteration, electrolyte changes anemia etc) but that will be excluded by the blood tests the results of which you mention to be waiting. Heart arrhythmias can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain at times producing light headed feeling. However given the situation the symptom manifested, the sensitivity to outside stress factors, the background of stress and anxiety issues you mention I strongly believe that it is related to anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a very common issue which is often accompanied by lightheadedness and pressure like feeling.

As for your problems of mucus, usually it is in the setting of chronic inflammation of the airways. Now as to what is keeping that inflammation up for the long time you describe is difficult to determine without being able to examine you or tests like x-ray. One hypothesis may be gastro-esophageal reflux. It is commonly associated with the too many sodas and the diet you describe and can be exacerbated by anxiety as well. Reflux of gastric content may irritate the airways and explain the mucus you describe. The frequent nausea you describe may be in that setting as well. One other possibility might also be chronic sinus infection (sinus issues often can recur and become chronic) which may lead to secreations running down the back of the throat.

As for your theories of the mucus thing being at the root of the lightheadedness or being in some way related to your masturbation and sperm circulation, I am sorry but there is no scientific basis about that what so ever. The acidity issue has no scientific basis either. I believe you should search the root of your teeth issues in your diet and the many sodas actually, that is what you should try to address really.

Regarding your fear of not being able to produce sperm due to masturbation, do not worry that is not the case. Cells in the testes multiply continuously, there is not a finite number of cells which can end. Remember there are people in the 80s and 90s who have conceived children, so you shouldn't fear your reserves ending at the age of 25.

As for the erection issue it may be due to anxiety as well, it does affect sexual performance. Meanwhile regarding the relation of orgasm with holding urine, that is because of the extra stimulation. Urination function as well as sexual is mediated by the last segments of the spinal cord, so having a full bladder does send impulses to similar neighbouring areas as sexual stimuli, hence the extra stimulation (bladder fullness is one of the contributors of morning erections as well through the same mechanism).

So my advice to you is make some changes in your lifestyle. Not shutting down internet as has been suggested, that doesn't make any sense, especially in this day and age, but try to get out more, have physical exercise, undertake activities like yoga which help with anxiety and try to find the right partner with whom to share your sexual activities. If these conservative measures are not enough then perhaps a visit to an anxiety specialist, possibly a psychiatrist, may offer some more expert help through psychotherapy and if really needed medication.

I hope to have addressed all your questions.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Olsi Taka 7 hours later
Thanks for your reply Dr Olsi Taka, but i still have some questions.

When you say anxiety disorder, do you mean i actually have a disorder, or do i just have anxiety. i always use to associate disorder with high entropy. as for masturbation, i'm not disputing there is no scientific evidence or even pseudo-scientific evidence for what i'm claiming, but i feel it's more of a personal issue.
like it only happens when it's me. when i have masturbated, sometimes i have felt really sick through it, and have vomited mucus, so i do know it's something to do with that. scientific evidence or not, maybe i don't need a doctor to tell me this one, if it makes me feel like that, stop doing it so much. so i will do my best to cut down. excessive is not good. it's an addiction and that needs psychotherapy in itself. Masturbation can even kill you if you do it enough, there is actually scientific evidence to support that. people have actually died from it but in super rare cases, it's probably because too much adrenaline is racing round the body. i also wasn't saying light headedness is at the root of my problem, i was asking if it's possible the mucus was making me feel woosy.
I also was trying to say that acidity causes inflammation, or is present when inflammation happens, that can cause things like dental abscesses. Sperm is acid,and so is Soda. too much can cause problems, and can cause cells to become toxic. it seemed as if on the point of sexual climax, more acidity was being created, probably in the body. weak parts that are full of acidity like the teeth for example can make more acid and that can cause problems. i'm not sure how its done, but there has been times when i have finished masturbating, i have felt inflammation in my teeth in super seconds. i can't say how it's done, all i know is it happens. is it possible it just happens with me? maybe the way my mind interprets the data?
i haven't had a sinus infection for over 2 yrs either as i stated.

Anyway all in all, if you feel my problem is just anxiety and there is no risks of dying from it, then all good! :D

and one more thing?

how long will my symptoms last? 2 weeks? until stress is no longer present? until i do something like meditation or Yoga?

Thanks once again

Answered by Dr. Olsi Taka 10 hours later
Brief Answer:
Read below

Detailed Answer:
Hello again!

In terms of risk of dying, do not worry about that, there is no indication of any life threatening issue.

Whether it is simple anxiety or anxiety disorder....it is an anxiety disorder when it is persistent and interferes with activities of daily living. Also anxiety disorder is often not isolated but accompanied by other psychiatric issues, but that can't be said so easily by online consult, a psychiatric interview is necessary for that.

As for whether it will evaporate that easily or need more than lifestyle changes, that is hard to say right away. Of course it is desirable for it to be transitory, for there to be no need of medication and psychotherapy, it is always started by the simpler measures, in a stepwise approach. However given the previous issues you describe, not only the stress prone background, but issues such as excessive masturbation as well, I wouldn't be surprised if there was eventually the need for psychotherapy and medication.

Regarding the stories about death from masturbation, I repeat there is no basis. Whether it is possible to find reports of people who have died from say a heart attack or ruptured aneurysm during a sexual activity, sure you can. The same way you can find reports of deaths from other types of physical exertion such as sports. That doesn't mean that it was the masturbation itself to lead to death, it is a preexisting condition which is more prone to complicate during exertion when more blood is taken away from the organs towards the muscles (or the genitals as well).

As for the theory of acidity, again that is not the case. Sperm is produced in the testicles and is ejected from there passing in its own separate tubes, it has no anatomical relation with blood, doesn't enter the blood, doesn't circulate anywhere.

I hope to have been of help.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Olsi Taka 2 days later
Thanks once again for your reply..

So is it possible to Faint? and if so how long do you think i would be out for?
I know i haven't fainted yet, but i've been fighting to remain awake.
i must also report the latest incident.

Yesterday, i was sick with the phelgm again, i was overheated by typing out long emails, and we going through the Seasonal change. the sun was out, which is unusual, it's getting summer, it's getting shorter and shorter night-time. i could feel the sun on me, and it just sent me all funny.
i noticed my problem was at the mildest it's been, but this was before i got sick on the day.

anyway turned out i decided to get it off my chest instead of fighting it, because i wanted to put my mind to rest that it's not mucus. when i threw up it smelled like Puke, but seemed to be just water or mucus. i did get in my opinion a good deal off my chest, but the Headache or sickness remained just as strong. i decided not to bother getting anymore off my chest because i thought it was just going to make me throw up water ad XXXXXXX perhaps it was the feeling that made me throw up water, and not mucus, maybe it's just feeling off the hooks so to speak, and that it wasn't mucus related.

however the headache remained as strong as it was, on the night-time i sat in the dark by the fire, and it uplifted. in other words gone away. however i couldn't believe it because my light headed feeling was back, but not as bad as it has been but i wouldn't say mild either. it didn't feel like the pressure, or the woosy feeling, it just felt like a moderate light headed feeling.

i went to back assuming it was the after effects of throwing up while being unwell, however i have woke up with it still. i wouldn't say it's improved, maybe even a Tad got worse.

it seems to hit me when i am sitting down, not as bad standing up, which is strange because you would think it's the other way round.

typing to you, actually seems more better than not, it's like an adverse effect that is somehow help take it away.

i know i am very weak now, so any negative thought (without brains straining) can still cause me to easy slip back unwell, but i don't think it's that. however it's hard keeping a POSTIVE mind set, because i have a lot of stress in my household, usually with my mother.

she always nags at me, and talks at me and not with me. always moaning 24/7 about something or other, even things not to do with me. even this is somehow my fault, or someone elses. and where ever my fault or not, will talk at me as if it's my fault.

as for psychotherapy, being british, we have FREE NHS, and i was thinking about having a Life coach, but Life coaches aren't covered by the NHS and are very pricey. we have something called "well being nurses" who are basically as useless as amoeboids. i'd actually perfer Hypnotherapy even though that's a little extreme. of course these people aren't covered by the NHS.

Yoga is good, and so is QI gong. as a spiritual person, i do tend to read from this site www.futureofmankind.co.uk and also the books from XXXX

they are the most helpful books out there, but they are not self-help.
i know it's not just down to reading, it's down to self-responsibility, however i do think a life coach would be supportive.
Answered by Dr. Olsi Taka 12 hours later
Brief Answer:
Read below.

Detailed Answer:
Hello again!

Whether it is possible to faint due to psychological causes, yes it certainly is. At times when things becomes too much to handle your mind can react by shutting down contact with the outside world, it is a coping mechanism. At times such episodes are called psychogenic seizures as they may be confused with epileptic seizures. As for how much it may last that may vary from one patient to the other, from minutes to hours.
Regarding these mucus episodes as I said I am not able to directly examine you, but I would still put gastro-esophageal reflux as the most possible cause.

I am not sure how the health system works in the UK. I imagine life coaches are not reimbursed and you have to pay. But I wonder if psychotherapy is not free when prescribed by a proper specialist such as a psychiatrist. You should inquire your primary physician about that and if that is the case you could be referred to a psychiatrist who can prescribe psychotherapy. In a way life-coaching is a form of psychotherapy, but I think traditional psychotherapy would be even more useful in identifying anxiety provoking patterns of thinking and ways to better cope with them.

Wishing you good health.
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Ok thanks for your time,answers reply's and advice! Happy Easter!
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Thank you!

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Happy Easter to you as well :)
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
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