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Suggest performance enhancing drugs that are not prohibited by WADA

Answered by
Dr. Matt Wachsman

Addiction Medicine Specialist

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Posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2018 in Drug Abuse
Question: Hello,

I am an athlete, I am looking for enhance performance drugs oral pills that are legal, I am sure their are medical out in the world that excist. I mean, their are medical such as bromantan(ladestane) a Russian type which is prohibited on the WADA list as well as meldonium, adrafinil and etc. I am looking for enhance performance drugs that I can buy non-prescription or prescription that are legal and not on WADA prohibited list? As well as I am looking for some oral pills that can increase my muscle strength, stamina, reduce fatigue, reduce lactic acid in muscles, reduce performance anxiety and increase size?

I have no allergies, no heart problems, ECG shows normal, never smoke, alcohol intake never, blood pressure normal, no headings, bowel movement normal, heart pulse at rest 56-60, no disease, live/kidney/pancreas functions are normal, sleep is normal, daily appetite is normal.

Currently, I am taking a Russian oral pillls have reboxsine (Inosine) apparently athlete where using in USSR to help with cardiovascular heart flow as well as increase oxygen flow for the muscle and decrease lactic acid, reboxsine wasn’t classified as stimulated therefore WADA didn’t place on the list. This the only medication I use while I train, I am also drinking protein and drinking creatine 5g per day only
Answered by Dr. Matt Wachsman 16 hours later
Brief Answer:
inosine is a maybe.

Detailed Answer:
It at least 1) has a rationale, nearly all the performance enhancing drugs are ToTal CRAP (creatine, the partial beta agonist used in poultry, whey--which is inferior to chicken with or without the beta agonist in them, etc.). Inosine is used by muscle to make mRNA and DNA which is used in making protein and making cells grow in number and size. Frankly a normal diet probably is good enough. and 2) because it is a normal dietary ingredient, it isn't banned nor tested for. It is extremely unlikley to be bad for you.

Here's are two. Ok, for me they make all the difference.
Reduced prostaglandins promote muscle growth. There are hundreds of articles about this fact. It has been WELL-established for a decade. Prostaglandin inhibitors are aspirin like drugs. They need to be there while you exercise. I'm not 100% on aspirin. BUT naproxen at prescription levels Does Work. Furthermore, it is OBVIOUS that lowering the PAIN from lactic acid but not it's production (which is the stimulus for muscle building) will not only make barbells far, far more pleasant but also more effective.
here's the downside. The stimulus for muscle building is higher in me--middle aged guy--than in you--20 year old. BUT obviously, your performance is better. This is because the muscle breakdown pathways are basically not there at age 20. If you stop doing exercise for 6 months your tone will be crap BUT you will not lose 50% of the built up muscle mass which occurs in middle aged people who stop exercise for 6 months. The pathways of muscle breakdown are shut down by aspirin like drugs. Very important for me; might not matter for you. Still, there is the strongest data for them of anything but illegal stuff.

Next, viagra opens up lung circulation. It will help in sprints and other physical situations where being winded is the limiting factor. It's Going To Get Banned. well, at least for female atheletes.

More information can be got. BUT it depends on the specific function you want. Cross training has been known to be plain stupid for most of a century. It has never been advocated by Am Soc. Sports Med. There's white meat (fast muscles involved in rapid movement and power and body building) and dark meat (endurance). White meat is how muscle grows, but it is turned (mostly irreversibly) into dark meat by endurance exercise. You can get one or the other but if you try both you get sort of neither. "MUSCLE CONFUSION".

Therefore, for more specific recommendations it requires knowing exactly what you want otherwise I'm going to give possibly the exact wrong advice.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Matt Wachsman 1 hour later
Thank you for your detailed information.

I have few questions back naproxen is a long life drug as they say it’s 12-15hrs. Does this mean, once a take a pill of naproxen, it will stay in my body system between 12-15hrs app.?

To be more specific in details on what exactly I am looking for. I will provide a little bio of myself. I am a basketball athlete, I am 6”11, weight 205lb
I have problems with my nasal airway function, it’s hard to me to breath using my nose, majority of time I breath with my mouth. I know that I need an rhinoplasty surgery, but I just don’t want to sit out for long period of time for recovery. I notice that when I jog outside for 5-9km I can do no problem and when I do inside I tend to get tire really fast after 2km. It seems that because I inhale and exhale with mouth I get less oxygen supply therefore I tend to get tired fast indoors gyms. That’s why I am looking for some oral pills that can provide me with supplying with oxygen to my lungs or to my blood red cells so I won’t get tire fast. As basketball involve me playing indoor and we are doing a lot of 20m short distance sprits back and forth.

For my height my weight seems to be skinny it’s really hard to me to gain weight, I am looking for oral pills that can help me with growth muscle and boosting my strength, I had right shoulder dislocation 5 times then I got an arthroscopic Surgery, ligaments repair, lambrum repair 1-5 o’clock, after 2 years I got shoulder dislocation again. And again, I don’t want to get a 2nd surgery because I will be out for recovery’s for a while. Therefore, strengthening my shoulders and all other body joins in the body plus using collagen supplements is not enough, as I am looking for other enhance fast acting pills that will provide me with strength and fast acting healing.

For that I want to use deca durbaline a steroid but I read to many side effect, I am looking for other options; therefore, I am here on healthcare magic

I also get fatigue (tiredness) we train everyday twice a day for 2hrs, plus I work out on my own once a day. I am looking for pills that can reduce my fatigue and still have strong mental effect to practice hard.

Lastly, I have little bit of performance anxiety, I am looking some that I can use that will decrease as well as increase my mentality to play strong.

Here is exactly what I am looking for
Answered by Dr. Matt Wachsman 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
Very good input

Detailed Answer:
First, on the lungs. There are a lot of physiological processes that kick in with exercise. The lung vessel dilation is the main one which then gets more blood through the lung, etc. This is why with exercising for a while, you run better. Nasal dilation is another effect that is seen. It is called "warm ups". You need it. It might be 20 min on a treadmill at low to moderate levels or less. It also lowers resistance in other vessels, dilates circulation to the extremities, moves blood away from areas not involved with exercise (digestion) and many other effects. THere are nasal strips in the pharmacy. They are worth the 5 to 10 dollars to try.

Then, naproxen is an easy answer. The detectable amount is a lot lower than the amount that is needed to do something. 6 hrs of active effect is a pessimistic number 10 hrs is overly optimistic. Cannot predict in your particular case which number it is closer to but you can probably feel it and knwow.

On muscle growth, you have a big problem. Tendons and cartilege grow far slower than muscle. If I give you exercises to grow muscle they are GUARANTEED to hurt the dislocated shoulder. So, I can refer you to
and there's a lot of good info there. There is a LOT.

Ok, for core and lower limb it's fairly easy because the shoulders can be isolated OUT from the exercise. They can be for biceps, but it would take a personal trainer or physical therapist to devise very specific exercise to NOT work on the shoulders.

Let us assume there is a "magic pill". It still wouldn't be magic for you.
1) even illegal steroids require exercise to work and that is a problem with shoulder tendons in you and worse 2) they build muscle far more than they build tendons and then you unbalance the shoulder and the tendons get torn more.

Sports teams cannot take the time for the tendons to properly heal so they pretty much always get it wrong. My patients with tendon issues go through about a full year of work to build up the tendons working at extremely LOW weights and building up. It hasn't been looked at, and, the NSAIDS probably matter a lot on this because tendons are very susceptible to inflammation induced damage and deterioration.

Now, aspirin like drugs are notorious for stomach irritation. If I am recommending a lot of them for about a year, then warnings about stomach irritation and bleeding are important. Furthermore, this is usually not noticeable as pain and it is somewhat preventable by taking them with food or with proton pump inhibitors but probably needs physician monitoring.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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