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Suffering from constipation, abdominal pain and nausea. What is the remedy?

Answered by
Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale

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Posted on Wed, 11 Dec 2013 in General Health
Question: I have talked to a couple people now but everything keeps changing so.... for the last 5 months I have been having digestive problems and they got worse each month. I changed my diet and tryed exercising but once I started exercising I had mid cycle bleeding. This was only one time for 5 days and it was this month. My cycles are always the same and i can tell when i am ovulating. Along with my constipation I have had extremely bad abdominal pain and not in one specific spot. I get pains throughout my body and I always have a bad taste in the back of my mouth. The tright side of my throat has been bothering me it seems like something is stuck in my tonsil but when u look at it the right one looks like it has grown a small tonsil on itself. If that makes sence.. I feel really tired weak and almost every day I am nauseous. I am curently on my period so im pretty positive I am not pregnant but I have so many different issues going on im not sure what to think.
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Diagnosis treatment, positive attitude will help. Detailed Answer: HI XXXXX, Thanks for your question through Health care magic A good digestion forms the basis of good health, I understand your concern. From your description, I feel you need full information for a whole sum approach to your problem. * A long standing digestion problems along with pain in abdomen ,tension & accompanying signs of low resistance, like tonsillitis can be due to a range of conditions , It may follow acute Gastro intestinal illness with anxiety depression, Intestinal infections & infestations May be seen in hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism. Certain food intolerance *To pick a particular cause out of these, a range of investigations are to be done.- - Stool examination Blood tests routine & serological to exclude condition like crone's disease. Ultrasonograhy of abdomen Hydrogen breathe testing for detecting fructose /lactose intolerance. For this you are advised to consult a Gastroenterologist & get investigations done as per his advice. * Apart form the medicines prescribed by doctor to take care of the basic cause, you need to add few things to your life style which will help to manage & maintain your digestive health. They are- * Diet- a well balanced diet, avoiding the food you are not tolerating (if any) should be taken as per a dietitition's advice, High fiber diet with lot of fluid consumption is beneficial. Antispasmodic drugs help only in case of diarrhea. In constipation food as per advice, digestive enzymes take care of it, * Exercises- They helps by improving intestinal movements/digestion. (Regular exercises/walking for 45 minutes/day)/ Yoga exercises * Stress management- By Relaxation techniques, Yoga /Tai chi/ meditation * Herbal supplements - Psyllium, Ispaghula,for free bowel movements * I feel your toncils problem will need antibiotic/ anti inflammatory drugs with consulting ENT specialist. * Bad odor in mouth is due to tonsils/indigestion (needs B complex supplement) * Mid cycle bleeding may follow stress Thus an expert advice, life style changes & Positive attitude should help you to overcome your problem I hope the answer was both informative & helpful to you. I will be happy to help for any follow-up query. Thanks
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Shanthi.E
Follow up: Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 3 hours later
Thank you for all of the information you have given me. Its very helpful and there are a lot of health choices I am trying to make and it is slowly helping me. One more question that maybe you can help me with. I talked about my tonsils earlier but right now the right tonsil is bigger than the left and has lumps toward the back and it feels like I have something stuck in my throat. Its so bad that I feel like I need to get sick just to get it unstuck. Also I am having pains in my right chest and feel all around not good. Any ideas?
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 4 hours later
Brief Answer: Consult ENT surgeon. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXX, Thanks for your follow up query. * There are various causes of right sided chest pain. Considering ,your problem of digestion at present, the most likely in your case seem to be Gastritis ,some problem with gall bladder or liver,Gastro esophageal reflux disease. The gastro enterologist you are going to consult will definitely consider there possibility. Please do mention this complaint to him when you see him. * The tonsillar problem can be-acute, recurring, chronic or Peritonsiller abscess. Out of these the description you have made resembles with - Either acute tonsillitis with involvement of adenoid or, - Peritonsillar abscess (One sided tonsil being enlarged. with lumps at its back, Feeling of something being stuck in throat) . However it's difficult to guess exactly, as you have not mentioned about other symptoms you have- like pain, difficulty in swallowing, fever etc... * Acute tonsillitis is mostly infective in nature. Viral tonsillitis heals by simple treatments of anti inflammatory drugs, anti allergic pills, hot saline gargles. * Peritonsillar abscess, is collection of pus in tonsils, it needs earliest treatment. You do need an immediate consultation of an ENT specialist for diagnosis & treatment. Some investigations like blood check up, throat swab test may be asked. Treatment mostly is by antibiotics, anti inflammatory drugs. Patient is closely observed till cured. Some times drainage of abscess is required. You seem to be too much stressed. Please don't worry, both the problems you ask for, are treatable. Cheer up! Wish you a quick recovery! Hope, I have answered to satisfy you. Any other query is welcome. Thanks.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Shanthi.E
Follow up: Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 43 hours later
Hello again. I am planning on going to the doctors tomorrow but I still have questions. My right tonsil is bugging me. It is throbbing and has a skin colored growth on the right XXXXXXX tward the back of my thoat. It make it very uncomfortable to drink pr swallow. It also makes me feel like I have something stuck in my throat. I went to the doctors in april for strep throat and inthought it came back 2 weeks later so I went back and they just treated it like it did. I started getting tonsil stones and really bad taste in my mouth and have had that ever since. Now I am dealing with this lump. Any ideas. It will be the 3rd time going to the doctors for my throat in 7 months.
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 8 hours later
Brief Answer: Consult ENT surgeon immediately. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXX, Thanks for the question. The information now given clears the entire picture. Your first symptom was infective tonsillitis ( due to staphylococci) 7 months back .You were treated for it twice ,still it was not under control,& you landed in tensile stones.( roughly after 5-6 months. Meaning, though you were symptomless all these days (tonsillar stones can remain symptomless in beginning), the process went on & now you have the inflamed & enlarged tonsil, that is bugging you. In this light, one can not deny the possibility of the root of your digestive problem also being the tonsillar infection itself. The infection/bacterias being carried down with food. Now about your present problem- The swelling of the tonsil you have may be- - Tonsillar & palatal adenoid inflammation due to staphylococcal infection & the bacterias, dead cells & mucus forming debris on right side & giving all the symptoms. -The tonsillar stone & staphylococcal infection together have lead to an abscess & pus collection in space surrounding the tonsil. (Peritonsillar abscess) I would advise you to consult an ENT surgeon the earliest. After investigations (to which I would add possibility of CT scan) doctor will advice you about treatment plan. The treatment can range from medicines (By antibiotics to which the bacteria are sensitive) & other drugs, removal of tonsillar stone, drainage of abscess, tonsillectomy. In the end I would advise you for a quick action under an expert ENT surgeon's guidance. It’s always better to be careful & tension free. I hope that makes the picture clear. Any further query is welcome. Thanks.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vaishalee Punj

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