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Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby?

Mar 2013
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hi dr., im from XXXXXXX im 8months pregnsnt, my due date is on 31st aug., past 2weeks iv been diagonised with high bp, last bp taken was 150 upon 100 my gynsec has given me nicardia 10 tablet to consume till next appointment on this coming fri. , i just wanted to mske dure if its safe for my baby.
Mon, 4 Aug 2014 in Pregnancy
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 10 minutes later
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Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to us with your health concern.
150 by 100 is definitely high blood pressure.
It needs to be treated.
NIcardia is completely safe to be taken during pregnancy, and it should be taken if consistently high BP is being documented.
Hypertension in pregnancy can have lots of adverse effects on the baby and the mother.
Also, always rest in the left lateral position.
Restrict salt in your diet.
If you are in doubt about BP readings, maintain a diary charting your BP measured twice a day by a physician or GP close by.
Do not miss taking the tablets though, do not put yourself and your child at risk.
All the best
Please feel free to discuss further.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 8 minutes later
thanku dr. , feeling better now ..dr. is it ok for me to do daily household work? dr. is my baby s weight ok so far ., how much is 1831grms in pounds? what should i eat for a healthyvdelivery

dr. is nicardia to be taken empty stomach or i can take it after breakfast , today i took it after having breakfast.. my gynaec just told me to have a 12hour break between each tablet , she asked me to have 2tablets daily with 22hour break..
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 4 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
Hello again
You can do routine household work as long as you get necessary rest and you do not bend, strain or lift heavy weights unnecessarily.
Please upload the ultrasound scan report so that I can study it thoroughly and let you know if the baby weight is okay.
Also, 1831 in pounds comes to 4.036 pounds.
You can take Nicardia anytime that it suits you, just 12 hour gap should be maintained.
Hope the answers helped you.
Take care.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 14 hours later
Thanku dr., i will surely send u the sonography report as soon as possible, actually this is my 2nd pregnancy, my 1st baby has downsyndrome ,she is 4now. we were not adviced any tests or anyyhing to detect babys growth earlier due to my age which was 26 then nd no fly. history, bt. guess it was God s wish and we love her soo much, but this time dr. we made sure to get all tests done like tripple marker, amniocentesis ,its all normal, my nt scan is done ,anomaly scan is done its all normal, my bp was also normal till i entered my 8th month on 25th XXXXXXX gynac is good but iv noticed the moment i try asking her any questions she kind of gives me such a cold stare as though im not suppose to ask her anyghing, her only reply is what can we do now , it kind of freaks me out, i stay in vasai in XXXXXXX and its not convinient to keep travelling to XXXXXXX for any appointments with a gynaec so we have to go for a gynac in vasai 1st delivery was a csection and she came on 15th XXXXXXX 2010 when her due date was 7th july..the previous gynac told me that babys weight is very low just abt.2pounds and my fluid was drying which could be risky for my baby so we had to deliver her esrlier, i couldnt even breastfeed her as i didnt get enough milk in my breast , i was very dissapointed as everyone like the nurse the drs. were blaming me for not being ableto feed my child .. that is why dr. this time im very cautious and kp asking questions if any doubt,is there anyghing i can do to make sure i can breast feed this time, i wish i could have a normal delivery this time bt. my dr. tells me c section most probably.dr. i have sent u my sonography report done in my 5th month its the anomaly scan done on 15th april 2014, iv also sent u my blood test report advised by my dr done recenyly. ill sendu the sono. report done on 5th july by tommorrow or so as i dont have it with me right now. thanks

dr, just one humble request plss. do not disclose any of these discussion with my gynac as i do not wish to unnecesssrily spoil my terms with my dr. hope u understand, i just thought of taking second opinion and i consider myself lucky to have found u online.. as i said my gynac is gd she is giving me right medicines nd advice bt. its just that i get scared asking her questions u know... thanks again
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 11 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
Thank you for placing your faith and trust in me.
The conversations on this forum are completely anonymous, I do not know about your identity also, there is no question of any information leaking out .
I understand your anxiety and natural concern, you can ask me limitless questions, and I will try and answer them patiently and to my best knowledge.
SO please stay assured and calm, do not worry or stress out about this.
I would always be available online 24 x 7, whenever you wish to consult.
Am glad all your screening tests for Down's syndrome are negative so far, that is very good news.
I need to know the latest ultrasound scan report as that will tell me whether the baby weight and fluid is normal or worrisome.
As such, BP often rises towards term, it is called gestational hypertension.
As long as you take medications and monitor your BP making sure that it stays within normal range, there is no risk to you or the baby.
Also, with the previous child being a C section ( can you tell me why C section was done ), chances of repeat C section are higher than chances of a normal delivery.
Just suckle your child to your breast as soon as he / she is born, even if there is no milk.
Suckling itself produces more milk.
Drink lots of water and avoid stress, just think positive.
I will await the scan report.
Take care, and God bless.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 10 hours later
gd morning dr.
thanku soo much for taking out time to answer my questions, feeling better now,
i wish u were my dr. .... iv attached the pic. of my ultrasound done recently , reports are with my husband at his office for mediclaim purpose, bt. will send u those as well, hope this cn help u too, my babys weight is 1831grms approximately as per the recent ultrasound done, that is why i asked u how much is it in pounds, also maam u asked abt. my last c section well, my gynac told me that we had to deliver the baby at the earliest as my fluid was drying which could have been life threatining to my baby so thats ehy she went for csection also she had told me that my vaginal path was very tight and small for the baby to come out so thats also one of the reason she adviced for a c section... over here dr. in vasai the drs. dont give u the baby as soon as he/she is born, they give u when u r in your room post delivery, my last delivery was a nightmare, they didnt let me breastfeed her immidiately and then the smart nurses fed her bottle milk with a spoon that too die to ehich she got choked nd became blue nd was rushed to the child hospital, i had no idea of what was going on as i was unconcious for a while after c section nd once i came too sences i was crying like iv been cut badly it was soo painful, the nursescame in nd asked me to pump out some breast milk for the baby, i just didnt get milk, i got sme colostrome which i read is gd for the baby i insisted to be fed to her but they refused to give it to her saying its too less nd by the time we take it to her it will dry up, then they just kept on insisting to pump out some milk as though i was a cow it was so embarressing... this time i went for another gynac and another hospital bt. in vasai only as there is no option for us as we stay here ...i really hope this time all goes well, on friday my dr. has called me again to check my bp..i want to talk to her abt. my delivery nd feeding bt. just dont understand how to approach her..i really want everything to go well this time ,im doing my best just hope i get supportive nurses nd dr. this time.,dr. i m just inquisitive to know that if u see the ultrasound pic of my baby the 1st nd 2nd pic. in the 2nd row from top, i somehow feel as though there r two babies , is it true? or is it just my presumption cuz. if u c where my baby s feet ends i kind of c a face and hand like structure pls can u just check it closely nd let me know., i know if i ask my husband or my dr. they r going to lsugh it out bt. iv kind of connected with u so thought of asking u plss.
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 5 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
Hello again
I am extremely sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience you had after childbirth last time.
None of it is your fault, the nursing staff is supposed to be much more kind, warm and supportive.
Colostrum should definitely be given to the child, as expressing more milk means more supply.
Do not be scared this time, and frankly approach your doctor with your reservations, am sure any decent doctor would be understanding and considerate.
THere is only one baby, do not worry, you are getting confused with other structures seen on scanning.
The recent images uploaded provide no information to me, the resolution is too small, I need to look at the report, so I request you to send that to me at the earliest.
If the pelvis was too small for the last baby, chances of repeat C section are high.
Insist on having the child breastfed immediately after birth, even if you are sedated , then the nursing staff should put the child at the breast, or a relative can do it.
Do not worry, everything will be fine this time around, I will pray for you.
Please feel free to contact me directly anytime at -
Take care.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 5 hours later
maam iv sent u my recent sonography report awaiting your reply... thanku
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 12 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
Hello dear XXXX
I have gone through the latest scan and the report is normal.
The baby weight is also normal.
There is nothing to worry about right now.
Just relax.
Hope the BP is being controlled well.
Take care.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 7 hours later
thanku dr.,
I will let u know on friday after meeting my gynac reg. my bp status, well im praying as well that it comes normal.... cu
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 1 hour later
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Detailed Answer:
Okay do let me know.
However apart from BP checkup at your appointment with the gynecologist, please have daily home BP monitoring by somebody qualified who lives near you.
Maintain a diary showing the BP charting, morning and evening, twice a day.
That is much more reliable.
Take care.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 4 days later
Hello dr.
How r u? I went nd met my gynac on fri. Nd my bp came down to 130 upon 80 she said its normal bt. U still need to cont. The bp tablets, dr. I also spoke to her reg. Breastfeed she told me that baby should be brought to me in an hours time after delivery if done through c section ,in normal they give the baby in half an hours time for breastfeeding, so m just hoping all goes well this time. Dr. Is it very necessary to take the bp pills, as i had told u initially i feel fine , i dont wish to tske medicines unnecessarily ... also, i feel very tired these days .. im doing deep breathing exercises, also, iv always been at a heavier side ,im 5/2 nd i weighed around 78kg i guess when i got pregnant initially right now its 95kg hope its ok... i mean hope its just my baby weight...last pregnancy i didnt gain much weight this time i feel little better trying to stay active dr. Bt. Its getting little difficult now... at night sleeping is a big problem , left or right side ,whole night i keep turning from one side to another nd peeing.. just thought of sharing this info. With u. She has also given me mama proteinex powder to have with milk, then some ayurvedic piwder to increase milk flow when i begin breast feeding nd also a powder XXXXXXX box ARG9 to be had any time during the day once .
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 7 minutes later
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Detailed Answer:
Hello XXXX
I am fine, and thanks for asking.
Glad to hear from you.
Further good news is that your BP is normal.
Yes, dear, please have no doubt that you should continue the medications for blood pressure.
It is only because you are sincerely taking them, that the BP is controlled.
Also remember that if you skip or miss taking them, the risks of high BP on the child are too many, and you cannot afford to take that risk.
You are NOT harming your baby by taking these medicines, and they are NOT unnecessary I can assure you.
I hope the doctor follows through on her claim and let your husband insist on the baby being brought to you as soon as possible for a feed.
ALso, your weight gain is quite high, however you have time after childbirth to lose it gradually.
The complaints of being uncomfortable and being unable to sleep or feel fine is common in the 8th and 9th month.
As the uterus enlarges, your discomfort increases.
IT is a part and parcel of pregnancy.
Just prop up some pillows and bolsters and make yourself as comfortable as possible.
Increased urination is also normal at this time.
You can take the ARG9 XXXXXXX mama proteinex powder, please mention what ayurvedic powder has been given so that I can opine.
Take care.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 1 hour later
Its satavarex powder dr. Ayurvedic.
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 1 hour later
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Detailed Answer:
Yes you safely take this powder.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 6 hours later
Thanku soo much dr., u v come to me as an XXXXXXX just pray everything goes well... will kp u posted.
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 2 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
You are also a very sweet and kind person.
Praying for you, and wishing you all the very best in life, for yourself and your family.
Take care.
Write to me whenever you feel like talking.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 35 hours later
Hello dr.
How r u ? Thanku for your best wishes, dr. Im down with cold , running nose nd bad throat , imnapplying vicks nd also taking steam hope its fine, is there anything else i can do to cure it?
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 11 minutes later
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Detailed Answer:
Hello XXXX
Good morning, am fine.
Hope you are fine too.
Take steam inhalation with vicks drops in it.
You can take XXXXXXX / TusQ lozenges - 3 - 4 times a day.
Gargle with warm salt water atleast 5 - 6 times a day.
Take daily Vitamin C tablets ( Celin / Limcee ) to boost your immunity.
Use saline nasal drops ( Salin brand ) to clear your nose and secretions.
Have hot chicken broth or soups with ginger, tulsi, black pepper.
Take lots of water, juice, soup, etc.
Common colds and throat infections are mostly viral, and get resolved within 2 - 3 days, only the symptomatic treatment as described above is needed.
If it persists beyond a week, antibiotics maybe required.
Go for a hot water bottle in bed.
Ask somebody to gently massage your temples with balm.
All the best.
Hope this helps you.
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Follow-up: Is Nicardia intake in pregnancy safe for the baby? 2 hours later
Maam can i use eucaliptis oil in water for steam nd on my hanky as i feel better after using it.
Answered by Dr. Aarti Abraham 1 hour later
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Detailed Answer:
Sure you can.
You can put eucalyptus oil in your steam inhalation, and also on your hanky or pillow
It is perfectly safe to do so.
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