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Is Brahmi a good brain supplement?

Answered by
Dr. Shafi Ullah Khan

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Posted on Wed, 13 Aug 2014 in Medicines and Side Effects
Question: I want to increase my intelligence so I started taking a strong multivitamin with a lot of vitamin including all B vitamins which I read are amazing for this purpose and 10 mg of choline which is really not enough. Since citicholine and the XXXXXXX brahmi herb are also good brain aids I was planning to buy them separately. citicholine is 250 mg and I am still not sure of the brahmi. if I take all three pills together my multivitamin, the citicholine and the brahmi do I take the risk of overdose? How should I take them tgen?
Answered by Dr. Shafi Ullah Khan 2 hours later
Brief Answer:
cheap publicity stunts . stay thousand miles away

Detailed Answer:
Thank you for asking
Let me make one thing very clear to you.intelligence is a game of neurotransmitters which if well played by society including your parents your teachers and your own effort they lead to increment .There is no magic drug which magically increase the intelligence. It is god gifted and man own effort and hard work.
If you believe you will become a XXXXXXX XXXXXXX or memory king then I am sorry to say in advance you will be severely disappointed.
Now the medicines you mentioned are just no more than a cheap publicity stunt in my experience and has no effect on your memory unless you are an old alzeihmer patient or have add or a cerebrovascular accident or a parkinsonism disease or stroke or trauma to head or any other organic pathology when inbuilt acetylcholine is not enough and one needs exogenous supplements.
Now why are you trying to mess with neurotransmitters with this exogenous intake. Citacholine is not for you. It's for the indications I mentioned and that too to be used for maximum 90 days.
So please abandon the idea of that and just restrict yourself to vitamin supplements add a good diet and lifestyle to it use effort and activity based natural and realistic or you will end up pretty bad.pne simple insomnia if god forbid you got which is almost in every case of these medicines use , then you will want to spend your whole wealth for some moments of sound sleep and you won't get that.
Let me give you an in depth insight of this intelligence and it's quotient and factors affecting it. You might be able to get a clue what I am talking about at the end.

It is a topic worth of discussion and research and a lot of articles can be written upon it. Intelligence quotient is basically the mental age ratio to the chronological age of a person. For example if a person’s brain is thinking and solving problems of 23 years old and he is just 17 so it will be said his intelligence quotient is 23/17. Normally average IQ is 100 110. People down to 75- 50 - 30 are called morons and retards. People above it are called geniuses. Remember when a baby is born his brain is carte blanche. An empty paper on which whatever is needed to be written decides the fate. So most of the discussion points to the way a person gets groomed and nurtured and exposed to the environment to use his brain and flourish. To err is human but error is the largest reason for the success. Activity based learning and trials and errors and trying again and again leads to this increase in depth and brevity. So IQ is I would say 70 percent acquired. Rest 30 percent are genetics. There are areas in the brain for higher mental functioning. Some are good guitarists, some are artists, some are good speakers, good listeners, good interpreters, brave, and all other qualities decided by the areas in the brain involved in action. It is normally said in physiology that right brain dominant people are a bit more in intelligence quotients but their average lives are 10 years less than left brain dominants. The left brain is provided with major supply of vessels and nutrition as its functions are more. But when the right brain is dominant then both the lobes of the brain are fantastic and artistic works and extra ordinary skills turn out. like XXXXXXX Einstein, Picasso, good musicians. Remember brain is a weapon strong enough to do anything you put it through. A person can do wonders with it if you groom it proper. Now coming to environmental factors. Its well known that all health habits, proper sleep, proper routine, balanced diet,stress free life, healthy sex ( not too much sex with proper gaps) useful activities, good company and all that literature states good to human behaviour. Man is a social animal when its higher centers are free from emotions and troubles which gives it distractions, it can do wonders, that’s why it is said there should be an hour or two in ones daily life to be alone in quite place to ponder and calculate his life over and decide the pros and cons of one’s personality. Gut also plays the role somehow. A good fibrous diet with healthy bowel habits provides just the nutrition brain needs andhormonal stimulations which add to the neuronal strengthening of the CNS. The memory centers get sharpened , the hippocampi relays neurons gets more Renshaw cells and more control of power. Memory gets sharp. continuous use of Wernick's area of the brain increases the creativity, use of Wernick's increase the skills, communication, manipulation, and expertise, so you see it’s all the proper exposure you need to groom your senses and skills. Exercise, early morning rise from bed, early falling off to bed, early breakfasts, someyoga weekly, some healthy relations, some maternal paternal endorsements, so friendship tetherments and a person becomes a man, society helps, neighbor hood matters. So in nut shell all that which a college student feels burdened doing and feels impossible to do is what makes you smart. There are some strange facts about intelligence quotient. Did you know Anorexia low appetite increases the IQ? Doesn’t mean you should stop eating but it is proven by a research. Healthy human being who is free of any mental illness or retardation can achieve the IQ he wants but will need the effort required and this is the place where we lack, we want miracles to happen, but miracles don’t happen. Hard work decides it. I wish we could talk about it more. But you know brains higher mental functions are very complicated subject and a simple paragraph as an answer won’t be ever enough to explain the aspects of it all that it have and it has many more than one can imagine
I hope you see it in a right perspective. Do as directed and spars yourself from barrage of complications. Take good care of yourself and don't forget to close the discussion please.
May the odds be ever in your favour.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Shafi Ullah Khan 2 hours later
But is the XXXXXXX brahmi supplement good? Or it may be also dangerous?
Answered by Dr. Shafi Ullah Khan 13 minutes later
Brief Answer:
Stay away means stay away for your own sake

Detailed Answer:
Thank you for being understanding
As I said these are just placebo actual benefit.stay away from them.all of them . Just vitamin supplements. .
I hope it helps. Please close the discussion and do as directed. It's for your benefit.
Take care XXXXXXX
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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