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Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV?

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Hi. I am a very healthy 28 year old male who hasn't ever had any major health problem. I however, am a hypochondriac in every sense of the word. I have dealt with anxiety for years and it manifests in worrying about my health. I am also very paranoid.

I am writing because I have a recent fear of HPV. I have NO reason to suspect I could have HPV. I just would like to hear those words from a medical professional.

I have never participated in genital intercourse in my life. I am a virgin. I have, however, received and given oral sex.

In February and XXXXXXX of 2012, respectively, I was diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis after receiving oral sex from a new female partner each time. My urinalysis was clear and full blood STD profiles and 24 and 48 hour urine cultures were done several weeks afterwards to ensure I did not have anything else. I was totally clean. My doctor believes that the oral sex did not have an actual cause of the prostatitis, but rather my worry of getting something brought on the pain psychologically. Antibiotics cleared it up.

Recently, I have become aware of the growing number of people getting HPV. I never worried about it until I heard about it. I have never shown any symptoms of the wart strains and my urine cultures are clean. None of my partners have ever been diagnosed with HPV as far as I know and are clean otherwise as well. I am well educated on HPV and that men can be carriers of other strains with no symptoms.

My sexual history in the past year has been the following:
Girl 1: Received oral sex 3 times, given oral sex 2 times
Girl 2: Received oral sex 2 times, given oral sex 2 times
TOTAL of 5 received instances, 4 given in all of 2012

These 2 girls both had significantly more oral partners than I had but both get tested frequently and are educated, intelligent, responsible women. I know there is always a risk with any kind of sexual activity but I have always been told by doctors that oral to genital interaction is far less significant risk to pass HPV than genital to genital. My questions are:

1. Is this true?
2. Given my rather limited history, would you say my risk is high or low?
3. Let's say in theory that one of the girls had HPV. Given my interaction, what would a chance be of contracting it in my mouth from giving oral? (I am not looking for a "100% risk if they have it" answer please :) )
4. What would be the chances of receiving it on my genitals from their mouth, again, in theory if they had it?

Any other information you could provide me with to ease a troubled mind would be much appreciated. I try very hard not to worry and I know worrying is never a good thing. I know there is always a risk but I hope that I am overall worrying for nothing.

Thank you so much. Blessings.
Fri, 21 Dec 2012 in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 5 hours later
Hello and thanks for posting the query
Let me answer your queries one by one:
Query 1: Your doctor gives you the right information that there are less chances by oral sex of transmission of the disease. But we cannot totally rule out that disease can not be transferred by the activity.

Query 2: As per your history and the investigations report you have explained in your query, you have very less chances of transmitting STD's. In my opinion need not to worry.

Query 3 and 4: The time gap between exposure to the onset of symptoms is called incubation period. You have no STD, as you can see from the list below- has incubation period as short as few hours.

1. Chlamydia: Although many people never have any symptoms, when symptoms do appear it is usually one to three weeks after exposure to the bacteria.
2. Gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is frequently asymptomatic. When symptoms do appear they may show up as early as two days after exposure, or take as long as one month.
3. Syphilis: The chancre characteristic of the first stage of syphilis appears, on average, twenty one days after infection, but may appear any time between 10 to 90 days after exposure to the bacterium.
4. Chancroid: Symptoms of chancroid may appear any time from one day to several weeks after infection. Most people find that lesions appear within five to seven days.
5. Genital Warts: Most people who are going to have symptomatic genital warts will experience their first outbreak within 3 months of initial infection.
6. HIV: In the majority of the infected population, HIV remains asymptomatic for years - although some infected people will get a fever and flu like symptoms around two weeks after exposure. However, as most people do not experience or recognize these symptoms, the only way to know if you have HIV is to be tested. It is important to know, however, that it may take up to six months after exposure to the HIV virus before you will test positive on an HIV antibody test, although most infected people will test positive within 3 months.
7. Hepatitis B: Symptoms of hepatitis B usually show up between 4 to 6 weeks after infection. However, hepatitis B is completely preventable by vaccination.
8. Molloscum Contagiosum: Scientists are uncertain of the incubation period of molluscum contagiosum. Current estimates range from 2 weeks to 6 months.

I am assuming that you have a contact with a infected partner even than you have no symptoms and no investigation positive for that. So I think you have none of the above disease and you need not to worry about that. You can consult your psycatrist for your anxiety and do proper yoga, meditation and exercise for that.

Hope I have answered your query. Write back If you have any further query.
Best Wishes and be happy.
Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 4 hours later
Hi doctor, wow thank you for so much great information! I appreciate your thoroughness to cover all STDs. I have been tested for all of the ones you mentioned that can be tested for. I am more concerned specifically about HPV since it is not one that can be tested in male. Could you possible re-answer my 4 inquiries with this specific virus in mind, especially regarding my likeliness (or unlikeliness) of picking it up through my minimal oral contact. PS - it has been since XXXXXXX since I have been with the last female partner I mentioned.

Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 7 hours later
Hello and thanks again for the query
The virus that causes genital warts is called human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV infection spreads from one person to another through sexual contact involving the anus, mouth, or vagina. You can spread the warts even if you do not see them. The physical examination by your health provider can only rule out the disease. Not all types of HPV cause genital warts. Other types of HPV cause warts on other parts of the skin, such as the hands. The incubation period for these types of virus are varies from 6 weeks to 6 months. But most of the person develops the symptoms within 3 months of the initial infection. So if we assume that one of your partners is having HPV than it might spread to you by the time.
1.     There are little bit less chance of getting HPV by oral contact than the genital intercourse.
2.     You have an average chance of getting HPV if one of your partners if having it. But not after 6 months of the initial infection.
3 & 4. There are very less chances at now that you can have HPV on genital because you have no direct contact of your genital with infected genital. The virus has to be transferred by other means. If you want to get answer in percentage I can say 10%.

Hope you got your answer. Do not worry and get your physical examination done by the end to December. I don’t think your physician will find any thing abnormal.
Best Wishes
Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 6 hours later
Thank you. Is catching HPV (of any kind) in the mouth a reasonable concern given my limited history? Thank you again.
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 1 hour later
Hello and thanks again
HPV can transfer from sexual contact through mouth, vagina and anus. You have to be careful and has a complete history of your partner before getting any contact. It is safe to have single sexual partner.
Best Wishes and have a safe sex.
Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 10 hours later
Thank you. One last question. I have a couple of white bumps on my foreskin that I used to be alarmed about. I had my urologist look at them in person and he called them papules or fordyce spots and said not to worry. I had a dermatologist look on this website as well, and he was 100% positive repeatedly that they were fordyce spots as well, and said that unless they cause harm, not to do anything to them. They do not react to the vinegar test in any way and are hard and smooth.

I just wanted to get your opinion as well to rule out as a third opinion that these are nothing to worry about. I have attached a photo. Thank you very much.

Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 13 hours later
Hello dear and thanks again
You have explained that the spots are hard and smooth, so I don't think that they are papules. Yes they can be fordyce's spot as they look like that. To be confirm by clinical examination. If they are not causing any discomfort to you than need not to worry. You can carry on with your activities.

I will be happy to answer to other related queries.

Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 3 hours later
But overall you are certain they are not warts?
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 16 hours later
Hello and thanks again
Genital warts often occur in clusters and can be very tiny or can spread into large masses in the genital or penis area. When present, they usually are seen on the tip of the penis. I do not think that they are warts. Get yourself clinically examined by your GP if you have any doubt in your mind.

Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 5 days later
Hey doctor, I apologize for this silly follow up question. On the topic of our discussion, I noticed tonight I have a bump at the bottom of my penis shaft. I tried to pop it but I could not get much of anything out of it. I just wanted to make sure this is not a wart or anything else to worry about. It is red and seems to have a head on it from where I squeezed it. it is soft and the swelling on it is more inside the skin than on top. I have attached photos. I know I am likely worrying for nothing but I appreciate the reassurance and diagnosis very much. Thank you.
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 3 hours later
Hello Dear and thanks for the query
I understand your stress and there is nothing wrong to get cleared your queries. I have seen all your three pics attached to this query. I feel nothing to worry about. The small/ tiny bump will resolve by itself in 1-2 days. If it not you need to take a short course of antibiotic. Surely it will get cured.

The bump may occur due to pull off of the hairs. Do not squeeze it and try to do experiments. Just wait and watch. I am sure it will resolve.

Write back to me if you have any doubt.

Dr. Kulbir Singh
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Follow-up: Had oral sex. Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. What are the chances of getting HPV? 5 hours later
thank you for the information doctor. I wanted to post 1 last picture of the bump now that all the irritation from me messing with it last night has gone down and make sure your diagnosis remains the same and that there's nothing to worry about. thank you for your continued knowledge and patience with me.
Answered by Dr. Kulbir Singh 8 hours later
Hi Dear and welcome again
Jut relax your mind and give some time for the lesion to heal. After seeing the pics I will still say that it will get cured by itself. Nothing to worry about the bump. There is no change in my diagnosis. Wait for 2 days than if needed take a course of antibiotic. Hope you have got your answer.

Dr. Kulbir Singh
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