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Does unresolved grief lead to asthma?

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I recently read that there is some evidence that asthma can be related to unresolved grief, especially those who have held it in too long. Increasingly I am seeking non traditional explanations for my varied conditions as not one doctor in the USA or UK has had a positive outcome in either affirmatively diagnosing a specific or underlying cause for any of my non injury related ailments, and NONE have had ANY positive outcome in treating any of my conditions or injuries in over 14 years. Any positive results have come entirely from my own research and efforts, using nutritional mega vitamin treatments, nonstandard pharmaceuticals, oxygen based therapies such as hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, etc. Those have resolved or minimized some health concerns I have not mentioned because they seem minimal to in remission now as a result of such efforts. I ask about the role of grief in asthma as I read something alluding to it by coincidence, and the diagnosis of asthma occurred literally just as I got out of the military, and many symptoms seemed to onset at a certain point while I w in the military when I was very disturbed by some of my experiences, the results, and have carried a load of regret, guilt, and anger that may well have been PTSD, but as I entered and departed the military within a culture of bearing any burden...silently...and did not think there was any point in seeking counseling or advice, I learned to deal with it on my own. when it comes to such links between a clear physical illness and possible psychic trauma, I am unsure of what to believe, or even how to procede in going forward, or it the theory is credible.
Posted Sun, 22 Dec 2013 in Asthma and Allergy
Answered by Dr. Vaishalee Punj 10 hours later
Brief Answer: Hi Detailed Answer: Hi Thanks for posting your query on XXXXXXX I am sorry to know what you have been through and that it had long term health effects on you. Coming to your specific query about the role of grief in asthma. I searched for the topic in medical journal for review articles, research articles and case reports. I found a case report about a woman who undergoes grief and many other related symptoms including asthma like symptoms following death of her baby in the process of immigration to another country (and culture). She got misdiagnosed and wrongly treated many times and finds relief after performing the traditional and purifivation rituals from her own culture. Following is the reference to the case report: Schreiber S. Migration, traumatic bereavement and transcultural aspects of psychological healing: loss and grief of a refugee woman from Begameder county in Ethiopia. Br J Med Psychol. 1995 Jun;68 ( Pt 2):135-42. Relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and asthma has also been studied and the correlation has been found in many studies. Though I did not find any other study regarding grief, there is a lot of literature in medical books that states the relationship between asthma and psychological conditions including mourning, ptsd, depression, etc. Relationship has been described as causative and also as aggravating factor. I think that breathing patterns become abnormal in various psychological conditions. For example in anxiety the breathing is rapid and shallow and may cause symptoms of hyperventilation. Appropriate psychological counselling can help find the right diagnosis for you. Thus you can try them, while you may still need to take asthma medicines. Also take hygienic food and pure drinking water to avoid unnecessary infections that also worsen asthma. Ancient Indian scriptures say that any incidence (good or bad) in life leaves only a temporary effect. Its effect fades in some time. That time period is definitely not years. Its very less, just a few days. It is recurrent thought formation and not letting go of the effect that causes long term damage. Thus it is essential to take refuge in traditional rituals (as effectively described in the case report). Your case is also similar. Breathing techniques (called as XXXXXXX in India) also help very much in regularizing the breathing patterns. Hope you understood whatever I have mentioned here. Let me know if I can assist you further. Dr Vaishalee
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Follow-up: Does unresolved grief lead to asthma? 6 hours later
Thank you for your reply, especially the information that there may be a PTSD and asthmatic link. First, here in the UK, where I live with my wife and children (though, by birth, I am American, we moved back to UK so my wife could be by her family she is native British), and since being at the mercy of the NHS, I have had about a dozen doctors and specialists tell me they can literally do nothing for me, can or will do nothing more to relieve my pain, breathing issues if they get out of control of my alternative methods (which means nothing will help since conventional methods do not help), fatigue, etc. You are the very first "conventional" doctor to reference use of methods other than drugs to cover symptoms. Considering all of the other doctors have repeatedly failed to even identify a source of my health dysfunctions, it amazes me that not a one of them wanted to investigate deeper, run additional diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis or look for a cause. Worse, when I use natural or alternative health methods to actually create an improvement in an underlying problem...such as normalizing my liver function after years of issues and abnormal liver function tests, not a single doctor in the NHS that I have seen even wanted to know what I did, nor would put it in my records, since it was not in accord with their drug "therapies" and as such, my official NHS medical records make noi mention of HOW my liver function returned to normal. This type of confirmation bias and perspective prejudice is actually harmful to my care, and in realizing how foolish much of the medical professional is and has been in my direct personal experience with so many doctors, I came to realize that due to the flaws in ethos, the drug centric approach, and the outright refusal of doctors to even want to be aware of, let alone investigate, any success with non drug methods, I came to realize that the reason modern western medicine is becoming an expensive way to support chronic illness is because that is what the philosophy supports, and a chronically ill patient prescribed drugs is a customer for life. Mayne doctors do not all think in such a mercenary manner, but the effect is the same if a doctor buys into the drug centric approach from the patient point of view even when it is abeject failure. As a professional engineer and amateur scientist, such mentality is absolutely inconceivable, especially if the traditional method has been tried to the point of abject failure and it is admitted nothing more is to be done. It makes no sense that my own efforts, when successful, would not be put into my records so that some future, open minded, doctor, might benefit from such knowledge, but so it is. From here, the rest of what I say is background, if you have an interest, But you do NOT need to read it, follow up, nor advise me further if you do not want. In the unlikely event you might wish to learn about my case further, and my alternative methods and such that I have studied in books written by MDs, and keep abreast of the results so that YOU can absorb the lessons of my successes and failures, email me at YYYY@YYYY . I am not offering this so that I ca ask for free advice. You are a professional, paid in money and time for your education, and I am not asking you use it for my benefit for free. I do think that SOME medical professional should make themselves aware of whist does and does not work with my medical conditions so that they can consider using it for the benefit of other patients. PTSD can be related to grief in the sense of soldier regret and close combat and the acts of being trained to kill and killing leave a mark. The less the distance between those you use violence on, both physically and psychologically, the greatr that mark. This is why we used euphemisms, I think it increased psychological distance, whereas bombers, missle crewman on ships never even see their targets or the results of their actions. The act of inflicting violence long term seems to carry a heavier burden than having also had it inflicted on me. Briefings for ops would talk about "servicing the target" and you would be told "put fire on that" or "engage" and only once, in a desperate situation, did I ever hear someone outright say (while pointing to target) "kill that mother f&£cker!" an issue of course is it is very difficult to speak about these things to someone who has not been in close combat, they would not understand, and the supply of psychologists with combat experience is almost nil. Incidentally, during my time in US army, eight years, I served as an infantryman, armored cavalry scout, artillery fire direction control specialist, radio/electronics/communications security equipment repairer, and special forces communications specialist. But some other things you mention, perhaps spiritual aspects, spurs my intersts in detox and energy medicine, and makes me realize investigating Ayurvedic medicine with the focus on healing foods. Not one asthma medication, in any amount has ever arrested a coughing fit, and though once oxygen did here in the UK, at emergency room (the only time I was ever gven oxygen, coughing so constantly I could not get enough air), my doctor in UK will not prescribe. I am importing ,medical grade oxygen concentrators, ozone concentrator, and steam sauna to use ozone and oxygen therapies, a rife machine and the devices of the dr. XXXXXXX beck protocol, and experimenting with nutrients and food medicine, hydrogen peroxide therapies, and recently used medical grade LUFENURON in the event of candida infection of digestion and airways. Two weeks after LUFENURON I finally lost all cravings for carbohydrate/ sugar heavy foods (sweets, breads, pasta, rice, etc) which was almost like magic and indicated I had candida overgrowth from many intense prescriptions of antibiotics over years (including Levaquin at XXXXXXX dose for six weeks, normally used for flesh eating bacteria I now know, the Antibiotic almost killed me) as no St told me of importance of using probiotics to restore normal gut balance and thus candida came in. I wonder if candida is in my respiratory airways as well because at same time, I developed severe infection similar to herxheimer reaction, and dark material started coming out of my lungs and bronchial tubes...very sticky, dark green mucuous to medium green, streaks of white (candida albicans is called that as albicans means white, makes me think an overgrowth colony is dying off from LUFENURON, and the ret of infection is opportunistic bacteria). As I cannot convince NHS doctor to actually run tests, they won't ever be able to confirm diagnosis. In 2006, when they said the asthma was bad enough to be considered COPD they said I would be likely be dead in four years, and since I was supposed to be dead around 2010, they basically say nothing more can be done for me and I should have palliative care only (I am not so old as to accept this, two of my five children are still young, need me). I cannot accept that I should be given large doses of morphine to only partially cover systemic pain they have not found a specific cause for (fibromyalgia), that I should accept severe exhaustion and sleep dysfunction they have not found a cause for (chronic fatigue syndrome, severe insomnia), and COPD also is something they say has no real cause. No one in my family, extended family, or family history has asthma at least to my second cousins. I was the first, and only, and its symptoms onset after combat and deployments (though were not diagnosed IN military, sparing them a duty disability claim). At this point in life, there is no compensation I can realistically claim, not that it is any fair trade for good health, and my focus is on restoring health. I used to be so vital amd energetic that, until I fell apart health wise almost suddenly within a few months, I worked two full time professional engineering jobs and was putting in 100 hours weeks routinely as a post military civilian. Since high school, from age 13, I worked three jobs to pay for a Jesuit university prep. I am not going to take any more drugs from any doctor unless they can specify exactly what physical defect or condition I have, and exactly how the drug WILL relieve the problem, because, from an engineering perspective, if anyone is to do something, they need to demonstrate how it will help, explicitly, and what risks, as all medications have risks and mess with a very complex biochemistry. In engineering, one makes sure that something will definitively work, and how, or that at the very least, the risks and costs of taking a shot in the dark chance are minimal to zero. The exception is the morphine I have to take to keep the pain from becoming intolerable (th secondary pain at least, which is my body feeling twisted up, tight, and in pain from the untreated primary pain, which never goes away at any dose of medication I have taken). Ultimately, I think the answer to whatever is at the root of my current, non injury related disability is a toxicity issue perhaps complicated by a psychic/psychological reaction due to the experiences I have and my feelings about them...mystery vaccines from the military that I was not told why I was being given them, toxic exposure From the weapons we used (depleted uranium), chemical agents and exposure, being in Guyana euphemistically doing "private military work" and exposed as the Esequibo river suffered the sudden deluge of millions of cubic liters of cyanide slurry when the omai gold mine chemical containment failed, and so on. Massive overwork followed by iatrogenic, or doctor induced problems as I was already becoming probably became too much for my system and sickness turned to disability. As all of the medical treatments from any doctors I saw focused on drugs, the best I could possibly attain is symptom relief, which rarely happened, and taking drugs likely increased my toxic load. At some point, I hope that in addition to general detox (mind body spirit) I can also find a way to reduce the chronic pain to the point I stop taking morphine. The ozone/oxygen sauna, and FAR infrared sauna I am ordering are an attempt to do so. I do have a significant pain tolerance. I have had rpeat prolotherapy done on ALL of my spinal ligaments, from base of skull to tailbone, into my shoulder, hip, and groin performed a dozen times without any kind of sedation. Following my feet being screwed up by military doctors and botched ingrown nail surgeries, none of my toenails grow normal, and I have to take a needle nose pliers and essentially rip at least one toenail out including it's side roots, every month to prevent ingrowing nails from becoming septic. My iq is high enough (160) to study and understand most treatment modes and the studies, so that is what I read about seeking some better way forward, and implementing the treatments on my own, at home (since no NHS doctor will give me an IV with vitamin c in sodium ascorbate form, nor has any understanding of most non drug treatment types, they can have no involvement in this).
Answered by Dr. Vaishalee Punj 18 hours later
Brief Answer: detailed below Detailed Answer: Hi again and sorry for the late response. As I was reading your query, I felt as if you were speaking my mind. From my experience I came to know that medicines (all types) have some good and bad effects. I am sorry to know that you have been dealing with so many chemicals (including medicines) being put into you. Medicines are just for props. Candida's role in asthma, COPD and digestion is being studied. Doctors usually do not feel comfortable prescribing non-allopathic treatment when they have been trained to prescribe only allopathic medicine. That is why you never got an answer from your doctors. It is a better approach to make your health decisions yourself. Whether or not you should take a specific treatment is totally at your discretion. Now coming to candida, it is part of normal flora. It becomes overgrown for many reasons. Aim should be to keep it under control and not to eliminate it completely. One way to keep it under control is to follow a healthy lifestyle. I think if you follow my following advises all the time, you will be ok. -Take hygienic food and drink pure water. If you have ever seen white forms floating on boiled water that you drink, then this advice is your answer. The filtration technique that produces cleanest water is "reverse osmosis". You will find this water in grocery stores. - Take at least five servings of fruits and raw vegetables. Eliminate sugary treats but taking fruit is good. It contains natural anti-oxidants. - Avoid experimenting with any medicine whether it is natural or allopathic etc. If ever the need arises first check for its side-effects. Again all medicines are just for temporary relief until your immunity brings your health back to normal or near normal. - Exercise at least 20 min a day. Exercise can include walk, gym , yoga, cycling, swimming etc. Take a small snack before exercise and do not over-exert at any exercise. I personally like yoga because you just need to learn it in a 5 day course and then you can do it at the comfort of home. It has some nice stretching exercise that may be helpful it muscle pains. - Ayurvedic medicines are good if they are taken in moderation. For liver issues, liv 52 syrup is available and provides relief. - In researches I have found ozone therapy (esp if given i.v.) to have some side effects. Thus take it after due consideration. I hope it helps. Let me know if you need further clarification. Dr Vaishalee
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