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Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts?

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Hello Sir , I don't know know which category to choose , so i just choose mens health .

I'm a 15 year old teen , that masturbates alot like most teens do , basically i've become to addicted to it and get erections to alot of things , however i usually don't look at things while masturbating e.g " Porn " mostly because of religious reasons . So i kept masturbating for like a year now , and i've become kinda bored just fantasizing about women and not looking at something , just imagining . So i started fantasizing about boys just to change for a bit ( altho i am not XXXXXXX ) , just because i wanted to change for a bit . AFter like a month or two of fantasizing about boy i got a really hard erections " usually me and most teens cannot control themselves during masturbating " and i stuck a small rounded stick that is like 1-1.5inc circumference and i stuck it like 2-3 inches XXXXXXX probably in my butt , which is much less thicker then a regular penis , i basically couldn't control my self and i felt really stupid after i ejaculated .

I did it about two times , i first did it and then a month later , i just wanted to try it , altho i didn't like it , like i won't go in the bathroom and just stick it up my butt just to get ready to masturbate or to get me on . I'd much rather do it regularly with my hands , because as i mentioned i didn't like it .

So my question is , now that i did that , ( i know this sounds stupid ) but i really need help ) , is it considered as rape ?

I've heard if people have too much anal sex their rectum , anus and sphincter might get loose if it gets continualy abused . As for me " what i did " do you think it may have damaged any of those three , I didn't feel any pain by the way when i did it , just a small coldness feeling on my butthole because the stick was kinda rough and maybe because some of the lube " soap " i used went inside which caused this ?

And if somehow the rectum , anus or sphincter gets loose will it go back to its original position , or will it be permanently like this ?

P.S , I've heard it is normal for teens to have some likeness or stick to their own gender during puberty , probably because of the high sexual appetite they have . There are teens in my school who have these stuff to . And i've also heard some people on the internet that have done the same thing that i did , except using the finger , and people answered that it was normal and its just because he wanted to explore masturbation and what he likes and what he doesn't . And i think its the same of what happened to me .

I also want to point out that i didn't just stick it , i kinda stuck it in and out , in and out , but not too XXXXXXX like maybe an inch . And i did it a couple of times during those " two " times that i did this thing . I also stuck it a bit XXXXXXX like maybe 2-3inch i was just curious to see wether there was an end for the anus . So i think it all comes to exploring , but please i need your answer .

However , I got over it and now have much much more desire to masturbate about women then boys . I think everyone gets to the point of his teen life where he will think or do these things ?

P.S I stopped doing this thing and fantasizing about boys .

By the way , is this question private or will it be out for the community ?

Please help me .
Posted Wed, 25 Apr 2012 in Men Sexual Problems
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 1 hour later

First of all, this question is private, and only a few experts on the website will be able to read your query until someone answers it. Once I post this reply, it will not be visible to anyone else.

The two incidences you have described cannot be considered rape. You do not have to worry about that.

You are correct in saying that this was experimentation with sexuality. A lot of teens do get curious as you did. And it is normal to get these thoughts as long as they do not continue to bother you and affect your sexual life. And as per your post, it appears to me that you understand very well that this was a temporary phase. And again, these were just two isolated incidences. It is highly unlikely that they would have caused any damage to the sphincter or other parts. As long as you do not have any unusual symptoms related to the area, you don't need to worry about it.

Most importantly, you need to eliminate the unnecessary anxiety you might be having about what happened. There is no reason to feel any guilt or regret.

I hope this helps you. Please feel free to ask more queries if you wish. Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 13 hours later
Thank you sir for your answer , it was very helpful .

However , " If " the anus , rectum or the sphincter gets damaged , will i get symptoms ?

And " If " on of these three got damaged and i didn't feel it , could they go back to its original position ?

Thanks you very much doctor .
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 8 hours later

I should have addressed this issue in my earlier response.

If one of these three structures gets damaged or injured, you will get relevant symptoms if the damage is significant. You might find that some stools are leaking out; you have pain while passing motions, etc. If there is an injury to the mucosa (layer of skin inside) there may be bleeding which you can see in your underwear or when you go for toilet.

As to your second question about these structures, I suppose we can round up the question as 'would the structure and the functions be restored if damaged'. I should write some information about what kind of damage can happen.

There can be pain and bleeding if a tear appears in the mucosa. This is called as fissure, and it is apparent when it happens. There is probably a concern in your mind ff the object that is introduced in the anus has a width (circumference) large enough to stretch the anal sphincter, the sphincter may lose its strength over a period of time. But this is a myth and the sphincter does not loose it's action.

Another danger is that of infection. Even if the object introduced in cleaned well, there are chances that some infective organisms could enter along with it. And the anus and the rectum are susceptible for infection.

But it is unlikely that any damage will get unnoticed. But in the event of that happening, there are still was to correct the problem. The first step would be to stop the practice so that further damage does not happen. Depending upon if the damage is a tear, infection, loosening of sphincter, appropriate medical and surgical treatments are available that can help you correct the problem.

I hope this helps you. Take care. You can always use this service again for any more queries you have. We are glad to be able to help you.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 2 hours later
Hello Sir , thanks for your reply .

Since this is my last question ,
Basically here is my concern .

My brain keeps telling me that i have loosen up my sphincter , anus or rectum and i may not notice , i know i can seek medical treatment , but if these stuff happen , is it permanently or can it heal by its self like most stuff ?

The object i inserted was small as i mentioned and when i usually go to the toilet my " Urine " is usually bigger then what i inserted . Is it the same thing , when i forced an object inside and when the urine comes out , is it the same pressure or action on the sphincter ? Since one is an incoming object and the other is an " out coming "

I also keep thinking about , that maybe my anus , sphincter or rectum got loosen up by a slight bit and it would never go back to its original position .

I also kinda stuck my finger , just wanted to see how it would feel down there , just for curiousity not while masturbating or anything . Do you think this may also had an effect ?

Also one last thing , you mentioned that is is a myth about the sphincter getting loosen up , but you mentioned that i could get treatment if i got a sphincter loosen ? So it could get loosen ?

I know this sounds really odd , but thanks for your help .

Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 7 hours later

First of all, yes, it is a myth that the sphincter loosens up due to anal intercourse, or even introducing objects in the anus. But we were discussing "what if" scenarios. And that's why I mentioned about the loosening. Also, we were discussing "what if damage occurs and you don't get to know". Again, it unlikely that the sphincter is loose and there are no symptoms. But still, we are discussing "what if" that happens. I hope that point gets cleared now.

The main reason why your brain keeps telling you that 'the sphincter or other structures are loosened up and you may not notice' is because there is an inner fear of "what if this happens". And no one usually wants to deal with any such damage. One also is anxious if this happens and you need to go to a doctor for treatment, then this issue might become public. Due to these fears and anxieties, your brain is being over-cautious. But, as a trained medical professional, I can assure you that the chances of any damage to your parts are nil because -

1. You have not being doing it regularly and since a long time.
2. The object is quite thin.
3. You do not have symptoms.

But again, let me address your main concern of "what if this happens". Even if some damage happens (small tear, loosening of sphincter), it will usually heal itself if you do not introduce the object again for a few days. The healing requires some time as the tear may get irritated by the stools. And "if" the sphincter is loose, with consistent exercise on your part, the sphincter can regain it's power in a couple of weeks. There is NO permanent change that can happen. The anal sphincter is quite used to varied diameters of the stools. You must have noticed that sometimes the stools are quite large and hard. But even then, the sphincter did not loosen up. This is a proof that in your situation, you don't have to worry.

As to the question about the urine, the action of passing urine may release the sphincter pressure, but it still keeps the anal opening closed. And that pressure is entirely different from the case of an introduced object. The object tends to dilate the sphincter. But the sphincter is a muscle tissue, just like your biceps. The muscle gets stronger with resistance. Yes, if there is forceful trauma, something that will tear the muscle tissue, it can impair the sphincter. But that kind of trauma is usually caused from different reasons, and definitely much bigger objects or instruments.

Regarding your doubt if the anus or the sphincter is loosened up by a slight bit. Even if that happens, it would still produce symptoms. If it does not produce symptoms, it is nit clinically significant. And even "if" it has happened without symptoms, it cannot be permanent. The tissue in those parts or the body are not made in such a way that it will loosen up permanently with a small object so easily. You can consider the example of childbirth. After childbirth, in some cases, the anal sphincter of the lady gets damaged due to the immense stretching when the baby is coming out. The damage has to be due to such a large object for these areas to get damaged.

I hope you have got your answers through this conversation. You may need to read this conversation for a few more times over the coming weeks so that your mind can be at ease.

Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 9 hours later
Hello Sir , i feel much better now , I thank you so much .

So basically whatever happens , to the rectum , anus or sphincter , it will always go and heal back to its original position ?
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 5 hours later

Yes, if something happens that is not very severe, the damage will heal itself in time. Do not be too anxious.

Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD

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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 3 hours later
This will probably be my last question for now , thank you so much Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh .

I basically didn't have anything that happened to me when i did it , i was going to the bathroom normally with no problems at all .

I don't know if you got me if i say loose . i'm saying loose in a way that it got loose a little bit but the sphincter is still doing its job . .So you think its highly unlikely for any of the loosening to happen , even if it did by a slight bit , it will still go back to its original tightness ? I mean i go to the bathroom normally with no problems and my sphincter or anal is pretty darn tight .

Also , did you hear from any people like me who dod the same thing ?

And I think you doctor again .

Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 5 hours later

As a trained medical professional, I have seen various cases of different severities of the loosening. That's why I can tell you with a fair degree of confidence that in your case, with an object small enough, and only a few times, the risk of loosening is almost nil. And to add to that, you are not having any symptoms at all. This is not at all a cause for concern.

Any slight loosening cannot be called loosening if it does not produce any problem such as leaking.

We have seen similar cases where the objects were bigger, such as wine bottle, torch, etc. Those objects are much bigger, but even then there were only skin tears with bleeding, but no loosening.

I hope this helps you. Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 7 hours later
Ahhh , ok .

I don't have any loosening as i said , my stuff are pretty tight .

i'm just worried about a slight loosening that i don't know about with no symptoms and it won't go back or heal back . But as you said its not permanent and it will heal in time .

Is there actually anything that is called slight loosening ? Or is it called loosening when the sphincter gets totally stretched ?

And do you think i might have touched the rectum ? Can that be stretched or loosened too ?

Thank you DR
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 3 hours later

I am using the "slight loosening" term only because you had asked further queries considering "if" any damage happens. As it is, all this discussion is happening about an imaginary possibility. There is a possibility of damage to the areas including the sphincter if repeated trauma is there. But in your situation, that is not the case.

To answer your latest question, you may have to contact a General Surgeon to check if there is any slight loosening. Otherwise it is very easy to keep on worrying about any possible disease or illness when you do not have any symptoms.

The anal canal (anus) is about 1-1.6 inches in length. As you mentioned that you introduced the object 2-3 inches XXXXXXX it is possible that it may have touched the rectum. Once again, if you do not have any symptoms such as pain or bleeding, any damage is unlikely.

Hope this answers your query. Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 4 hours later

So what would you describe what happened to me ?
Is it completely different from rape ?

And if i go check a doctor , he will tell me if there is any slight loosen up ?
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 30 minutes later

There is no diagnosis for this situation. I can only call it a normal exploration of sexual interests.

Yes, it cannot be categorized as rape. Rape has a totally different meaning. If some other person introduces such an object without your consent, then it might be considered rape.

If you go to consult a doctor, he might be able to tell you "if" there is any problem at all. And even if there is any loosening, he will be able to examine you and let you know if it is significant or not.

Hope this helps.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 26 hours later
Hello sir , thank you so much for helping me , i'm getting better everytime as i read this .

One quick question , for curiosity .
Can the rectum be loosen or XXXXXXX , because i've heard people talking about that ?

Also , have you heard from other people that did the same thing that i did ? Just to make me a bit more confident ?

I know i'm talking alot about " what if " scenarios , but if the object was stuck more than 2-3inch , say 4-5 , should i not still worry about that ? Aslong as i didn't have any symptoms and my stuff is pretty tight ?

And can a sphincter get stronger by doing something , just for curiosity ?

Also , when i go to the toilet and do my thing , after i finish i used to just wash the surface of the anus with water and thats it . But , my anus started itching me , and when i went to the toilet again i'd see some dried up urine in my underwear . So now what i do is just carefully take the top part of my finger and insert it on my anus and wash the edges of my inner anus carefully , and now i don't see anything . Is it okay to keep on doing this , or will this have an effect , because sometimes the anus is kinda hard and when i go about and insert the top part of my finger it kinda gets stretched some how and now when i want to wash it there is an outer skin surrounding my anus that hurts a little ?

Any last advises overall to make me feel better ?

Thank you so much doctor , i will contact you again if i have any problems .
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 5 hours later

Any part of the digestive tract, starting from the oral cavity to the anus can be stretched and torn. Rectum is just a part of it, similar to anus. So, it is also vulnerable to any trauma as other parts.

As I must have mentioned earlier about similar cases, people do use different objects for inserting into anus. And in them, the damage is done if the object is large enough or sharp enough to injure the parts.

I cannot guarantee you if inserting it further inside, like 4-5 inches can cause any damage or not. But if you do not have symptoms, it should be ok.

Any sphincter can be strengthened by using the muscle more often. The strength can be increased by exercising the sphincter action. You can ask more about this to a physiotherapist.

Washing the edges of the anus the way you have described is not necessary. And it is not associated with the urine leakage. If you continue doing the cleaning with the finger, there are chances of infection (from the finger or from the nails).

I hope this information helps you. Over all, I would say that there is no problem so far. And even though I do not encourage you to put objects in the anus, I would say that unless you have any symptoms, you can be sure there is nothing very wrong with the parts.

Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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Follow-up: Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? 12 hours later
Hello sir .

Yes , as i mentioned i didn't enjoy doing it , it just happened while masturbating .
The last time i did it was like 5 months ago , so you think it should have already healed by now if anything happened ? The stick was inserted 3inch XXXXXXX if not two , i was just curious if it was inserted deeper what would happen .
Answered by Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, 15 minutes later

It seems I am not able to satisfy your queries. Your latest questions appear a repetition.

Yet to repeat what I have said before: I do not think any injury happened. If we imagine it happened, it would have healed by now. If you inserted deeper, then also you would have had symptoms if any injury happened.

If you are still not convinced, as I have mentioned a number of times, you can always visit a doctor for getting it evaluated. Unfortunately I cannot answer more via online answering, without evaluating you personally.

It seems to me that you are getting too anxious about this problem. Please try to relax and forget about what happened.

Hope this has been helpful to you. Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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