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Does a blister like swollen bump in the right nostril require medical attention?

Answered by
Dr. Michelle Gibson James

General & Family Physician

Practicing since :2001

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Posted on Fri, 25 May 2018 in Ear, Nose and Throat Problems
Question: Hi, I have a bump INSIDE my nose, right nostril, it feels liquid filled and the top feels rough(crust?) and it hurts when pressed, just like a blister.

Also over the nose, the right side is slightly swollen. What can this be? Is it normal for a blister inside a nostril to swell the same side over the nose? Normally when I have blister on skin the surrounding can be slightly l swollen but it gets better when it recedes. I'm just concern that it's inside my nose.

I have Polypsporin and Fucidin(from a previous bacterial skin infection about 2 months ago) handy if they can help.

Should I go to doctor? I don't have any other visible or side effects I can feel right now. Thanks.
Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
antibiotic cream, warm compress, anti inflammatory medication

Detailed Answer:
HI, thanks for using healthcare magic

Yes, lesions/bumps can develop in the nose. If there is no improvement with home treatment or the pain is severe or there is significant obstruction of the nostril-- then you may need to be seen.

Home treatment would consist of the use of one of the antibiotic creams mentioned plus--(1)a warm compress to the right side of the nose would encourage drainage, this should be done 2 to 3 times a day for 10 -15 mins

(3)anti inflammatory pain killer such as naproxen, ibruprofen to reduce swelling and help with any pain as well

Avoid checking it too often to see if it is resolving.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Michelle Gibson James 45 minutes later
Thanks, as I can't see the bump when applying the ointment, is it fine to 1) use my freshly washed fingers to feel around, to asses its size and apply as necessary, or is using qtip necessary?

2)Is one of either, polypsporin or Fucidin, more recommended? Considering the nasal skin is more sensitive and also my history of skin infection(once 2 months ago, had to take Keflex and Fucidin) .

If you see the 2nd pic, the top is brown/black and felt rough. 3) is this a good sign as it's crusting over, does this look viral or bacterial?

4)Should I feel around the nostril for more bumps? Maybe even for the left nostril that appears to be normal? Atm, I'm too worried to poke around.

4) If I do find more bumps should I just apply Polypsporin on even the smallest ones?

5) How many days do you think I should wait to notice improvements, if any, before I need to go to doctor?

6) What kind of improvement am I looking for the most before deciding its not getting better and needing to go to doctor? Like the growth still hurting? Not getting smaller? Or the swelling ON the nose doesn't appear to subside?

Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
can use the fucidin

Detailed Answer:

You can use either your clean hands or the q tip, either would be fine.

You can use the fucidin, apply it twice daily.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell if an infection is due to a viral or bacterial infection based on an image.
It is likely bacterial however since viral infection causing a lesion in the nose is not as common as a bacterial infection. In addition, the antibiotic ointment would only work for a bacterial infection, they are not antiviral.

Crusting over usually implies healing in most cases

If there is discomfort elsewhere, you do not need to try to look for additional bumps

If found or if some develop, then you can use the fucindin.

You can treat for at least 48 hours UNLESS- having significant discomfort or it worsens

You are looking for a decrease in size and pain. If there is any nasal obstruction, you are also monitoring for improvement in that area.
The swelling on the outside will improve as the lesion on the inside improves, it is part of the inflammatory reaction, the anti inflammatory meds would help with this.

If there are any other queries can let me know
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Michelle Gibson James 3 minutes later
Sorry, forgot to ask. Could you please give me a daily task list to do as well. Such as:

The numbers inside () are questions.

1) Shower 2x(1) a day. It's winter here, my skin gets dry if I shower every day. I normally shower every 3 days. But if this helps I will do it.
2) Apply Fucidin OR(2) Polysporin 3x a day on the bump located inside the right nostril. Using a clean finger OR(3) cotton swabs.
3) Use warm compress 3x a day for 15-20m each, on top of the right side of the nose.
4) Take Ibuprofen 2x(4) a day.
5) If things get worst or don't improve in x(5) days, go see a doctor.

6) Anything else?


Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 34 minutes later
Brief Answer:
either a clean finger or q tip is fine

Detailed Answer:

The showering does not matter in terms of the lesion in then nose. You can do whatever makes you comfortable

As mentioned before, you can use either your clean finger or the q tip. If you use the q tip, it would have to be discarded afterwards. Either option- clean finger or clean q tip, is fine

Yes, the compress would be to the outside of the nose, 3 times a day is fine for the time period mentioned, 15 to 20 mins

You can use ibuprofen up to 4 times a day if needed, 3 times a day is also fine if the discomfort is not severe

If there is not even slight improvement after 48 hours or if there is worsening then you should be seen
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Michelle Gibson James 1 hour later
Hi, thanks for the prompt replies. It seems your latest one was minutes away from my last one and I submitted it before reading.

I have been using Polysporin just in case Fucidin is too strong. I will use Fucidin now, around bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime, is it advisable to sleep with face down(1), in the event of drainage? What do I do the second I realize it's draining/drained(2)? I read that the fluid is contagious and it seems sleeping on my back will drain the fluid into my nasal cavity?

Another question before I wait out the 48h, is the Ibuprofen necessary?(3) The right side of the nose IS swollen(as per picture) but I do not feel any pain or discomfort, other than the pain when the bump is directly pressed.

About a month ago I was taking Ibuprofen and Citrizine. I took the Citrizine without problems for 2 weeks, but after taking Ibuprofen I got a nose bleed, once. I stopped after reading Ibuprofen can cause nosebleeds. Mind you, I have taken Ibuprofen without problems before that happened.

I read taking Fucidin while having a nosebleed is dangerous? I do not have a nosebleed right now, but it could happen again. That the ruptured blood vessel(s) can carry the Fucidin into the bloodstream?

Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
if you do not wish to take the ibuprofen, then you don't have to

Detailed Answer:
You can sleep on a side, this would allow for drainage, either the right or left though since the lesion is in then nose, it is not likely to contain enough fluid to affect your airway if it bursts

If you do not wish to use the ibuprofen, you don't have to. It is anti inflammatory as mentioned and would help with pain and discomfort. There are other options such as cataflam or naproxen.

If you were taking an anthistamine (cetirizine) along with the ibuprofen, I am assuming that you may have been having problems with allergies. Allergies affecting the nose can cause bleeding because the nasal passage is inflamed and irritated.

Fucidin can be taken with a nose bleed.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Michelle Gibson James 14 hours later
Hi, Thanks for the reply. I just need to make sure:

1)By Fucidin I mean the cream, 2% GM. I used that on my leg skin. This is fine for the nostril skin correct?

2)For the Ibuprofen, should I take the recommended dosage or less. Recommended is 2x200mg .

3)I have seen improvement. That bump seems to have shrunk. The nose swelling looks better. If you can take a look new pics if I'm not just seeing things.

4) I have taken pic of my nostril from a different angle, are we still thinking bacterial? Because for some reason, the rough top is gone. But bump still there, as mentioned.

Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 3 hours later
Brief Answer:
yes, definitely improving

Detailed Answer:

Yes, this fucidin is fine to use in the nose as well.

Since the discomfort is mild and mainly occurs when you press, you can use less than recommended, twice a day is fine.

I agree, does look better, should continue to improve.

Yes, thinking bacterial that's why using the fucidin , this is an antibacterial cream, it would not work on a viral infection
Polysporin is also antibacterial as well

An example of an anti viral cream is acyclovir cream
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Michelle Gibson James 22 hours later
Hi, considering my history what should I do.

I just had a nose bleed. I think it might be the Ibuprofen again. The weather here is extremely dry and I read Ibuprofen dries...I also went outside for the first time in few days because of the extreme weather, the weather is now -30 degrees Celsius, previous time I went out it was -10.

(1) Is there any equipment or a tool that can help? Is breathing through a scarf good enough?

(2) Which alternative to Ibuprofen can you recommend, if any...or do they all cause dryness, is it ok to stop taking the Ibuprofen since I don't feel pain and the swelling and bump is smaller(please see pic). All in, I took about 5x200mg in less than 2 days.

3) what can I do to basically humidify myself, is breathing boiled water advisable?

My previous worry, about using Fucidin with a nosebleed. I know you said I can use Fucidin during a nose bleed but please humor me, I applied Fucidin around 11am, and got the nosebleed 1:20pm.

(4) What are the chances the Fucidin can enter the ruptured blood vessel(s)?

(5) I took a pic of the top side of the nostril. Is this normal, it looks flesh colored red and looks different than what I usually see if I use a mirror. I tried googling what a normal nose looks like but all I got were the opposite.

Thanks again.
Answered by Dr. Michelle Gibson James 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
fucidin treats bacteria, not toxic or poisonous in any way

Detailed Answer:

The cold weather would definitely contribute to the dryness and increase the risk of bleeding.
You can stop the ibuprofen since noted yesterday that symptoms and signs were improving.

Wearing protective clothing and controlling temp when in a closed environment (home, work etc). A humidifier can be used

Fucindin is anti bacterial, it treats bacteria, if any entered your body, it would not have an adverse effect.

Important to remember that the area is still healing and it would not appear as normal already, the body takes some time to heal and restore itself

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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