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Do excessive kegel exercises cause erectile dysfunction?

Answered by
Dr. T Chandrakant

General Surgeon

Practicing since :1984

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Posted on Fri, 6 Nov 2015 in Lump
Question: i did kegel exercises 2 years ago , but i was doing it 24 hours and i think i did it in a wrong way or something. however , after 5 months of doing it , i got erectile dysfunction. my erection was amazing and it last too much time. now it doesn't even last for few seconds and weak very short pennis . this is now going on with me for 1 year and 9 months. i test all tests and there is no cure for me cuz i don't have any problem as doctors claim. but it is not phsycological because im measuring my erection when i wake up. early morning erection is so weak and small it doesn't even good to insert it in a woman. check my reports

please note , im sure from my all previous tests it is something related to musceles or nervous system not blood. so in case you prefer to consult with another doctors together it will be good idea since my problem is very complicated and it needs a doctor who has physiotherapy back ground to help me i think.
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 5 hours later
Brief Answer:
Please give feedback, let us try to find the reasons and probable treatment

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query and an elucidate history, investigations and the treatment you are already taking, your understanding the problem and the proper explanation of the events by you.

Till now read all the reports and the opinions of my esteemed colleagues, which I am sure you must have gone through.
I can understand the plight you must be going through, loosing a control over one of the most important functions.

The salient points I could note are:
- (Your history) It is like this feeling , a building of three floors , the first floor is full , second is close to be full but third level is empty. This is how I can describe my erection, the bottom of my pennies which is the first part after the prostate is full , then in the middle is weaker, and the area close to the head of the pennies is the weakest and doesn’t stand up at all. My erection used to be 160 degree , now the maximum is 90 degree , because the head of my pennies is not full or hard like before at all.
- MRI report: Central L5-S1 disc bulge indenting thecal sac, abutting the neural exit of S1

Pudendal nerve damage should be studied in details for the probable cause of your present problems. This nerve supplies the pelvic floor muscles and continues as Dorsal nerve of penis, but mainly a sensory function.You have done too much of Kegel exercises and this could have cause the nerve to have dysfunction

Because an erection is a neurovascular event, any disease or dysfunction affecting the brain, spinal cord, cavernous and pudendal nerves can induce dysfunction. Hence should be studies in this regard and since other studies and treatments you have already undertaken.

Penile doppler ultrasound: your experience:
However once the doctor did the injection for me,
my pennies got erected as I said from the first part only it was hard a bit not very much, but it wasn’t making a curve more than 20 degree. I told the doctor about this , he told me it might be got erected for 2 minutes but you didn’t see it. However i'm sure it didn’t get erected from the head of my pennies at all ever.
This too should considered in getting a correct diagnosis

Some suggestions:
Thyroid function tests,
No smoking at all
Neorological study and an Opinion of a Neurologist.
Please give a few more details:
- Was there any disease or illness when this problem started?
- Was this sudden, overnight phenomenon or developed and progressed gradually?
- Have you tried Kegel again?
- How much is the sensation at the glans, is it same or reduced?
- Have you got any problems related to your bowel or bladder functions?
- Any other information that you may feel relevant or even irrelevant to the present problem, please give in details.

Your feedback may help me to help you more.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 20 hours later
For neorological study, i checked with them, they told me you have small pulge and it doesnt effect it is not disc replacment as they claim, but even with that i did physiotherapy for it and no improvnent

- there was no disease before this problem happened the only problem i was having is premature ejaculation, it was so fast

- it happened gradually but in very fast gradually, like for 20 days it started to be weak to weaker to zero , i stayed around 6 months zero erection, then it came back to be weak as i described before that it is very weak, before that it was zero nothing

- no i havent, but two months ago a doctor told me hold for 10 seconds then try to relax, again the problem came to me i feel it is going weaker then it comes back then weaker , he told me not to stop doing it , cuz it will not effect me since im doing only one squeeze for 10 seconds then relax it every 3 hours.

- the sensation i think it is the same and maybe worse , i feel i wanna ejaculate faster maybe cuz i have weaker erection, however the sensation of my balls is less, in the past i used to feel any touch for my balls, now if someone hold my balls i dont get pain till he tight the balls, in the past even a small touch make me feeling pain, or not pain, u can say i feel like disturbed i think u got the point

- for the bladder no i didnt get , the only thing they told me u used to have congestion prostate after i did the kegel, before that i used to have kidney pressure that has vessel passing next to it only but no that effection

- the only details is i told u that change of the erection shape and thickness, and ya one more thing, when i want to hold my erection or try to make it more , i have to squeeze my muscele of the anus so it comes up again, it is like i push myself to do that, i feel erection is something controlled to me not non controlled anymore , it doesnt happen if i dont force myself to happen, i tried once to let a gurl for half an hour to make it errected but didnt work so i end it up by pushing myself squeezing to make it harder so i can intercourse then i cum in 5 seconds. My balls have less sensitivity than before but i still feel them. Sometimes i feel a strong move of the muscele when i ejaculate , more than before i feel like i did much effort than before , but no pain.
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 7 hours later
Brief Answer:
Neurological evaluation and MRI and other studies as mentoned

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your detailed feedback.
Your history of > it happened gradually but in very fast gradually, like for 20 days it started to be weak to weaker to zero , i stayed around 6 months zero erection, then it came back to be weak as i described before that it is very weak, before that it was zero nothing
suggests that one of the causes can be related to the nerve as the 6 months of no erection indicates the neurological cause and as the regeneration of the affected nerve/s helped to have some erection.
The affection could have been of the pudendal nerves, the sympathetic chain, the distal portion of hte nerve to the penis and hence you may have to consult a super-specialty center where Pudendal nerve can be tested.
The reduced sensation of the testes indicate some nerve dysfunction. This is very complex. The testes and epididymis receive innervation from the testicular plexus – a network of nerves derived from the renal and aortic plexi.
They receive autonomic and sensory fibres.
Hence for a proper study of the nervous system:
You need to consult a Neurologist for complete clinical evaluation and Detailed MRI study of the Brain, the whole spinal cord and till the nerves end and think of some affections that may not be common and hence missed till now.

You have already consulted the Urologists.

I hope this answer further helps you.
This is advised as other causes are already ruled bout by the previous Doctors.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 13 hours later
I did consult neurologist , they only did mri for my brain , my upper back side , however they did also for the lower back and for my pelvis floor area mri, they claim that there is no damage. But i dont understand why they didnt do nerves test in pelvic area , i mean maybe i have weakness but no damages, as far as i know , MRI shows only the damages of the nerve but the weakness or tightness doesnt show there. Can you tell me which tests i should ask the doctor to do for me other than MRI , and if you want MRI, which parts exactly missing? Cuz i did for my lower back and pelvic floor. And for my brain and upper side.
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 3 hours later
Brief Answer:
Try to find a Doctor/Neurologist specialized in such problems

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your feedback again.
Noted your consultation with Neurologist, MRI of the brain, upper back, lower back and pelvic floor- this almost covers all.
Did he your physical actual examination?
MRI may not show small nerves like Pudendal nerves or so on.
Hence the need to nerve conduction study. You will have to search another Neurologist who has these facilities and has done a great work in sex related problems. Finding such a Doctor will help you the most to get a probable diagnosis and plan for treatment.

I was just wondering whether you have tried any Naturopathy like acupressure/ puncture or medicines from other pathies like Ayurvedic or so.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 2 hours later
I tried accupuncture five sets, the guy told me if you dont feel any achivment dont come back so i didnt come back, maybe he wasnt that good to treat me cuz he was using the treatment in my back only . Anyway do u suggest me to use chinese accupuncture again? And what should i tell them cuz they really dont understand what to cure by using it
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 3 hours later
Brief Answer:
Please try to find the one who practices Shiatsu Accupressure/puncture

Detailed Answer:
Yes, someone doing acupuncture only in the back may not really know much as you have noticed.

Please try to find out the Acupressure Specialist who follows ''Shiatsu'' method. This may help. Koreans and Chinese use this method, also called as whole body Shiatsu. They try to equalize XXXX and XXXXXXX

You have to tell them the exact facts.
Let us hope this helps.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 13 hours later
Ok great i will ask for shiatsu but do you recommened any place who does that in abu dhabi? If not then in dubai? Cuz here every center does accupuncture and everyone claims they know but they know nothing
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
Discuss fully before you start

Detailed Answer:
I could search on internet the following:
Please go through this website, ask around with friends and known people the results; visit once and discuss fully before you start the therapy.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 48 hours later
i tried this institute before , he told me if there is nothing going well after 5 sets , don't come back. so no improved happen after 5 sets so i didn't come back.

do you suggest another one ?
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 16 minutes later
Brief Answer:
Another center- Second Neuro opinion - alternative treatment

Detailed Answer:
Is it so?
This looked good looking at the internet information. Please try another. I am sure you should have searched internet and found out the nearest one in your city.

In the meantime, also try to get an appointment of another Neurologist to have a second opinion.

You may please start some Herbals and allopathy medicines:
A combination of Methylcobalamin, alpha lipoic acid does help in neural health.
XXXX- helped some of my patients- you may please open and see about its availability in your city or purchase by internet way.

These are some of the things that do help.

Please let me know the feedback.

See if sitz bath: sitting in a tub with warm water helps you.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. T Chandrakant 46 hours later
shiatsu as i can read is one kind of pressure not accupuncture , are you sure the technique called shiatsu ? i googled it , only massage people are doing it , but i think i need accupuncture right? please explain more detailes ? or you want me to do shiatsu with accupuncture ?
Answered by Dr. T Chandrakant 49 minutes later
Brief Answer:
Discuss with the practitioner

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your feedback and doubt raising:
Gone through the references.
You are right, but the shiatsu by whichever way they are doing helps to rejuvenate the body.
I think, this alone would be tried in the first place and while doing the would enrich your knowledge. Make sure you discuss your problems with them in details and ask fr the possible results or they suggest you the best way and follow as per their advise.
This is so as I can not know for sure which school of thought a particular practitioner belongs to.
If they suggest go for acupuncture too.

Get started again, we want the results, and this is the most important aspect.
And please give me the feedback.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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