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Diagnosed with lipomatosis of the pancreas. Cause and cure?

Answered by
Dr. Grzegorz Stanko

General Surgeon

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Posted on Mon, 28 Jan 2013 in Digestion and Bowels
Question: I was just diagnosed with Lipomatosis of the Pancreas... what is it? What can be done to heal it?
Answered by Dr. Grzegorz Stanko 2 hours later

Thank you for the query.

Pancreas lipomatosis is nothing more than fatty replacement of pancreas tissue. This happens when due to some reasons regular pancreas tissue turns into fatty tissue. As the pancreas has some reserves it usually does not cause any symptoms for a long time. When the fat will replace enough of the pancreas, it can cause diabetes or digestion problems. This gives high blood sugar, glucose in urine, diarrheas and fatty stools.
The most common reasons of this condition are obesity or steroids intake.
This condition can not be treated completely as nothing will get back replaced pancreas tissue, however it can be stopped. To do that you should have checked cholesterol and triglycerides level and if high, you should get prescribed with statins. Fatty foods should be also avoided.

Hope this will help. Feel free to ask further questions.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Grzegorz Stanko 8 days later
Here are my latest medical test results via email. Test results are attached to this email. Test results include: blood test cardiac panel, thyroid panel, tumor markers (female) + breast, whole abdomen and transrectal ultrasounds + urinalysis.

Please also find below an email written to me by Dr. XXXXXXX Navarro, MD, the doctor who runs the urine BHCG test, as an indicator or probability of the presence of cancer in the body. He also gives his comments on my question regarding the effectivity of the Amygdalin treatments I received for more than 3 months earlier this year.



The results of the HCG seem to correlate with the clinical picture. From an initial reading of 56 IU, it is now down to 52.2 IU. The size of the mass was reduced but is growing again but the result remains positive. My late father usually would have continued the B17 treatment together with other supplements like vitamin C, E together with pancreatic enzymes that contain trypsin and chymotrypsin. If the pain does continue and is a hindrance to whatever activity you are doing, the option of surgery should be considered if it continues and the B17 is continued as well, if not the injections, the oral b17 should be taken as well.

Here are the HCG test results as you have requested:

01-14-08 56.0 Int. Units

02-27-08 55.0 Int. Units

10-07-11 53.0 Int. Units

03-12-12 52.6 Int. Units

12-29-12 52.2 Int. Units




My letter continues below with a summary medical history:

I was diagnosed with mucinous carcinoma on the right breast last October 5, 2005, originally it was only less than 2cm. After a core needle biopsy, it grew to 3cm+ overnight. I decided not to do traditional medicine and just follow Korean Health Care and Naturopathic protocols until one day in 2007, I tried THERMOPOP to try to get rid of the remaining lump in my breast. The lump did pop but unfortunately it also grew very very fast in just 3 weeks from 3 cm to 8 cm. At this time I had been in touch with Dr. Xu of FUDA Cancer Hospital. I made the trip to FUDA in June-July of 2007 and stayed there for 49 days. While there, I had one cycle of trans-arterial chemo embolization direct to the site, breast conserving mastectomy with the lump first being frozen then resected. I also got immunotherapy and Chinese medicine during my stay there. I left China first week of August 2007 and was home for my 41st birthday on August 4th.

I continued with naturopathic protocols and korean health care treatments from 2007 until 2010 when my korean doctor experienced a bad accident, her car burned and so did most of her body, she could not treat me and had to fly back to Korea for good. Without those maintenance treatments, beginning XXXXXXX 2011 I felt a small lump growing in the INCISION site of the original surgery. I did not want to touch it because my first surgery was already very traumatic.

By April 2012, the lump had grown very large: 15.5 cm x 16.5 cm on the visible portion only. I consulted Dr. XXXXXXX Dizon who believed that fasting on water and herbs will hasten the expelling of the cancerous matter from the body either internally or causing the lump to burst. I checked in to the XXXXXXX XXXXXXX Medical and Wellness Center May 2012 and there fasted for 20 days on water and herbs and for 1 day before that on liquid fast, 3 days after the long 20 day fast, I also did a liquid fast. I would have gone on a longer water and herbs fast if not for the acetone that was found in the my urine by the 20th day. While at the hospital, I had twice daily coffee enemas, hyperbaric oxygen 3x/week for 2 hours each, plus laetrile therapy (injections and pancreatic enzymes). On the 3rd week of the water and herbs fast in XXXXXXX XXXXXXX a small eye formed at the center top of the tumor, where skin dried and peeled off. The lump seemed to just grow bigger and getting ready to pop at this time. This is what Dr. XXXXXXX predicted. After 24 days of fasting, the doctor sent me home to continue my protocols. 2 days after I got home, the eye burst gently and blood started to trickle out, the next few days the hole got bigger and blood started to spurt and splatter out, lots of it and a lot of red jelly also exited the hole in the middle of the lump with some white pus. This exiting of matter continued for the next 10-14 days. I lost a lot of blood so I had to be admitted into the hospital for blood transfusions and help with wound care.

Two surgeons had looked at the wound after the exiting of matter and told me that the site looks like it has advanced cancer and that the wound would only get worse. I guess that meant they thought the site is inoperable. I am a Christian with strong faith and I've seen many miracles so I did not believe and still don't believe that God won't provide a way for me to recover my complete health.

The lump closed after about a month by itself. I did wound care myself for that whole month, injecting colloidal silver and amygdalin into the hole daily as I washed and dressed the wound.

In August 2012 I took blood tests and tumor markers and all the results came out normal. All including CEA and CA 15-3 which had previously been slightly elevated.

Five months later (today) the lump has grown again to about 11cm x 14cm on the visible portion. Ultrasounds show an abscess in the inside of the lump. I guess that's where the blood and muci is accumulating, especially NOW, which is the PMS period of my menstrual cycle. I observe that the lump tends to grow during this time of the menstrual cycle. I don't feel any pain now but when during sleeping time a few days ago I did experience some pain and soreness which made sleeping difficult.

Otherwise, I remain highly functional and am even able to exercise for 40 minutes daily, doing stretches, rebounding and strength exercises.

In any case, I really want to deal with this lump and my health definitely already. I am open to hearing any suggestions you might have if you think you can help me. I still prefer more minimally invasive techniques to get rid of cancer. I still prefer that less tissue rather than more be excised from my body if possible. Have you heard of TUMORX? I am even willing to do something like that so that margins are determined by actual affected cells and not estimates by humans. I'm willing to hear your best recommendations for the best plan of action to take.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read my letter and peruse my latest test results. Thank you for your kind consideration of my situation.

Best regards, XXXXXXX
Answered by Dr. Grzegorz Stanko 13 hours later

Ok, here are the facts:
1. You are a very young woman with advanced breast cancer. And according to your medical history it has been diagnosed very early. So the chances of full recovery were great. You need to know, that you are not the right person for choosing the treatment. That is why you go to the doctor who has great knowledge and great will to help you. And at that point you should trust to the doctor who is trying to help you. And here is what you have said "I decided not to do traditional medicine". My question is why? If you would trust to your doctor and have what you call "traditional"(or better the best effective method) probably there would be no tumor at all right now. But you decided to try "natural medicine". And here comes another conclusion.
2. Havent you thinking why there is so many many nautral methods of cancer treatment? If only one of them would be effective, I assure you that all other methods wont be necessary and simply they will disappear. But they dont, why? Because none of them does not help at all. I have seen many many sick of cancer people who were getting fake hope from greedy and careless people providing such methods. All this methods havent worked for you as well, and you have a proof of it, just look at your breast.
3. You should also know that cancer is not only the tumor you can see. It is spreading all over the body and affects all organs. No one knows, when it will happen, but for sure, sooner all later it will.
4. What for you do have had all this blood tests like cholesterol or TSH? Cant you see that with low cholesterol and great thyroid function you still have a cancer? This is the disease you should focus on and fight with it.
5. I am also Christian, and believe strongly in God. And like every Christian I do know that this life is only a beginning. And we do live here to prove that we are good persons and desire to be with God. To do that, we have precise task to do on this world. That is why God has given to us some skills and free will. So someone who is a doctor, was probably "told by God" to help YOU. Refusing this help, you refuse Gods help. God also made possible to treat cancer. It means, he wants you to fight for your life, he wants you to know that it wont be easy, but it is possible. Not with herbs, massages, or any other "unknown" therapy.

So please stop thinking in that way " I still prefer that less tissue rather than more be excised from my body", and start thinking I will do everything to fight for my life because God wants me to do something good.

Here comes the conclusion: stop this herbs therapy, the only solution for you is aggressive chemotherapy and aggressive surgery. With natural medicine you are slowly dying.

I do not know if this is the answer you have been expecting, but this comes from my knowledge and from my heart.
All the best for you. Do not wait anymore.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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