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Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance?

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Hellow doctor , My total body muscle got flabbiness , my total body feel like rubber and its very difficult to travel in chilled wheather not able to even stay for long in AC without mufler and other things , my whole abdoman swallon and thinner , getting pain mostly in muscles and joins . I took ultrasound scan no issue on it , and i have vitamin d deficiency and taking vitamin d supplement 2000k daily some time feel better not some time as well i started taking calcium tablet for support .mostly i feel unstrength on the face not stiff in the neck , back , buttock ,and head . my mouth always look thinner compare to 6 month . I check with neuro doc told that i have hypovitaminosis so ask to take d suppliment and along b12 weekly once 4 week and then 1 month plz come to chat more info
Posted Thu, 23 Jan 2014 in Bones, Muscles and Joints
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 2 hours later
Brief Answer: To rule out Hypothyroidism Detailed Answer: Namasthe Welcome to Healthcare-Magic Greetings of the day One of the possibility i could think of in your case in Hypothyroidism, it has to be considered as a cause in the presence of generalized weakness symptoms especially if asscoiated with cold intolerance. Apart from nutritional deficiency of Vitamin you could be having, Hypothyroidism is to be ruled out by getting Serum T3,T4 and TSH levels done. If the reports are normal then there is no cause for concern. I would suggest you the following which will go a long way in helping you, apart from nutritional supplementation you are taking 1. Adequate intake of water: Consume 2-3 liter of water a day 2. Avoid Low fiber diet, Caffeine, fried food and spicy food 3. Consume high fiber diet: 2 servings of vegetable salad and two servings of fruits a day will take care of the fibre requirement of the day and will also provide you much needed Nutrients needed by the body 4. Regular Exercise: Brisk 30 minutes walk twice a day at a stretch is the best exercise for all age group and also helps maintaining muscle tone and bulk. 5. Meditation and Yoga will also be beneficial 6. Adequate sleep: Uninterrupted sleep for 7- 8 hours at a stretch is also very helpful in maintaining tone and is very refreshing. I hope it helped. In case you need any further assistance , will be glad to assist you. Take Care Best regards Dr T Shobha Deepak MBBS,MD
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Follow-up: Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance? 6 hours later
I dnt have hypo thirod becuase i done neck scan . my triglyceride levels high. Vitamin level 23 .( taking 2000k ) and calcium suppliment . b12 266.(taking b12 1ns a week for 4 ) what i feel is my neck like flabiness not in stifness , feel like rubber so when i move my head right side and left side due to flabyness nerver pull feel will be there from neck to ear front side . While walk some nerver or muscle pulling will happen in my nose base next to eye , as well some pull will happen top of the eye as well neck back side . when i sit down my butock will be soft and press in depth like water bag , my total body muscle thinner and not stifness , whn i press my scrotam will look like water packet without water not thicker and my penis as well thinner . I got erricsion by not that my sex feel whn i touch my sexsual part like nipple and some other place so what cause of this issue please come to chat for further clarification .
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 13 minutes later
Brief Answer: Revaluation by your Physician required. Detailed Answer: Namasthe Greetings Normal Ultrasound of neck does not rule out Hypothyroidism. It could be subclinical Hypothyroidism. From the description given by you , you seem to be having generalised oedema known as Anasarca. Would suggest you to consult your Physician for complete revaluation of your cardiac status as well as body mass index. In case you require any further assistance, will be glad to assist you. Take care Best Regards Dr T Shobha Deepak MBBS, MD
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Follow-up: Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance? 6 hours later
Ok but if its an oedema it can curable or non curable ,what is the test to confirm . One more thing , why my scrotom came like thinner as well water less feel and my penis got thinner , i am getting pain after had sex .I going urin properly check the culture no growth found as well microalbum also 16 .But when i pass urin get smell like sperm some what bcomplex , and during the pass seem bubble its expire very later .I do masterbasin past 20 year .
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Thorough evaluation by your Physician required Detailed Answer: Namasthe Smell in the urine is possibly due to intake of B complex of vitamin which are excreted in large quantity and cause dark yellow colour and the typical smell as described by you. There is no cause for concern. Possibly due to presence of surrounding oedema, penis must be appearing as buried. I would suggest you a thorough evaluation by your Physician, a good clinical examination and further investigation by him will be able to arise at diagnosis for the cause of oedema 1. Cardiac evaluation 2. Serum Biochemistry to rule out low Albumin level Kindly take up an appointment with physician at earliest. Wishing you a very happy and healthy life. Take care Best Regards Dr T Shobha Deepak
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Follow-up: Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance? 3 hours later
Hello doc , As i read regarding edema can side effect of drug . I have taken before one year BP tab before amlodopine 5 mg, as well ctd h 6.5 . Due to hight BP doc priscribe me 25 mg of seloken xl with olsor 20 mg in morning . Due to body not accept its change with seloken lx 25 and stamlo 5 mg . Now under went acupunter its some what control and taking right now 5 mg of stamlo . As per the below update is any one of the above bp medicine is effect of calcium channel blockers . Along am taking calcium tab citromacalvit and vitamin d3 medcine . Another question will affect my partner this edema while having sex . before going to doc can you confirm with my body picture of the skin symtoms like edema. Sometimes, peripheral edema is a side effect of a drug. Among the many drugs known to cause swelling are calcium channel blockers, corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the anti-seizure drug gabapentin (Neurontin), and certain drugs for diabetes -- particularly thiazolidinediones.
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 36 minutes later
Brief Answer: Amlodepine does not cause generalised oedema Detailed Answer: Greetings Amlodepine known to cause oedema but it is only restricted to feet. It is not known to cause diffuse oedema as described by you. You can definitely send me your clinical photograph for me to give a opinion about the oedema based on visual inspection. Your condition will definitely not affect your partner. You require thorough assessment including 1. Body mass index 2. Endocrine profile 3. Cardiac status evaluation In case you require any further assistance, will be glad to assist you. Take care Best Regards Dr T Shobha Deepak
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Follow-up: Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance? 1 hour later
Hello doc, As per the request i have upload my report , in endocrine report seems t be normal as said by endocrinlgist . 10 month before i tool echo its seems to be normal but issue arrise after the echo took . How abt my renal status . what other blood test can be performed to cofirm its fine . I took 24 hrs protine its fine on 8 % out of 150 leak . My total body join are cracking . ITs any harm if we took calcium tab as i mention before . What test in aulbamin to check and other exact test to confirm adema . mention in blood r urin . As well confirm not other kindey desease.
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 21 minutes later
Brief Answer: Flabiness due to Obesity Detailed Answer: Greetings There is no harm in taking calcium supplementation. From the clinical picture provided by you, the cause of flabiness is due to excessive fat. The penis appears buried due to presence of excessive pre pubic pad of fat. If your endocrine profile is normal including thyroid profile, i would suggest you weight loss using diet modification and exercise( as previously mentioned by me). Consult a Dietician for diet plan and start exercising on regular basis. Renal function test include Blood urea, Serum Creatinine, and BUN. Also do get serum protein and albumin level. I hope you have no habit of alcohol consumption, if you have , discontinuation is advisable. In case you require any further guidance , do get back to me. Take Care Regards
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Follow-up: Causes and treatment for flabby body with cold intolerance? 1 hour later
Hello doctor , I try to walk but i am getting pain total body and mainly in back side and shoulder , some cracking sence happening n joints , due to flabbiness of total body all joint not fit, while i take calcium or antibiotic medicine feel some thing circulating like running sensation whole body as weel muscles feel silky and when i press my cest or stomach or hand and bust feel water movement like water packet not thicker so its seem odema simtomus i will check with direct , why feel whole body some running sensation after took medicine , cant even sleep after that for some time . its due to vein pasage issue .what test can be taken for whole body blood flow . one more question , during sex any infection will accure while sucking vegina ( duing white discharge as well )as well penis . IF wife pregnant can intercouse my penis release sperm on vegina . OR any thing will happen if we intercouse to her butuck . Please find the recent report . SPECIMEN INVESTIGATION RESULT REFERENCE RANGE REPORT OF HAEMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT BLOOD Rh typing Positive COMPLETE HAEMOGRAM BLOOD Haemoglobin 14.0 Gms 13.5 - 15.5 BLOOD Total W.B.Cs Count (TC) 8,600 Cells/Cumm 4,000 - 10,000 BLOOD Polymorphs 55 % 40 - 65 BLOOD Lymphocytes 40 % 30 -50 BLOOD Eosinophils 04 % 2 - 6 BLOOD Monocytes 01 % 2-5 BLOOD Basophils 00 % 0-1 Blood E.S.R. ( 1 Hour) 05 mm 05 - 10 BLOOD R.B.Cs Count 5.44 Million/Cumm 4.5 - 5.5 BLOOD Platelete Counts 2,25,000Cells/Cumm 1.0 - 3.5 lakhs BLOOD P.C.V 45.3 Pg 40-54 BLOOD M.C.V 83.4 % 82-95 BLOOD M.C.H 26.6 % 27-31 BLOOD M.C.H.C 32.0 uL 32-36 CONSULTANT BIOCHEMIST SPECIMEN INVESTIGATION RESULT REFERENCE RANGE REPORT OF BIO CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT BLOOD GLUCOSE ( R ) 81.0 mg/dl 70 - 140 LIPID PROFILE 131-200 (CHOD-PAP/End point method) SERUM Sr.Cholesterol ( F ) 140.0 mg/dl Lessthan 160 (GPO-PAP/End point method) SERUM Triglycerides 309.0 mg/dl SERUM HDL Cholesterol 32.0 mg/dl More than 45 SERUM LDL Cholesterol 47.0 mg/dl Lessthan 100 SERUM VLDL Cholesterol 61.8 mg/dl <30 CHO/HDL 4.3 <4.0 LDL/HDL 1.4 <2.5 CONSULTANT BIOCHEMIST SPECIMEN INVESTIGATION RESULT REFERENCE RANGE REPORT OF BIO CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT LIVER FUNCTION TEST upto 1.0 (Diazotizes sulfanilic /End point method SERUM Sr. Billirubin-Total 0.5 mg/dl SERUM Sr. Billirubin-Direct 0.2 mg/dl upto 0.5 SERUM Sr. Billirubin- Indirect 0.3 mg/dl upto 0.5 upto 40 (Modified IFCC/UV Kinetic method) SERUM S.G.O.T (AST) 22.0 U/L Up to 40 Modified IFCC/UV Kinetic method SERUM S.G.P.T (ALT) 26.0 U/L 80-290 (4-PNPP-AMP Method/Kinetic SERUM Alkaline Phosphatase(ALP) 160.0 U/L 6.2 - 8.0 End point method SERUM Total Protein 7.0 g/dl SERUM Albumin 4.0 g/dl 3.4 - 5.5 SERUM Globulin 3.0 g/dl 2.5 - 3.5 SERUM A/G Ratio 1.3 1.0 - 2.0 RENAL FUNCTION TEST BLOOD Urea 26.0 mg/dl 10 - 50 0.4- 1.5 {Jaffe/ Kinetic method} SERUM Sr.Creatinine 0.9 mg/dl Male: 3.6 - 8.2 Female: 2.3 - 6.1 SERUM URIC ACID 4.6 Mgs/DL CONSULTANT BIOCHEMIST . SPECIMEN INVESTIGATION RESULT REFERENCE RANGE REPORT OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION URINE COLOUR & APPEARANCE Pale yellow, Slightly turbid URINE REACTION Acidic URINE SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.016 URINE ALBUMIN Nil NIL URINE SUGAR (RANDOM) Nil (Blue) NIL URINE BILE SALT NEGATIVE NEGATIVE URINE BILE PIGMENT NEGATIVE NEGATIVE URINE PUS CELLS 02 - 03/Hpf URINE EPITHELIAL CELLS 01 - 02/Hpf URINE RBC Nil /Hpf URINE CRYSTAL Nil /Hpf URINE CAST Nil /Hpf URINE OTHERS Nil so what is the exact test need to take for thirod test , i took blood test also no thirod found but all symtoms are comming like hypothyroid or else adema.
Answered by Dr. T Shobha Deepak 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Anal intercourse is not advisable Detailed Answer: Hi Its not advisable to have intercourse in 1 st trimester of pregnancy for the fear of miscarriage. Its not advisable to have anal intercourse. There is no issue with ejaculation of semen on vagina. Oral sex is acceptable provided due hygeine is maintained. All your investigation are within normal limits except serum triglyceride which is on higher side, would suggest you to start statins in concultation with your physician. The exact test needed for thyroid is Seum T3,T4 and TSH level. Would suggest you to consult your physician for further management. If you need any further assistance, willl be glad to assist you. Take Care Regards
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