Why Carrots are good for us?

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Have you ever thought why Bugs Bunny, that funny cartoon character, was always after carrots? One can keep guessing, but we have some really convincing reasons why you should always stock a bag full of fresh carrots in your refrigerator. The idea is to munch on these succulent, colorful roots every time you make a visit to your refrigerator. Here are 10 reasons why you should make it a practice:

carrots are good for health

1. Eye health

Carrots contains a substance called Beta Carotene, which gets converted to  Vitamin A, in the liver. Vit A is an essential nutrient for maintaining good vision, especially in the dark. It is not of much help to a person with severely impaired vision, but its minerals and vitamins are definitely helpful in improving the overall health of the eyes.

2. Anti-ageing

This time the credit goes to a substance called alpha-carotene. It is a strong antioxidant that helps in maintaining the integrity of the cells and keeps them younger. It also plays an important role in improving metabolism.

3. Heart health

Various antioxidants contained in this root vegetable protect the heart from damage. The carotenoids present in carrots lower the risk of heart disease and its soluble fibers bind the bad cholesterol (LDL) thus lowering the LDL levels in the blood. Additionally, the phytonutrients falcarinol and falcarindiol found in carrots contribute to your ticker’s health. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties and also prevent the dumping of red blood cells.

carrots are good for health

4. Immunity

Carrot contains many nutrients along with Vit C. which is vital for improving our immunity. The beta carotene present in carrots aid in synthesis of Vit A. Vit A in turn increases the production of a special type of cells, called the T- Cells that improve our immunity.

5. Gums and Teeth

Carrot acts as a natural tooth brushIts fibers scrape off the plaque in the mouth and stimulate the production of saliva, which balances the acid-forming bacteria. The minerals present in carrots kill the harmful germs and prevent decay of tooth. Regular use of carrots heals the bleeding and swollen gums.

6. Menstruation and Menopause

Phytoestrogen found in carrot juice is beneficial in lowering the pain during the Menstruation. It relives the menstrual pain and also helps in normalizing blood flow. In post-menopausal women, it helps in reducing hot flushes and stabilizes various other symptoms related to menopause.

carrots are good for health

7. Fetal infections and miscarriages in pregnant women

Carrot is also  an excellent Lactogenic  food and its regular  use is found to improve the quality and quantity of  Mother’s Milk. Additionally it also prevents fetal infections and reduces miscarriages in pregnant women

8. Digestion

Being rich in fiber, carrots act as excellent agents to regularize bowel movements, thus preventing one from getting constipation. The fiber of carrots is also beneficial in maintaining blood-sugar levels and also aids in weight-loss.

9. Cleansing agents

As discussed, carrots contain a precursor of Vit A. Vit A aids liver in detoxifying the body. It also reduces the fat and bile accumulation in the liver.

10. Skin texture

Eating carrots can be a viable substitute to applying expensive lotions and creams to make your skin soft and healthy. Carrots improve your skin texture from the inside. Its Vit A and antioxidants repair and protect your skin from harmful rays of sun. A regular intake of this wonder food is found to prevent premature ageing and skin pigmentation.

So why wait? Take these crunchy roots  to school and office as a healthy mid-meal snack  and enjoy their benefits while they silently repair and rejuvenate your system from inside.

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