Dr. Parth Goswami , M.B.B.S., M.D.
General & Family Physician
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India


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You can ask me your direct query whenever needed.I will be happy to answer your questions.It's always good to ask query to a doctor rather than doing google search!
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State Licence Number/NPI
G-46664 & G-22609
State/Board registered with
General & Family Physician
Years of experience
Specific Skills and Interests
Having specific interest in hematology, Liver and gastroenterology study, Lung problems and general health problems. 
Education Details
Degree earned
Name of the university
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Attended CME on............
"Rational use of blood products", "Immunohistochemistry overview",
"Hematology update",
"Imaging updates",
"Antimicrobial resistance",
"Advances on therapeutic drug monitoring" etc... 
Other professional achievements
I have done 10 original research articles.
All articles are published in indexed International journals.......
1.Histopathological changes of placenta in normal and pregnancy induced hypertension in SEAJCRR
2.Realiability of FNAC as diagnostic tool in case of cervical lymphadenopathy in JMSCR
3.Hematological profile of sickle cell disorder in tertiary care hospital in IOSR-JDMS
4.RBC histogram as diagnostic tool in anemias in IOSR-JDMS
5.Study and analysis of occupational exposure leading to blood borne infection among health care workers in JRMDS
6.Histopathological changes of syncytial knot in normal and pregnancy induced hypertension in IJSRR
7.Comparative study of Rapid Diagnostic Test versus Elisa for HIV detection at blood bank in tertiary care hospital in JMSCR Volume 4,Issue 08.
8.A study on effectiveness of rapid diagnostic test as compared to ELISA for HBsAg Detection at Blood Bank in Tertiary Care Hospital in SJAMS in volume 4
9.Placenta in normal and Pregnancy Induced
Hypertension in Relation to its Clinical
Significance: A Gross Study in IJSS in Volume 4
10.A clinicohematological correlation of autoimmune hemolytic anemia and its clinical implication in IJMRR volume 4.

Case report on malignant phyllodes tumour of breast. 

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