Dr. Narender Kumar , M.B.B.S., Clinical Research Training
General & Family Physician
Naples, Naples, Italy

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New Delhi
General & Family Physician
Years of experience
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Medical Oncology and Haematology 
Education Details
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Name of the university
Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner, India 
Residency / Post graduation
Year of post-graduation
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Clinical Research Training
Harvard Medical School 
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Grants and awards

2018 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Alumni Association - Micro General Assembly Grant
The European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

2016 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship: Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, Horizon 2020
The European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

2016 HMS Scholarships: Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program
Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02115.

2016 Translational Research Unit Visit Fellowship: European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)
Department of Experimental Medicine, Medical Oncology, Second University of Naples, Italy.

2015 Republic Day Certificate: Excellent Scientific Research, Government of Rajasthan
Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner, India.

2014 Lorenzo Capussotti Award: 24th World Congress of International Association of Surgeons
Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO) -2014, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. 
• European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), Viganello-Lugano, Switzerland.
• Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, UK.
• American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Philadelphia, PA.
• American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Alexandria, VA.
• American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Fairfax, VA.
• Indian Medical Association (IMA), New Delhi, India.
• Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR), International Network.
• Harvard Medical Alumni Association, Harvard Medical School, MA. (HAA id: 0004909248).
• Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard University, MA.
• Marie Curie Alumni Association, European Commission's Marie Curie programme.
• The Global Health Network, International network. 
Other professional achievements
Peer-reviewed publications
1. Kumar N, Kapoor A, Kalwar A, Narayan S, Singhal MK, Kumar A et al. Allele Frequency of ABO Blood Group
Antigen and the Risk of Esophageal Cancer. Biomed Res Int 2014;2014:286810.
2. Sharma N, Narayan S, Sharma R, Kapoor A, Kumar N, Nirban R. Association of comorbidities with breast cancer:
An observational study. Trop J Med Res 2016;19:168-71.
3. Saugat S, Narayan S, Singhal M, Kapoor A, Kumar N, Harsh K, et al. A Prospective Phase III Open Label Study
Comparing Low Dose Paclitaxel Versus Cisplatin as Weekly Regimen with Concurrent Radiation in Locally
Advanced Head and Neck Cancer. Austin J Med Oncol. 2015; 2(3): 1021.
4. Kapoor A, Kalwar A, Kumar N, Singhal MK, Beniwal S, Kumar HS. Analysis of outcomes and prognostic factors
of acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients treated by MCP841 protocol: A regional cancer center experience. J Res
Med Sci 2016;21:15.
5. Kapoor A, Beniwal S, Singhal MK, Kumar N, Kumar V, Kumar HS. HMB-45 negative multifocal malignant
perivascular epithelioid cell tumor of the soft tissue responding to sirolimus: First case report from India. J Can Res
Ther 2015;11:1036.
6. Narayan S, Sharma N, Kapoor A, Sharma R, Kumar N, Singhal MK et al. Pros and Cons of Adding of Neoadjuvant
Chemotherapy to Standard Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy in Cervical Cancer: A Regional Cancer Center
Experience. The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India July2015. DOI: 10.1007/s13224-015-0698-5.
7. Kapoor A, Singhal MK, Kumar N, Kalwar A, Bagri PK, Narayan S, et al. Analysis of patterns of palliative
radiotherapy in north west India: A regional cancer center experience. Indian J Palliat Care 2015;21:168-73.
8. Kapoor A, Kalwar A, Narayan S, Kumar N, Singhal MK, Kumar HS. Analysis of bone metastasis in head and neck
squamous cell carcinoma: Experience of a regional cancer center. Clin Cancer Investig J 2015;4(2):206-10.
9. Narayan S, Kapoor A, Kumar N, Singhal MK, Sharma N, Patel A, Beniwal S. Neurofibromatosis with chronic
myeloid leukemia in an elderly male: An unusual association. Clin Cancer Investig J 2015;4(2):266-7.
10. Kapoor A, Kalwar A, Kumar N, Maharia S, Nirban RK, Kumar HS. Detection of Bone Metastasis in nasopharyngeal
carcinoma by bone scintigraphy: A retrospective study in perspective of limited resource settings. Clin Cancer
Investig J 2015;4(1):17-21.
11. Charan I, Kapoor A, Kumar N, Jagawat N, Singhal MK, Kumar HS. Evaluation of Neck Mass with Computed
Tomography: An Observational Study. Int J Sci Stud 2014;2(7):118-22.
12. Kapoor A, Kumar N, Nirban RK, Kalwar A, Kumar HS. A case report of all-trans retinoic acid-induced pseudotumor
cerebri in an adult patient of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2014;3(5):919-21.
13. Charan I, Kapoor A, Kumar N, Jagawat N, Chahar S , Kumar HS. Evaluation of Colorectal wall thickening with
Computed Tomography: A Retrospective Study of 20 patients. Int J of Info Research and Review 2014;1(3):56-61.
14. Singhal MK, Kapoor A, Bagri PK, Singh D, Nirban RK, Kumar N et al. Analysis of Sociodemographic Parameters
of Patients Admitted in a Newly Established Palliative Care Center in a Regional Cancer Institute of North-West
India. Indian J Palliat Care 2014;20(3):220-3.
15. Charan I, Kapoor A, Jagawat N, Kumar N, Singhal MK, Arya A et al. Computed Tomography Imaging of Gastro
Intestinal Stromal Tumour: Retrospective Study of 40 cases. J of Evol of Med and Dent Sci 2014;3(33):8884-9.
16. Yadav RK, Pancholi A, Kumar N, Sokhal AK, Chouhan SP. An Unusual Rectal Foreign Body. J of Evolution of
Med and Dent Sci 2014;3(30):8457-60.
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18. Sharma B, Narayan S, Kalwar A, Sharma N, Kapoor A, Kumar N. Five year retrospective survival analysis of triple
negative breast cancer in North-West India. Indian J Cancer 2013;50(4):330-2.
19. Kalwar A, Nirban RK, Kapoor A, Narayan S, Kumar N, Maharia S. Five Year Survival Analysis of Colon Cancer:
A Retrospective Study. J Gastroenterol Hepatol Res 2013;2(12):929-33. 
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