Dr. Arati C Koregol , B.D.S., , M.D.S, M.S.
Dentist, Periodontics
Bagalkot, Karnataka, India


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Dentist, Periodontics
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Treating all dental and periodontal related problems. specialised in treating Gingival/gum problems like bleeding and pus dicharge from the gums, Bad breath from mouth.Periodontal/gum Esthetic surgeries and Flap surgeries, Root coverage and Gingival enlargement surgeries. Reconstructive and Resective surgeries of jaw bones and tooth supporting structures,placing of bone grafts.Hemisection and Root resection of tooth.
Dental implant suegery and implant maintainance.
counceling and psychotherapy expert.
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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science 
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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science 
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M.S. in Counseling and Psychotherapy 
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Have presented research papers at national, international and world conferences.
Have publications in international and Indexed journals.
Invited as a guest speaker to international gene conference at canada to present my research work on bloodgroups and periodontal diseases.
Have done a speciality course on dental implants.
Have done a CNCC (child care and nutrition) specialised course from IGNOU.
Other professional achievements
1. Photodynamic therapy: a targeted therapy in periodontics     Australian Dental Journal;54 (1 suppl):S102-S109; 2009.
2. ABO Blood group and Rhesus factor: an exploring link to periodontal diseases.Indian Journal of Dental Research:21(3), 364-368; 2010.     
3. Dentist Vs Quack: Its time to wake up.     Journal of Indian academy of Public Health Dentistry.     Vol 15:212-214; 2010.
4. Lasers and oral tissues: In a nut shell.     Articlebase.com     August 09, 2010.     
5. Effect of fluoride on gingival health.Deccan Dental journal ;Sep-Dec 2010.
6/ Analysis of sodium, Potassium and Calcium in GCF in periodontitis patients. Contemprory clinical dentistry     Dec - 2011.

7. Periodontal Health and Pregnancy : Is she aware?     Journal of Oral Health Science and Research;2012.
8. Female sex hormones and periodontal health-awareness among gynecologists - a questionnaire survey. Saudi Dental Journal 2012.
9. Anemia Of Chronic Disease, Periodontal Disease And Tobacco: An Association Based On Hematological Parameters. Dental Research Journal     2012.     

1.     Presented paper on “Prevalence of Yeasts in Periodontal Pockets” at 23rd National Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology.
2.     Presented paper on “Evidence Based Dentistry: The Relevance of Evidence” at 33rd State Dental Conference.
3.     Presented paper on: Quantitative Analysis of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Total Protein Concentration of GCF in Relation To Gingivitis and Periodontitis” – a clinicobiochemical study at 5th ISP National Postgraduate Workshop.
4.     Presented paper on: “ABO Blood group and Rhesus factor: Predictors of periodontal disease, A Saga of inheritance” at 6th ISP National Postgraduate Workshop held at Thiruvananthapuram on 14th and 15th July 2007.
5.     Presented paper on “ABO Blood group and Rhesus factor: an exploring link to periodontal diseases” in world congress.

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