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Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   Hi
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   How can I help you?
User :   HI as a doctor can you tell me will i feel paine during execution here in florida state prison ?
User :   you there ?
Doctor :   Execution does cause pain.
Doctor :   Your senses would be lost before you can develop the pain.
Doctor :   So there is no pain during execution.
User :   okso i wont feel anything then
Doctor :   Yes.
User :   im just concerned as i turned 18 yesterday which means now thay can execute me as stated by the courts
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   yes may i ask will any good come from them takeing my body to a cadaver dissection lab ?
Doctor :   If you mean dissection for research or studies, then definitely yes.
User :   i be going for study who will use me
Doctor :   I am not aware of who will be doing the dissection at the state prison.
Doctor :   As I am a doctor and do not know the regulations of the prison.
User :   what i meane is there sending me to a med college dissection lab who will use me then
Doctor :   It will be the medical student who will be using the body for studies.
User :   may i ask is this usefull as i dont have a choice as im a unclimed body and all unclimed bodys are sent to med colleges
Doctor :   You need to be a medical student to understand this completely.
Doctor :   The dissection is one of the best methods of learning the human body.
User :   so i will be usefull yes
Doctor :   Yes.
User :   may i ask where will thay take my body when it arrives at the med college ?
User :   may i ask where will thay take my body when it arrives at the med college ?
Doctor :   Dissection is performed at the department of anatomy
User :   so is this where my body will be taken ?
User :   may i ask as im very slim but tall will the students be ok to use my body ?
User :   may i ask as im very slim but tall will the students be ok to use my body ?
Doctor :   The stature of the body is not a concerning issue.
User :   so im ok to use then ?
Doctor :   Yes.
User :   may i ask is it true what thay tell me my limbs may brake off after death ?
Doctor :   Do you mean after the execution or during the dissection?
User :   yes after execution
Doctor :   Electrocution does not produce these effects, so these may not be necessarily be true.
User :   what there saying is at the dissection lab sum bodies limbs have broken away from there bodies when be pulled about can this happen ?
Doctor :   It is true that the limbs may be amputated during dissection, to allow the students for a better visualisation of the structure in the medial aspects of the thigh, that is the inner aspect of the thigh.
User :   is it true that to remove my legs in full there need to cut both sides of my leg joints next to where my scrotum and penis are ??
Doctor :   Yes.
Doctor :   That is the routine method of dissection.
User :   may i ask will my penis and scrotum get in the way as iv got quit a long penis
Doctor :   That won't matter.
User :   how comes ?
Doctor :   A penis and the scrotum can be mobilised easily and does not interfere during amputation.
User :   im just thinking too do anything to my body thay need me to be declothed yes ?
Doctor :   That would be yes, and only during the dissection will the body be uncovered, the rest of the time will be kept covered in a sheet of cloth.
User :   so i will be covered yes
Doctor :   Yes, as explained you will be covered and they will be removed only during dissection.
User :   may i ask who unclothes me and where is this done ?
User :   also is evry part of clothing removed ?
Doctor :   Ideally there is only one piece of sheet which will be removed during the dissection.
Doctor :   However in some institution only the part that needs to be dissected will be exposed keeping the rest under cover.
Doctor :   So this decision is taken by the institution and the medical college staff.
User :   i been told at the med college im going to i be fully exspoced during any dissection so what does that meane ?
Doctor :   It is clear then.
User :   what
Doctor :   That the sheets would be removed fully during the dissection.
User :   may i ask who would have got my body ready for the dissection lab ?
Doctor :   Since I am a general practitioner and we were only taught about dissection during our student times, I am not aware of this detail. But I can only comment this, that
Doctor :   before the start of the procedure the body would be subjected to a preserving technique. Preserving against decaying.
Doctor :   Have you followed?
User :   yes ... this is my body number there giveing me y is this ?
Doctor :   This again will be best answered by the staff and not by a medical practitioner.
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
User :   ic may i ask will all my body be studied
Doctor :   Yes, it will be used for studies.
User :   should i be worried about being handled and used ?
Doctor :   This probably is a personal query. The decision of not wanting to be used, is your. But it would be a really good decision if you decide for it.. You would be benefiting to a lot of people. This is my personal opinion though.
User :   i have given my full consent to be used but am worried about being handled not correct
Doctor :   On every attention, during the studies, the due respect that you deserve will be paid to your body and moreover
Doctor :   the whole dissection will be under guidance of trained and skilled staff.
Doctor :   So you need not worry on that.
User :   may i ask will i still have my pants and socks on my body ?
Doctor :   I have explained this earlier. The body will be covered with only a sheet.
User :   so y do thay need to have my privert parts on show there not going be dissected are thay ??
User :   so y do thay need to have my privert parts on show there not going be dissected are thay ??
Doctor :   The decision to use these structures is with the staff alone.
Doctor :   Generally these structures are studied under microscope using previous made slides.
Doctor :   More over, if you are with pants, dissection of the lower limbs is not possible.
User :   so there have to remove them then yes
User :   may i ask if my penis was dissected is there much that can be lernt from it ?
Doctor :   I have explained about this query already, the structures of the genitalia are studied under microscope
User :   ic but will anyone be toushing my getails
Doctor :   That is the decision of the staff again.
User :   may i ask will my head be studyed ?
Doctor :   Yes, they will be studied as well.
User :   is my brain includied in this ?
Doctor :   Yes, it includes the brain.
User :   may i ask do thay smash my head open ??
Doctor :   It is done professionally, and the general procedure is by cutting open by means of a saw or an electric bone cutter.
User :   may i ask how can this be done as there is skin on myhead
Doctor :   The skin would be dissected which would expose the skull and the rest as explained.
User :   may i ask once my skull is cut what happensthen
Doctor :   Once the brain is exposed, a midline dissection of the head is done and the structure of the head in the midline is studied as well.
Doctor :   * this is done only after removal of the brain.
Doctor :   The same procedure would be applied for the study of the midline structure of the brain.
User :   oh ok may i ask you ever herd of dr . ?
Doctor :   I know a little about him.
User :   well he wanted my body for tommrrow for a public autopsy should i let him ?
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   This is your personal query.
Doctor :   You can take a call on it.
User :   i have spoken with him he wants my body for tommrrow afternoon as he has 200 pep comeing to see a public autopsy but if i did agree would it beniffit anyone ??
Doctor :   I guess the knowledge gained with a public autopsy will be much lesser when compared to research and dissection.
Doctor :   However, the decision is purely yours.
User :   after the autopsy hw will dissect parts of my body to show the public too but will it only be hhim doing the cutting on my body ?
Doctor :   I do not practice autopsy and and my knowledge of public autopsy is limited.
Doctor :   So I wish not to comment on this particular query.
User :   but for dissection how am i placed
Doctor :   A face up position described as anatomical position in medical terms.
User :   it says on my paperwork for this body to be used by students on monday the 3rd of may 2010 what does this meane ?
Doctor :   Restrict your queries to medical queries alone.
User :   ok am i going be ok to be used by students monday ?
Doctor :   Yes.
Doctor :   Do you have any further queries?
Doctor :   May I ask your name
Doctor :   May I know your age?
User :   nice to meet you im 18 now as of yesterday
Doctor :   Your location?
Doctor :   Are you studying?
Doctor :   May I know your the reason for you being in the prison now and what you used to be before getting into the prison?
Doctor :   * i mean the reason.
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
User :   hi
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Hi
User :   hi iv juist been told as a cadaver i will be started to be used monday
Doctor :   Ok
User :   may i sk how long am i going be used by them
Doctor :   This would be the decision of the staff and the institute, AAAAAAA
User :   what am i lsyied on
Doctor :   On a dissection table.
Doctor :   May I know your the reason for you being in the prison now and what you used to be before getting into the prison?
User :   im here for murder
Doctor :   and what you used to be before getting into the prison?
User :   a school person iv only just turned 18
Doctor :   And what prompted you to perform such an act?
User :   because i wanted to die and i know i would be executed for murder thats y i did it
Doctor :   Ok
User :   do you agree that its rhight im executed ?
Doctor :   Why dint you choose suicide?
User :   dont know was thinking of hanging myself
Doctor :   You could have atleast spared someones life
Doctor :   Have you spoken to a psychiatrist?
User :   true his familly say there pleased im going be used for anatomy stdy
Doctor :   Ok
User :   do you think its rhight that thay should have desided that im used for anatomy as i killed there son ?
Doctor :   I don't know if it is practice at Florida that the relatives of the murdered decide what to be done next after the execution, but aren't you pleased by donating your body?
User :   im pleased im going be used as its what i wanted but im concerned wheather there be ok undressing me as i be stiff yes ??
Doctor :   That won't be a problem AAAAAAA
User :   how come ibe dead ?
Doctor :   Following a few hours the stiffness will go away.
User :   ok is this y im taken to prison morgue and left for 3-6 hours after before im sent anywhere ?
Doctor :   I wouldn't know that, as I am not aware of the regulations of the prison. This may be one of the reasons.
Doctor :   Are these details all provided to you before the execution?
Doctor :   * I mean are all these details provided?
User :   may i ask do you think i should mined being placed with another 2 bodies that are executed and sent to med college and yes ?
Doctor :   I guess this query is not related to my profession.
Doctor :   But can you challenge the decision of the prison, if were to mine being placed with another body after being dead?
User :   no its how thay transpot the bodies but should i mined do you think ?
Doctor :   I wouldn't know that, as I really don't know the expectations of a dead person. And we have just met a few hours back, how would I know yours?
User :   i just dont want to be paced with a strangers body
User :   may i ask whats plastination meane ??
Doctor :   You may speak with the prison authorities then, probably that would help in much better way.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Plastination is a means of preserving the dead body. In simple terms it is identical to mummification.
Doctor :   My profession does not cover this procedure.
User :   may i ask is this usefull
User :   may i ask is this usefull
Doctor :   It depends on what it is done for.
User :   teaching
Doctor :   Usually that wouldn't help if you are planning to help medical students.
User :   may i ask as i be known as a cadaver yes ?
Doctor :   Usual preservation technique here is by means of embalment and storage in formalin, a preservative.
Doctor :   This is the techinque that is followed in most institutes because of the simplicity and the cost effectivity.
User :   ok so this is how i be perserved yes
Doctor :   So if you are going to be used as a cadaver, then this is what may be done and not, plastination.
User :   yes im going be a cadaver
Doctor :   It is a very generous deed, indeed.
Doctor :   May I know about your education details.
User :   just school but at school i wanted to be dead so i could be used for anatomy
Doctor :   This is just to know about the person who is going to provide such a useful resource to my profession.
User :   are you happy i made this choise to be used ?
Doctor :   But may I know why you wanted to die at such a young age?
User :   to give the gift of my body to help others learn
Doctor :   I did not follow what your last comment was. That did not answer my question. You can choose to ignore this if you want to.
User :   no i wanted to die so i can be used for teaching anatomy as its what i wanted
Doctor :   You could have done this at a later stage too, not that it can be changed now.
User :   ok may i ask as im 18 years old will i get the same markes like wrikles on my skin once im dead ?
Doctor :   But if I may ask what promted you to donate the body. Because this deed is most often done by people who have passed most of their life with friends and family.
Doctor :   It is only occasionally body donation is done by the young and most often it is due to accidental deaths.
User :   i have no familly so i wanted to be dead but also wanted to help others tyoo
User :   may i ask am i going be the youngest cadaver do you think
Doctor :   I am sorry to hear that.
Doctor :   Any adults body can be used for studies.
User :   do you think there mined useing me
Doctor :   Your age may be the youngest, but there were a few people with the same age who's bodies have been used.
Doctor :   People wouldn't mind using your body.
Doctor :   It does not affect them any way.
Doctor :   Are you there?
User :   so my body is going be ok then for them to dissect
Doctor :   Yes, it would be perfectly fine.
User :   may i ask will any of my bones be cut ?
Doctor :   DIdn't your friends prevented you from taking such a harsh decision to kill some one?
Doctor :   Bones are studied seperately, in a class of osteology.
Doctor :   Individual bones are studied.
User :   will thay keep my bones ?
Doctor :   They use the bones that is obtained after burial are used for this purpose.
Doctor :   I do not know what happens to the cadaver after the dissection is done. My guess is that they are given a proper burial.
User :   i was told thay could cremate e sothaycanget to my skelton is this correct
Doctor :   A burial with proper respect.
Doctor :   I do not know it that is what happens, as this is not part of my profession.
Doctor :   Didn't your friends prevented you from taking such a harsh decision to kill some one?
User :   no i dont have any friends my best m8t died when he was 15
User :   hes perents had him cremated
User :   what is cremation ?
Doctor :   Guess, we were friends for some time.
Doctor :   Cremation by definition is the process of reducing dead human bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments.
Doctor :   There are various form of doing it.
User :   how
Doctor :   This is also not part of medical profession.
User :   no but dissection is yes ?
Doctor :   Yes, only dissection is part of my medical field.
Doctor :   I do not practice it any more.
Doctor :   Done with it.
User :   did you find it usefull
Doctor :   I have mentioned about the usefulness remember.
Doctor :   It is the most effective way of studying a human body.
Doctor :   You should have joined medical field,
User :   may i ask will i be a mess during and after the students have finished with me ?
Doctor :   The condition of the body definitely changes. It would like a mess if you were able to see, but to the eyes of a doctor it would be a professional cuts and dissection.
Doctor :   So not of a mess to the doctors eyes.
Doctor :   I really wish, you've had joined the medical field.
User :   well im not going see as ibe dead and laying there
Doctor :   I know that, but if you were given an opportunity and your execution gets cancelled and you are let free, you should join the medical field.
User :   yes i would but even if i was to die when older i want to be used as a cadaver
Doctor :   That is a good deed, but it is equally pleasing to serve people who are alive.
User :   yhea may i ask how long willibe studyed do youthink
Doctor :   That is why the cadavers are God to the eyes of medical students as they teach them how to serve the living.
Doctor :   It used to be for a little more than a year.
Doctor :   It is reduced to less than a year at some places.
User :   and am i allways kept in lab ?
Doctor :   Would you take up medical field if given an opportunity? Would you change your decision to stay alive till you get old?
Doctor :   Yes, the bodies would be kept in the lab most often.
User :   yes maybe
Doctor :   If you were to get into medical field then do let me know too, I would really feel happy for you then.
User :   ibeen told that sumtimes a bodyis isstreated
Doctor :   Instead of you sacrificing your life so early.
User :   when thayget me to lab what is used to get me there ?
Doctor :   Cadavers are moved about by means of a trolley.
Doctor :   Do you have any further query?
User :   yes if you where a med student would you be ok dissecting me knowing i was young ?
Doctor :   As i mentioned earlier, age does not matter.
User :   how young do you have to be before you can be a cadaver
Doctor :   I am not sure of the age that one can give consent for being a cadaver at the florida, US, as I am from a different location.
Doctor :   Out here, it is 18 years and above.
User :   so i would just be ok in your country then
Doctor :   Yes.
Doctor :   Do you have any further queries?
User :   what happens to the clothing thay remove from my body ?
Doctor :   I would like you to ask me the details related to my profession alone.
Doctor :   I wouldn't know what happens with the clothes or who will remove them.
User :   ok do you know how thay will remove my spine
Doctor :   I wouldn't know that as they are not performed by the medical students or the doctors.
Doctor :   I am sorry, I had mis interpreted your question.
Doctor :   The spine and its content are studied in the class of osteology which I had described earlier.
Doctor :   So that is not dealt in dissection.
Doctor :   Do you have any further queries?
Doctor :   Can I suggest you to close the window and relogin if you have any further queries related to my profession. A second doctor will chat with you, as I have an emergency to attend.
User :   no other then i hope to be of helpfull service
Doctor :   You would be.
Doctor :   Do you have any other queries?
User :   may i ask how is my chest opened
Doctor :   Chest is opened after the ribs are split with a bone cutter. and the details are studied.
Doctor :   If you have further queries, I would suggest you to please close and relogin.
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
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