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Worrying about kidney infection after ultrasound showed single kidney - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   Hi. I am a hypertensive patient of age 24 since last 6 months. I am right now on amlopres 2.5mg OD. My bp remains in the range 120/80-140/90. mainly and usually it stays around 120/80-130/85. I measure my bp twice. During the first time i got all the tests done, it came that i have single kidney. KFT/ ultrasound and other thngs were normal. In urine test, Protein was 2+(100mg/dl) and few epithelial cells and pus cells were thr. Doc told me its kidney infection and gave offlin for 1 week BD. After 1 week i had 24 hour protein urine test, and it was normal. Since then i had 4-5 routine urine test and 2-3 KFT and all came normal. Last KFT and urine routine was done 2.5 mnths ago. It showed few epithelial cells/ calcium oxalate but doc said that its normal and no other abnormality was there. Since last 3 weeks I am having cough. Initially it started with fever, cold, sore throat cough. After taking meds(Offline/Rezatrin/Dolo/LCZ) fr a week, fever, cold, sore throat went away but i m still having cough. Now doc has given me dalacin C 150mg OD fr 7 days. Its been 3 days and I am feeling better. I have no other symptom. I measured my temp and it was 98.3F today. My concern is that will I be suffering from kidney infection? A doc once told me that whenever you have fever, get ur urine r/e done so as to check if its not kidney infection. I am drinking atleast 3 litres of water since last 4 months. Manytimes it comes to 4L/day. My concern is that should i be concerned with kidney infection and getting tests done myself?
Doctor :   Hi
User :   hi
Doctor :   Let me read your query
User :   yeah
User :   i am kind of hypocondriac
User :   but now i have sort of win over that
Doctor :   Ok
User :   but this is bothering me since last 2 days.
Doctor :   The presence of puss cells and epithelial cells , calcium oxalte in urine is obsolutelyu fine
User :   hi dr karthik
Doctor :   Thats normal and you have it in minimal amounts
Doctor :   One advise you should not measure Bp twice daily
Doctor :   The reading should be done only once a month
User :   yeah..
User :   since i have overcome my fear and worries relating to bp
User :   i am reducing on that
Doctor :   Frequent recordings will increase anxiety and produce false values
Doctor :   Thats will leasd to unwanted increase in doasge of antohypertensives
User :   yeah..
Doctor :   And coming to the point you are more concerned about kidney function tests right
User :   KFT and urine test
Doctor :   Were the urea and creatinine values normal
User :   cause all 4 kft were normal
User :   since last few months concern of bp was overwhelming me
User :   yup all were normal
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Now even Bp is in a good range well within normal
User :   last urine r/e was done 2.5 mnths ago
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and i told u the details
Doctor :   Let me ask some questions to help you
User :   KFT doesnt make me worry
User :   yeah
Doctor :   Are you having burning micturation
User :   nope
Doctor :   Is there any difficulty passing urine
User :   nope
User :   actually since i drink lot of water.. usually 2-3 glasses of water at a time
Doctor :   Did you find any significant decrease in the quantity of urine
User :   and out of 6 urine test and one 24 hr protein test, 1st one urine r/e contained protein but after that all were fine
User :   urine quanity is normal.
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   then you dont have any abnormal signs indicating kidney damage
Doctor :   All you might have had is just a minor Urinary tract infection
User :   i get quite good quanity of urine
Doctor :   Minimal amount of protein is acceptable
User :   ok.. so that protein 2+ in my first test 6 months back was coz of UTI?
Doctor :   The concern arises when there is proteinuria 3+++
Doctor :   Yes there are many causes provoking protenuria
Doctor :   1, UTI
Doctor :   2. Hot water baths
Doctor :   3. following heavy workouts
User :   and immediately after 10 days after antibiotic course, i went for 24 hr protein test and it was 112mgDoctor :   4. Continuos Fever or infection
Doctor :   Ok
User :   since then 4-5 urine r/e are normal.
Doctor :   You shouldn't worry regarding the values they are normal'
User :   ok
Doctor :   Dont get tested so frequently that will also lead to false positive values
Doctor :   Unless you have any of the issues i questioned you can stay in peace
User :   only thng that may sound abnormal is when i get up in the morning and do my 1st urine it is comparatively dark in colour. but after that as i start drinking water trhoughout the day. all other urine are usually slight yellow or kinda white
Doctor :   Even thats normal
User :   but that is thr since last 5-6 mnths since i started my bp medication
Doctor :   see the night urine tends to be more concentrated than the day
Doctor :   Inspite water consumption in night is nearing nill
User :   yeah
Doctor :   Some also have the issuee following medications
Doctor :   But not due to BP medicines
Doctor :   Antibiotics are prone to cause
Doctor :   B complex supplements will also render Yellowish urine
User :   i mean yeah, before all this started, i dint cared fr urine color etc and i used to drink water around 1-1.5 ltr max a day
User :   hmm
Doctor :   Its advisible to drink plenty of water and plz note not drink it compulsivley quench your thirst it will do
User :   hmm
User :   i actually dont feel thirsty usually
User :   as i am all the time filled with water
Doctor :   generally its body mechanism to make you feel thirsty when required
Doctor :   Probably because you drink plenty you are not feeling thirsty
User :   yeah
Doctor :   give it a try drink when only thirsty you will enjoy water too
Doctor :   Rather having it on measured baisi
Doctor :   *basis
User :   actually, my fear is that i should catch kidney infection if thr at the earliest as if undetected it can cause damage.
User :   hmm
Doctor :   As said first you will have burning micturation
Doctor :   Then pain while passing urine
Doctor :   with significant decrease in urine
User :   and as my 1st test which was high in protein happened when i wasnt having any urine issues, makes me feel worried without symptoms
Doctor :   The colur change like whitish ( puss) like
Doctor :   Definitly when there is no issues regarding Kidney, but infection would have triggered such reaction
User :   may be in the morning a little thirsty
Doctor :   Which usually resolves in few days#
Doctor :   Thats why the repeat tests turned out normal
User :   it can resolve itself even without medication but with plenty of water?
Doctor :   Yes
Doctor :   Not even water is required when infection subsides things will return to noirmal
User :   and it can subside by itself as well?
Doctor :   Yes
User :   ok other than that. i have a q regarding my bp.
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   proceed
User :   7 mnths back my bp was 124/82, after 3 weeks it was 120/80, next day it was 145/98 and he put me on medication ciplar la
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Were the readings self
User :   nope. they were at doctor
Doctor :   145/98 is not possible
Doctor :   Only even number readings in BP
User :   only when its not able to, then it will show symptom and i will need to undergo tests right?
User :   it was a digital machine
User :   in rml
Doctor :   Dont go by digital always has a error pr=ercentage of 5%
User :   then after 4 days, i felt very anxious, i felt heaviness in my chest increasing my anxiety and concern for heart
Doctor :   Ok
User :   my bp was 160/100
User :   then after 4 days i had this gas and my chest felt heavy and since i wasnt aware, i thot thr is some prob with my heart and i was worried over this the whole day
User :   after 10 mins it came to 150/100
Doctor :   Were your EKG normal
User :   then i was given injection
User :   and it came to 120/80 after half an hour
Doctor :   Your symptoms are more related to anxiety not BP
User :   then i went thru series of tests
User :   2 ECG during emergency were normal
Doctor :   All you need is confidence and beleif that you are doin very well
User :   next day ecg showed probable lvh, right atrial abnormality and some anterior injury
User :   i was anxious at that time of test as well
User :   feeling uneasy i went to emergency in night
User :   i had echo done then and thr everythng was normal
Doctor :   When you are anxious we do a lot of investigations to satisfy you
User :   all ventricles and atrials were normal
Doctor :   So that you get alright seeing all test turning normal;
User :   i went to cardiologist, and he saw all ecg and echo
User :   at doctor office
User :   and said everythng is AAAAAAA
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   So you are perfectly alright
User :   then i had blood tests, urine tests
User :   ultrasound
Doctor :   Ok
User :   ultrasound told i have single kidney
User :   urine test i have told u
User :   blood tests were normal
Doctor :   Thats is common in some
User :   doc said that single kidney can be cause of hypertension
User :   and he took my reading, it was 126/87
User :   my ejection fraction was 54% which should be atleast 56%
Doctor :   One kidney is sufficient to perform the normal activity
User :   he said ur bp shud be 110/70 and put me on ciplar la BD + Telma OD
Doctor :   EF 54% is pretty normal
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting me
Doctor :   Bye for now
User :   my session expired
Doctor :   You can continue with your query
User :   yeah, after ciplar and telma.. my bp started remaining low.. 100/60
User :   then i went to diff doc and he said, my bp is fine and changed my med to amtas 5mg OD
Doctor :   Generally Bp willmedications will take some time to settle
User :   fr 3 days it was fine
User :   then one day i saw my bp as 126/73
Doctor :   So generally will take Six months to fix a dose
Doctor :   Bp upto 130/90 is fine for hypertensives
User :   that triggered anxiety i guess and my bp shot upto 155/100
Doctor :   Plz stick on to a single doctor so that you are changed prescriptions often
Doctor :   Yes
User :   then fr next 4-5 days it remained in range 120/80-140/90
Doctor :   ok
User :   doc increased my dose to atmas 5mg BD
User :   i was used to 100/60-110/70 kind of reading
User :   after that fr next 1 mnth bp remained in the range 110-70/130-85
Doctor :   Atmas is amlong right
Doctor :   Thats great signifies that your BP is control
User :   yeah.. amlodipine besilate
Doctor :   That the basic drug in controlling BP
User :   then i assuming my bp is cause of anxiety started reducing my dosage.
Doctor :   Previously prescrfibed were higher class Telmisartan
Doctor :   That right
User :   one day, i was anxious and bp increased to 148/90
User :   some times it shows
User :   and some times 140+/90+
User :   bt i guess thats always when i m anxious
User :   i thnk so
Doctor :   Yes your condition is purely related tio anxiety
Doctor :   Do meditate or practise Yoga
User :   now it remains 120/75-135/88 mostly
Doctor :   Plz dont check Bp daily and byself
User :   i decided to reduce dosage as i noted that med quanity doesnt help when i m anxious or when bp is high
Doctor :   That will add up anxiety
User :   yeah..
Doctor :   No you should not reduce the doasge
Doctor :   That will lead to reboung hypertension
Doctor :   * rebound
User :   now usually when doc takes my bp, i get very anxious and bp comes in the range 140+/70-80
User :   and but i dont tell them that m anxious
Doctor :   So continue with the same dose which is the minimal dosage and safe too
User :   now i go to my doc every month show him reading
Doctor :   Some people have raised values when checked by doctor or also when checked in hospital
Doctor :   Your solution will be befriending the doctor and getting used to the hospital
Doctor :   Will make readings normal
User :   bt good thng is that even my old doc who started me on med after 145/98 sees my bp 142/80, says its ok
User :   it would have been better if he wud havnt put me on med at all. i wud have been saved all this
User :   yeah i m now continuing with amlopres 2.5mg
User :   i have decided
Doctor :   Ok
User :   that i will reduce my dosage when my bp will remain consistently
Doctor :   Yes that will do
User :   till then i will continue with amlopres 2.5mg
Doctor :   There is no dose lesser than 2.5
Doctor :   thats the minimum dosage
Doctor :   You can rather make it once daily
User :   yeah.
User :   yeah i m taking once only
Doctor :   But after consulting your cardiologist not by self]
Doctor :   Then thats the minimal doase available
User :   initially it was 5mg BD then i reduced it to 5 mg once and 2.5 mg other time
User :   then i reduced it to 2.5mg BD
User :   and then 2.5mg OD
Doctor :   ok
User :   i wont reduce further unless bp remains stable around 120/80
Doctor :   So you will not require further reduction
Doctor :   Ok
User :   but i still believe my bp is anxiety related and if i can control that. i can shut off my med
Doctor :   Yes
User :   it is probably not coz of single kidney as my renin level was 2.8
Doctor :   But once on Bp meds atleast a years course will be considered
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Thats fine
User :   yeah 2.5mg OD is minimum
Doctor :   So no futher reduction,
User :   i thnk that if bp remains in the range 120/80-145/93 max.. i dont need to increase my med.. and since i have started gaining control.. it stays in 118/75-135/85 all the time
Doctor :   Rather start milder workouts, cardio exercises, meditation
User :   gaining control on anxiety i meant
Doctor :   Thats good and hope you will not require firther rise in doasge if anxiety is controlled
User :   but even when i dont do them as i tried for last week, bp still remained same
Doctor :   Meditation and Yoga are excellent stress busters
Doctor :   You should give them a try sure will be benefited
User :   thngs that cause my anxieties are 1. if i see bp of 140+ i get anxious 2. i have this worry of kidney infection 3. i worry abt heart too many times thnkng that bp of 140+ can do harm to it 4. when i hear of other ppl stories of bp reaching 190/180.. i get anxious
User :   i do jogging and yoga daily
Doctor :   Ok
User :   but i thnk these are all invalid concerns and i should win over them with firm control over myself
Doctor :   sure will control anxiety soon
Doctor :   Yes life is always a challenge it left to us to make it interesting than difficult
Doctor :   So keep cool and stop worrying about health concerns
Doctor :   Now a days medical care is soo improved everything is curable and treatable
Doctor :   Can you imageine even heart transplants have become easier nowadays
User :   yeah
Doctor :   so there is nothing more complixcated than it
Doctor :   So every condition si treatable
User :   i thnk my fear is that if i get affected with any heart/kidney issues like heart failure/kidney failure, my life will become bad and i wont be able to lead a normal life..
Doctor :   Even those cases there is treatment available
Doctor :   And you will not any of the above
User :   but i have told my self now that if i keep my cholstrol under control. heart will be fine. right now my cholestrol is 157 and normal range is 150-220, which makes me feel good
Doctor :   Ok
User :   so i have overcome heart and bp worry sort of
Doctor :   All needed is moderate physical activity sedantry life style will turn harmful to heart
Doctor :   So avoid sedantry lifestyle, if so
Doctor :   Do you smoke?
User :   yeah..
User :   nope
User :   yeah.. i have this fear that if i hav problems like heart/kidney my life wont be good and it will be bad.. and i wont be able to continue my normal life
User :   i dont smoke, nor drink
User :   neither eat non veg
Doctor :   Thats great then you still reduced risk
User :   but i was vegetarian from the start
Doctor :   ok thats great
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Bye for now

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