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Very high heart rate - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   Hello?
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   how may i help you ?
User :   Id prefer speaking with a cardiologist
User :   or someone with experience with Sinus Tachy.
Doctor :   cardiologist are not available to chat
Doctor :   i am a general physician i believe i can help you
Doctor :   proceed with your query
User :   Well here goes
User :   Its kind of difficult
User :   I am a male
User :   22
Doctor :   ok
User :   Crohn's Disease. Underweight
User :   On TPN right now.
User :   With Lipids, Elektrolytes
User :   on Cardizem and Entocort EC
User :   Last month i went to the ER for SVT
Doctor :   ok
User :   I sustained their HIGHEST recorded Heart rate of just under 300 BPM
User :   i didnt black out. Tolerated very well
Doctor :   ok
User :   adenosine administered 12mg via IV
User :   Wore a cardionet moniter for 3 weeks
User :   EARLY first 1-3 days my Doctor said he saw possible SVT's but NOTHING as of.
Doctor :   ok
User :   But High Sinus Tachycardia
User :   (Normal rythem)
User :   I noticed whenever i had an SVT, I think I first Felt a PAC or "flutter"
Doctor :   ok
User :   but with magnesium, hydration and TPN i havent felt them MUCH
User :   guessing those are helping
User :   no idea.
User :   I do suffer from anxiety.
Doctor :   ok
User :   Problem is..
User :   Which is why i am here
User :   Is because at times my heart rate resting is 75-90 which is fine
Doctor :   ok
User :   but after a nap or eating its 100-115
User :   or more
User :   and when i stand up
Doctor :   ok
User :   its 140-160
User :   and stays at 150-160 sitting at the toilet
User :   its very bothersome, or scary i guess
User :   but..
User :   sometimes it will stay around 100-120 on the toilet..
User :   which i can handle
Doctor :   ok
User :   Is it dangerous?
User :   i just need some guidance
Doctor :   ok
User :   I havent been upstairs in my house in a month
User :   and i fear exercising because of it
Doctor :   do the heart rate decreases to normal when you perform valsalva maneuver
User :   my hemoglobin is 11.0
User :   potassium is 3.9
User :   magnesium 1.8
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   do the heart rate decreases to normal when you perform valsalva maneuver ?
User :   like rubbing my neck?
User :   or Coughing?
Doctor :   yeah blowing the cheek with closed nose and mouth
User :   Well, im sure it would help if i was having an SVT.
User :   but This is all normal sinus rythem
User :   because my recovery time when i get back to my recliner or bed is under 30 seconds
Doctor :   ok
User :   but i havent tried this maneuver
User :   on the toilet
User :   because i dont think an SVT is 170 bpm
User :   if mine were so high
User :   At the time of my SVT i was very malnourished, dehydrated. Low BP
User :   and fentanyl Withdrawl
Doctor :   you wore a cardionet for 3 weeks what did it say
User :   first weekk 1-2 SVT. Doctor said after that it looked NORMAL (normal sinus rythem) but Periods of HIGH sinus Tachy
User :   or heart rates
Doctor :   ok
User :   ECHO shows
User :   Completly normal strong heart
Doctor :   ok
User :   Ive urinated 1000cc already
User :   its only 4:00pm
User :   but i drank only 32oz of water and TPN is running
User :   Creantine is .45 though. so VERY healthy kidneys
Doctor :   what was the ECG recording at the times of the tachycardia episode say ?
User :   i dont think the the ECG recorded an SVT in the E.R
User :   but they were normal
User :   but
User :   Doctor thinks possible AVRENT
User :   AVRNT*
User :   But i dont think that is RELATED to Sinus TAchy
User :   He believes the Cardizem is working.
User :   for SVT
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   have you checked your thyroid status also ?
User :   last blood draw was wwednesday
User :   Yes
User :   normal
Doctor :   ok
User :   5 "11 only 105 pounds
User :   Diarrhea
User :   Anemia / Iron deficient chronic
Doctor :   ok
User :   11.0
User :   .5mg Xanax occasionally.
Doctor :   ok
User :   very rarely. but i think i should take it more i dont know
Doctor :   there is no diagnosis as such what is causing the increase in the heart rate ?
User :   I dont know. That is 1 reason I am here.
User :   Doctor says they dont really treat Normal sinus tachy
User :   because
User :   there is only certain things to cause it?
User :   dehydration, malnourishment
Doctor :   ok
User :   anxiety
User :   is he correct?
User :   Albumin is 2.4
Doctor :   yes they are correct
Doctor :   tachycardia can be because of many reasons
User :   BP 98/52 with hr of 88
User :   while talking to u
User :   BP a little low
User :   but
Doctor :   the ECG recorded at the time of the palpitation will tell what is causing it
User :   Well i think there was atleast (1) recorded on the 3 week moniter
User :   but like i said..
Doctor :   ECG recorded any other time will not be able to diagnosis
User :   that was an SVT
User :   ALL the other HIGH Sinus Tachy was Normal Rythem they sad.
User :   said*
Doctor :   ok
User :   when i eat, it goes up.
User :   when im in pain. yes it goes up
User :   but i think those are common
Doctor :   yes when physical activity like eating pain and exercise the heart rate will go up
User :   so if im not having an "Arrhythmia" but high H.R .. what can be done to lower my resting heart rate
User :   as i build up my weight with the TPN
User :   will it get naturally better?
User :   Should i be worrying?
User :   because i know anxiety is horrible for you.
User :   my doctors think I am a doctor im so knowledgeable.. i study medicine but cant afford the schooling
User :   because of my disease
Doctor :   if it is a sinus tachycardia and SVT than you need not get worried
User :   i love medical stuff
User :   if my heart rate is 165 standing or moving.. or on the toilet
User :   is that dangerous?
User :   and how long
User :   can it go like that in NORMAL sinus rythem
User :   without worry,
User :   im willing to not worry about it. im obsessing over my Heart rate
User :   i admit it
Doctor :   ok
User :   i bought a heart rate moniter
User :   it sounds like my anxiety plays a huge roll doesnt it
Doctor :   yes
User :   Im not sure if it has ever been this high
User :   but than again since i have the moniter now
Doctor :   you need a symptomatic management for the episodes of tachycardia
User :   who knows
User :   like what
User :   hydration?
User :   no matter what the color of my urine
User :   any tips?
User :   Id say this, You would agree.. But how do I know its going to work. BY THE BOOK
User :   its suppose to
User :   get my hemoglobin to 13.0+
User :   drink MUCH water
Doctor :   hydration does improve the general well being
User :   get magnesium to 2.5
Doctor :   it will not increase the hb to 13
User :   no no im taking Ferrous Sulfate
User :   im saying increase my hemoglobin from 11.0
User :   to atleast 13.0
User :   to get suffient Iron rich oxygen
User :   to decrease hearts work
Doctor :   the cause for the increased heart rate is different here
User :   oh.
Doctor :   you need a more so a relaxation technique
Doctor :   to control the heart rate
Doctor :   yoga have you heard of it
User :   so. you think with hemoglobin at 11.0 and normal elektrolytes...
User :   i shouldnt have 160 HR
User :   when on the toilet
User :   its related more the stress/anxiety
User :   from what I have told u
Doctor :   it is very unlikely that it is anxiety alone
User :   right
User :   i agree
Doctor :   for the time it requires the heart rate be kept in control
User :   i dont think i can do yoga
User :   physically
Doctor :   so the symptomatic management includes the relaxation technique
User :   im barely exercising
User :   i only get up to use the bathroom
User :   so what you think I should do.. as a plan. ITS WAY MORE than just relaxation
Doctor :   yoga performers can control the heart rate
User :   yes they're resting heart rate
User :   im no athelete
Doctor :   there is no one mechanism which will bring the heart rate to control
Doctor :   so it would be mixture of all the technique
Doctor :   like relaxation yoga and medications which can reduce the heart rate
User :   Well that brings me back square 1
User :   im on cardizem
User :   but i dont think it helps my heart rate
User :   just prevents arythmia
User :   atleast it seems like it
User :   but i dont know if they can out me on Inderal
User :   and cardizem
User :   or antenolol
User :   put*
Doctor :   did atenolol worked ?
User :   im on cardizem
User :   never been on atenolol
Doctor :   cardizem is different from atenolol
User :   my friend gave me 500 tabs of Inderal
User :   but
Doctor :   were you put on atenolol ?
User :   i wont take anything without talking to my doctor
User :   no i was not
Doctor :   ok
User :   so if i feel winded or have heart rate of 170...
User :   its not going to make me pass out?
User :   or
User :   cause harm?
User :   and for how long
User :   i think if i learn not to worry about those episodes of normal rythem
User :   it will lower naturraly.
Doctor :   as is said if the diagnosis is sinus tachycardia and SVT it is not going to cause much harm
User :   So as long as its not an "Arythmia"
Doctor :   yes
User :   cus i dont want to be afraid to eat
User :   because of increased heart rate
User :   or use a bedpan over getting up
User :   i want to exercise
User :   to naturally lower my heart rate
Doctor :   ok
User :   so far you have helped a lot.
User :   Thank you
Doctor :   thank you for consulting health care magic
User :   well
User :   so what is your overall
User :   decision
User :   what should i do.
User :   id love a lowered heart rate sure.
User :   but
Doctor :   as the cause of the increased heart rate is not yes clear
User :   what are steps i can take to be safe
Doctor :   only symptomatic management is necessary
User :   what does that mean though
User :   you keep saying symptomatic management
User :   if my resting heart rate is over 100.. should i not do anything about it?
User :   thats what i dont understand
Doctor :   to do some thing you need a diagnosis what is the diagnosis ??
User :   there is many reasons for Sinus Tachy.
User :   thats why i am here
User :   to get help
Doctor :   what is that specific reason that needs to be made out
User :   ?
Doctor :   what do you think is the cause for the tachycardia in you ?
User :   Well your the doctor. I told you every possible reason for it.
User :   I think its staying hydrated.
User :   anxiety
User :   malnourishment
User :   many things
User :   i have a normal heart according to the ECHO
Doctor :   will all this causes the heart rate to 300
User :   you think it can?
User :   because i have been like this most of my life.
Doctor :   it will not
User :   your confusing me
User :   no i dont think you can get 300bpm
User :   without an SVT
Doctor :   relax
Doctor :   you have history of palpitation and you are still on the diagnostic period
User :   No, i have been Dx'd. My doctor thinks ultimatly i need an ablation
User :   but since the Cardizem seems to be preventing "SVT"
User :   he said its best to wait
User :   but that has NOTHING to do with my Sinus Tachycardia
Doctor :   ok
User :   i dont think you know how to help me.
User :   but i appreciate you tryinh
User :   trying*
User :   all we did was talk about my SVT and what happened
User :   nothing to help resolve my sinus Tachycardia
User :   or help lower it
Doctor :   you did not tell me about the diagnosis made for the cause of the sinus tachycardia and it requires the ablation
Doctor :   if you conceal the facts what help can i offer
User :   NO
User :   u dont udnerstan
User :   People dont have ablations for sinus tachycardia
User :   ...
User :   he said for the SVT's
User :   but it is currently being controlled
User :   on CARDIZEM
User :   Unrelated to SINUS TACHY
User :   i feel like im teaching you.
User :   this is ridiculous
Doctor :   why have you been offered ablation
User :   Supraventricular Tachycardia
Doctor :   ok
User :   which is an ARRYTHMIA
User :   NOT normal sinus rythem
User :   Sinus Tachycardia is NORMAL sinus rythem
Doctor :   sorry to say you don't know the terminologies and the meaning of it
Doctor :   and you are getting confused by reading on the net
User :   I dont think my sinus Tachycardia is related to my electrical system of my heart
Doctor :   it is related to the electrical system of the heart
Doctor :   it is the fact
User :   so even if its normal sinus rythem
User :   im going to live with this FAST heart rate
User :   till iget ablated?
Doctor :   what do you understand by sinus rhythm ?
User :   normal waves on an ECG
User :   only a doctor can tell me its normal
User :   but i have been told they are normal rythem
User :   even though beats of 180 have been seen
Doctor :   rhythm is normal ok
Doctor :   what about the rate is it normal
User :   right now its 85
User :   im satisfised
User :   but im resting
User :   sometimes its 115 resting
User :   i dont like that
Doctor :   what is it called when it is 115 and the rhythm is normal
User :   Tachycardia
User :   when resting
User :   normal when exercising
Doctor :   it is called sinus tachycardia
User :   Right.
Doctor :   what do you understand by SVT
User :   Supraventricular Tachycardia
User :   White parkinsons wolf
User :   or
User :   AVRNT
User :   or an extra pathway
User :   that sends the heart to NON NORMAL
User :   rythem
Doctor :   AVRNT is different entity
User :   from a PVC or PAC
Doctor :   it is not normal
User :   no it isn't
User :   glad we agree
User :   an SVT can happen
User :   at any time
User :   but some people have triggers
Doctor :   ok
User :   Caffeine, anxiety, or elektrolyte inbalance
User :   but can happen at any time
User :   thats my understanding
Doctor :   ok
User :   right now my resting rate is 78-80 and i wish i could be like that all day
User :   this morning it was HIGH after a small nap
User :   you think TPN increases heart rate?
Doctor :   for you the increase heart rate is due to the AVRNT
User :   is AVRNT normal sinus rythem?
Doctor :   it can cause sinus tachycardia, SVT and other rhythm disturbance also
Doctor :   did you understood
User :   I c.
User :   So because I have AVRNT
User :   i can have Sinus Tachy
User :   Which is normal rythem
User :   but the SVT it CAN cause
User :   obviously isnt
Doctor :   it can cause
User :   maybe thats why i have PAC's
User :   like a weak missed than hard heart beat
User :   sometimes that triggers SVT
Doctor :   ok
User :   so you believe thats possibly the reason for random good or bad heart rates
Doctor :   yes it is
User :   so AVRNT is a beast of its own
User :   not an SVT, but makes SVT's
User :   Also a fast rythem
Doctor :   ye
Doctor :   yes
User :   whenever it wants
User :   wow
Doctor :   so only the best treatment is ablation of it
User :   right.
User :   weird how it just started becoming a problem
User :   supposedly i was born with it
User :   so most likely im going to have these anxietys and fast heart rate till the ablation
User :   or a medication to lower the Heart rate as well
Doctor :   medication will only temporarily lower the heart rate
User :   so really... There is nothing I can honestly do
Doctor :   permanent cure is by ablation
User :   i might as well eat. get up use the bathroom
User :   and try not to worry much
User :   though my recovery time is pretty fast
User :   i guess because it was normal rythem
Doctor :   yes
User :   now i get it
User :   Wow
User :   yes the medications will and may have breajthroughs
User :   only last so long
Doctor :   is there anything else i can help you with
User :   no, i will discuss it with my cardiologist.
User :   and see if he agrees
User :   thanks for easing my mind
User :   a little
Doctor :   thanks for consulting health care magic
Doctor :   bye for now
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