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Shoulder and spinal pain - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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User :   hi
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   How can I help you?
Doctor :   Actually I had gone through the history part
Doctor :   I got an idea what is bothering you
User :   can you tell me the last line
Doctor :   I shall put you some questions now
User :   bec i was not able to complete it
User :   yes doctor you can ask me pls
Doctor :   you said you went to a neurologist
Doctor :   asked for spinal MRI
User :   yes
Doctor :   and doctor was not giving you enough time
Doctor :   to speak
User :   exactly
User :   so i was confused to go for mri or not
Doctor :   Ok no problem I shall give you enough time to speak to you
Doctor :   and solve all your problems
User :   thanks doctor
Doctor :   Most of the problems and questions for people like you will be solved with enough information
Doctor :   and what to do what not to do things
Doctor :   Do not worry I shall assist yoiu in all your queries
User :   i concur
User :   you said you need to ask me
User :   pls go ahead
Doctor :   Let us get back to questions
Doctor :   DId you see an Orthopedician for the same problem
User :   yes
User :   yes i have seen one about 8 days ago
Doctor :   Ok good what was the suggestion
User :   this is after i have seen my family doc who is a general physian and he told me that am perfectly alright.
User :   Anyway that doc
User :   made a joke says what i have is computer virus
User :   its like my posture
User :   bec i used laptop for 3 years
User :   while lying on myleft side
User :   on the bed
User :   so he prescribed me Parafon and rapidius
Doctor :   Ok
User :   as muscle relxant
User :   which i took for 5 days
Doctor :   ok
User :   at the 4th day i felt like my burning is gone completely
User :   and i remained like that for 2 days
User :   until 3rd day things came back
Doctor :   ok
User :   he also took normal xray
User :   of my left sideof shoulder
User :   and he said all looks ok
User :   but i know my cndition doctor
User :   the pain is not skin pain
User :   its a feeling
User :   bruning cold feeling
Doctor :   ok
User :   or when you apply a muscles cream which produces lot of burning
User :   got it?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   Where is the pain?
User :   thats about it
Doctor :   jalan I mean
User :   the main part where it is there all the time
Doctor :   you said shoulders wrist
Doctor :   isn't it
User :   i will tell u
User :   on your back
User :   there are two bones in the center
User :   i mean left and right
Doctor :   ok
User :   in the middle is spinal
Doctor :   yeah
User :   and then i feel it some times in the line
User :   spinal
User :   which is between the two bones
Doctor :   ok
User :   but never below back
User :   like disc etc
User :   there is one thing interesting
User :   doctor
User :   rarely
Doctor :   what is ti
Doctor :   it
User :   i feel spikes
User :   of similar pain
User :   like on my thighs
User :   i feel the burning in the left area just below the left bone
User :   like on my finger
User :   as if current flow
User :   for a sec
Doctor :   ok
User :   but the constant pain is where i told u
User :   even now
User :   a burning feel is there
Doctor :   So it is on the upper back between the two bones
Doctor :   near the spine
User :   you there?
Doctor :   yes
User :   ello?
User :   ok
User :   seems we were disconnected
Doctor :   You did not answer my question
User :   it is between the two bones
Doctor :   So it is on the upper back between the two bones near the spine
User :   that line
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   fine
User :   and it is under the left bone
User :   but never on the right
Doctor :   Is there anything else you would like to mention about your other health problems?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
User :   my family doc told me that sometimes an emotion problem can manifest itself as any pain
User :   strange thing
User :   is that true
Doctor :   Yes it is also true
User :   but based on my computer using habbits i thing i over do it
User :   lying on one side for hrs
User :   could have caused some damage
User :   i dont know
User :   pls help me
Doctor :   Ok I am here to assist you
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   What is your age, Weight and Height?
User :   its so strange that i know the heart of pain
User :   its on the left area of shoulder and the central in between two, always there.
User :   i just turned
User :   40 years
User :   height is 5'7
User :   weight is 77 kg
User :   am otherwise looking healthy
Doctor :   ok
User :   dont drink
User :   not smoke
User :   i used toplay sports
User :   but not now
Doctor :   Do you exercise regularly?
User :   i started to walk every morningnow
User :   stopped using laptops at home
Doctor :   Do you work for long hours infront of computer?
User :   not any more now
User :   i used
Doctor :   Do you have neck pain too?
User :   nope
Doctor :   When did you stop using?
Doctor :   the comp for long hours?
User :   but as i said before some times the feeling is all over my body
Doctor :   Do you have problems with eyes?
User :   yes i wear glasses
User :   but never checked my eyes
User :   i think i should
User :   recheck
Doctor :   Do you have problem now?
User :   problems in the eyes sght?
Doctor :   with eyes
Doctor :   dryness or itching or redness?
Doctor :   tears etc
User :   oh no
User :   never
Doctor :   fine
User :   but i notice one thing
Doctor :   what is it
User :   since i told you i stopped using laptio like i used to
User :   yesterday i used laptop (just to test) like i used to
User :   lie down on one side and use for 30 mins
User :   i felt that the pain becomes more
Doctor :   ok
User :   i hope am not confusing you doctore
User :   one of my friend told me
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   please go ahead
User :   that i may have a pressed nerve
User :   thats why today i went to see nerologist
User :   just to isolate
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   I understood
User :   and he straight away siggested mri for spinal
User :   my wife says dont do mri as mri may harm me with rays etc
User :   so i searched google and found ur site
User :   thts about it
Doctor :   Ok Good that you approached us
Doctor :   Let me clear some doubts immediately
User :   appointment for mri is tomorrow 7 pm
Doctor :   MRI shall not harm a human
Doctor :   at all
User :   should i go?
Doctor :   second thing is there may not be a compressed nerve in your case
User :   ok
User :   so what is it?
Doctor :   The strongest possible cause I probably think of is Repetitive Stress Injury
Doctor :   because of your prolonged Computer use with improper posture
Doctor :   Unfortunately most of the computer users forget
Doctor :   that they are prone to CRI
User :   cri?
Doctor :   Computer related Injuries
User :   ok and?
Doctor :   THere are set of rules developed
Doctor :   to work infront of a computer
Doctor :   The incidence of CRI is rising in developing world
User :   you are right doctor
Doctor :   now a days
Doctor :   and more than 55% of people hve to find another job
Doctor :   because of this
User :   yes
Doctor :   Of the 100 people using computer/ related
Doctor :   80 people have this problem
Doctor :   just only because they do not follow WOrk station Ergonomics
Doctor :   and do not do the Exercises at desk while at such work
User :   actually doctor
User :   can i say something
Doctor :   Yes
User :   i am working as an IT section Manager
User :   at work i uses less computer
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and most of the time
User :   manages projects
User :   but over the past 2 years
Doctor :   Ok
User :   at home
User :   on my bed
User :   lying
User :   i used laptop in wrong positions
User :   so much
Doctor :   I understood
User :   like whole night i lied on one side
User :   and used it
Doctor :   Be it at office or home it is called Work station
User :   i stopped that now
User :   yes
User :   i understood
Doctor :   Wonderful
User :   have you noticed in winter
User :   when you wash your hands with hot water
User :   and came out in the open
Doctor :   ok
User :   how you hands burn?
User :   thats the felling i have
User :   in the back
Doctor :   I understand
User :   my wife said to me that i started to use a lot of spice too in the food in the past 2 months bec of eating out
Doctor :   In my career I have many people with these problems
User :   she thinks :-) its the spice which is creating this issue
Doctor :   problems
Doctor :   Ok
User :   anyway
Doctor :   Can I put my suggestion now
User :   what do you think doctor should i approah
User :   yes pls
Doctor :   Since the appointment is fixed for MRI, and MRI is no harm I suggest you to for it
Doctor :   first and rule out if there is a posture abnormality in the spine
Doctor :   because of your improper posture
User :   ok i will go ahead with the mri
Doctor :   Yes
User :   i have some questions about it
Doctor :   After that I suppose the Neurologist will suggest you pills and exercises
User :   but i prefer to lsten to your full recommendations first
Doctor :   of which the exercises are important you know
Doctor :   You are also obese
User :   yes thats true
Doctor :   this is the second reason for the pain and related back problems
User :   ok
Doctor :   So Regular exercises are very important which keeps your body in tone
Doctor :   and prevent further pain episodes in future
Doctor :   and also lessens the weight
Doctor :   Regarding the pain under the left bone there are some specific exercises adopted
User :   ok
Doctor :   which are demonstrated by an expert called Physiotherapist or Occupational therapist
User :   ok
Doctor :   He will guide you for some sessions and later you have to follow for some time
User :   i suppose the neurologist will recommend me to see that doc
Doctor :   These exercises are apart from the daily, wt loss program
User :   to get some exercise tips
Doctor :   Yes
Doctor :   Even if neurologist would not do that
Doctor :   You should initiate that to him
Doctor :   asking for a physiotherapy referral
Doctor :   Go for a 30 min walk daily
Doctor :   and do some stretching exercises
Doctor :   atleast 10 min
Doctor :   daily
User :   ok
Doctor :   These will reduce the pain episodes in future
Doctor :   and also the severity of pain
User :   ok
Doctor :   This is a must and should activity
User :   are you done doc? can i say something
Doctor :   for you
Doctor :   yes
User :   Ok thanks for your advise, this service is too good to be true really, you guys are serving for the society i mean it.
User :   i will certainly follow all of your recommendations
User :   starting from now
Doctor :   Thanks, Please fill the feedback and say done
User :   i have some questions
User :   can i?
Doctor :   yes
User :   just 5 mins pls
User :   you there
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   pl go ahead
Doctor :   I am here
User :   ok
Doctor :   Did you fill the form
User :   i thought i will fill in the detail at the end
User :   ok?
Doctor :   No problems
User :   ok
Doctor :   You go ahead first with the questions
User :   few questions
User :   first
Doctor :   your comfort is very imp
User :   can i keep in touch with you atleast to update you with the mri and what the neurologist said in the next few days?
Doctor :   Very much
User :   how do i do it?
User :   same way
User :   log here
User :   or is there an email add
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   you can log anytime
Doctor :   or you can send your details at my email ID
User :   yes pls
Doctor :   and I shall respond to it in 24 hours
User :   will do that
User :   second thing is about mri. so far i just heard that they will put your body to some tunnel and it wil take 30 mins
User :   very short what will happen in mri
Doctor :   MRI is magnetic resonance imaging
Doctor :   the tunnel is the coil and the magnet
Doctor :   MRI has the safer use and recent way of detecting the back problems
Doctor :   which is in use for the last decade
Doctor :   and it is completely safe
User :   why it takes so long
User :   unlike x ray
Doctor :   Xray has radiation exposure
Doctor :   unlike MRI
Doctor :   which work
User :   ok
Doctor :   hello
Doctor :   Did you follow ?
User :   yes
User :   so after the mri, most likely what the doc will find?
User :   damaged ruptured muscle?
User :   etc?
Doctor :   Detailed MR images allow doctors to better evaluate parts of the body and certain hidden parts that may not be assessed adequately with other imaging methods such as x-ray ultrasound or computed tomography CT
User :   ok
Doctor :   In fact CT might be helpful but yoru neuro
Doctor :   suggested MRI
User :   so in your opinion, i should not have serious damage to cause surjery,
Doctor :   Yeah
User :   and if at all it will be dealt with some exercise etc
Doctor :   It could be a muscular problem
User :   but i have taken muscles relax pills and also started to exercise
User :   the pain is not coming down
User :   it takes time then
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   muscle relaxant pills are symptomatic
Doctor :   they are not longterm solution
User :   is there a possibility of some serious issue?
Doctor :   negligible
User :   ok
User :   just two more questions then am done.
Doctor :   These things I say you are without physical examination
Doctor :   Ok
User :   i understand
Doctor :   pl proceed
User :   if its muscle ralted etc
User :   then why sometimes i feel the same burning feel at different parts and all over body? it should stay only at the shoulder?
User :   ?
Doctor :   See there could be an emotional component too
Doctor :   or something called fatigue
Doctor :   which manifests this way
User :   ok
Doctor :   you have to be optimistic in all your approaches towards life
User :   but in your opinion with proper exercise etc diet, things should improve
Doctor :   That comes with exercise, sports, yoga
Doctor :   Good relations with others
Doctor :   Yes
User :   now the last thing doctor.
Doctor :   These release endorphins
Doctor :   yes
User :   i hope its confidential
Doctor :   You should not worry about the confidentiality
Doctor :   part of our service
User :   i had sort of a sever emotional problem in the past 6 months
User :   i had an affair with some one
User :   and it really kills me
User :   every sec
Doctor :   ok
User :   i am trying to divert my attention by watchign movie or walking etc
User :   but i just cant get it out of my head
User :   no matter what i do
User :   is that related
Doctor :   Sometimes these add up to the existing illness you have
Doctor :   Develop a positive attitude, you should not feel guilty
Doctor :   about any thing
User :   i will
User :   thanks for your time doctor, i will send an update to your email
Doctor :   Great
Doctor :   I shall assist you on an email
Doctor :   with time to time answers
User :   i am glad that i was able to communicate with you and thanks again, you have a good day. let me know how to full up the form
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now> Please refer your friends for this service.
User :   ok i did
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