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Sexual counselling for recovering from behaving like a gay - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
Doctor :   how can i help u
User :   hi doctor
Doctor :   please proceed with your query
User :   i a m guy, but mentally i m behaving like a gay and not intersted in girls but i want to recover from this
User :   please give some suggestions
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i will help u in this
User :   and my parents started looking for a girl for my marriage. please advice on this how to go..Doctor :   can i ask few Q
User :   sure doctor
Doctor :   wats your age
User :   27
User :   27

Doctor :   did yu have sexual relation ship with guys
Doctor :   ok
User :   few times i had doctor, since i like to be have sex with guys but i want to change that

User :   how to do that
Doctor :   are yu totally not intrested in girls
User :   yes doctor, trying to make interst
User :   now
Doctor :   its better to stick to one thing
Doctor :   other wise yu wont be there or here
User :   pls doctor i want to get out of this soon, since i want to marry a girl and settle i n my life
Doctor :   thats good

Doctor :   here after yu should cut your all relations
User :   sure doctor i will do
User :   but how to make more interst on girls. and i have doubt whether i will satisfy the girl whom i going to marry
Doctor :   Do not think about the future life
Doctor :   You have nothing organically deficient
Doctor :   Your way of thinking is the problem
Doctor :   so once yu start talking to the girl
User :   ok doctor, but my parents started looking for girl, i m not able to tell my parents.

User :   about my problem. so soon my marriage may happen within 1 year..
Doctor :   Oh you have lot of time

Doctor :   it is good still
User :   so i want to be true to my wife and my parents and get out of this community fully
Doctor :   Be positive
Doctor :   Just go see girls

Doctor :   and marry the one whom you like the most
Doctor :   Tell your parents that I want to marry a girl of my choice
Doctor :   Once you get their nod
User :   ok doctor, also i want get some counselling to get out of this also
Doctor :   Sure we can help you
Doctor :   No problem
Doctor :   I am available all the time
Doctor :   to counsel yoiu
Doctor :   whenever you have a thought of that kind
User :   ok doctor. also i think its do to the harmones lacking
Doctor :   Feel good about yourself
Doctor :   Not at all
User :   ok doctor sure
Doctor :   Always approach me if you feel that your thoughts are going awkward
User :   tell ur advice doctor..

Doctor :   Start mingling with girls
Doctor :   start talking to them
User :   ok doctor

Doctor :   keep speaking to them whenever you find time
Doctor :   start helping them
Doctor :   Learn their emotions
Doctor :   React to their emotions
Doctor :   Ask them how do they feel about you often
User :   ok i need to take tablets to improve the harmones

User :   regarding girls

Doctor :   No not at all
Doctor :   You know the treatment for yourselft
Doctor :   it is just counselling
Doctor :   no medicine
User :   ok fine will i satisfy the girl

Doctor :   No doubt about it
User :   tell me how to concentrate on this more. most of the time on my dream also its coming to be with a guy and enjoying with a guy only. how to rectify this

Doctor :   Right now you are low
Doctor :   once you start moving with girls
Doctor :   they come in your dreams
Doctor :   you feel good about what you are doing
Doctor :   You should be more amiable and cheerful
Doctor :   towards
Doctor :   them
User :   ok doctor, how to make more interst on girls

Doctor :   Most of the times
Doctor :   if you stay with them
Doctor :   there creates an obsession for you
User :   and i want to know how to sex with them and how to satisfy them

Doctor :   automatically
Doctor :   and then the compulsion to meet them
Doctor :   That is the second stage
Doctor :   First start meeting them
Doctor :   You will automatically be aroused how they look to you
User :   but i dont have more girl friends. how to improve this

Doctor :   how they speak to you
Doctor :   believe me you love to move with them when you see them
User :   still i dont get mood while seeing girls and not get tempted even seeing the girls nude pics. but its happening reversely now. when ever i saw a handsome guy with dress i feel like mood

User :   also even in the road whenever i saw the guys i make to see them for along time

Doctor :   you will not be tempted by seeing
Doctor :   girls
Doctor :   you will be tempted by talking to them
Doctor :   and touching them
User :   even the nude pics iin the net..

Doctor :   That is what
Doctor :   seeing the pics in net can cause a problem
Doctor :   See a female naturally feel them more closer
Doctor :   and talk to them intimately
Doctor :   You will certainly get a good reciprocation
Doctor :   Do not be bothered about the nude pics
Doctor :   as you see them yoiu will be more depressed that it is not arousing you
Doctor :   so pl do not see them
Doctor :   Ok?
Doctor :   Did you follow?
Doctor :   Anything else
Doctor :   Please start with the first lession
User :   yes

Doctor :   which I taught you now
User :   doctor
Doctor :   From now on, you will be seen by your friends only with girls
User :   for this thing for the past 1 year i m not sleeping properly for long time

Doctor :   It will be solved
User :   ok doctor sure. please advice more on this how to completely get out of this

User :   Also i want to increase my weight

Doctor :   This will not be over in a day or two
Doctor :   You need sessions
Doctor :   as you keep responding to these
User :   at present i m 5.4 ht and only around 50 kgs wait
Doctor :   there will be more ways
Doctor :   Snack a lot
Doctor :   Eat high protien diet
Doctor :   Drink milk shakes twice a day
Doctor :   Eat nuts 10 per day
User :   ok doctor. is it possible to talk to u directly or meet u for u consultation

Doctor :   I can help you better over chat

Doctor :   Which place do you stay?
User :   ok doctor fine then.

Doctor :   Most of the people will be embarrased to say all these on personal consultation
User :  
Doctor :   You will be more open
Doctor :   when you are face off
Doctor :   and I can know more about you
Doctor :   and your feeling
Doctor :   and your relations
Doctor :   better only if you spill the beans
Doctor :   So this is better for us
User :   but so far i m not able to tell this anyone even my close frnd. since from my childhood it was like tat. later i come to know its a gay. but i want to get out of this now ASAP

Doctor :   What is your age
User :   27

Doctor :   I got it
Doctor :   I certainly feel that
Doctor :   you can come out of it
Doctor :   Start looking girls for marriage
Doctor :   but do not give a nod
Doctor :   to yoru parents
Doctor :   Start speaking to them
User :   already my parents and looking the photos

Doctor :   over phone or online
Doctor :   and meeting them
Doctor :   and then your known ones
Doctor :   Take your time
Doctor :   Once you feel yes this girl is perfect fit for you
Doctor :   then you can give a nod
User :   i dont have more girl friends so how to improve this doctor

Doctor :You do not need more girl friends
Doctor :   now
Doctor :   or girl frineds
Doctor :   You can start making now
Doctor :   or with the girls whom you will be meeting
Doctor :   for wedding
User :   ok doctor. how to increase it. and how can make it more interst in this

User :   is it possible for any treatment.
Doctor :  
That is what first start
Doctor :   then approach me how to make it more interesting
User :   is disorder is due to the harmones doctor?

Doctor :   I will be able to guide you
Doctor :   No
User :   sure doctor, tell me where are u and how to approach u. can i get ur contact no

Doctor :   you can mail me at
Doctor :   whenever you have a query
User :   ok doctor, if i want to talk u wat can i do

Doctor :   or you can call
Doctor :   Ok, Thanks for consulting me, Bye
User :   your name doctor

User :   hello doctor i want more details on this how to go. or can u suggest any one for counselling on this.. and give any contact nos doctor.
Doctor :  
User :   ok doctor, the no u given is not working
Doctor :   No sorry yu can come to live chat with us
User :   give suggest some counselling persons for this

User :   ok doctor then advice me fully wat and all needs to do

Doctor :   please go to a sex counsellor
User :   Give a complete advice to follow how to completely get out of it and marry a girl.

User :   i dont know any one. pls suggest some good counsellors u know
Doctor :   sex counselling will help u a lot to over this issue
Doctor :   its direct one to one counselling
User :   ok doctor. can u give the contact no or address of any of the good counsellers u know well. pls doctor. help for me

Doctor :   yes i will help u in this
Doctor :   before that wat kind of sexual relation ship did yu have with males
User :   thanks a lot doctor. my life is in ur hand now. suggest some good persons. i will be grateful to u

Doctor :   yes i will do that
User :   ok doctor i will tell. i just hug them, kiss them on their lips and even sometimes i sucked their cocks well and tat too with only one person. i sucked his cock deeply and taken his cum but didnt drink..

Doctor :   i understand your problem
User :   everythng is due to thoughts which i have in my earlier age. but i did sucking and all in the last one year only doctor.

Doctor :   was it a protected one
User :   ya doctor, with only one guy i sucked but not fully

User :   even it is some wat safer only

Doctor :   Reasearch institue of sexual medicine
Doctor :  
kempanna layout
Doctor :  
User :   where exactly is this doctor. any landmarks
Doctor :  
User :   will it be possible to get out of this know doctor

Doctor :   its 2 nd cross

Doctor :   1 st main road
Doctor :   near arvind motors
Doctor :   is that ojk
Doctor :   ok
User :   ok doctor
User :   wat i have to do there. how to fix appointment and how to approach there
Doctor :   even he was gay

Doctor :   or bisexual
Doctor :   your parnter
User :   he is a straight guy
Doctor :   yu need to call the number

Doctor :   ok
User :   but he likes the thing which i did so he accepted

Doctor :   did he have any relationship with other girls
Doctor :   was he married
User :   how to tell tat doctor while calling

User :   no he is not .

Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   yu need to fix an appointment regardign
Doctor :   saying that its sexual counselling
User :   tell me frankly doctor wat makes this problem. and how long will it take to get out of this
User :   ok fine doctor

Doctor :   once yu meet them then yu can explain your query
Doctor :   are yu still in sexual relationship with the guy
User :   ok doctor. will it be cureable doctor. pls tell

User :   very rarely but not for the past month, i dont have with anyone

Doctor :   yu need to get some tests to get done
User :   ok sure doctor. but wat for this test docot

User :   doctor. will it be cureable

Doctor :   sorry to say
Doctor :   1. HIV
Doctor :   2. VDRL
User :   oh good will it be cause HIV

User :   wats VDRL

Doctor :   these tests are for safe purpose
User :   ok fine. will it be more chargeable

Doctor :   i am not saying that yu have this problem
Doctor :   its to be on safer side
Doctor :   did yu have anal sex
User :   ok fine doctor. how much they charge for all the complete test and rectifications

User :   no doctor so far no . only oral

Doctor :   its around 200- 250 rs
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   it was with only that guy not with others
User :   ok fine. please doctor tell me is it curable and shall i marry a girl know

Doctor :   yes yu can marry a girl
User :   i kissed with others and even i touched their cocks but sucking is only with that guy only

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   but here after yu are not suppose to have oral sex with that guy
Doctor :   where do yu stay
User :   please doctor help me please . Tell me its my life nothing will be serious on this know

User :   sure doctor surely i wont do

Doctor :   it will not be serious
User :   i m staying in madiwala
Doctor :   thats good
Doctor :   yu need to be motivated more to heterosex
User :   How to avoid all this and how to change my mind set doctor

Doctor :   where does your freind stays
User :   he is in whitefield

Doctor :   thats really good
Doctor :   i asked this because
Doctor :   if he is near your place
Doctor :   the chances of meeting is more
User :   ok fine doctor

Doctor :   so its good that he stays far
User :   but most of the time i m always thinking tat

Doctor :   have yu spoke to him regarding that
Doctor :   ask him not to call yu when he is free
User :   no doctor. since he is a normal guy i dont to speak on this regard

Doctor :   ok

User :   ok sure doctor. but only when he is drunken at tat time he likes tat if try to do it in the normal time he is just avoiding tat

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   how do yu contact him
User :   he was stay in my room before

User :   and i liked him more since he is very handsome and muscular. so i tried to touch his cock when he is drunken
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   then did he allow it
User :   tats how he become the relationship

User :   since he likes wen i suck tats the reasons he continue

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   but now he stays in white feild yu are not meeting him right
Doctor :   or will he call yu when he is free
User :   when he drunken he wil call me and sometime he will come and pickup me at tat time

Doctor :   ok
User :   its continued like this for 10 months

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   wats his name
User :  

Doctor :   weekly how many days did yu have sex
Doctor :   ok
User :   why docotr

Doctor :   so that i can speak to him regarding that and explain to him that
Doctor :   yu need a good life in future
Doctor :   hi are yu there
User :   ya doctor

User :   tell me i just went to bring water

User :   tell me doctor

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   fine no problem
User :   If i contact them(counsellor) and follow their details, will it be cured soon doctor

Doctor :   yes it will
Doctor :  
but if your friend comes and calls you wat will yu do
User :   ok doctor. I mostly believe on ur words only dcotor. some times i feel shame on this and try to commit sucide and i hope i can rectify this

Doctor :   not to worry
User :   i wont go doctor and even he is going to marry and he also told last time tat he didnt like all this and want to be true to his future wife.

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   thats good
Doctor :   ok take care bye
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
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