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RightTreatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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General & Family Physician
Practicing since : 2008
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User :   hello
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   you were chating with us
Doctor :   and why were youar not responding
User :   wt else can i do to eradicate ocd
User :   as soon as possible
Doctor :   Psychotherapy is the way youy can do it
User :   i was typing my problem
User :   what does that mean
User :   wt is u r name
Doctor :   Cognitive behavioural therapy is the one that you require
User :   dr
User :   ok
Doctor :   involves retraining your thought patterns
User :   where is u r hospital
User :   like
Doctor :   and helps you in cutting down yur thoughts and thinking
User :   i feel i may kill somebody in my family on somebodies saying
Doctor :   You have to enlist the support of loved ones who can offer encouragement in tough times. You always move around them
User :   ok
User :   actually nobody says anything
User :   but i only feel like that
User :   that they are saying to kill that person
Doctor :   ok
User :   i keep asking for my confirmation did u say like that
User :   dr
User :   please help me
Doctor :   yes
User :   is there any shortcut so that this can be stoped
Doctor :   we need these details
User :   only this thinking repeats
User :   in my mind
User :   so i am away from my son
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   It is good time for you to get some psycological counselling
User :   i feel that i may do something wrong
User :   with my son
User :   so i am scared and away
Doctor :   ok
User :   will it irradicateit
User :   sooner
Doctor :   yes
User :   how soon
Doctor :   it depends on your response and sticking to the treatment plan by the counsellor
User :   can i tell my phycatric dr
Doctor :   yes
User :   to do this
Doctor :   very soon
Doctor :   as soon as possibel you hve to visti him
User :   ok
Doctor :   and say about these thoughts
User :   i told him all the thoughts
Doctor :   it is better to note them down in a diary
User :   he told that
Doctor :   whenever they come and take the daiary to him
User :   these are just thinkings
Doctor :   he will read and advice yu
User :   and will never happen
User :   in reality
Doctor :   yes i know
User :   only that much
Doctor :   but put down in black and white and
User :   nothing else
Doctor :   take them to the doctor
Doctor :   Please fill the feedback form say done when done
User :   hello
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   hi
User :   hello
Doctor :   how can i help you?
User :   hello
Doctor :   tes
User :   i can lead a normal life inspite of this
Doctor :   tell me
User :   yes
Doctor :   yes
User :   i can take care of my son and husband everybody
User :   properly
Doctor :   ok
User :   or will something wrong happen
Doctor :   you will be able to
User :   ok
Doctor :   take the help of psychotherapy
User :   ok
User :   i am totally lost
Doctor :   also take the support of your family
Doctor :   and frens
User :   ok
User :   can u boost my willpower
Doctor :   yes
User :   i am not mad no
User :   it is just evil thinkings
Doctor :   no
User :   i am rattional
Doctor :   this is not madness
User :   not irrational
Doctor :   this is just a behaviorial abnormality
User :   right
Doctor :   many people have this
User :   why does it occur
Doctor :   in small amounts
User :   is it because of some mental tensions
User :   rot cause is what
User :   before inever had this
User :   never
User :   had this
Doctor :   it some times happens
Doctor :   due to stress
User :   why
User :   ok
User :   actually after marriage i had some problems
User :   so
Doctor :   mostly many factors are involved
User :   my life was not that happy
User :   like
User :   dr
Doctor :   some genetic and hereditary probs also there
Doctor :   why
User :   is this the reason with me
Doctor :   were you not happy?
Doctor :   it could be
Doctor :   mostly the reason os unknown
User :   because i was very confident
User :   before
Doctor :   ok
User :   i never had anyill thinkingsd
User :   nopthing
Doctor :   ok
User :   but now it has suddenly
User :   aroused
User :   after marriage only
Doctor :   ok
User :   can it be because of stress only with me
Doctor :   are you having any adjustment problems?
User :   no body has such problem in my home
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
User :   my husban and me had sexual issues for around 1 yr or so
Doctor :   have you visited a psychiatrist ?
Doctor :   ok
User :   yes
User :   he did not tell the cause
Doctor :   ok
User :   i want to know tye cause
Doctor :   the cause is always not known
User :   why did this happen with me
Doctor :   in some cases it could be genetic
Doctor :   any childhood issues
Doctor :   stress
User :   yes
Doctor :   one can never tell the cause for sure
User :   some childhood issues where with me
Doctor :   its mostly multifactorial
User :   ok
User :   can u tell me the cause in my case
Doctor :   that is difficult
Doctor :   as i have told you
User :   can it go without medication
Doctor :   many factpors may be involved
User :   ok
Doctor :   behaviour therapy
Doctor :   is available
User :   ok
User :   can it go as the time passes atomatiacally
Doctor :   for that you need to take under the guidance of
Doctor :   a psychiatrist
User :   without any treatment
Doctor :   its difficult to go by itself
User :   ok
Doctor :   better to take medications or
Doctor :   behaviour therapy
User :   medicines
User :   ar causing
User :   conststipatyion
User :   constipation
Doctor :   then you can use
Doctor :   some remedies for constipaation
User :   i am like other common rational people
User :   right
User :   dr
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   you are as much normal as any of us
User :   i want to be a good human being
Doctor :   you will be
User :   i want to do manythings
Doctor :   its just upto you
User :   i love my husband and son very much
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i suggest that you consult a psychiatrist for the behaviour therapy
User :   sometimes my father says anything about my son or husband i feel that he saying to kill them
Doctor :   also drugs will help
Doctor :   ok
User :   even thoug he has not said to do actually
Doctor :   thats not true
User :   it is only in my thinking
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   you should try to rationalise
User :   so iu am with my parents
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   and understand
User :   i become rational but like the thinking comes in morning
Doctor :   'what they are trying to say
User :   and i understan the rationality till the eveinng
Doctor :   try to practise yoga and medication
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   whenever you feel irrational
Doctor :   write down all your feelings
User :   i become rational very late
Doctor :   in a diary
Doctor :   read them and try to raeson them
User :   like i understansd the rationality till evening from morning
User :   i had done that
Doctor :   seeing your feelings in writing will help you to organize our thoughts
Doctor :   also when you feel uncontrollable then engage yourself
User :   i ask my dad or bother whether did u tell me to kill and then
Doctor :   in some activity
Doctor :   go for a walk
User :   i write in the dairy no they did not rtell
User :   then i feel better relaxed
Doctor :   i suggest that you take the medications
Doctor :   visit a psychiatrist
User :   if next day something is said by someone i again get scared and arrive at the same thinking
Doctor :   the medicines will help improve your
User :   again i keep asking and troubling them
Doctor :   thoughts
User :   this is going on repeating
Doctor :   I can understand your problem.
User :   same story
Doctor :   since I am a general practitioner I may not be able to help you much with this
Doctor :   You will have to speak to a
Doctor :   psychiatrist
User :   since one month i am under medication
User :   but not much difference
Doctor :   to help you out with this problem.
User :   wating for the day when i will feel better
Doctor :   that will come soon
User :   i am taking both the medication ayurvedic as well allopathic
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Please fill the feedback form say done when done
User :   done
User :   is it right
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   ok
User :   ayurvedic dr told u can take this medicines as no side effetcs
User :   and also continue with allopathic
Doctor :   ok
User :   i am feeling better by ayurvedic medicines
Doctor :   but i still recommend that you visit a psychiatrist
Doctor :   and practice yoga and meditation
User :   i already visted three
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   try the behaviour therapy
User :   one dr recommended me solaris
Doctor :   i didnt get you
User :   that medicine troubled me al lot
User :   tablets
Doctor :   ok
User :   then i went to dr in mazgaon he gave me some mild medicines
User :   now i am caring with that
User :   carring
Doctor :   ok
User :   now i am feeling little better
Doctor :   try behaviour therapy
User :   i am as rational as u dr
User :   right
User :   my awarness regarding anything is very late
Doctor :   yes
User :   how does my brain actually work can u tell me dr
User :   why the rational thinking come after a big time gap till that time i have to keep thinking
User :   i think i caught thisd disease because of stress
User :   and my diet was very less before
User :   how is a normal person different from ocvd
User :   ocd person
User :   hello
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   a normal person controls his urges
User :   how is a normal person different from ocvd
ocd person
Doctor :   while an ocd person cannot
User :   \
User :   ok
User :   with medicines thee is hope to cntrol
User :   right
User :   i can keep hopes with the medicines
User :   right
Doctor :   yes
User :   to lead a good and better life in future
Doctor :   also with behaviour therapy
User :   ok
Doctor :   it helps to cope with the problem better
User :   i will tell my dr
User :   to go for brhavoir therapy this time
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   anything else?
Doctor :   Have you filled the feedback form which I have sent?
User :   can i stay with my husband and son
User :   now\
User :   nothing wrong will hapen
User :   right
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   not if you take adequate precautions
Doctor :   and steps
User :   i did not get u dr
User :   my dr told u can stay with them
Doctor :   the behaviour therapy
Doctor :   regular medicines
Doctor :   and family support
User :   please don't make me feel hurt
User :   cxan i stay with my son and husband now without fear
Doctor :   i am not trying to hurt you
Doctor :   yes
User :   before u told no
Doctor :   if they provide adequate support
User :   nothing wrong will happen right
Doctor :   then you can stay with them
User :   yes my husband knows everything
Doctor :   nothing will if you have enough will power
Doctor :   and try to maintain a normal life
User :   but i will not do anyrthing wrong right
Doctor :   its not important whether you do any wrong
Doctor :   the important point is to realise them and
User :   like killing anybody
User :   i mean to ask
Doctor :   never repeat them again
User :   beacuse such thinkings come to me
Doctor :   if you feel like killing anybody then you should go to a psychiatrist
User :   this thinkings are repeating in my mind
Doctor :   its not normal to have such thinkings
User :   yes i told my dr
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   and what did he say
User :   he told that these r just thinkings and will never happen in reality
User :   such thinkings just come in my mind and i feel that somebody is compelling to do that
Doctor :   i think that you need professional help
User :   but actually no body tells me
Doctor :   You will have to speak to a qualified specialist who will be able to help you out with this problem.
User :   this is only my problem
Doctor :   you need to be further evaluated
User :   i had been to pyscatric
Doctor :   since I am a general practitioner I may not be able to help you much with this
User :   i tld u many times
Doctor :   yes
User :   i had been to pyshtric
Doctor :   but this is beyond us
User :   dr
Doctor :   we cant help you
Doctor :   if you have
User :   he told dont worry nothing will happen
Doctor :   thoughts of killing someone
Doctor :   ok
User :   i don't actually want to do thatr
Doctor :   how often do you get these thoughts
User :   i am telling u my three dr said that this are just thoughts and i will never do it.
User :   i feel guilty that wt basd thinkings i am having
Doctor :   ok
User :   in my mind
Doctor :   i suggest that if you have such thoughts then you immediately inform
Doctor :   someone
Doctor :   near to you
Doctor :   always talk to someone when you have such feelings
User :   dr told that dont worry thought and reality r two different things and i will never do that
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   but nevertheless
User :   this will work only if i believe it
Doctor :   always talk to someone near you
User :   dr told many patient thinki like that
Doctor :   about such feelings
Doctor :   ok

User :   i child thought he is killing his mother and felt very bad
Doctor :   but still for your own safety
Doctor :   We have a long queue of patients waiting for our service. Do log in again after a few hours to clarify other medical doubts.
User :   i think my dr is better
User :   and u r not sure about this that i will not do anything wrong
User :   now i am worriedx
Doctor :   i am telling you all this in your best interests
User :   like
Doctor :   however we are general practitioners
Doctor :   you hsould always take the psychiatric opinion
User :   boost my positivity that i will not do anytrhing wrong and i don't want to do anythinbg wrong
Doctor :   anything else i can help you with?
User :   i want to be qa good human being
Doctor :   you will be
User :   i don't even want to kill an ant these r my thinkings that is iot
Doctor :   you just have to take care of yourself thats all
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok
User :   i am doing it
Doctor :   but under an impulse it might be difficult
User :   with a positive moto in my life
Doctor :   so thats why i asked you to share
Doctor :   your feelings with others near you
Doctor :   whenever you feel that way
User :   my dr has assured i will not do anything
Doctor :   yes
User :   guarantee
Doctor :   but you also will feel less guilty
Doctor :   when you talk to someone about it
User :   yes
Doctor :   always try to reason yourself
Doctor :   whenever such things happen
User :   i am sharing all my thjoughts with my parents n brother also my husband
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   thats gud
Doctor :   Is there any thing else that I could help you with?
User :   he also told and knows that these r just thinkings
Doctor :   good
Doctor :   you should do that often
User :   u r name sir
Doctor :   i am Dr. AAAAAAA
User :   i told lot of personal things to u
Doctor :   yes and the will be kept strictly
Doctor :   confidential
User :   before i was chatting with majumdar
User :   dr don't worry i will not harm anybody ok
User :   dont get scared by my thinkings
Doctor :   no i wont
Doctor :   iam just trying to advice
User :   these r just thinkings n never happen in reality it is very difficult to do a crime
User :   iam not that bold
Doctor :   what is best for you
Doctor :   its not being bold
Doctor :   it means that you have reason
User :   means
User :   i wont dare to do that
Doctor :   not to kill anybody
User :   yes
Doctor :   which is a good thing
User :   yes
Doctor :   anything else Geeta?
User :   ok bye good day
User :   where r u at present
Doctor :   bye for now
Doctor :   we are bangalore based
User :   mumbai
Doctor :   bye for now
User :   bangalore is my bnative
User :   where in bangalore
Doctor :   whitefield
User :   ok
User :   bye
User :   take care
User :   sweet chatting to u
Doctor :   thanks
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting Health care magic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service
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