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Rashes on penis, lips and other parts of body, tested positive for HSV 1 - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   hi
Doctor :   Dr. XXXXXXXX here. please proceed with your health query
User :   i get a rash on my lip and penis
User :   comes and goes for the last 7 months or so
Doctor :   please provide your age, location, occupation, height, weight, details of past medical illness if any
Doctor :   are you sexually active? if yes, do you have more than 1 sexual partner?
Doctor :   are you there?
User :   28, 6,1",205....nothing to crazy just messed up my knee a long time ago. I have had a rash on my forehead
User :   when i was younger and my doc said it was herpes zoster...that was back in 1999, then had it again in 2006, doc. said it was herpes type 1....
Doctor :   Your current BMI is 27, and you come under overweight category, your ideal weight should be between 144-189 lbs
User :   then i had unprotected sex with a girl...back in october and have been getting rash on lips and penis since
Doctor :   have you had your herpes serology checked recently?
Doctor :   is the rash associated with pain, itching, discomfort?
User :   i have been tested 2 times, negative for all std...including hsv 2, doctor said she did not test for hsv 1 because i had tested positive for it...
User :   all three doctors said that the rash did not look like herpes
Doctor :   where is the rash in penis located? is it in the glans penis (penis head)?
User :   I do have itching on penis
User :   where is that
Doctor :   HSV-1 can cause rash in lips and tip of penis (which is called balanitis)
Doctor :   are you on any treatment for HSV -1 after you tested positive for it?
Doctor :   when was the HSV-1 test come out positive?
User :   let me google
Doctor :   could you describe the appearance of the rash in detail?
User :   i do get some rash on the tip of the penis head...i also get it on the foreskin, about 3mm down from where the penis head meets the foreskin, this is where it is most visible
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   could you describe the appearance of the rash in detail?
User :   it is red...with very little bumps...rash is about 4 to 5mm wide, and bumps are very small inside of it.
Doctor :   does the rash get worse with rubbing, sex, masturbation?
User :   yes, or even touching
User :   seems to make it come back
Doctor :   is the rash present only on penis and lips or is it present on other parts of body like abdomen, hands and legs?
User :   yes abdomen, nipples, sometimes but larger size...
User :   hands
User :   fingers
User :   back of arm
Doctor :   ok, have you identified any environmental conditions or situations that seem to worsen them?
User :   i have been getting so called dry skin on the back of my arm for the last two year came out of nowhere...
User :   sun
Doctor :   does the rash in other places have dry scaly skin?
User :   but my penis never gets it is just he touch
User :   skin will become red and rashed, and itch like crazy, then some times if i itch to much the skin will brake open and then crust over....
Doctor :   are you on any medications?
User :   i was on Strattera for 2years, and i really think that is when all the dry skin started to happen
User :   Doctor: are you on any treatment for HSV -1 after you tested positive for it? Doctor: when was the HSV-1 test come out positive?
User :   did not answer this
User :   no not on treatment, tested positive for it back in 2006
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are the lesions similar on penis and rest of the body?
User :   i guess i am freaking out....because all these doctors tell me it is dry skin, but for some reason i am still in disbelief...
User :   i would say the ones on the penis are less crazy
User :   not as drastic
Doctor :   is possible for you to send me a picture of the skin lesions that you have on the body and the penis? if yes send it to YYYY@YYYY for me to have a better understanding of your problem
User :   i have noticed a lot of changes in my skin
Doctor :   * is it possible for you to send me a picture of the skin lesions that you have on the body and the penis? if yes send it to YYYY@YYYY for me to have a better understanding of your problem
Doctor :   ok. please go ahead with describing what changes you have noticed in the skin
User :   ok, but most of them are very mild right now
User :   face is a lot more broken turns very red when if touch it / scratch it or pop pimples
User :   lips seem to be red around the rim
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   have you visited a dermatologist for this problem?
User :   yes
User :   he said it was dry skin
User :   i am gong to send you an old pic of my nipples when broken out a while back that i took on my phone
Doctor :   ok.
User :   really quick, can hsv 1 on the penis be very mild....and around lips
User :   ?
Doctor :   when these rashes get worse, do you have fever, redness in eyes, swelling in testis, burning in urine, joint pains, nervous symptoms?
Doctor :   HSV -1 rash can be present in lips and penis and differ from other parts of the body
Doctor :   in terms of severity, it can flare up on repeat unprotected sexual intercourse
User :   headache, jaw pain, sometimes have back pain....burning testicles they get red hot, tingle, red eyes...
Doctor :   ok.
Doctor :   your symptoms and history suggest of a possible Bechets syndrome which should be investigated further for confirming it or ruling it out
User :   working on sec...i had a long conversation with another doctor the other day....should i send you it?
Doctor :   no, i have just gone through the discussion that you have had.
Doctor :   you can send me the pic if you can, inform me when you send it
User :   o great
Doctor :   coming back to the discussion, in order to conform the diagnosis
User :   just sent old pic of my nipples, let me know if you get it and i will send more
Doctor :   several tests including skin test and biopsy, urine test, lumbar puncture, and MRI scan would be needed.
User :   so what is this syndrome
Doctor :   it is an autoimmune disease which has symptoms that like recurrent mouth ulcers (aphthous ulcers), genital ulcers, and inflammation of a specialized area around the pupil of the eye (the uvea).
User :   you would rule out HSV 1?
Doctor :   other symptoms include joint pains, eye symptoms, fever, blood clots, phlebitis, acne
Doctor :   since it is positive, I would not rule it out, but reconfirm its presence again
Doctor :   along with workup related a stated above
Doctor :   you can read up more on Bechets syndrome on this link
Doctor :   WWW.WWWW.WW Doctor :   have you followed what i said?
User :   is this the same doctor, just got kicked off for a min
Doctor :   your picture suggests of the rash that is not typical of dry skin
Doctor :   yes I am Dr. XXXXXXXX here
User :   yes
Doctor :   we can continue the discussion
User :   did you get that pic
Doctor :   yes, i had a look at it, and it does not suggest a typical of dry skin lesion
Doctor :   are the 'rash' on other parts of body similar to the pic you have sent me?
Doctor :   are you there?
User :   sending some more pics one min
Doctor :   sure. inform me when you have sent them.
Doctor :   are the 'rash' on other parts of body similar to the pic you have sent me?
User :   sending right now
User :   sort of
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   in the meantime, I would recommend you a Dermatology repeat consultation, this time you can discuss the possibility of Bechets syndrome and go ahead with the work up
Doctor :   along with eye tests to look inside the eye for lesions in retina and uvea
User :   just sent you a photo of my penis, the rash is very mild...but this is usually what it looks like, little darker red
User :   looks very mild in this picture
Doctor :   i have still not received the next pic that you sent, could you please resend it along with pic of any other place where it is there like your abdomen or back of hands?
User :   side of penis, right be hind the head....other thing, when i stretch the skin it looks like its not there...but veins seem more propionate
User :   not really broken out there right now
Doctor :   then it suggests phlebitis, in which there is inflammation of the veins under skin
Doctor :   phlebitis is also a symptom under Behchets syndrome
Doctor :   are you there?
Doctor :   have you followed what I have said?
Doctor :   please get back to me in case of having doubts
Doctor :   are you there?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
User :   hi sorry got booted again
User :   you still there
User :   sorry sent the pictures
User :   was talking to Dr.
Doctor :   yes, I am here.
Doctor :   and yes I got the pictures you sent me
User :   great sorry about that sent the pics
Doctor :   it will help me if you could send me pics of lesions elsewhere in your body even if they are not active
User :   very mild, but i would not say it gets a little more red and in different spots, after sex
Doctor :   ok.
Doctor :   the skin lesion that you have sent withg a finger pointing at it, also does not suggest typical dry skin lesion, it is more like a macule and i suppose it is not a active rash now
Doctor :   does the other darker lesions around it are from the older rash?
Doctor :   do they crust off and fall after they have dried out?
Doctor :   hello? are you with me?
User :   yep,,,that is what they do...the one of the nipples that was flaking skin coming off
Doctor :   ok.
User :   ya its like they just stay as red dots
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i recommend you to schedule a visit with another dermatologist, and discuss possibilities of dong tests to confirm/rule out the Behchets syndrome
User :   i have a huge rash that i would get on my arm cant really see it now, but it looks like it is always on the verg of coming back.....sometimes gets red and then goes away....i use a steroid cream and seems to help some what....but with the bigger one on the arm it seems like it just pushes through
Doctor :   if diagnosed early and treatment started at early stage, the disease can be put under control
User :   the rash, stays around for like a month some times
User :   or few weeks
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   using steroid cream could actually worsen it, avoid using steroid cream, instead use Caladryl lotion to soothen it
Doctor :   definiotive treatment would work better and faster in regressing them
User :   you think this could be the penis problem too
Doctor :   and also prevent further recurrence.
Doctor :   the skin lesion test using abiopsy or a skin puncture test would help
Doctor :   to diagnose the condition
Doctor :   from other inflammatory and STD related skin diseases
Doctor :   however the HSV-1 should be confirmed again to make sure that it is not due to HSV-1.
User :   ok, how do they do that
Doctor :   do you mean to ask about the skin test?
Doctor :   skin lesion test will be done by scraping the the skin lesion and testing them
User :   just any part of the rash
User :   ?
Doctor :   or by doing a skin lesion biopsy to see what exactly is the lesion and the depth of it.
User :   ok
Doctor :   no, the active part or the more recent part of rash
User :   would i do the one on my penis, or body, nipples?
Doctor :   the biopsy may not be done on very sensitive parts like penis and nipples, but skin scraping test can be done
Doctor :   these tests are to be done in a dermatologist office possibly attached with a skin lab facility
Doctor :   to test the skin scrapings and biopsy
User :   ok...i also have a little scrape on my nose that does not go away...could this be related to others?
User :   looks like a scratch
User :   very small
Doctor :   along with these tests, a blood test for auto immune antibodies should also be considered
User :   ok....
Doctor :   if it is similar to the other lesions then they could be related, although the lesions might vary from place to place.
User :   you have a doctor in the los angeles area you would suggest seeing
Doctor :   let me see, give me few moments.
User :   thanks....
Doctor :   WWW.WWWW.WW Doctor :   you can visit this link to get details of dermatologists in
User :   also, if it was an std...would it have shown up on the blood test? Also, would my girlfriend see symptoms too, or the girl i had unprotected sex with 7 months ago?
Doctor :   Dr. XXXXXXXX would be a good choice
User :   ok, thanks
Doctor :   is there anything else you would like to ask me?
User :   just this.....
User :   also, if it was an std...would it have shown up on the blood test? Also, would my girlfriend see symptoms too, or the girl i had unprotected sex with 7 months ago?
Doctor :   since once before the HSV-1 test has been positive for you, the possibility of STD is stil there
Doctor :   and if it is due to HSV-1, the girl aslo stands a risk of having it
Doctor :   and may show symptoms
Doctor :   with whom you have had unprotected intercourse
User :   like if her lips are braking out worse than before, slash chapped...would that raise some red flags?
User :   are brake outs always really bad for everyone? penis and mouth
Doctor :   well, it needs to be examined, to say if the symptoms are related
Doctor :   but the rash around the mouth and genitals would be more confirmatory a symptom.
User :   would it be possible to not have symptoms?
Doctor :   the breakouts vary from person to person. the rash and appearance can vary from person to person depending on the auto immune status of the person in case of Behchets disease
User :   With HSV 1, can sun exposure and alcohol make a difference?
Doctor :   few people with Behchets can take a longer time in having appreance of visible lesions
User :   so depending, i could possibly have to separate things going on?
Doctor :   all of the above factors do tend to reduce the immunity, and can be a possible precipitation factor
Doctor :   yes, the further investigations would be necessary to figure out what is exactly going on
User :   ok
Doctor :   is there anything else you would like to ask me?
Doctor :   you can follow up with me once your further tests are done
User :   jaw pain could be related to HSV 1
User :   ok how do i do that?
Doctor :   by sending copies of reports to YYYY@YYYY and having live online discussion with me to help you interpret the reports
User :   can you select the doctor you want to talk with...or we set up an apt.
Doctor :   jaw pain i would attribute to one of Behchets more than HSV-1
Doctor :   right now you do not have option to select doctors, you can request Chat appointment with me
User :   ok, is Behchets contagious
User :   ok i will do that....
Doctor :   no, it is not contagious, it is auto immune in nature so, not everyone can get it.
User :   do you think i am freaking out about this, or do i have reason to be figuring this out? personal question
Doctor :   you can read up more on Behchets, by following the link I had sent you earlier in our discussion
User :   will do
Doctor :   personally, it is every patient's right to find out whats going on and what the symptoms mean, so do not worry, just relax yourself now, and focus on further investigations and treatment with positive attitude
User :   Thanks for All your i just request Dr. AAAAAAA do i need your full name?
Doctor :   the exact diagnosis and early start of treatment is utmost important now
User :   ok, thanks!
User :   one more thing..
Doctor :   I am Dr. , you can ask for me, and request a chat appointment
Doctor :   I am mostly available between 9AM-4PM (IST)
Doctor :   sure please proceed
User :   my little 1.4 year old nephew was in town, and i kissed him on face and stuff....kind of worried i could have given him something if i am not sure what it was....
User :   or i have,
User :   like if it was an STD, HSV 1
Doctor :   in case of HSV-1, if any active lesion was present around lips, the chances are there that you could have passed it, but if not, then chances are minimal, also, you need to test agian for HSV-1 to know if it is there
User :   i would feel horrible, should i refrane from kissing people other than my girlfriend till i find out whats going on
Doctor :   no, do not worry, first you need to get tested, if positive, you should refrain from any exchange of body fluids
Doctor :   and start on treatment as early as possible
User :   ok, would he have symptom's right away since he is a baby?
Doctor :   no, it will take sometime to develop, look out for fever, rash and any other possible new symptoms
Doctor :   if present, get him tested and start him on treatment soon
Doctor :   if he is having good immunity he might resist them also, since the contact would be just for a small duration of time.
User :   ok, would it be localized to the location where i had kissed him, or all over?
Doctor :   and i supose you did not have any active lesions at that time
User :   no
Doctor :   and also that there was no exchange of body fluids
User :   no just kissed him on the cheeks
Doctor :   then do not worry about possible passing of the infection
Doctor :   if no lip to lip kissing was done
User :   but he did have dry skin, and had it when visiting...think i am just freaking out thinking i did something to him
Doctor :   no, if it was only that you kissed him on cheek, you need worry
Doctor :   and if this syndrome runs in his family, then chances are that he might have it due to inheritance, and not that you passed it on
Doctor :   HSV-1 if present in his mother, could be passed on to him during delivery also
Doctor :   so even if you have had contact, it need not be that you have passed it on to him, since there is no history of any contact with body fluids like saliva
Doctor :   are you there?
Doctor :   have you followed what I have said?
User :   would he have dry skin or hsv
User :   all but this part....o, if it was only that you kissed him on cheek, you need worry
Doctor :   more likely just dry skin, advise more baby lotion and moisturizers to be used liberally
Doctor :   to resolve the dryness
User :   so i should be worried, is that what you where saying?
User :   ok
Doctor :   and the kiss on the cheek, you can stop worrying about it
Doctor :   with relation to passing HSV-1
User :   ok, doctor XXXXXXXX you are a great help....tanks so much
User :   I will keep you posted on what is going on
Doctor :   is there anything else you would like to ask me?
Doctor :   sure you can keep me informed, I will be glad to help you in resolving what is going on
Doctor :   please fill the feedback form, and comment box, say done when done.
User :   i am sure i could think of something, but i should probably get to bed
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting me. Bye for now. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries. Please refer your friends to our service.
User :   bye
Doctor :   bye, have a good rest.
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