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Query about rash - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
User :   hi
Doctor :   Hi
User :   you read my query
User :   ?
Doctor :   I did not get ur query
User :   oh ok
Doctor :   can u plz type ur query
User :   will write again
User :   About mid october, my body started to ache all over something like fatigue and was constantly working hard thereafter until nov 1 and 2 i took the days off sick. Doctor gave me anti biotics assuming its was flu as i mentioned that normally after a massage i would feel better but not this time. The fatigue continued and come towards end november i could not get good sleep anymore as my legs started to ache. It was like burning sensations moving around all parts below the knee and above the knee at the back ie the thighs also were firm and not loose as normal. On sat 27th nov i slept only 2 hrs and sw the doctor immediately the next day who gave me dormicum for sleeping, some pain killer for the legs and something for the throat mucus always being there. He also gave me some B1B6B12 tabs - Neuroflex. Dormicum did shut me down for about 4 hrs but i was wide awake there after, did all my things normal. I still didnt feel better that week and went to see a doctor to health screen me on Mon 6th Dec. All tests were fine including HIV which showed Non Reactive. the doctor gave me Alprazalom and Amitripidilyne and to continue with the B1B6B12 tablets.
User :   On 11th Dec before i was flying out on holiday i saw the doctor again for some red patches under my arm pits and small red rash on my thighs and others small also on my body. He gave me some solution - alkaline and cream to apply which i did. 2-3 days later the red patches went away but the small rashes on my shoulder did not and continued to increase in numbers. Saw a doctor now locally in Tanzania and he said it was due to allergy and gave me pednisolone and told me to continue with the rest of the medecines. The pednisolone enede on the 19th Dec and thereafter the rashes were just increasing in number so i stopped all medications on the 15th dec wednesday and saw a doctor again. He gave me Zyrtec and atarax and have been having them till now though the atarax finished yest. the rashes had stopped increasing but today i can feel them and one popped out a while ago below my wrist and went away! Same on my arm above the elbow on the left had one. I also felt some sensation on my arm on the inner side - right hand and when i looked later it had some light brown spots different from rest of the reddish bumps that i have. Some are slightly itchy but majority are not. i looked around the body and see few some brown spots here and there but one big one right on the back above my bum in the middle. its is really dark and about a centimetre round. Also have one on the thigh which came up 2 days ago - right leg and still there, where as on the same spot on the left leg i had one last week and now its fading away.
User :   For now i do feel fatigue though i am at work from today and constantly worried if its something serious - what do you think it is that i am going through and should do? I wish to add that for the alst 2 months whenever i fold my legs there is this "TICK" sound which usually only came when i was really tired. Also on my right had below the elbow i always felt some pain there when lifting something. And i have white patches on my neck below my chin which i noticed when shaving - 1 month ago and today i see the some white patches on my both my arms on the inner side facing the body. Please advise. Thanks
User :   are u there
Doctor :   Yes
Doctor :   r u there?
User :   ok let me know when u have read above
User :   how?
User :   hello
Doctor :   hi
User :   what do you think
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Plz wait
User :   ok
User :   ok
User :   what do you think
Doctor :   But to understand it very clearly I need clarification . I need to ask again . Is that OK
User :   ok
Doctor :   What are the current problems/symptoms ?
User :   rashes red bumps on my shoulder, back, couple on the chest, one on the right thigh
User :   fatigue
User :   and dont pass motion normally, its kinda soft but not really watery like in diarhoea
Doctor :   How long you have the rash ?
User :   eat lots but dont gain weight neither pass out lots of motion
User :   its been 2-3 weeks now since the first start
User :   3 weeks ago one started on the stomach, doctor said it was hair follicle one so gave me amox
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   then ?
Doctor :   Then how did the rash spread?
User :   4 days later rashes started appearing over shoulder and below armpits there were red patches which doctor said it was due to sweat and gave a solution which cleared it. for the rashes on the shoulder he gave cream
Doctor :   Did it appear on abdomen an back? or on legs and arms?
Doctor :   Ok
User :   yes one on abdomen and few in the back. One particlular one on the back is a dark brown spot above bum which is 1cm in size
Doctor :   Did you had fever ?
User :   from shoulders its spread to the arms but ends beofre the elbow
User :   no fever
User :   on the leg appears mainly on thighs
Doctor :   ok
User :   few on the left which dissapeared
User :   one on the right which is still there
User :   do you think its related to HIV?
Doctor :   Did you muscle pain, joint pain, headaches when u had rash?
User :   yes had muscle aches in the legs before they appreared
User :   imsomnia also
Doctor :   Can you send the picture of the rash ?
User :   was like burning/tingling ache in the lower leg below knee
Doctor :   How old are you?
User :   do you have an email
User :   35
Doctor :   Were you traveling?
User :   rash started on 11 dec when i saw doctor before i flew, then i was away for 2 weeks when it continued to develop
Doctor :   What labs done?
Doctor :   I want to know the labs and results?
Doctor :   Do you have rash on palms and soles?
User :   all blood tests like diabetes, thyroid, Lipid profile, HIV, VDRL
User :   not on the palm itself nor soles
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   So all tests negative
User :   yes nothing showed on tests carried out on 6th dec
User :   have sent you email
Doctor :   OK
User :   at present am on zyrtec
Doctor :   I will look at it
Doctor :   So is the rash coming down or same?
User :   like today one came below my wrist when in contact with my watch, then it kinda dissapeared in half hour
User :   generally the ones on the shoulder i feel have reduced its redness and is slowly coming down
Doctor :   Witing for the email
User :   i was on atarax until monday together with zyrtec. the atarax finished now only on zyrtec
Doctor :   It will take time
Doctor :   OK'
User :   have sent 2 emails
User :   as file too big
User :   hope your side can accept it
User :   have you had cases like this?
Doctor :   Does it itch?
Doctor :   i have received the email and I have seen the rash
Doctor :   Does it itch?
User :   some itch ones with kind of pus in it, others which are just bumps on the shoulders dont
User :   only slightly itch not really
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   First thing I would like to tell u few facts after I looked at the rash
Doctor :   ! it is not from HIV and it is not dangerous. \
User :   ok
Doctor :   2. It could be treated an dthe present treatment is enough
User :   so should i just be patient and wait for time to heal it?
Doctor :   Antihistamine : Zyrtec and if needed 5-7 day course oprednisone
User :   have done the 5 day prednisone but no help
Doctor :   Yes I am confident it will heal
Doctor :   It will take max 1 week
Doctor :   Meanwhile cont meds
Doctor :   Use calamine lotiuon
User :   but its been 2 weeks and its just been increasing
Doctor :   II have some impressions
Doctor :   1.It could be froma llergies
Doctor :   Wear loose garments
User :   like?
Doctor :   Vacume the floor
Doctor :   Cotton , non irritant,soft garments
Doctor :   Do not take Hopt water shower
Doctor :   *Hot
User :   normally wear a vest and shirt then
User :   really no hot water
Doctor :   Make sure they are loose
Doctor :   After bath , apply mooisturiser
Doctor :   a
Doctor :   an
Doctor :   Because you said the rash developed before the journey and there is no fever it is surely not infectious
Doctor :   It could be allergic
User :   thinking about it the rash must be around the anus as it started itching there long time back
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   But the the rash present one is imp
Doctor :   The management is the same
User :   what are the brown spots on the skin
User :   like had sensations earlier today below on the arm then
User :   i saw there were like 4-5 light brown spots there
Doctor :   It could also be from SLE
User :   sle?
User :   sle?
Doctor :   Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
Doctor :   or It could some insect/mosquito bites
User :   wow how does one get this?
User :   lupus i thought is linked to serios diseases
Doctor :   It is auto immune disorder
Doctor :   Initially it will present with rash
Doctor :   These are all the possibilties
Doctor :   Hope you follow me
Doctor :  
I will recommend some other tests
User :   like hiv
Doctor :   Get the ANA, Rheumatoid Factor, ESR
Doctor :   These are the basic panel of tests for connective tissue Diseases like SLE
User :   had rheumatoid done on 6th dec was ok
User :   what is ANA n ESR
Doctor :   ANA
Doctor :   that is the best screening test for SLE
Doctor :   Laso get urine analsysi
Doctor :   *also
User :   urine analysis done was ok also should i get this redone as they were before the rash began
Doctor :   Was there any proteins in urine
User :   rash appeared after i did the test
Doctor :   U don't need to repeat
Doctor :   In SLE some times proteins in urine are seen
Doctor :   So I am looking for association
User :   how do you see this on the report in front of me
Doctor :   proteins in urine can happen any time
User :   protein is negative on the report
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   But get the ANA test which is very imp
User :   all is negative, blood, nitrite, ketone, glucose, etc
Doctor :   ok
User :   what does ANA stand for?
Doctor :   anti nuclear antobody
Doctor :   Just called as ANA
Doctor :  
So if all the tests are negative , it is mostly allergic
User :   sure not related to HIV
Doctor :   or u may not find any reason clled Idiopathic body reaction
Doctor :   When your HIV test is negative, how can we relate it to rash
User :   as some rashes just appear here and there and dissapear
Doctor :   No this rash is not from HIV
User :   yes but it was 2 months and they say the window period is 3 months which will be next week for me
User :   and all this is happening withint this window period!?!
Doctor :   Ok
User :   hence i was very stressed, depressed and nervous
User :   since end nov to now
Doctor :   Even if you think of HIV , an acre HIV presents with very high fever, lymph node swelling ,
Doctor :   It does not present with just simple rash
User :   but i have had fatigue since mid oct
Doctor :   You can wait and get the test(HIV ) done and rule out HIV
User :   then leg muscle burning pain
User :   dont feel normal since mid oct
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   When all tests are normal, I will reassure it is not dangerous now
Doctor :   Where do you live?
User :   ok i have some white patches on the neck since a month ago
User :   singapore
User :   noticed these white patches when shaving
Doctor :   When can u able to ge the ANA test done?
User :   this friday
Doctor :   OK
User :   what is it related to ANA and what is the other one you mentioned
Doctor :   I will wait for the test
Doctor :   ANA, RF, ESR
User :   RF?
Doctor :   Rhematoid factor whch u alreadyhad \
User :   have you had any hiv cases?
User :   ok no issue can do it again
Doctor :   Right now HIV is not my diagnosis
User :   feel got infected on oct 1
Doctor :   I have already told you, even during window period how the HIV presents
Doctor :   fever, lymphnode swelling
User :   at this stage you dont think but can it come later
Doctor :   But auute HIV is very rare
Doctor :   I dont know
Doctor :   I dont assume
Doctor :   I will depend on test andmy clinical knowldge
User :   ok but after 3 months i do the test say this friday and all ok then i should be cleared right
Doctor :   With my clinical knowledge it is not HIV
Doctor :   And u canget the HIV test 3 mo after exposure and can get relief
Doctor :   Yea, get the test and it will clear ur doubts
Doctor :   Dont assume as HIV now
User :   ok thanks,
Doctor :   it looks like u r scared of it
Doctor :   The rash does not look like it
Doctor :   Many people get similar rash
Doctor :   It gets better over time
Doctor :   But you are getting all bests tests
Doctor :   and you are taking all precautions
Doctor :   Did I answer your query ?
User :   and the symtoms are just increasing day by day
User :   hence worried
Doctor :   I understand
User :   as my wife has returned and have not slept with her
User :   as wouldnt want to pass it on
User :   unresponsibly
User :   best to be clear first
Doctor :   Mr. Shabir u r anticipating fear, dude
Doctor :   if you have exposed to any females , u realised now
User :   really is this what is causing all this
Doctor :   You can be responsibile
Doctor :   Trust me man
Doctor :   It is not HIV
User :   so should chill and take it easy
Doctor :   Get the test done after 3 mo and get ur mind
User :   thats what i want to do this friday will be 31st so from oct 1st should be fine right?
Doctor :   That is what I a trying to convey - Just relax and getthe zyrtec, calmine lotion, very good skin care
Doctor :   keep surroiubnding cleam, avoid insect bites
Doctor :   oct nov dec 31
Doctor :   3 mo
Doctor :   tat will be good
Doctor :   it is just 3 days
User :   will get calamine lotion from pharmacy tomorrow
Doctor :   OK
Doctor :   Relax, Enjoy New Year, Get ur fear feeling out before the 1st 2011
Doctor :   OK
User :   will get
Doctor :   Thank you
User :   screening done
User :   friday includin urs tests
User :   and report back
User :   thanks doctor
User :   may god bless u
Doctor :   Thank you
Doctor :   God bless you and ur wife
User :   thanks
Doctor :   To avoid repeating all the clinical history
User :   happy new year and pray its happy for me too!!
Doctor :   you can just Chat with me -Dr. Jagdish
Doctor :   At that time you get just tell me the results and relax
Doctor :   OK
Doctor :   NBye
User :   Ok got your name can i ask for you specifically
Doctor :   *Bye
Doctor :   You can Ask
User :   bye
User :   ok
Doctor :   I am off on Friday
User :   cheers
Doctor :   Thanks b
Doctor :   be
User :   sat?
Doctor :   Sorry
Doctor :   Bye
User :   speak laters
Doctor :   ok
User :   bye
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