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Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   hi
User :   HI may i ask should i be worried about going to a antomy lab ?
User :   yes,
User :   y may i ask
User :   and may i knw why will you be taken to the anatomy lab /
User :   after etunassia there taken me for anatomy teaching will this be good
User :   yes, that is very good
User :   it will be helpful to the students
User :   yes but y do thay need to take me for ?
User :   dissection, a systematic study of the body parts
User :   have you ever seen cadavers in the labs
User :   yes,
User :   are thay clothed ?
User :   no,
User :   may i ask as a doc will my body be usefull for dissection as iv got cancer of the brain stem
User :   yes, there will be problem
User :   sorry , i meant no problem
User :   can i ask as a doc would you like to dissect my body
User :   i think learning students will be more helped than a practitioner like me
User :   sorry thats what i ment if you was a student
User :   and had a body like me
User :   yes,
User :   for sure
User :   can i ask will students see my reporductive organs
User :   yes,
User :   can i ask will this part of me dissected
User :   yes,
User :   can i ask is it easy to dissect my privert parts ?
User :   yes,
User :   as im young is my body easy to dissect
User :   if muscular , yes,
User :   you seen my pic yes
User :   yes, i do have picture in my database
User :   take a look and tell me
User :   i have two pictures of you ,
User :   should i be a cadaver
User :   one is with weight loss
User :   you are quite muscular
User :   it will be good
User :   who for will it be good
User :   to the students to dissect
User :   will the students be pleased to have me
User :   yes,
User :   may i ask whats rapied embalming
User :   embalming is a procedure where the formalin solution will be injected into the one of the major veins so that the internal organs do not get decayed
User :   is this what there do to me later tonight
User :   May i know why tonight ?
User :   im going be doing etunassia tonight
User :   yes, then
User :   can i ask once iv passed is my body chacked
User :   May i know What IV
User :   ?
User :   once i have passed is my body checked
User :   yes,
User :   hows this done
User :   a forensic specialist and a Medicine doctor will examine to confirm the death after eutheasia
User :   can i ask then what happens to me
User :   you will be taken to dissection hall and embalmed and stored in a formalin tank and removed after 3 or 4 weeks for dissection to the students
User :   i was told if thay dont like how i have died thay may send me for autopsy can thay do this ??
User :   if they reject you for diissection yes then they would take to autopsy
User :   what will happen to me there at autopsy
User :   they will confirm the cause of death by fast dissection
User :   ok then what happens to me
User :   then they will give your body wrapped in a cloth to your relatives
User :   as i dont have any relatives what will happen to me
User :   they will cremate the body
User :   ok
User :   and if i go for dissection where do thay start
User :   they divide the body into head and neck, upper limb and thorax and lower limb and pelvis
User :   how do you meane am i cut apart for the students
User :   using a saw operated by machine
User :   am i declothed for this to happen
User :   yes,
User :   how am i cut
User :   using a scalpel
User :   whats the process
User :   the main joints are dislocated usins the scalpel and the parts separated
User :   ok
User :   then what
User :   then the muscle;e are stripped layer by layer after removing the skin
User :   hows this done and will this happen to me
User :   yes,
User :   its done using a scalpel itself also forceps to hold the flaps
User :   will thay know i was a young male
User :   yes, by the musculature
User :   may i ask a 14 year old boys body was donated for dissection will he be used this way
User :   no,
User :   minimum of 18 years age is needed to donate the body
User :   so he be unable to donate then
User :   yes,
User :   may i ask can a friend of mine donate his body i meet at the hospital
User :   may i ask can a friend of mine donate his body i meet at the hospital
User :   i depends on his wish and his age
User :   it*
User :   he is 18 years old and wishes to donate himself
User :   then its not a problem
User :   i have a pic of him would you take a look and tell me if he be ok
User :   please send it
User :   who too
User :   have you sent the image
User :   whos email add do i send too
User :   ok i send it
User :   just sent it friends body
User :   ok,wait a minute
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Are u there ?
User :   yes y you logged me off
Doctor :   it was a technical error
User :   ic did you get pic
Doctor :   yeah
User :   will he be ok for dissection he is hopeing to be
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   for either medical or any kind of dissection, there are requirements that the body should be free of all kinds of medical and infective diseases
User :   ok dr van hagen wanted me and him do you think he would use us
Doctor :   so if u or ur friend is free from HIV, EBOLA, Hepatitis Viruses, etc, then there is no need to worry at all
Doctor :   IF he has accepted you, then he will use it anyway
User :   can i ask have you seen his work
Doctor :   NO
User :   ok may i ask as iv got a long penis will this be in the way at the dissection hall
Doctor :   no
User :   may i ask do thay check my penis
Doctor :   it does not matter
User :   as you see my friend is quit fit as he goes to guym
User :   may i ask will he be used the same way as me
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   all cadavers are used in the same fashion
User :   do you think us as cadavers are ok
Doctor :   yes
User :   he says his worried he maybe too fit to be a cadaver
Doctor :   there is no need to worry
User :   can ask will we be embalmed
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok as we are both doing etunasia tonight will will be put toghether
Doctor :   no
User :   so as we both going to same med school will we both be there
User :   may i ask are our brains going be removed
Doctor :   yes
User :   how will this be done
Doctor :   BY cutting ur skull out
User :   hows this done
Doctor :   by a electric saw
User :   will my body be unclothed when this happens and will it move around
Doctor :   yes
User :   how much is my skull cut
Doctor :   all of it
User :   what all of my skull gets cut will my friends too
Doctor :   its a common procedure and not diff for any one
User :   will we both be done same day
Doctor :   it depends on the person doing it
User :   if we are going be embalmed will we both be in same tank
Doctor :   yes
User :   are we clothed at the time
Doctor :   no
User :   should we mined being placed together
Doctor :   no
User :   can i ask how do thay know when we are ready to come out of tank
Doctor :   they know as they are experienced
User :   can i ask will my watch be removed too
User :   may i ask will my friends whit pants come off
Doctor :   yes everything will come off
User :   is it true sumtimes the pep preparing our bodys dont care about us
User :   as online there was a record of a cadaVER BEING SET ON FIRE IN MORGUE
Doctor :   no
User :   but could it happen to our bodys
Doctor :   yes it could , its not in human hands to mishaps to occur
User :   if it did happen would i know much about it
Doctor :   u will be dead
Doctor :   so u will not
User :   will i burn ok if it did happen
Doctor :   i guess yes
User :   may i ask at the end of study what happens to our bodys is there much left
Doctor :   it depends on who is using the cadaver for what purposes
User :   ok med students is who we are hopeing going use us
Doctor :   then, i guess, nothing will remain
User :   what there be nothing of us left
Doctor :   once u r dissected, then everything will either be discarded or made into specimens
User :   will me and my friend be used the same
Doctor :   yes
User :   can i ask if we are despoced of hows this done
Doctor :   BY electric crematorial burning in a incinerator
User :   may i ask can we both be done toghether ?
Doctor :   may be
User :   is this ok if we give consent
Doctor :   as all things need to be destroyed are incinorated together
Doctor :   yeah
User :   may i ask will my penis and his be dissected
Doctor :   may be may not be
User :   if my penis is dissected how will this happen
Doctor :   i did not understan dur query
User :   if my penis was dissected whats the process used
Doctor :   its cut off by a scalpel
User :   where abouts
Doctor :   ?
User :   where is my penis cut from my body
Doctor :   at the base of the penis from the perineum
User :   will my friends be cut of too
User :   whats the perineum
Doctor :   yes i guess
User :   where is this on my body
Doctor :   b/w your anus and your scrotum
User :   is much of my body cut to remove my perineum
Doctor :   its just a very small region
User :   can i ask have you ever dissected this part of a male cadaver
Doctor :   yes
User :   how did you do it and will the same be done to me
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   its a standard procedure and im afraid its too techincal to be discussed here
User :   y whats the basic info then
User :   y whats the basic info then
Doctor :   dissection is done to note the nerve and blood supply to all organs that that is noticed
Doctor :   and as such the dissection is done to note the anatomy
Doctor :   if u want to know how to dissect, then u can refer to a anatomy disssection text which will have elaborate discussion
User :   ok may i ask do many cadavers my age get dissected
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   young people too die early
User :   can i ask if i consented could india use my body to dissect
Doctor :   yes
User :   how about my friends body
Doctor :   both the same
User :   if we come to india and donate where would you advice we donate too
Doctor :   AIIMS DELHI
User :   will thay take our bodies
Doctor :   YES
User :   may i ask would you see us there
Doctor :   NO
Doctor :   we are based in bangalore, INDIA
User :   can you write to them exsplaining we wish to donate our bodies
Doctor :   Sorry, We cannot do that as we are not your primary care physicians nor your psychiatrist
User :   ic ok
User :   ic ok
Doctor :   You can make a advance health directive and will, indicating your choice
User :   may i ask when we arrive at the indian med school will thay take us to the antomy hall
Doctor :   u shd call the med school and then discuss that with them
User :   ok may i ask do you think we should be cadavers
Doctor :   its ur choice
Doctor :   i cannot advice u on that
User :   would you advice we are fit and ok to be cadavers
Doctor :   yes
User :   can i ask is there any beniffit from us being cadavers
Doctor :   nothing much
User :   when you say not much are we wasting our bodies
Doctor :   its your choice, and u have to make a decision
Doctor :   either way, ur body will go into the earth as dust or be cremated
User :   we are happy to be cadavers just can we both be in same dissection class
Doctor :   so , there is no need for worrying about it after death
Doctor :   i guess u can
User :   my friend asks he had a heart op 4 years ago will this be seen during his dissection
Doctor :   yes
User :   how comes
Doctor :   any surgery wil be evident on dissction
User :   ok but his brain and mine will be diffrent yes
Doctor :   yes
User :   may i ask our eyes are thay dissected
Doctor :   yes
User :   can i ask how
Doctor :   for details please refer to a disscection text
User :   ok will do thank you
Doctor :   u r welcome
User :   may i askif we had lots of fat on our bodies could we be cadavers
Doctor :   yes
User :   how comes
Doctor :   pressnce of fat does not matter
User :   is this removed
Doctor :   no
User :   ok may i ask whats liposuction
Doctor :   suction of fat by surgery
User :   hows it done
User :   and what is fat
Doctor :   fat is cholesterol
User :   if sumone is full of fat is there anything thay can do to lose it quick
User :   what are these pills there called fat burnners do thay work ??
Doctor :   NO AND NO
User :   y dont fat burnner pills work
User :   whats the best thing to take or do if your quit big unlike me and my friend
User :   what then
User :   if sumone takes fat burnner pills will this make a diffrence
Doctor :   no
User :   so what happens if thay take them
Doctor :   nothing
Doctor :   its just like sugar pills
User :   so waste of money and time then
User :   i used to take pills long time ago
Doctor :   yes
User :   thay was called bio bodyperfect fat burner
User :   thay had l tyrosine 165mg green tea 400mg citrus auranthium 82.5mg naringin 66mg caffeine 50mg and alpha lipoicacid 33mg where these anygood to me ?
User :   that per capusal
Doctor :   they have antioxidants and they are ok
User :   would these have helped me burn fat
Doctor :   not much
User :   but taken evryday for a year or too
User :   what is the best fat burner pill you can take
Doctor :   i dont advice any of those
User :   ic may i ask if i was to take a whole 180 of these at one time would i die
Doctor :   no
User :   what would happen
Doctor :   nothing much than u sweaitng and not having sleep
User :   do thay make me swet then
User :   well its time to go soon
Doctor :   yes they do
User :   may i ask do you think the antomy lab is ready for our bodies
Doctor :   yes
User :   as we are due etunassia soon will thay take us there once we are dead
Doctor :   ye
Doctor :   yes
User :   will our bodies be washed tonight
User :   and embalmed
Doctor :   yes
User :   just to the side of my neck thay say a pipe will be incerted
User :   y is this
Doctor :   this is for embalming
User :   will my friend have the same
User :   can i ask y is a pipe attched around the groin region too
Doctor :   same for embalming
User :   can i ask our our pants removed for embalming
Doctor :   no
User :   but is anyclothing removed from us tonight
Doctor :   yes
User :   what parts
User :   of our clothing are removed tonight
Doctor :   most clothes removd
User :   my friend says his groin is haveing a pipe affixed will mine too
Doctor :   yes
User :   do thay need to remove our pants for this
Doctor :   yes
User :   where abouts will the pipe be in my groin
Doctor :   see the text book on embalming for more details
User :   carnt you advice
User :   may i ask my friend has asked me to ask can his face be covered ?
Doctor :   Sorry i am not a embalming technicain
Doctor :   I am a doctor attending living people and not to cadavers
User :   ok but can cadavers have ther faces covered
Doctor :   i guess yes
Doctor :   Please restrict ur queries to medical fields and not to forensics department
User :   my friend wants his face covered so his perents dont see him as thay dont want him used as a cadaver but he is 18 he can have his wishes yes
Doctor :   yes,
Doctor :   no one is allowed to see abody while its being embalmed
User :   so will his perents not know its him
Doctor :   YES
User :   may i ask when hes taken for dissection can his face be covered
Doctor :   yes
User :   will his perents beable to take him back
Doctor :   yes
User :   when before dissection
Doctor :   i would like to advice you to dierct all further queries on embalming and dissection to the med school or the funeral home, where the procedure of embalming can be done
User :   ok well thanks for your help today you been most helpfull many thanks
Doctor :   u r welcome
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