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Persisting stomach ache due to poor eating habit - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   Internist
User :   Okay, well i have a question regarding a stomach ache that happened a week and couple days ago.
Doctor :   ok
User :   Well, I believe last Monday (12/6/10), i had this stomach ache.
User :   Let me fill you in on a little back story though.
Doctor :   ok
User :   When i went to work / school, i would work for 4-8 hours without eating anything, maybe just a soda, or water. Same with school, i would drink an energy drink, or just water. On Monday, 12/6/10, i woke up feeling fine, i ate a cookie for breakfast, and for lunch i ate some minor foods, like broccoli cheese pastrys. Dinner time, i was eating a fast food burger, and all of a sudden, i felt this ache in my stomach.
User :   The ache lasted for about a week, (7days), and at those times, i was talking to Dr and he told me it was due to irregular eating habits, and to stay away from spicy foods, and to eat a lot of fiber, and to eat regularly, and healthy. I followed his steps, eating very healthy, eating when i am suppose to, and eating a lot of fiber.
User :   For the past 3 days, 12/14/10, 12/15/10, 12/16/10 i felt fine, no stomach ache, no nothing.
User :   Yesterday, for lunch and dinner, i ate a spicy pork dish my mom made, and my stomach felt fine. Today, i ate the same spicy pork my mom made, but with spicy cucumber, and 3 hours later, my stomach started aching, is this caused by the irritation of consuming spicy foods yesterday and today?
Doctor :   sometimes eating more than u can digest or not eating for a long time, can cause variety of discomfort
Doctor :   hunger pains , do appear as stomach cramps
User :   well for the past 3 days, i have had no aches appear at all, but today and yesterday i consumed spicy dishes, and right now, my stomach is aching.
Doctor :   acidity due to eating more can cause burning discomfort due to increased acid secretion
User :   but i ate 3 hours ago
Doctor :   have u been taking any medications for acid control and symptom relief ?
User :   no doctor, due to i have felt fine for the past 3 days, and eating healthy.
Doctor :   good
Doctor :   now i would like to advice you a few medications that can help you
User :   but idk why i have this ache right now....its not a sharp pain, its an ache / cramp, and after the cramp / ache disappears, i hear my stomach grumbling, then it will go away, then 2-3 minutes later, the ache re-appears.
Doctor :   so when was the last time u ahd ur food ?>
User :   around 2:15pm, right now its 5:22pm.
Doctor :   ok , this feels like acidity or you might just be having intestinal contractions
User :   well, i have had no diareaha while i had the ache when it started last monday, and no vomiting, no nausea, no constipation.
Doctor :   ok
User :   the doctor also told me, that my pains can also be from anxiety, due to the fact that i freak out and think my stomachs going to hurt, then it ends up hurting.
Doctor :   like
Doctor :   You can take some medications available over the counter
User :   and i keep thinking about it.
Doctor :   prilosec, which will help u relieve the acidity
Doctor :   and PREVACID, to relieve the acidity symptoms
User :   so this is normal?
Doctor :   yes , this is absolutely normal
Doctor :   even in presence of anziety, such symptoms can increase
User :   yea, so Dr tells me to just take deep breaths, and relax, and said i will be just fine.
Doctor :   the body perciecves the anzirety of the mind and behaves similarly
User :   so doctor, am i hungry as well? I will get the ache and then a cramp feeling, then i hear a rumbling sound, then it will disappear, then my ache will re-appear in like 1minute later.
Doctor :   you can test yourself
Doctor :   when u have such symptoms, eat a sandwich or a fruit
Doctor :   if the symptoms improve, then u were most probably hungry
User :   well doctor, i ate at 2:00, then after i ate, i felt a pressure in my lower intestine, so i used the restroom, and stool came out. So after i ate, i used the restroom.
Doctor :   if the symptoms incrrease, then you have acidity and you need prilosec
User :   So does that mean my stomach is probably empty?
User :   Since after i ate today, i used the restroom.
Doctor :   passing bowels once u eat is due to a reflex called gastrocolic reflex
Doctor :   this is due to inherent nerve stimualtions that caue bowel contractions at the same time that u eat, that cause bowel evacuation, at the same time as u eat
User :   Okay, i am actually thinking about eating a banana.
User :   because, while my stomach aches, i am not nauseas.
Doctor :   ok, that seems ok
Doctor :   have u undergone any other tests in this regard ?
User :   Well doctor \told me, its nothing serious, since i have no blood in my stool, and my ache disappeared 3 days ago but today i am aching
Doctor :   ok
User :   And after i eat, my ache goes away completely when i HAD the ache Last monday.
Doctor :   as i said these appear to be hunger pangs and are completely physciological
User :   Yes, its not a pain like you would have if your nausea's or going to vomit, or if your going to have diarrhea.
User :   And when it aches, i can feel my stomach gurgling a bit too.
Doctor :   but if u feel it causes discomfort that u cannot tolerate, then you can seek opinion frrom a gastroenterologist who can prescribe you medications that can reduce the intensity of such pains
User :   Yes like right now, i was really focusing on the ache to see what else i would feel, and i would feel an ache in my stomach then a rumble.
Doctor :   these medications reduce intestinal motility and contractions, which in the first place cause these pains
User :   What if i don't take any medication?
Doctor :   if u can tolerate the pain, there is no need for any medication at all
User :   Yeah i can tolerate it doctor, its just annoying.
Doctor :   then you just have to adjust to the symptoms
User :   So doctor, what do you think the pains are caused by?
User :   and do u think the pain will disappear soon?
Doctor :   as i said earlier, the aches are due to intestinal contrctions associated with food digestion and absorption
Doctor :   the pain will have to beared by you and you will soon learn to ignore them
User :   and they will just disappear like that if i ignore them?
User :   so its nothing serious?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   thats right
User :   So there is no need to see a doctor or anything right? Since my aches disappeared 3 days ago, and havent hurt until today, and this ache i am experiencing right now is completely different from the ache i had last monday.
User :   Last monday, my ache was my lower intestine area, but todays ache is in the stomach.
Doctor :   there is no need to see a doctor. if u dont have any symptoms
User :   What symptoms should i be looking for doctor?
Doctor :   as i said, sever nausea, vomiting, burning discomfort etc
User :   Yeah, I've had no fever ever since my ache started last monday, no burning discomfort, no nausea, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no constipation.
Doctor :   then u can just relax and rest
Doctor :   there is no need to worry
User :   Okay doctor, i think my pain is associated with hunger, because it keeps cramping like as if you were hungry
Doctor :   ok,
User :   Yes doctor, it's not hurting anymore, its aching a little bit, and its when i eat dinner today, what should i eat doctor?
Doctor :   anything nonspicy and with lots of water
User :   Yeah, also today, when i ate the spicy food, i didn't drink water.
Doctor :   enough water , proper dietary habits, avoiding processed and junk food, eating freshly prepared whole foods will be very helpful
User :   Well lately, i have been eating a lot of fiber, water, and freshly prepared foods.
Doctor :   good
User :   but today and yesterday was the first time i really ate spicy foods
Doctor :   ok, it will take some time for u to get adjusted before u can eat spicy foods
User :   okay, so for dinner, should i eat a sandwich for dinner?
Doctor :   yes a sandwich would be perfect
User :   so i should avoid eating ketchup?
Doctor :   yes,
User :   Why is that doctor?
Doctor :   mexican ketchup, will have lots of spices in it
Doctor :   this can cause acidity
User :   What about regular American Ketchup?
Doctor :   you can use them,
Doctor :   they are not that spicy
User :   Okay, so doctor, should i wait like 30minutes to eat, or just eat a banana right now?
Doctor :   there is no waiting time as such
Doctor :   you can eat as and when u r hungry
User :   okay, if i don't eat, will my ache get worse
Doctor :   not really
User :   Dr told me if i have a stomach ache, and i dont eat, it will only get worse.
Doctor :   your ache will depend on and when u have eaten and what is the content of the food
User :   well last time i ate was around 2:00, and now its 6pm, so should i eat?
Doctor :   your aches -are 1, due to hunger and 2, due to acidity of intestinal contractions once you have eaten
Doctor :   you will learn by practice to differntiate both of them
Doctor :   if it seems due to hunger, the u can eat
Doctor :   the other pain, will increase when u eat, and this will have to be tolerated by you, if u choose not to take medications to control the acidity
User :   See i don't know what it is doctor, if i think about it, my ache seems to last, but if i don't think about it and i am just watching tv, my ache isn't there.
Doctor :   then, the solution is simple, u should just not think about it and the pain will not be there
User :   Yeah doctor, this ache i am experiencing now is completely different from the ache i had before....i think its due to high anxiety, hunger, and spicy foods.
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   so i guees u have to learn to ignore it all together
User :   yeah doctor, i am afraid to eat though
Doctor :   you might have to take a decision when to seek medications if u have persistent symptoms that u cannot tolerate
User :   I am not going to take any mediciation, i like my body to naturally heal itself.
Doctor :   ok
User :   I read on the internet that banana's have a natural enzyme in it where it helps prevent stomach aches?
Doctor :   Is there anything i can help u with ?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   banana is good for people with acidity
Doctor :   as it helps to reduce acidity and improve digestion
Doctor :   you can have a banana after every meal
User :   okay doctor, oh...i forgot to add.
User :   I bought this mouth wash called "Listorene", its a mouth wash that is suppose to make my teeth whiter.
Doctor :   ok thats a antibacterial solution, to keep the teeth clean
User :   I have to leave it in my mouth for 60 seconds, then brush my teeth, well yesterday i used it and 15minutes later i ate, and then today, i used it and 25minutes later i ate, can my stomach ache be caused by that? I know some listorene requires u not to eat or drink anything for about 30-1hrs.
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   its not related at all
User :   Okay, because after i used that (yesterday and today) is when i experienced the stomach aches)
Doctor :   thats not the cause of ur pain at all
Doctor :   its just incidental
Doctor :   as u said, earlier that the pain comes when u think about it, u just have to learn to stop thinking about it and learn to ignore it
User :   Okay doctor, so i should be okay?
Doctor :   yes definitely
User :   So how many more days should i avoid eating spicy foods / dairy since i am also lactose intolerant, but i take this lactaid pill to help digest the foods.
Doctor :   yes lactacid can be taken
Doctor :   avoid spicy food for a week or two
User :   okay, so no more spicy foods for now?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   for about 2 wees avoid spicy foods
User :   Okay, what happens when you eat spicy foods?
Doctor :   nothing, u get pain, if u think about it and u ma not get pain if u dont think about it
User :   Oh okay, i might have diarrhea tomorrow?
Doctor :   in that case you might need to see your doctor, for a course of antibiotics
User :   Yes but i should be fine.
Doctor :   no
User :   I think i am just hungry, because my ache is now more of a cramp
Doctor :   if u still have an infection its is prudent that u see a physcian to get to the bottom and then treat that
User :   Yes doctor, but i doubt i have an infection.
User :   So doctor, when will Dr be in? I am going to take my mind off this as of now, and eat, i am pretty hungry now.
Doctor :   then how can u presume that u will get diarhea tomorow
Doctor :   dr may come in about 1 hr
Doctor :   if u think that u can get diarhea and u do get one , why dont u use your mind to stop the diarhea before u actually get it
User :   I agree doctor, ii am not going to think about this anymore, i am going to lay down and watch some tv and relax.
User :   I have been under stress as well.
Doctor :   ok, that seems to be the correct way to destress
User :   ok thank u doctor.
Doctor :   you r welcome
Doctor :   take care
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