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Penis enlargement, vaginal fungal infection, anxiety - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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User :   hi doctor
Doctor :   hi
Doctor :   how can i help u
Doctor :   please proceed with your query
User :   recently a m getting a lot of email about penis enlargment treatment is applicable . i have a problem relating to
User :   my age is 39
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i will help u in this
Doctor :   please proceed
User :   weight 68
User :   waist 32
User :   my penis length is too small
User :   normal size 3"
Doctor :ok
Doctor :is your erection normal
User :   after ejection 4.5"
User :   dia also small
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   is the ejaculation normal
User :   normal dia is aprox 3"
Doctor :   are yu able to satisify your partner
User :   ejaculation normal
Doctor :   ok
User :   some time only
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :how many times in a week do yu have sex
User :   she desire it bin big dia
Doctor :   ok
User :   so sexual contact is very less
Doctor :   how many times in a week yu have sex
User :   now a days when contact i have a problem
Doctor :   can yu explain the problem
User :   if i do so my penis ring side skin getting irittation and she is getting whitish
User :   if i am not doing she will not a have any problem
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   is she has white discharge
User :   when sking whither way it getting wound and i want use oilment to cure it. in that period i cannot contact. so we do not do... once in month only it happening
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   wat about her white discharge
User :   when i contact white discharge happening. and more over she is not having pleasure. but some other way i am helping to get her pleasure. it means with smmoth touching &kissing
Doctor :   ok
User :   she have some beleives that penis is not enough to
Doctor :   ok
User :   especiallly girth not enough
Doctor :   ok
User :   my height is 165cm
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i will help u in this and give yu some good tips
Doctor :   first the white discharge after sexual contact
Doctor :   means there is a vaginal infection
Doctor :   due to fungus
Doctor :   first this to be treated
User :   why paint feening when i do so is it due to white discharge
User :   i have done quter to her. it clean throughly as per doctor
Doctor :   let me explain it to u
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   regarding the irritation of the penis
Doctor :   do yu have any ulcers on the penis
Doctor :   or cuts over the penis
User :   i have test when got wount, as per test doctor told me there is no infection on
User :   cut mean
User :   i am muslim so suunath i have done
Doctor :   any straigt ulcer like
Doctor :   ok
User :   no not now
Doctor :   did yu take any treatment
Doctor :   does she have any pain while having sex
User :   when continuosly contact. it getting would. shows some whitish element. that i have tested . as per doctor no infection. when use oilment it going but still i have little irritation on penis head &ring aound. it mease when it on my jetty side i have little pain stiil
User :   no she doesn't have. she saying not enough pleasure
Doctor :   ok
User :   i want to make it bigger with some more girth
Doctor :   white discharge is the cause for your irritation
Doctor :   both the partners require treatment
Doctor :   yu need a kit to over come this irritation
Doctor :   once the itching and irritations comes down
User :   pls help me doctor
Doctor :   its FAS- 3 kit which is reqired for u
User :   do you hany branch in dubai
Doctor :   no its only in india
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   i can help u from here only
User :   my city tellichery -in kerala - kannur dist
Doctor :   take FAS- 3 kit it eliminate your irriation
Doctor :   ok
User :   where can i get
Doctor :   yu can get this in medical shop
Doctor :   it contains 3 tablets
Doctor :   need to take after food
Doctor :   in one day
User :   one more thing now i am suffering shrinkage some time is shrinking as too small
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   thats why its due to internal infection
Doctor :   that has caused yu irritation and shrinking of penis
User :   i have used oil ment & tablets also as per doctors instruction before. still i am using oilment
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   but it should have cleared by now
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
User :   pls help me
Doctor :   take this tablet for 2 days
Doctor :   this will help u a lot
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   if i say FAs 3kit i can get in dubai
Doctor :   yes its avialable
Doctor :   it contains 3 tablets
Doctor :   flucanzole 150 mg
Doctor :   Azithromycin 1 gm
User :   how can i use it
Doctor :   and secnidazole 1 gm
Doctor :   need to take one tablet in moringin
Doctor :   and one in afternoon
Doctor :   and one in nite
Doctor :   after food
Doctor :   and live one day gap
Doctor :   and take the same on next day
Doctor :   thats day 1 and day 3
User :   is all in one or i have to take 3 tablet in time
Doctor :   its a kit
Doctor :   all 3 tablets in one pack
Doctor :   yu can take any tablet at any time
Doctor :   but after food
Doctor :   one at a time
Doctor :   out of 3 tablets
Doctor :   one in morning
Doctor :   one in evening
Doctor :   evening means at 3 pm
Doctor :   and one in nite
User :   it means flucanol morning, azithhromizin after noon & last one in night is it ok
User :   one more thing i doo smoking i forgot to tell you
Doctor :   yes thats right
User :   how mny day i have to take
Doctor :   yu need to take it for 2 days
User :   mean i have buy 2 kit only
Doctor :   yes 2 kit only
Doctor :   yu need to give one day gap
User :   so how to increase legth & girth . this very important to.. i am suffering a very big complex on that side.. as said.. i am getting a lot of enmail regarding this... by extender as well as tablets.. is it possible
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   the erection matters a lot
Doctor :   and how much time it stays it matters a lot
Doctor :   i will also give few tips
Doctor :   but not to feel low esteem
User :   i don't understand.. pls explain
Doctor :   yu need to have lot of fore play before entering the vagina
Doctor :   yu need to sit with her
User :   means give pleasure to her.. i am doing it.. problem is she is a believe but it true compare normal
Doctor :   and talk to her regarding her intrest
Doctor :   and even wat do yu like
User :   can u explain little .. what type interest
User :   she got a love effair... she contacted him by telephone.. that have captured. she agree also..
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i think yu need to satisify her more
User :   bt she love me a lot i know.. she cannot leave me that agree
Doctor :   in diffrent ways
Doctor :   diffrent ways
User :   can you explain pls
Doctor :   first stimulate her breast
Doctor :   nipples and the areola gently
User :   i do that normally.
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   next is to stimulate umbilicus
User :   wht ambilicus
Doctor :   the stomach region with a dimple
User :   i do that.. even then when we start after some time she will loose interest
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   next is the vaginal area
Doctor :   the clitoris is called the G- point
Doctor :   which has good nerve supply
Doctor :   stimulation of that area
Doctor :   will keep the women elated and intrested
User :   she also trying means.. she will image some sexual interation some other way.. meas based on some sex filims that case she might succeeding a little.
Doctor :   do yu like oral sex
User :   no but we tried
Doctor :   stimulating the vaginal region or the cliltoris with your tounge and saliva
User :   when i do that type illeagel sex .. i feel little pain when it discharge means ending pint
Doctor :   no way
Doctor :   it will stimualte her
User :   she likes very much when it with tounge. most of the time i cannot do when it white discharge
Doctor :   yu need to use the toungue part and saliva to stimualte the clitoris
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   before the sex clean that area with warm water
Doctor :   with a pinch of salt
User :   i want also ask you . toungue practice is immoral and it make any dieses in future. i am afreid. as a muslim we believe like
Doctor :   no its not at all ture
Doctor :   its false
Doctor :   nothing will happen
Doctor :   as per doctors yu said its not infection in her
Doctor :   right
User :   thanks.. as per interest i do that.. i want her to make happy... i told beginning i used to make her happy. like these ways alwyas. for me null. she is also worried about this. she alway insist to think to get bigger penis as we receive a lot mails regarding this.. i caany trust these site when i my credit cat secrets. there lot site are thre fake..
User :   either me or her both we test and cleared
Doctor :   yu can trust us
User :   shet whitish and we done quarter treatment from dubai. but she now is in india, shet went for delivery. end of july is her date
User :   i have got two chindren and one is on the way
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are yu there
User :   yeh
Doctor :   let me first talk on diet to improve the penile size
Doctor :   diet rich in vitamins is ver use ful
User :   pls explaim sir
Doctor :   mainly goose berrry, gauva,
Doctor :   wats your weight
User :   68-70
Doctor :   ok
User :   height 165
Doctor :   need to take maore fish
User :   what type fish
Doctor :   thats to white oily fish
Doctor :   maily herring, sardine and others
Doctor :   atleast 4-5 lts of water per day
Doctor :   take more green leafy veg
User :   what type of leaves
Doctor :   like palak, methi, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower
Doctor :   reduce red meat
User :   yes
Doctor :   make it once in a week not more than that
User :   i can avoid permanatally
Doctor :   can have not on regualar basis
Doctor :   take more of papaya, mangoes
Doctor :   avoid mint containing subsatances
User :   when i take meat i have a problem now. digetion & constipation
Doctor :   yes this diet will also help in constipation
User :   yes
Doctor :   in market so may tablets and medications are available
Doctor :   but none of them are too good
Doctor :   Macaenhancer pills are avaialble \
User :   if prescribe a tablet for above vitamin it good for me. now ian alone here. and very busy life as u aware gulf life style
Doctor :   yes i can understand
Doctor :   Tab. Reconia
Doctor :   once daily for 1-2 monts in nite
Doctor :   after food
Doctor :   its RECONIA SILVER tablets
User :   if could tell me contents it would be grateful..indian tab & pill name so femiliar here in dubai market
Doctor :   its a multivitamin
Doctor :   it contains B complex vitamins
Doctor :   minerals
Doctor :   biotin
Doctor :   vitamin A, D, E.
Doctor :   and others
Doctor :   There are a lot of different free exercises to increase penis size and make your penis larger and wider.
User :   tell me sir
Doctor :   Create a ring around the penis with your thumb and middle finger.
User :   is there any instruments , like extender.. as explains in web..
Doctor :   slightly tighten the finger ring and draw it out towards the head
Doctor :   Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and while holding the ring just before the head pull slowly and gently away from you as if you're lengthening the shaft.
Doctor :   Do 20 reps, each rep with a 5 to 10 second hold for 5 sets.
User :   yes
Doctor :   extenders can affect the sexual life in future
User :   yes
Doctor :   AAAAAAA enhancer pills are ok
Doctor :   50% of imporvement is seen
Doctor :   need to take for 2 monts atleast
Doctor :   2 tablets per day in one month
User :   is there any effective pill for increase length &girth like viagra VxP
Doctor :   and one tablet per day in next one month
Doctor :   viagra is not to increase the size of penis
Doctor :   its it get erections
Doctor :   yu can go for machaenhancer pills
User :   enhancer is for enhacement likeway is there any enlarger pill
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   Produce Stronger, Rock-Hard Erections
Doctor :   Better sperm mobility and quality
Doctor :   Increase the Erection Size of Your Penis
Doctor :   other pills are only for advertisements
Doctor :   they are of no use
User :   how long will it take - mean period. my wife is in india . she will back next year only
Doctor :   even machaenhncer is also not 100%
Doctor :   40% improvement
Doctor :   it will take 3 monts
Doctor :   with diet practise
Doctor :   that are healthy
User :   machenhancer is available in dubai if not how can i get it
Doctor :   with good exercises
Doctor :   and a multivitamin
Doctor :   will help yu a lot
Doctor :   yes its available
Doctor :   in dubai
User :   what about her..
Doctor :   finally not to worry
Doctor :   be mentally strong
User :   how could you help her
Doctor :   regarding
User :   now she is no white discharge. when contact sexually then only start. when stop do . then it stop within 2 weeks
Doctor :   now she is pregnant and let the delivery be over
User :   after what should i do for her
Doctor :   then she can go for tablets
User :   can u help me
Doctor :   becasue at the time of delivery we usallly avoid tablets
Doctor :   yes i can help u
Doctor :   once she comes to dubai
Doctor :   yu can chat with me
Doctor :   i want to ask more details on her white discharge
User :   but if i get some tips i can treat her as per
Doctor :   then i will able to give the medications to her
Doctor :   its only the medications help her
Doctor :   i need the details regardign the menstual cyles
Doctor :   so i can judge her properely then give the medicataions
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   as i told you, she had love affiar before, after marriege she contacted himm. she agreed to me. is effected to her sexual life
Doctor :   please fill the feed back form and the commnent box
User :   if i can tell that story. i will proceed..
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   proceed
User :   when got married, first day i have dicussed with future life. i told her any affair if had. i don't care but future life cannot be effected. she agreed. but she did not say to me her affair. i have told her my affair. means normal love was there. i did not consider as serious. it is all happened my college life.
Doctor :   ok
User :   after 6-8 months my marriage we captured her contact with her previuos guy , she was studying her Bsc in kerala. and i am in Dubai. they contaced by telephone.
Doctor :   ok
User :   when go back to home after 16 months i realise these. and i have advise he with freindly to seperate relation. for that i will help as per het intension. but she did not agree that proposal and she she cannot live without me . for bad movment it happen . so requested to me to forgive. 2-3 day she worried and continiously request to allow to stay with. means shet did not sleep that dayys. finally. i agreed and accepted her request. i did not make any issue on that
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   We have a long queue of patients waiting to get medical advice. Please restrict your medical queries
Doctor :   please co-operate
Doctor :   hi are yu there
User :   then she came here dubai. after two year i got information again this relation. he- the guy also in Dubai. i am going to office coming back night only. i sk her again . but she told. even his name to hear also she hate. cried and made lot of issues, i will tell you. she is loving me that know. i could not find out any type dishonest,disagree, rejection.. any type irritation fron her side. so believed and allowed to continue..
User :   r u there
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   We have a long queue of patients waiting to get medical advice. Please restrict your medical queries
User :   finally i captured her relation by telephone only.. but could not find out any in physical relation.
Doctor :   ok
User :   that time also badly requested to stay with me not only she told me if seperate her she will die .
User :   i have informed to her father. he advise me that will respect my any decesion as she done second time mistake. but finally desided to allow me to stay with as i have two children which could effect their life. it happened all before one year. that also a reason she went to home
User :   now she is ok. i also want to give to her good life. she never do again i hope so. because she taught a good lesson from her life. i think so. still can love her. i told you she is very good to associat as parter. but unfotunately it happen
User :   so advise , i have done a mistake again . lcompare to fisrt incudent
User :   r u there
Doctor :   I feel that it is your personal life and you have full freeom to do what you feel is better for you, after reading all this i think you are mature enough to take good decisionDoctor :  
relax for few hours and then take a good decision and then just follow whatever you have decided and dont think at negative aspects
User :   if approch you what could be your advise
User :   wiil it effected sexual ife
Doctor :   medically it wont affect
Doctor :   wish you a good life from here
User :   if you sexual councilling person pls advise i want to talk to him
Doctor :   at present where are you?
User :   dubai
Doctor :   I believe that at present we dont have a network in dubai, but i will check with my management team and relationship manager
Doctor :   if it was posible to help you in this someone from our team will contact you on your email regarding this
User :   if i chat with somebody in you
User :   how they can contact by email.. i have registere on for 24 hour, if i chat with him today
Doctor :   you need a sex counsellor for chat?
User :   pls forward these details to them then i dond wat re type again and also informe how i can save this chat in my computer tokeep this details
User :   can u advise me who is the write person to contact in your firm.. i will chat with him and forward this details
Doctor :   at present we dont have sex counsellor available, we can advice on sexual matters pertaining to medical conditions only
Doctor :   we at present are not offering sex counselling services'
Doctor :   we are handling medical queries, appointment fixing in select locations internationally, and appointment fixing all over India
User :   so inform treatment for her as i registered for 24 hours, if you want i will her on line tell you details what ever u required
Doctor :   yes
User :   whay detaild you required, mensus cycle she is ok. normally it happen normally
Doctor :   plz ask her to come for chat with her convinience anytime
User :   she cannot chat with at present by phone i will ask her detail which you required
Doctor :   ok
User :   advise me
Doctor :   when was her last date?
User :   october 27 2008
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   for how many days the periods usually last?
User :   7-8
Doctor :   7-8 days
Doctor :   ?
User :   normally 7 days
Doctor :   but normally the periods are of 3-5 days only
Doctor :   is there any problem with bleeding
User :   yes is ok 3-5 days but afterwards 2-3 day might be some simple mear little
User :   no bleeding
Doctor :   if her periods had lasted so long then i believe that she will need a gynaecological examination
User :   she is on telephone now
Doctor :   she needs to be investigated
Doctor :   ask her to go for a gynaecological examination and the examination of the white discharge, and turn back to me with reports
User :   she approched but there is no problem find out
Doctor :   was any investigation perfornmed
User :   i meam for complete clean it takes approx 7 days
Doctor :   plz dont try to present wrong information, it is unethical
Doctor :   if she has 7 days periods then it means that she has hemorrhagia
User :   what she said that present to you
Doctor :   and it needs to be investigated
User :   i have cleared again
Doctor :   if she has 7 days periods then it means that she has hemorrhagia and it needs to be investigated
User :   she said normally 3-5 days. but after a chances some time one or time a little chance to see a little red colour
User :   that also very few times
Doctor :   plz ask her to come back with CBC, Discharge Examination, Complete Urine Examination, Gynaecological Eamination, then only i will be able to advise her any medications
User :   what is CBC - blood test
Doctor :   yes
User :   discharge ex means white dischage
Doctor :   yes
User :   pls explain gynac exam
Doctor :   it is done by a Gynaecologist
User :   is after delivery or before delivery
Doctor :   before delivry
User :   we have test these test very recently
Doctor :   ok
User :   it is normal
Doctor :   plz tell me the report of complete urine examination'
Doctor :   plz type the report
User :   report is not with me but doctor inform us - normal
User :   report is not with me
User :   last week only.
Doctor :   if the reports are normal than she will not need any medications
Doctor :   i will need the reports to prescribe any medication
Doctor :   it is unethical to prescribe someone without knowing the reports
User :   what report do you required
User :   means details
Doctor :   just now i mentioned you
User :   i will ask her
Doctor :complete urine examination
Doctor :   CBC
User :   shall i ask her
Doctor :   Gynaecological examination report
Doctor :   plz
User :   so if can get your telphone number i will tell her to call you
User :   she is in india
Doctor :   call a doctor is a paid service number is 080-30714696
User :   what would the charges how i can cakk
User :   means by telephone
User :   she doesn't have internet AAAAAAA
Doctor :   there are various packages available, you will need a credit card to pay
Doctor :   payment can be done over telephone only by credit card
User :   sorry, r u irritating by me.
Doctor :   no, it is not so
User :   i feel so
Doctor :   we value our customers
User :   thanks
User :   pls advise me for her treatment as per given the detail. if you could other wise thanks for your information
Doctor :   i can advice only after getting correct information along with the investigations reports
Doctor :   all the information you providing me is not correct
User :   it is ok
Doctor :   i feel so by my nmedical knowledge
User :   i will come back to you then
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   we will wait for you
User :   i will check whether FAS kit can be availabe in dubai
Doctor :   ok
User :   and also i will try as per your instruction
Doctor :   Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   how i can save this prescription details
Doctor :   it is saved in your account
Doctor :   after closing the chat when
User :   how can check
Doctor :   you will look at the right side corner
Doctor :   you will found account settings
Doctor :   there you can click and can check
User :   i also chech macenhancer to dubai market. if it not availabe you send by courier
User :   means possible way advise
Doctor :   i will need to check regarding this
Doctor :   first check in your locality
User :   one more thing, if i can take this tablet without staying with wife
User :   may i know your name
Doctor :   I am Dr XXXX
User :   mai know your contact number
Doctor :   i have given you the number of doctor on call
User :   advise above quaryy how i can take tab without stay with wife
User :   u r there
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   this is for penis enlargement
Doctor :   you mean maca enhancer
User :   yes
Doctor :   i dont believe on this medication
Doctor :   it is your wish to take it or not'
User :   means i can take this tablet without wife contact i am right.. so i am starting now
Doctor :   it is your wish
User :   can u pls clear once again.. u don't belive maca enhancer
User :   i mean will it be effective in that way
Doctor :   yes
User :   thank u
User :   is it expensive
Doctor :   yes per minute is 9 rs
User :   per tab or minute
Doctor :   its per minute
User :   what does it mean.. maca enhancer is a tablet am i right
User :   how could be comong in minutes
User :   r u there
Doctor :   yes
User :   pls advise me
Doctor :   yes its a pill
Doctor :   its costs 250- 300 rs
Doctor :   it contains 25 pills
User :   what does you mean minutes
Doctor :   that was regarding the telephonic rates
User :   thanks
Doctor :   its a paid service
Doctor :   ok bye for now
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