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Osteodegenerative disc disease - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   How can I help you?
User :   hi may i know who am i speaking to
Doctor :   I am Dr. XXXXX
User :   Can I speak to Dr.YYYYY as i have an appointment with him
Doctor :   Wait, I will ask him to take over..
User :   ok
User :   any one there
Doctor :   Yes please
Doctor :   Dr. YYYYY here
User :   hi doc
Doctor :   Did you get the MRI done?
Doctor :   Hello!
User :   yes
Doctor :   Could you please type in the report?
User :   i am
User :   give me a min to type
Doctor :   sure
Doctor :   take your time
User :   Osteodegenerative disc disease seen at C5-C6 with right side protrusion which causes mild compression n the right nerve root and normal right intervertebral foramina.
User :   The rest of disc spaces and vertebrate was unremarkable.
User :   Normal signal of intensity of cervical cord.
Doctor :   Ok
User :   No evidence of paravertebral pathology.
User :   The rest of study is unremarkable
User :   Thats the report doc
Doctor :   Ok
User :   but its confusing
Doctor :   Have you conveyed this report to your neurologist?
User :   THE DOC was also confused
Doctor :   Don't worry
User :   because the pain and feeling is on left side
User :   not Righr?
Doctor :   I will clarify all your doubts
User :   perhaps all is ok but the lap person made a mistake
User :   of left or roght
Doctor :   And make you feel comfortable
User :   by the way doctor gave me medicines
User :   shall i tell u what he says and gives
Doctor :   Yes
Doctor :   Please tell me..
User :   he said the issue is frm the neck down
User :   so i should wear collaer
Doctor :   ok
User :   then there is nver compression at two upper discs
User :   he gave me the following medicines
Doctor :   ok
User :   1. LYRICA 75 mg Pregabalin Hard capsules by Pfizer
User :   then 2. Arcoxia (etoricoxib) from Merc Sharp and Dohme limited
Doctor :   ok
User :   got it?
User :   he also said i should do nect exercise and shoulder
User :   now why i am confised is the following
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Firstly, relax
User :   1. He spoke so little did not comofrt me at all
User :   nor listen to me in depth
Doctor :   I will explain everything
User :   when i asked which exercise
User :   he said just normal ones
User :   he should have told me precise ones or rfer to some physiotherapy
Doctor :   Ok
User :   second he confiuses me firther with this right and left
User :   rep says right
User :   while i have issues on left
User :   then he said ZZZZZ
User :   this mri and report is not final
User :   am giving you these medicines
User :   take for 2 weeks and wear collar and then see me
Doctor :   Ok
User :   he also says wear coller but move ur neck freely not stiff like other people wear coller
User :   i also told him that doctor i am currently taking parafon tab
Doctor :   ok
User :   and shall i cont?
User :   he did not say anything
Doctor :   yes
User :   Doctor, if i stop parafon, the feeling bnecomes terrible
User :   now you tell me
Doctor :   Ok
User :   will you talk to some nerologist and comfort me?
Doctor :   You please relax
Doctor :   I will help you
User :   ok
User :   one more thing what is GAD?
User :   sorry you please carry on
Doctor :   Tell me
Doctor :   you finish asking me all your doubts
User :   no you please go ahead
User :   ok
User :   just last thing
Doctor :   yes please
User :   i told him that the pain is always there in the osition
User :   i also told you
User :   left side under shoulder and in the center spinla
Doctor :   ya
Doctor :   ok
User :   some times not pain, but sensation travels upwards to shoulder
User :   and sometmes on my elbow and even fingers
Doctor :   ok
User :   sometimes even to my thighs and heels
User :   like spikes
User :   the medicines he gave me
User :   i read their contents
Doctor :   ok
User :   one of them talks about gad
User :   so i asked
User :   anyway
User :   pls go on
Doctor :   tell me
User :   no its ok
User :   pls go on
Doctor :   firstly, you have a problem
Doctor :   which has a solution
User :   thats good
Doctor :   does that make you feel better?
User :   yes it does
Doctor :   good
Doctor :   secondly, you need time for your problem to be resolved
User :   ok
Doctor :   so you must understand that there is no quick fix solutions to your
Doctor :   problem
User :   ok
User :   but will i get some releif from this burning in one month?
Doctor :   you inter vertebral disc spaces have narrowed
Doctor :   yes, you will surely feel better
Doctor :   if you follow my advice
Doctor :   since the spaces are narrowed
User :   i will follow every word you said
Doctor :   it is pressing on the nerves and causing all the pain
Doctor :   very good
Doctor :   that should be the spirit
Doctor :   I will help you in every possible way
User :   thanks
Doctor :   But the confusing thing id that of the report
Doctor :   it says that the prob is on the right but your symptoms are on the left
Doctor :   right?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
User :   thats what the doc was confused then he said report is not final
User :   there is some thing else
Doctor :   it is very true
User :   the person who took my mri
User :   after its finished
Doctor :   some times it might so happen that the reports are misplaced
User :   he was looking thru computer
User :   and i asked him
Doctor :   if it is not the case with you
User :   is all ok?
User :   he said yes
User :   then he asked me
Doctor :   we have to consider your symptoms for the treatment
User :   is the pronlem on the left hand shoulder?
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   then?
User :   so he knew some thing by looking at the screen images that i have issues on left
User :   then he asked me better let doc tell me
User :   i said ok but is it bad
User :   he said no
Doctor :   ok
User :   then he asked if i do lot of comp sitting
User :   i said yes
User :   he then said you should take rest
User :   thats all
Doctor :   the radiographer is a technical person
User :   so am saying that the indication all said left side
User :   the report belongs to me
User :   but perhaps the word left is mistyped
Doctor :   he will not be knowing anything about the disease
User :   more likely
Doctor :   yes
User :   so doc if the report is misplaced then should i take his medicines???
Doctor :   yes
User :   or shall i send you the actual x rays via dhl?
Doctor :   I will tell you about the medicines now
Doctor :   Please listen carefully
User :   ok
Doctor :   The pregabalin is a neuro medicine
Doctor :   which helps in the recovery of the injured nerves
Doctor :   we will sort out the right or left matter later
User :   ok
Doctor :   my first objective is to make you feel better
Doctor :   so we will take it for granted that the disease is on the left side
User :   i want to be relaxed and i think you are doing the right one for me
Doctor :   so if you take pre gabalin
Doctor :   your nerves will regain the energy and recover soon
Doctor :   thank you for your trust in me
Doctor :   the second tablet etoricoxib is a pain killer
User :   ok
Doctor :   used specially for orthopedic cases like yours
Doctor :   It is a very powerful one only if you believe the medicine will work
Doctor :   The body is an amazing machine
Doctor :   if youe dont believe that the medicine will work, it will not work
Doctor :   So believe that it will work wonderfully for you
User :   i will belive only now because the way you tell me is
User :   better
Doctor :   Good
Doctor :   then about parafen
Doctor :   see parafen is a muscle relaxant
User :   yes
Doctor :   it will relax your muscles and loosen it so that the nerves are not compressed
Doctor :   if you feel your pain is relieved by it, take it
User :   ok
Doctor :   but as you might know, every medicine will have a side effects
User :   i will first not take it, as i will want to continue with the two medicines he gave today and keep in mind what you said
User :   then see
Doctor :   which will linit its usage
Doctor :   limit usage
Doctor :   sorry for the mistake
Doctor :   Ok
User :   its ok
Doctor :   so you stop parafen and take these 2 medicines
User :   yes
Doctor :   and importantly believe they will work for you
Doctor :   then about your cervical collar
Doctor :   You need to wear it continuously
User :   and he gave me 2 boxed of pregabalin for 2 weeks and the other one for 1 week
Doctor :   ok
User :   so i should take these medicines for 2 weeks
Doctor :   you need to wear it for the simple reason that it will support your neck
User :   and then report
Doctor :   yep, take it and report to him
Doctor :   dont ignore any doctor's advice
User :   doctor am sorry
User :   i missed two things
Doctor :   Yes please
Doctor :   You may tell me now
User :   first
User :   the collar he wrote is like this
Doctor :   yes
User :   diamond sponge collar la
User :   saying that i should wear and not stiff but move neck freely
User :   i have not bought it yet
User :   is this a diff coller
Doctor :   going by the name I cant tell you about this for sure
User :   ok
User :   let me go to pharpacy and then tell u later
Doctor :   but I am sure the neurologist wouldn't prescribe whats not useful to you
User :   the second thing there is a 3rd medciines he gave
User :   since it was small packet
User :   i forgot to tell u
Doctor :   so confide in him and be patient
Doctor :   tell me
User :   three times a day for 1 week
User :   its called Sirdalud - Tizanidin 2mg
Doctor :   ok
User :   u know about this
User :   its from Novartis
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   I do know about it
Doctor :   Tizanidine is a muscle relaxant like parafen
User :   great
Doctor :   so if you take tizanidine
User :   so i guess i should now focus on the treatment
Doctor :   there is no need to take parafen
User :   with a will to recover
Doctor :   yes you will recover
Doctor :   I was telling you about the collar
User :   yes
Doctor :   You need to wear the collar
Doctor :   but one change
User :   yes?
Doctor :   Wear it for the prescribed duration
Doctor :   What the Doctor meant bu move your head freely is
User :   no
Doctor :   That while on a collar
User :   he said wear the collar for 1 month
User :   then he told me with his face that
User :   i should not stiff my neck or face
Doctor :   the neck muscles will get stiff and will aggarvate your problem
User :   while wearing i should act freeling with movements
Doctor :   Please hear me out completely
User :   bec i see those people who wear collar behaves so stiff
User :   ok
User :   all ears
Doctor :   I will clear the doubts at the end
Doctor :   You should move the head up and down and to the side
User :   go ahead doc
Doctor :   as we move in our normal routine
Doctor :   but ONLY 2-3 times a day
Doctor :   so that the muscles will not get stiff
Doctor :   otherwise restrict your head movements
User :   ok
Doctor :   do it when you have least pain
User :   doctor i have office hrs from 9 to 6 pm
User :   i dont want to wear in office
Doctor :   and stop any movement which will cause apain to you
User :   i can wear when driving my car, when i came back home at 6 pm and wear it from 7 pm until 9 pm
User :   is that enough?
Doctor :   I am sorry to tell you that I don't have a solution to that
User :   ok
Doctor :   You have to wear it through out the day
User :   let me ask then
Doctor :   since it is for your own good
User :   you are telling me to wear it 2-3 times a day right?
Doctor :   no
User :   then?
Doctor :   i want you to wear it all through the day
Doctor :   but move your head
Doctor :   only 2 to 3 times a day to prevent the muscles from becoming stiff
User :   ah ok
Doctor :   got it?
User :   got it
Doctor :   good
Doctor :   now your exercise part
User :   yes
Doctor :   I wouldn't be the best person to advice you about the exercise since I haven't examined you
Doctor :   You definately need to see a physiotherapist with all your reports
User :   ok i will see to that
Doctor :   they will check different parameters and will teach you exercise
Doctor :   that if followed properly
Doctor :   will work wonders
User :   so strange that the doc did not advise me to see any instead he just said syand up and move ur hands left right etc
Doctor :   believe me wonders
Doctor :   He might have been busy
Doctor :   so couldn't attend to you fully
User :   doc can i ask one thing
Doctor :   so never mind
Doctor :   I am here to help you
Doctor :   any time
User :   i see on the medical hospital panel list
User :   many doctors
Doctor :   so see a physio therapist
User :   is physiotherapist the same?
User :   i mean i can call the hospital and ask to take appointment?
User :   with a physiotheripst?
Doctor :   Of course
User :   ok
User :   will do
User :   anything else u like to tel me doc?
Doctor :   you can search a physiotherapist from out list on our website
User :   ok
Doctor :   and try to restrict your hand movements to bare minmum
User :   wil do
Doctor :   we just cannot predict
User :   doctor i want to tell you that you have been most helpful to me
Doctor :   which movements
Doctor :   will cause nerve compression
Doctor :   thank you
User :   ok doc
Doctor :   please fill the form that I send you
User :   thanks for your time
Doctor :   and say when done
User :   i will fill it
Doctor :   Is there anything else I can help you with?
User :   no
User :   thanks
User :   and you take care
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Doctor :   you too
User :   will do that
User :   cheers
Doctor :   good night
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